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  1. I already like him a lot more than Gentle George...at least this Staubitz accepts his role. I was hoping we would get Ryan Reaves from St Louis at some point and was pleasently surprised to see a fight between Staubitz and Reaves from January in which Staubitz held his own. Pretty even fight actually. I'd still like it if we got Reaves too though, like when we had Nilan and Kordic (albeit without Nilan's offence).
  2. I would like to see Scotty Bowman as coach and GM next year!!!!
  3. I think P.K. would make a great captain because he has a great attitude, supports his team-mates both on and off the ice, and has ice in his veins (nothing seems to rattle him). Obviously it's too early now but at some point he would be an excellent choice...he kinda reminds of Johnathon Toews not in his style of play but in the way even though he's young it's like the rest of the team seems to already have faith that he's gonna do the right thing with the puck the majority of the time. He exudes confidence. His enthusiasm is infectious. I haven't been this excited about a defenceman's
  4. They are fun to watch when they are playing like this...now if they can just keep playing and avoid the huge momentum changing mistake...and I agree with the earlier poster that Halak seems to play best when you least expect it... Go Habs Go!!!! And just as I write this Halak with Great Saves!!!!
  5. Anyway, gotta go play my own game so wish everyone a good night and like I said earlier, hope they can come back and win the next three!!!!
  6. agree it was a weak call I mean.
  7. I don't mind Price getting penalties if it's coming from competitiveness passion and he channels it into his play...
  8. Ahhhh yes...Doug Keans hahaha If only he was playing for Washington we might still have a chance!! (ok, a better chance)
  9. If we do start Halak next game we should give up 45 plus shots...isn't he 8-0 or something like that when facing that many shots? Reminds me of Denis Heron in Pittsburgh...better when facing a barrage but came to Montreal after Kenny quit and couldn't seem to keep his head in the game.
  10. That's right...I remember thinking how Theodore seemed to play better after Zednik got hurt, like he was pissed off at the Bruins and wasn't going to let them win after that...we really missed Zednik the next round though cause he had been flying before he got hurt. Anyway, at least we beat the Bruins both those series I had mixed up. Does anyone remember that best of 5 series against Boston when we won 1-0 with a late goal by Mats Naslund in game 5? Man I hope they come back and win this series giving us another great memory!!!!
  11. I want them to win sooooo bad...but no matter what...I will always love the Habs. I also think I would start Price next game...hopefully he gets hot like Theo did when we came back from 3-1 against Boston when Mclaren cheap shotted Zednik.
  12. Go Habs Go Les Canadiens sont la!!!!
  13. The world is a better place when the Habs win...
  14. That was awesome...watching the Habs in overtime was like watching them in the '70s...I hope they can keep it up cause that was just awesome.
  15. I'm guessing Gionta scores...but I will be happy as long as Montreal wins.
  16. Don't forget Langway, Engblom, Jarvis and Laughlin for Green and Walter.
  17. Very good points. I think of recent years when Ottawa seemed like a regular season powerhouse and then crumbled in the playoffs. If they had won two or three Cups people could have taken the view that they could have won them with any goalie, but they didn't win. That's just one of many examples. I think quite often it's the team who's goalie performed the best that wins the Cup. Having said all that, there have been a lot of great goalies play for Montreal. The debate could go on forever.
  18. That is really cool that you started playing goal because of Dryden. And I have to agree that it is a special skill to be able to not get shots for a long time and then make the big saves. I remember when Dryden retired Montreal traded for Denis Heron from Pittsburgh but they found out that he wasn't as good as he had been on Pittsburgh because of just that (I think he went back to Pittsburgh again). Also don't forget that while some people say Montreal would have won all those Cups without Dryden the fact is they didn't win for several years after he retired and we just don't know whethe
  19. Ken Dryden was my favourite. Don't forget the Cup in 1971 the Habs were underdogs going into the playoffs. Also, according to his book "The Game" he gave them a year's notice of his plans to retire. That seems pretty classy. I was a fan of Roy fan until the night he told the team he wouldn't play for them anymore. I don't think his number should be retired by the Canadiens. There were also a lot of great Habs goalies I've read about that I never got a chance to see play. Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak both have a lot of potential too. Les Canadiens sont la!
  20. I would rather have Higgins than Hossa so I hope we don't make that deal.
  21. I like both Price and Huet. I think they are both elite goalies and we could win the cup with either one. I would like it if Huet is signed to a four year deal and we trade Price for Dion Phaneuf. Elite goalies are more plentiful right now than elite defencemen. Calgary would probably decline though. Price, Ryder and our 2008 first round pick for Phaneuf maybe?
  22. with all that huet's done for the boys lately it's great to see the boys get those two goals back for him
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