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  1. The funny thing is I actually meant to say 9th in the east as well. Messed up my count. Oh well!
  2. 42-30-6-4 94 points , and we’re the best team to miss the playoffs again. 5th Atlantic 10th East 246 goals
  3. I remember KK wasn’t good pre-season last year either. I have a feeling he just takes a few games to get going! I’m not worried, I think the real KK will show up in the reg season
  4. Agreed, I turned the game off during the second to go claw my eyes out, which was far less painful
  5. Terribly unlucky bounce. Poor Primeau
  6. Brook can season in the AHL, and it’ll do him real good. Suzuki keeps getting better as the game goes on. Completely agree on Fleury/Primeau
  7. I’m personally most excited to see how Suzuki, Brook, Fleury and Drouin look tonight
  8. The word I've heard is Faulk gets moved
  9. Hahah, isn’t Plek married to a pro tennis player? I remember in the past that was one of the ways plek stayed nimble over the summer. Bet he’s nearly pro level at tennis
  10. I basically guarantee they’ll need a proven roster player going back. Drouin at the least
  11. Personally I don’t. For one, although Domi Isn’t the pure goal scorer Laine is, I’d argue he’s actually the better all around player at the moment (the Laine could blossom in the next couple year. Second, Brook has high potential to be a legit top 4, 30+ point D man. Third, Laine’s struggles last year are flashing a few warning lights for me. I get that he has superstar potential but he also has enigma potential.
  12. I have no justifiable reason for this, but I'm optimistic about the upcoming season. Fully expect a great season from the Habs this season, 100 points. No specific reason, I'm just more optimistic than I have been in a long time about the Habs. I think it's alright for some people to be maybe unrealistically positive here, because let's be honest, theres a S*** ton of negative Nancy doom and gloom posters.
  13. Can’t wait to see a few of those in the NHL
  14. I’m predicting a very very strong year from Ylonen. People are going to start talking seriously about his top 6 potential
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