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  1. I’m quite sure he’s at least an inch taller, if not two taller than when he was drafted. That’s just an eye test though. I think his NHL height will end up 5’8
  2. I love the Habs reverse retro. Personally don’t think it looks anywhere close to T-O ish because of the red, but hey that’s just my opinion. I’d get one if I had the cash! Probably a Suzuki I really like most of the other teams as well, I guess I like the aesthetic. Other than the Habs my favourite are probably the kings, wild, and yes the YOTES
  3. I agree, the way he blew down the left boards on one play looks promising
  4. From the highlights I saw KK threw a big hit, which could indicate he still has the physical edge he had in the playoffs ( I was a little worried his suspension might plant a seed of doubt). when KK was drafted I never thought of him as a power forward, but the more time goes on the more he’s starting to develop into one
  5. Very happy to have Gallagher long term. My favorite Hab and heart of the team
  6. The more I read about this Gallagher/cap problem, the more I wish we didn’t sign Edmunson. Kulak would have been just fine there and we’d have an extra 3+ mill to play with. Its not that I think Edmunson will be bad, I just think he creates a bigger problem than he solves
  7. Play style and skill set wise how does Guhle compare with Juulsen? they seem very comparable to me, at least with my limited knowledge
  8. I think the rumor resurfaced because Hall May be only asking for a short (say 2 year) contract. Since that wouldn’t hurt the Habs long term, MB may be back in. Id be fine with giving Hall a really high AAv for 2 years
  9. I’m confident Anderson will be a good addition. im not confident this will go down as an acceptable trade
  10. Well then, never mind this, I guess the topic is Anderson now
  11. There’s also something to be said about a GM doing what’s in the best interest of the player, and Alzner wanted to be bought out. when other players see that MB respects his players, perhaps it makes Mtl look like a more appealing place to play
  12. I like that idea. Here we are clamouring for a skilled winger, and perhaps we already have it in domi
  13. Did not realize habs drafted his dad?
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