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  1. GDT

    It's the one thing that makes me nearly question being a habs fan. Is it even possible to win in such a market? It's already tough enough. I hate the thought of watering down our system just to fill a Québécois need. The same people whining would trash trash the team for not being competitive like the old days. Sorry we need a French coach, French gm, french players, and french water boys.
  2. Reaves on text from Crosby: "He just said, 'Really happy to have you on the team, looking forward to playing with you and we'll talk soon.'" Crosby directly texted Reaves that when the pens acquired Reaves. Doesn't sound like a guy who's gonna retire! Thankfully it must be a typical rumour coming out of a small town.
  3. There's a rumour going around Cole harbour/Halifax that Crosby may retire.. that would be a sad day in hockey.
  4. GDT

    Feels like a lot of Juulsen-Esque defense man; won't necessarily put up a whole lot of points, but can be steady and reliable. Im not compaining so far, there don't seem to be any dumb Crisp type picks.
  5. GDT

    That brook pick looks good. 7 points in 7 playoffs games, as well as good production all year. Apparently decent 2 way as well.
  6. I consider myself a pass-first person. I'm trying to get away from that," explained Poehling. Seems like he knows his weaknesses. I could see him showing a huge improvement next season. Definitely a promising prospect, and I expect his stock will only rise
  7. GDT

    In the NCAA might I add haha
  8. GDT

    I almost like that, in that it's coachable. With natural progression, and coaching to shoot more, isn't it feasible he doubles, even triples his shot output, and scores 20+ goals next season?
  9. GDT

    Anyone think we could move up to select Hague tomorrow? We'd address LD and center needs
  10. Yea. For 7 a year, the most any gm should give him is 4 years. It will seriously suck if we don't resign him though. RW strong with him, suddenly quite weak without him. We'll looking at needs for 1st center, 1st RW, and top four D.. not good.
  11. Too hard to trade Emelin maybe? The real question is why take Emelin and not Hudon. If you're just selling your defense for 5ths, why take them. I don't understand the logic.
  12. Yea, was 100% a joke. Still think this is actually a good trade, but maybe that's cause I'm my mind it's Schlemko and a fifth for Emelin.
  13. Cause he's in high demand, duh!
  14. Only 30, younger than Emelin, at nearly half the price. Until he's 33.
  15. I mean we did do vegas the favour of exposing Emelin so they owed us one