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  1. CoconutMiami with two apples, thats great for him. Loved seein the kid produce
  2. 1:40 minutes into the second and we go from down by one to up by two ?!?
  3. Carey Price

    I think Commandant still has a point considering he listed 11 goalies well below expectations. There are obviously going to be examples here and there that don’t fit the trend
  4. Carey Price

    I was thinking the exact same thing with the Crosby comparison. I actually think its worse; it’s somewhat comparible to Max Pacioretty dropping from an Elite LW to a 10 point pace guy. I mean Prices numbers are fringe goalie numbers. Now I do think both Max and Carey will rebound, but become elite again? I’m definitely concerned.
  5. Carey Price

    .915 to .908 is massive
  6. Carey Price

    Not to digress, but calling Petry a number #4 isn’t giving him a whole lot of credit. Sure he’s not a #1, ideally slots on the second pair, but Petry steps up as an honest #2 d man when he’s needed
  7. Carey Price

    This is what scares me too though. Sometimes I feel like the mental issues are worse than the physical. But if Price can sort things out and it’s truly just “all in his head”, then there’s no reason he can’t be an elite goalie again
  8. Carey Price

    So far this season, Carey Price has showed up as the same Price we got last season. Thats a far cry from the elite goalie we grew accustomed to. Prices recent level isn’t even that of an average goalie; he’s sub par. All of this at 10+ million for the better part of the next decade. There is obviously huge cause for concern there, but my question is this: Do you think Carey Price will ever regain his elite form, or at least return to a top tier goalie? And if not, how much trouble is that contract going to cause the team moving forward?
  9. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    It hurts so bad. I hope this is a wake up call!
  10. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    That’s probably Drouin’s 40 thousandth brutal turnover this game
  11. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Despite the fact that we’re up 3-1, I’m actually not that happy with the team right now because of how absolutely abysmal the power play has been
  12. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Domi is unreal.
  13. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Our power play has been abysmal
  14. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    He could simply see Hughes as a perennial 60+ point d man
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure teams can draft him until 20. If he’s not drafted at 20, teams can sign him in UFA