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  1. He was probably clubbing in AZ. Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  2. Here's a piece of useless information. Gaston was from my hometown Joliette. Haven't been there since 1990 though.
  3. 1) Patrick Roy 2) Mats Naslund 3) Chris Chelios 4) Claude Lemieux 5) Doug Soetart
  4. I agree with you to a certain extent. You shouldn't be moving someone like Domi just for the sake of moving him. But I think if you can get a player that complements the rebuild, and possibly fits another organizational need (LD) then you have to listen.
  5. Let me start off by saying that I was at the game. (I was also in Jersey last week). I watch them plenty on TV but watching them live against a team like Boston was defiantly eye opening. The only players to consistently stand out in a positive way yesterday were Kovalchuk, Suzuki, Gallagher and Evans. The more the game wore on, the more it became apparent that the majority of our players don't garner on ice respect. And by respect I mean putting the opposing team in prevent mode. It was blatantly obvious that the Bruins were capable of controlling the tempo at will. Kovalchuk is the type of player this team has desperately lacked for a while. Strong on the puck, great vision and the ability to shift from a North-South style to East-West at will. Suzuki is going to be special. Tremendous maturity in his game. Great hands as well. Evans was just where he needed to be. Quick with his feet, good positioning and very composed. I was hoping/expecting Domi to be more involved. Looked extremely passive throughout the game. If a player who thrives in rivalry games can't elevate his level of gumpf against the Bruins in Boston with the season teetering then we might have a problem. Was the officiating suspect. Definitely. The roughing penalty on Armia especially since he basically shoved him after he was mauled in front of Rask's net but we didn't deserve to win. At no point throughout the game did you sense the ice was tilting in our favor. I'm not a Bergevin hater (or apologist for that matter) but unless we win out this weekend I think yesterday's performance solidifies the fact that we should be selling. And Domi should not be off the table.
  6. Posturing is right. I honestly think he might fetch a 1st rounder if he keeps this up. The guy is an absolute beast. What’s hardly mentioned is that because of the respect he gets from his opponents he manages to open up the ice for everyone else.
  7. Going to the game tonight. anyone know who’s starting in nets?
  8. Kovalchuk has been a great asset since we signed him. His skating is powerful, his passes are deft and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a habs player snipe a wrister like that (and I’m 43). On the topic of whether he can maintain this type of production. During his nhl career he’s played for Atlanta, New Jersey and the Kings. Not exactly hockey hotbeds. Maybe playing for a storied team with a rabid fans base has re-ignited his passion. I also wouldn’t discount how close knit this group is (regardless of their record). Whether you keep him or flip for a 2nd or ride him through the year it’s a win win. Just enjoy the ride.
  9. He looks like he’s 13 but he threw them down like he was a grown ass man. Never seen a Fin chuck em like that ❤️
  10. Call me crazy but this might be the most important game of the year to date.
  11. Just got back from the game. Chalk it up to your quintessential road game off a back to back snooze fest. Paid particular attention to Suzuki. Kid is legit. Great hockey sense. Soft hands. He might just end up being someone special. On a side note my kids cuteness got my mug on habs insta story..
  12. Suzuki is really impressive. He looks calm and composed. We might have something really special here.
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