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  1. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    This is sickening
  2. Mark Streit on waivers

    I'm happy, I really didn't get the signing either. It was almost like a Markov patch job
  3. Our PDO must be stupidly low
  4. The real question is, should we draft Dahlin or Svechnikov?
  5. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    This question might never be answered, but I think realistically it's a bit of both. The best players don't get "ruined". Mcdavid went to a terrible oilers team and turned them around. Matthews went to a terrible leafs team, and they're turning around. Crosby, Kane, Stamkos etc all the same story. Of course you NEED a surrounding cast as well; no one single handedly fixes a team. Example Tavares. But Galchenyuk simply isn't that calibre and we need to stop hoping he will be. In my opinion, Galchenyuk has the potential to be a T.J. Oshie or Jason Pominville level player. I.e,. Able to put up 60-70 points for a couple years, but he will never be THE guy. He is a wonderful complimentary peice. A poor mans Phil Kessel. Thus far, I don't think our management has capitalized on what he has to offer. That seems to be a trend with this management group (PK Subban comes to mind) but I don't think they ruined him either. At this point, trading Galchenyuk could be the best thing for us AND him.
  6. Radulov's grit+skill is exactly what we need again. This team with him would be wildly different. The addition of Drouin plus Rad would actually give us a great top 6
  7. Three games in, but I am 0% satisfied with this team. honestly ready to see the end of MB. I was super optimistic when he started in 2012. It's been long enough
  8. 44-29-9 for 97 points 3rd Atlantic 6th east 237 goals for
  9. I'd say jost as well, though Suzuki could surprise people. Kunin should be a solid two-way guy, he's known for that a little. I'm sure he'll be good but I hesitate to put too much stock into Steel's amazing junior year last year.
  10. We Have A Trade To Announce

    Minor trade but seems fine to me. deslaures has been in the NHL for 4 years, so if he plays for Laval he should bring something to the table
  11. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    I hear the habs are playing like excrement
  12. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Is he as offensive as a guy like Tory Krug?
  13. Lack of proven centermen, and losing Radulov aside, I actually think our forward group will take a step forward. Improvements: Galchenyuk with a stable winger mentality and less pressure, will post 60+ points (If he's deployed on the right side). Gallagher will rebound to close to 20 goals and 40-50 points, Lehkonen will improve with time in the top 6 - 25 goals, 20 assists. No change: Pacioretty will pot his usual 35 goal, 65 point season. Danault will have around 40 points again. Shaw will score around 30. Plekanec stays in the 25-30 range. Drouin will effectively replace Radulovs points. regression: Byron will regress by 10-15 points. 15 goals, 15 assists maybe. What worries me though is the defence. Any offence we make up in our forward group we will in all likelihood lose from our defence. Jerabek Streit and Schlemko aren't replacing Markov, and to a lesser extent Beaulieu. What's scary is we still have an expensive defense with Weber, Petry and Alzner making 18 million dollars for about 70 points.
  14. 2017-18 Line-up

    Seems like Drouin may start the season at center, and Galchenyuk at wing. Even hearing potential for Galchenyuk to start on RW, which excites me. He'll pile up 30 no trouble with his trigger on the right side. potentially a 1st line of Pacioretty - Drouin - Galchenyuk Second line lehkonen - danault - gallagher Third Byron - plekanec - Shaw
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    To pitsburgh Plex and a second To MTL Olli Maatta We retain 2 million on plexs expiring deal. Maatta makes our LD Younger, and adds a solid top 4 choice. Pens already looking for a third line center.