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  1. Over the years we have all ragged on MB plenty but the Galchenyuck for Domi for Anderson deal along with the Weber for Subban have cemented his legacy (and saved his bacon)
  2. Guys, I know it's early... But this team is LEGIT
  3. At this pace Cage aux Sports going bankrupt.
  4. With Dubois getting a whopping 3:55 of ice time and benched after the 1st you can safely assume the rumor mill to run rampant tomorrow. Unless they can Torts. Which they probably should do.
  5. Is it me or is their transition game first class?
  6. Is this trade really a possibility or are is everyone reaching here?
  7. Just laid some survival league NFL winnings on Montreal winning both the division and the cup. +475 for the division +2800 for the cup I was expecting better odds..
  8. Had this conversation with my 8yr old boy today. He has a Domi jersey and I really want to surprise him with a reverse retro jersey. His first response was Gallagher. Then he said Caufield. we settled for Suzuki. I have only ever had Roy jersey’s throughout my life. I think I might get a Weber retro now. Think it would look that much better with a “C”.
  9. That's a Bergy special right there..
  10. Wow... My kid gonna be heartbroken
  11. Game 4 Hands down the most important game in a 7 game series. I'm expecting them to show up hard today.
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