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  1. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Just like my 6yr old kept on repeating all night; Jesus Niemi! (Oh and what poise by Alphabet Soup on that goal of his)
  2. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    Was at the game last night. The fight definitely balanced the momentum cause Montreal was awol before that. There’s something about leaving the Garden victorious that warms my heart.
  3. Hockey culture

    God bless you Dan Carcillo for having the balls to call out everyone associated with such disgusting and sickening acts. Shame on everyone that has ever done anything to hurt and harm young men and women who are working hard towards their dreams.
  4. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Man this kid is gonna be good..
  5. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    Dont mess with the kids head. He’s been absolutely fine. That pass last night was high IQ playmaking.
  6. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Max Domi. Oh how I love you..❤️
  7. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Was at the game last night.. Agree with Trizzak, def mark of a young team. When end they got the 4 min power play you can sense that they took the gas off the pedal. A more mature team would have know that several make up calls were gonna be heading their way so they better take advantage of it. Figured the coaching staff told them that much when they called the time when the 4 min power play was given to them. I thought price looked fine. He was on until the team went south. Drouin played like dog poop (quoting my 6yr old). But that Domi kid...😍
  8. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    We are one for one on our New York family Hockey pilgrimage. My little 6yr old got handed a game stick signed by Jeff Petry to boot!! Safe to say he’s a fan for life.
  9. Nov. 5, Canadiens vs Islanders, 7 PM

    Here’s my feedback from watching them live: The team is relentless once they wake up. They are capable of putting tremendous pressure on the opponent. Gallagher, Domi, Jesperi and Drouin are all legit top six forwards. I particularly paid more attention to Max and Kotka since I hadn’t seen them live before. Kotka is a big and plays big too. His skating is solid and he has tremendous body positioning. On D, i was impressed with both Ouellett and Juulsen. Both played the body very well and held their ground when needed. Overall entertaining game. Kids had a blast. My little guy weaseled his way into getting a signed stick from Jeff Petry!! Off to MSG tomorrow!!
  10. Habs fans in NYC

    Morning everyone! With the elections here on Tuesday and the kids off of school, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to spend the night in NYC and take my kids to both games. They stayed up late and made signs, packed their overnight bad and wore their jerseys to school today! I have two questions for you. Are any of you attending either games and is there a spot that fans typically meet up before the games (both Manhattan and Brooklyn)? Also, would you happen to know which hotel they stay at? I haven't booked a room yet and thought it would be cool if my 6 yr old could magically run into his idol (HUGE Brendan Gallagher fan) Thanks!!
  11. Nov. 1, Caps vs Habs 7:30

    Who are these misfits and what did they do to the Montreal Canadiens????? All kidding aside those last 8 minutes were the most exciting 8 minutes of hockey i have seen in years. They play hard, they are relentless and they play with jam. Biggest tell all sign? When Price skated to the bench to congratulate Jesperi for his first goal. That action speaks volumes about the cohesiveness of the group. I might be shooting my load a little early but we may be witnessing something special..
  12. Oct. 13, Pittsburgh vs Montreal, 7 PM

    We like to call him Alphabet Soup..
  13. Oct. 7, Laval vs Hartford, 3 PM

    Not game relevant but considering it was a proud dad moment I thought i'd write this anyway. During a commercial break, the Sonar the Wolf (Wolfpack mascot) shows up in our row and approaches my Habs clad 6yr old. Arena camera crews pan in on the little guy and splatter him on the big screen. The wolf offers my kid a Wolfpack t-shirt, to which my boy politely declines by shaking his head. Wolf tries again, kid waves his finger at him. Third time same result. Wolf decides to leave the t-shirt on his armrest and walks away. Kid rolls it into a ball and launches it at him. Arena erupts. I tear. My kid is my hero.
  14. Oct. 7, Laval vs Hartford, 3 PM

    Go up 1-0. Fall asleep at the wheel for 3 min and all of a sudden it’s 1-3... So sloppy
  15. Oct. 7, Laval vs Hartford, 3 PM

    And here we are scouting away..