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  1. Fire Bergevin

    A lot of fans are waiting for the other shoe to drop. After the shit show last season nobody gets free approval. They have to prove that this team is for real. I'm not sure what to make of this team myself.
  2. Habs place Jacob de la Rose on waivers

    I can't think of a guy in the line up that I would sit to play De La Rose but he was okay as an injury replacement. He was playing the best hockey of his NHL career lately but not a huge loss. What could Bergevin expect to get for him anyway? Not much.
  3. Domi > Galchenyuk

    It's a Bergevin win.
  4. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Well by my count I was downvoted 8 times, not once and in my world when someone attacks you it is fair game to retaliate but like I said I have a thick skin so if nobody else wants to insult me or attack my post there is no need for this to continue. But I will reply to anyone in kind who wishes to do so.
  5. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Sure no problem, I got a thick skin.
  6. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    So it's ok for others to downvote me when they disagree with me but I can't do the same when I disagree with a post? Double standard? Again, it was made personal against me first by saying my opinion was bullshit and I was acting like a petulant child. That was the first volley fired. After that everything is fair game.
  7. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Well when you say it only to me then yeah, it is only being directed to me. To top it off you call me out for downvoting but it's ok for others to downvote me first and call me names but I get the criticism for responding in kind. Hmmm, i don't think I need legal council on this one. Open and shut case your honour.
  8. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Actually I was downvoted first, not that I really give a shit but it must bother some of the homers here so payback is a bitch. Secondly, if you go back and read carefully you will see that El Commandante started the name calling not once but twice before I retorted. Seems more than one person here has trouble understanding the facts.
  9. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Yes sir you managed to grasp that one my name calling friend. Good for you.
  10. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Bull shit, lol. I disagree and I think you're the one with skid marks all over your face. Fancy calling me a child and baiting me and downvoting and then getting all bitchy when he gets the same medicine.
  11. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Sure, it's a 2 way street
  12. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Whatever man who cares. Does everything here have to be so literal. 3 years ...2 years ...whatever. His downfall started when he got bitch slapped by that hooker or stripper or whatever the f she was. Oops better get my facts straight or the Habs forum police will be all over me. I think any reasonable person can see he's on a downward trend and it didn't just start this season. It's been ongoing.
  13. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    I think it's irrelevant how he got this way in regards as to what to do with him individually. Fact is he's damaged goods mentally and perhaps physically as well. It's time to cut their losses and get what you can for him. Making trades is a gamble and right now odds are he'll never be the player he should have been, at least not in Montreal. So to all his defenders, answer this: what if they give him a real shot this season in Montreal with first line minutes an PP time and he shits the bed. What do you do then? I'll tell ya what you'll do. You'll wish they traded him at the start of the season when his value was still in doubt. After another bad season and he'll fetch a bag of pucks. That's the going rate for a one dimensional offensive player who can't produce.
  14. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    I see the Chucky fan boys see no faults. Blah, blah, blah, keep spouting your man love for this waste. Fact is when he touches the puck I know the play is over because he's about to turn it over and send the opponent in for a odd man rush.