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  1. Markov isn't going anywhere. Not so sure about Radulov.
  2. I've noticed he's a bit off as well. For the most part he seems emotionless. He was like a robot at the awards, his facial expression never changing even when Fleury came on stage. He doesn't have the fire he used to have when he plays either like nothing bothers him and other players don't get under his skin like they used to. Probably has some form of brain damage already.
  3. Yeah it means either keep him or get a top line centre for him.
  4. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.react365.com/58afd68962c06/the-canadiens-traded-goaltender-carey-price-to-the-chicago-blackhawks-for-goaltenders-corey-crawford-and-right-winger-patrick-kane.html ok you can delete this now
  5. Still think the biggest need on this team is a legitimate #1 centre
  6. Yes, that
  7. Why not? Open your mind a little
  8. I think it would be worth a try seeing as he has experience in the position and there's a lack of anyone else to try at centre. If it works then it's a great gamble that pays off. He's a playmaker first and he's defensively responsible. Put him between two scorers and you got a good 2nd line. Plus getting rid of Shaw's contract would make keeping Hudon protected even more sensible.
  9. I don't like the idea of losing Hudon who has the ability to play centre. He could potentially fill the #2 spot with a small cap hit but he never will get a chance now unless Vegas goes another direction. Shaw did nothing for us and getting rid of that salary would have left more options open.
  10. You've echoed what I'm thinking. If we're going to lose Rad or trade Gal for another defenseman, then this deal looks like a whole lot of fancy shuffling without actually accomplishing anything. We meed offence, that's clear. To replace one guy with another one with the same point potential seems useless unless there is something else in the works.
  11. I'm still pissed at Mario Trembley
  12. You can't teach athletic ability to skate or size to hit effectively but defensive positioning is a learned talent and he's still fairly young. He has the potential to be a serviceable 4th liner if this organization has the ability to get him there is another question.
  13. GDT

    Team gave a great effort, ran out of energy and lost in overtime. Could of went either way but the series is far from over. Is there any voice of reason on this pathetic hockey forum? Let's make magical trades and bring in Stamkos and Crosby for Carr and Ott and then trade Pacioretty for a bag of shyte because didn't score all those goals over the years - that was a mass illusion. Coming here and reading these negative comments from spoiled brats that think they know anything puts a real downer on being a Habs fan. You want a dominant team that is a cup favourite every year? Quite simple. Tank for about 6/7 years, collect the best players available at the draft and go from there. Is that what you want? A whole bunch of you need a reality check like you wouldn't believe. Either that or you're a bunch of 12 yr olds that need more t!tty time from mommy.
  14. Lol, ok I can understand the hate for the Leafs. I just see it as one less difficult team in Tampa to potentially have to go through. Would rather play the leafs if it came down to it but odds are neither one would make it past the 'juggernauts in the Metro division' as you put it.
  15. Really? You would rather Tampa gets in? I think if they got in they would cause a lot of damage with the way they were playing plus they're on the verge of getting back some of their injured guys. I wouldn't relish the thought of playing them down the road so I'm glad they're out. I think that's a series the Habs lose.