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  1. Habs At Columbus after the game starts, GDT

    Actually a great night for tanknation with NYR winning and Ottawa up
  2. I really think all he meant by it was that he doesn’t care if we rack up any more wins. I think it’s pretty clear all of us here want our youth to look good moving forward, was as we’re looking forward to the future instead of this season, wins don’t help our drafting, and therefore don’t help our future nessecarily. If we can lose AND have our youth look good, that’s all I care for personally
  3. Habs vs Bolts

  4. Habs vs Bolts

    I think the problem is that we don’t have a team that fits Juliens coaching style. His success with the Bruins relies on two great centers in Bergeron and Krejci, surrounded by intense physical wingers. We have none of that.
  5. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    I’m not exactly good with it, but I’ll live with Him having ONE final shot, as long as he’s gone if this coming year is a failure. my main two issues with MB moves have been Subban for Weber, and then “upgrading” the defence by signing Offensive juggernaut Alzner to a quadrillion dollar contract, and saying goodbye to the freakin General. If he was gonna do without Markov, he should have went harder to get Radulov. Sure there have been many other mistakes, but every GM makes those. I can only hope that he learns from his mistakes (even if his ego is to big to admit them). IF the coming season is another disaster, he absolutely must go, and I am crossing my fingers for a GM who is humble enough to put past mistakes behind.
  6. Habs vs Bruins

    I’m boggled. we’ll probably finish the year strong somehow... AND WIN THE LOTTO REGARDLESS
  7. Habs vs Bruins

    Somehow we still have a 7 game point streak don’t we? Also we should prob sign Niemi to an 8 year 10 mill contract. He’s clearly a star. 48 saves tonight! *heavy scarcasm* whats happening with our goalies this year? It’s absurd.
  8. Habs vs Bruins

    Might as well light em up for a massive 2 goals !
  9. At the end of the day, we may get pessimistic, we may sound like negative nancies, but each and every one of us just cares about the habs performing lol. That’s why we’re here on a forum taking about the obscure. I love the habs. Might get upset, but I love the habs, and go habs go forever haha.
  10. Wrong thread but just cause I’m here and talking about the habs youth, PLEASE check out Poehling’s goal. Its so good it’ll make you think about the hans future. Dirty between the legs skill.
  11. It’s the 2017-2018 curse, next yea you’ll bring good luck, I’m calling it I’ve felt the same at times even when the habs are doing well haha, every time I watch they get scored on! bottom line, we’re all rooting for long term Hab success. If that means the current youth performs, good. If that means we get an amazing prospect in this draft, good. I just want excitement and optimism. actually as a fan it might all boil down to optimism. And some optimism remains! Go Habs go
  12. I’m ok with the youth doing well though ! I’ll take Scherbak, Juulsen, Mete, Chucky Drouin etc performing and showing that their worthy cornerstones over 3-4 spots higher in the draft. the one bright spot is that our youth actually has looked good lately. My eye is on the future, and these guys could be a good start.
  13. Is it you who always say you have a curse whenever you turn the habs game on lol?
  14. Soo... is it just me or is Niemi/Lindgren better than Price? kidding obviously but man. It’s weord how off Price has been this year. It worries me a lot
  15. Habs acquire Mike Reilly

    Any thoughts on Reilly versus Jerabek?