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  1. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    F&$k I love Gallagher Blood and guts personified
  2. Habs vs Blackhawks

    Mete scores NOW..i call it
  3. Haaaaabs beat Sharks do do do do do do do do Habs beat Sharks do do do do do do do do Habs beat Sharks do do do do do do do do Habs beat Sharks.. (that’s for all the fathers of young children out there)
  4. Aww Triz.. An eternal optimist you are
  5. As washed up as Weise might have seemed these past two years I wouldn’t discount the possibility of semi-resurrecting himself. Players like him bleed for teams they identify with.
  6. First Goal for Mete

    Game 7 OT Stanley Cup Finals winner against Calgary (I cried hard in 89) He’s saving it for something special.
  7. They’ve looked so good over the past 10 min. Vicious forecheck on the penalty kill.
  8. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Just like my 6yr old kept on repeating all night; Jesus Niemi! (Oh and what poise by Alphabet Soup on that goal of his)
  9. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    Was at the game last night. The fight definitely balanced the momentum cause Montreal was awol before that. There’s something about leaving the Garden victorious that warms my heart.
  10. Hockey culture

    God bless you Dan Carcillo for having the balls to call out everyone associated with such disgusting and sickening acts. Shame on everyone that has ever done anything to hurt and harm young men and women who are working hard towards their dreams.
  11. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Man this kid is gonna be good..
  12. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    Dont mess with the kids head. He’s been absolutely fine. That pass last night was high IQ playmaking.
  13. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Max Domi. Oh how I love you..❤️