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  1. The word I've heard is Faulk gets moved
  2. Hahah, isn’t Plek married to a pro tennis player? I remember in the past that was one of the ways plek stayed nimble over the summer. Bet he’s nearly pro level at tennis
  3. I basically guarantee they’ll need a proven roster player going back. Drouin at the least
  4. Personally I don’t. For one, although Domi Isn’t the pure goal scorer Laine is, I’d argue he’s actually the better all around player at the moment (the Laine could blossom in the next couple year. Second, Brook has high potential to be a legit top 4, 30+ point D man. Third, Laine’s struggles last year are flashing a few warning lights for me. I get that he has superstar potential but he also has enigma potential.
  5. I have no justifiable reason for this, but I'm optimistic about the upcoming season. Fully expect a great season from the Habs this season, 100 points. No specific reason, I'm just more optimistic than I have been in a long time about the Habs. I think it's alright for some people to be maybe unrealistically positive here, because let's be honest, theres a S*** ton of negative Nancy doom and gloom posters.
  6. Can’t wait to see a few of those in the NHL
  7. I’m predicting a very very strong year from Ylonen. People are going to start talking seriously about his top 6 potential
  8. You have to be kidding me, there's a perfect team? STOP THE MADNESS It's becoming the theme of the 2019 offseason
  9. I feel like people might be eatin a lot of crow over the next few years! Habs are on the upswing and MB is at the helm of it. I’ve said it before and i’ll Say it again; There was a point I hated MB. But I’m frankly confused by the inability to see the positives that have come in the last year. That or I’ll be eatin crow ??‍♂️
  10. Fair enough, opinion + evidence is better than opinion alone
  11. I really wish we traded a 2nd and 3rd for Gusev and signed him at 4.5 aav for 2. That’s a gamble I’d love to have taken.
  12. The 25th and 27th teams are closer to the cup than the 14th will EVER be
  13. I’m glad I’m not as pessimistic and sour as you. That would be rough.
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