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  1. Kovalchuk has been a great asset since we signed him. His skating is powerful, his passes are deft and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a habs player snipe a wrister like that (and I’m 43). On the topic of whether he can maintain this type of production. During his nhl career he’s played for Atlanta, New Jersey and the Kings. Not exactly hockey hotbeds. Maybe playing for a storied team with a rabid fans base has re-ignited his passion. I also wouldn’t discount how close knit this group is (regardless of their record). Whether you keep him or flip for a 2nd or ride him through the year it’s a win win. Just enjoy the ride.
  2. He looks like he’s 13 but he threw them down like he was a grown ass man. Never seen a Fin chuck em like that ❤️
  3. Call me crazy but this might be the most important game of the year to date.
  4. Just got back from the game. Chalk it up to your quintessential road game off a back to back snooze fest. Paid particular attention to Suzuki. Kid is legit. Great hockey sense. Soft hands. He might just end up being someone special. On a side note my kids cuteness got my mug on habs insta story..
  5. Suzuki is really impressive. He looks calm and composed. We might have something really special here.
  6. Holy S&^t did they just score a late one???
  7. Underrated in the sense that he's more known for playing well into his 40's vs how good he really was.
  8. Why is that guy wearing that neon shirt behind the Isles net again?????
  9. He was a massively underrated Dman in my opinion.
  10. For the love of God give Chelios a pair of skates!!!!! ❤️
  11. Ahhh Yvonne.. You guys remember when she first made her appearance here? Was it 2009 or 2010??
  12. Quite possibly. Might just be what he needed to snap out of his funk.
  13. On a side note can someone tell that guy behind Rask to take that fluorescent green shirt off please!
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