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  1. Bulldogs lost 3-2, Sanford with the loss in goal. That's about all I remember from the gamesheet which I only looked at briefly yesterday.


    Scoring Summary:

    1st Period:

    No Scoring

    2nd Period:

    1. HAM - Mike Glumac - 18 (Alex Henry, Andrew Conboy) - 5:39

    2. MTB - Marco Rosa - 21 (Brian Salcido, Evan Oberg) - 6:27 (PP)

    3. HAM - Mike Glumac - 19 (David Desharnais, Brock Trotter) - 7:03

    4. MTB - Guillaume Desbiens - 16 (Marco Rosa, Lawrence Nycholat) - 17:28

    3rd Period:

    5. MTB - Evan Oberg - 2 (Jordan Schroeder, Yan Stastny) - 10:27


  2. Well I think a team's OT record predicts something about the playoffs. A good OT record in the regular season predicts a good OT record in the playoffs. There is a significant difference in that regular season OT is 4 on 4. Still the fact that we play especially well when the next goal wins the game has to be seen as a good sign for the playoffs.

  3. The problem with outlawing any type of hit to the head is height difference. Will tall players like Chara and Komisarek have to crouch down on every check they make since their shoulders are at head level for most players? As for awkward positions, it seems to me that players often put themselves in those positions on purpose to draw a penalty. How many times do you see guys risk injury by turning their back to a hit at the last moment trying to draw a boarding call?

    In my opinion, the most important hit to get rid of is the late hit. How many guys do you see getting destroyed after they've already made a pass, shot, or dump in? Sure, sometimes the player is already committed to the hit and can't stop and that wouldn't be penalized. But most of the time, there is plenty of time for the player to avoid the hit and not go in full speed. On this play, for example, Cooke was already committed to the hit when Savard shot, but he had time to pull up somewhat and not destroy him. I'd say that a very high proportion of concussions come on either this type of play or boarding.

    What does it matter if Chara has to avoid shorter people's heads when he throws hits. If Gionta hits someone low the refs still call it clipping and give him a penalty because hitting people low is dangerous. Should Komisarek and Chara be allowed to high stick shorter players?

  4. If they're going to be suspending guys for those two hits, than Laps obviously deserved the longer suspension. His push was way later than Ovechkin's was, Nichol was in more of a vulnerable position than Campbell, and Laps used a cross check as opposed to a push.

    Actually if you watch Laps' hit closely you'll see that it wasn't really late. Nichol's shot hits the post and bounces back to him. Nichols swings wildly at the puck as it goes by and at the same moment Laps shoves him.

  5. To me that was much worse than the Lapierre hit. It also did more damage and drew a penalty from the ref. But given the double standard I'm going to say he gets 2 games. I think that deserves 5 or 6 games.

  6. Gabriel Dumont is at 48 goals with two games remaining LHJMQ regular season.

    I say is chances are good, along with Couturier whi is just incredible to score 50 goal. Good luck to him but luck

    is not how he scores goal it's with the knife between the teeth.

    Drummondville has a 14 game winning streak and they'll bring it to playoffs.

    50 goals is something we didn't see of a habs prospect for a very long while, good to see.

    And yeah he is a Guy Boucher favourite since he was a peewee.

    He got 2 tonight to take him to 50.

  7. The NHL has just announced a lawsuit against Moyes (former owner of the Phoenix Coyotes). They are seeking $61 million including $20 million to cover losses of running the team this year and $8 million to pay Gretzky what he his still owed on his coaching contract.

    Moyes announced he will counter-sue.

    I've been waiting for this. I think the NHL will prevail. Bettman and the NHL lawyers seem to know what they are doing in court anyway.

    I find it interesting that the league has run the team for a year (after losing most season ticket holders during the summer) and yet has only lost $20 million. Moyes claimed that he was losing $60 million a year.

  8. How can deny the Lindros factor with a simple I don't buy it?? I know it fits nicely into your argument, but Leclair was placed on one hell of a line. Yes, looking back, not a good trade. But let's admit what took place. If anything, it's another example of how we never have a top center.

    So you think Leclair was just a product of Lindros? This has never really made sense.

    Sure Lindros was a great player and that definitely helped Leclair. But before Leclair arrived Lindros was very ineffective. Why did Lindros suddenly improve once he was playing with Leclair? Leclair had great skills and he was great after he went to Philly. But he was great in the 93 playoffs too and that was without Lindros.

  9. I've been wondering the same thing: if Gauthier turns out to be a blithering fool in the vein of Reggie Houle, would I abandon my life-long allegiance? Probably not. But I sure can see myself disengaging from the fairly high level of day-to-day intensity I bring to fandom nowadays. (E.g., this board is basically a pleasant hobby right now - but who needs to argue endlessly over, say, whether a piece of crap like Patrick Poulin is any good?). After a few bad trades and another descent into total mediocrity, I'd probably restrict my attention to box scores and occasional game-viewings for old time's sake, until I had some specific reason to renew basic hope.

    The other option is to do what I did during the Houle years: give up any pretense of the Habs having a chance of doing anything, and instead focus on smaller things: e.g., tracking the development of a promising young player, following the career arc of player A or B, waiting to see if they can upset team X in such-and-such a game, etc.. Believe me, I have NO desire to revert to that pathetic form of fan existence. I just don't know how Leafs fans have done it all these years.

    Yeah this is what I did. I focused on a promising young guy by the name of LeClair. I watched the Habs pluck him from obscurity and throw him into the big time - and he was great. I still remember watching his 1st game - he scored twice and seeing all the raw potential he had and thinking he was going to be our next great star. Then he blossomed in the 93 playoffs and I just knew he was destined for greatness.

    Then he regresses a little and we throw him away like garbage. Lots of people say he only amounted to anything because he played with Lindros but I don't buy it. He always had showed potential.

    Anyhow, having suffered through that, I am quite sure that this is not a good strategy for enduring a long period of horrible years.

  10. as for PK Subban habsy, i know for sure you probably have yet to take in a bulldog game. i've seen over 20 this season alone. and in each 1 it was unfair that PK subban was on the ice!! he skates circles around everyone..literally, every shift he'll take the puck from his own end and go coast to coast creating a chance. he's obviously learning the game still but his talent pool is to high for the AHL. those guys in the AHL are not pushing him hard enough. he doesnt have to work hard in the game becuse he's better then everyone. is that a good enviroment for a blossoming kid??? no it surely isnt!

    Classic. :lol:

  11. What are you talking about? I guess you missed all the dilerations about Bob not negotiating in the last year of the contract. Who are Sourray,Komisarik,Streit,Ryder,Lang,Tanguay,Koivu,Kovalev just to mention a few. If they aren't in the long range plans , deal them and least get something for them.

    I for one did miss all the dilerations about Bob. I still miss them; those were the days.

  12. I have a very bad feeling about this. I don't think we will get anyone as good as Gainey.

    Remember when he came and gave the fans hell for booing Brisebois. Or when he sent Kovalev home to think. These were great moves by a great man.

    I'm expecting a steep decline over 3 years followed by a very depressing team for at least the next 10 years.

  13. I would go through the trouble of bringing up stats and explaination, but you'll just dismiss this without as much of a counter, so why bother. Let's see how Halak runs with the ball.

    The problem with keeping them both is that Halak may jump to the KHL next year and we end up with nothing for him. If he indicates he might go to the KHL then the Habs have to trade one of them. Given Price's upside I don't think we can trade him.

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