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  1. Man this game has been interesting !
  2. I would without any hesitation trade price for Grubauer + Byram. That’s not just me is it?
  3. I mean he is just 19. With time he probably will
  4. Any idea why Gallagher still has a tinted visor ?
  5. Saw this on a French page “La misère pour Lafrenière!!”
  6. So what’s the mantra this year? Sit on your derrière for Lafreniere? Snake bitten for Quinton? No sweaty for Perfetti?
  7. Exactly, Caufeild need to be played a certain way. He’s an offensive finisher, and a damn good one if used correctly. But he won’t do a whole lot for the team outside that.
  8. Good point. A bad short tourney isn’t the end of the world. But I agree, I figured especially Caufeild would be on that top PP. Some baffling coaching decisions I think though. I heard an announcer at one point say “that’s the first time I’ve seen turcotte and Caufeild line up together.” These guys already have chemistry from Wisconsin! It makes no sense not to try them together. Meanwhile zegras had 3 assists and was averaging 3-4 minutes a period. It seems like the coach has “his guys” and Caufeild may not be one. Crossing my fingers for him though
  9. Good to see him pot one! What are your thoughts on how USA is utilizing Caufeild? Feels to me like he’s not getting much opportunity.
  10. I’m not opposed to a trade like that either! Anderson has some skill (though he hasn’t showed it this year) and a bunch of physicality that I think would fit the habs real well
  11. They shouldn’t, but after 4 points in 24 games (and last year on his contract), on a Columbus team that doesn’t look playoff bound, weirder trades have happened. I just think Montreal could use a forward like Anderson, and perhaps Columbus might like Byron’s speed/contract length. Just a suggestion
  12. We should acquire josh Anderson on the cheap. We could use a nice power forward. Byron for Anderson?
  13. Would the devils part with Blackwood/hall for say, Price, one of our top prospects (poehling, romanov or brook?) and a second? Or do they value Blackwood too highly
  14. Does anyone else feel it might be time to end the Carey price era? I would love to see Hall in a habs sweater and wonder in price could help land him
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