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  1. I'm going to limit myself to regular season games. This is going back a ways - early seventies or late sixties. The Habs are playing the leafs and its a great game with lots of fast skating and exciting chances but no goals. It was a fabulous game with each team going all out. As the game come to an end the Leafs ice the puck and it looks like the game is over ... but Savard (I think) hustles all the way back and touches the puck with 5 seconds left. The habs's centre wins the draw back to the point and Savard blasts home the winning goal with 2 seconds left in the game! :-^:-^

    I'll never forget that game.

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  2. Originally posted by High&Inside

    I would leave a forward spot open for someone in the waiver draft. BG tends to find a least one player who can contribute... in 03-04 he plucked Steve Begin.

    No need to worry about losing player a the waiver draft and BG wn't be plucking any surprises for us this year. There is no more waiver draft under the new CBA. You can find his at the nhl's site:

    http://www.nhl.com/nhlhq/cba/index.html (about 2/3 of the way down)

  3. Well I looked around a bit and I can't find a definitive answer to this question but it looks like the answer is as follows.

    Allison's performance bonuses count against this year's cap unless they push the Leafs over the cap limit. Then whatever amount the Leafs exceed the cap by will count against next year's cap.

  4. Originally posted by gohabsgo252006

    Because Bure missed more than 100 days of hockey in the last NHL season he will fit into a similar category as Allison, where only his base salary counts against the cap. It's only those players who are eligible for any bonuses and incentives at all, normal players cannot get any period under this CBA. But those incentives for people meeting the injury requirement of the previous year DO NOT count against the cap.

    Lindross did not fit into that category as he had played too much with the Rangers in the last season, thus he is getting 1.5 with no bonuses, while Allison is getting a base of 1.5 with up to 3 M in bonuses that do not count against the cap.

    It is for that reason that I think 1M plus bonuses that DO NOT count against the cap is a low risk to pay for a guy with Bure's talent, as long as his knees have recovered and he can pass a physical of course.

    I understand that any bonus money paid to players such as Alison and Bure who were injured in 03-04 counts against the cap next year (06-07).

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