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  1. On a side note can someone tell that guy behind Rask to take that fluorescent green shirt off please!
  2. If they call that back I’m gonna blow
  3. They looked flat. Couldn’t coral the puck if their life depended on it. For better or worse this team will live and die by their intensity. Forecheck, move your feet, drive the net. I like to think of them as pesky little mosquitoes that refuse to go away.
  4. We've all lived through them Cuc. Our allegiance can never be doubted. As for your ridiculous number of posts, thank you. You're definitely a hall of famer in that regard. Always poised, composed and thorough. Little side note: I'm a born and raised Montrealer who currently lives and is raising his family in Connecticut. My wife is originally from here. She (like I) were children of greek immigrants who for better or worse were involved in the restaurant industry. When I decided to buy out my inlaws and renovate their legacy store I had to clear out the furnace/storage room. While doing so I came across my personal holy grail. One game used Patrick Roy Sherwood goalie stick from the mid eighties with a broken shaft and an autographed Roy Koho stick from his days in Colorado. I personally lost my sh!t when I discovered them. My father in law couldn't even remember how he got them. He recalls having a customer of his that worked at the Hartford Civic Center who might have brought them to him. But of all the players that funneled through the NHL in the years the Whalers were in the league what are the odds that it would be my hero's? I grew up the biggest Roy fan. Met him at a softball tournament in Joilette in 1987. It was a larger than life experience for an 11yr old me. Safe to say they are both mounted on my office wall.
  5. Game day baby!! Hope springs eternal. Can't believe I've been on this site since 2005..
  6. 44-28-5-6 99 pts 2nd Atlantic 6th east 236 goals
  7. There goes that.. Surprised MB didn’t come in with a. higher offer than Carolina.
  8. 100% was sick and tired of the basic garbage reporting for the gazette.
  9. That was a first class screw job. Hopefully this moment polarizes the Blues and karma does the sharks in.
  10. You guys watching this??? Holy shit!! (and that was a total bullshit call)
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