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  1. There goes that.. Surprised MB didn’t come in with a. higher offer than Carolina.
  2. 100% was sick and tired of the basic garbage reporting for the gazette.
  3. That was a first class screw job. Hopefully this moment polarizes the Blues and karma does the sharks in.
  4. You guys watching this??? Holy shit!! (and that was a total bullshit call)
  5. Nashville’s powerplay might legitimately be worse than ours..
  6. It’s like picking between your crazy ex and your mother in law
  7. Hard to not think what if.. Rooting hard for the Islanders.
  8. I’d love it if the Islanders won. Their fans have eaten plenty of crap over the past 30 yrs. And it would also be a huuuuge FU to JT.
  9. Oh man pleeeaseeeeee pull it off
  10. Ughhhhhhh please dear god give us a miracle
  11. Good god please score. My 6yr old is about to have a nervous breakdown.
  12. Anyone have Yvonne’s number???
  13. Nothing, and I mean nothing would be sweeter than sneaking into the playoffs by knocking Toronto out. And facing the bruins would be the cherry on top.
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