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  1. I like that Edmunson just turned 27 in June. which means we have him while he’s 27, 28, 29 and 30. We shouldn’t see much decline due to age there. 3.5 per should be a good deal as long as Edmunson is a good fit in the habs system. Question now is what other movement might we see with the glut on defense?
  2. In that case we got at least one more good year of Danault making it easier on the kids
  3. Why would the habs acquire yet another defenseman? and Domi alone gets you no where near Laine imo. Domi + Mete and either our first OR a second + B prospect (Brook, ikonen Ylonen etc) Could just be my opinion tho
  4. Domi, Brook and a 2nd for Laine I hear Laine/Ehlers are otb i don’t see Connor being traded
  5. I’d rather see Hudon get another shot as well
  6. I laughed out loud when I saw it hahah Character win for the Habs. The push back to go up 4-3 was amazing to see! Also great to see Gallagher have that game. He’s gonna have some swagger moving forward
  7. 100%. I hope someone shows Muller this comment lol. Once Philly starts taking the point shot more seriously it might then open up deeper in the zone
  8. You have your answer our habs are moving on
  9. I’m not getting ahead, it’s why I emphasized “if” just something interesting to think about that’s definitely a possibility
  10. That would be my ideal pick, but I’m also biased since I’m a Newfoundlander hahah i think Jarvis is very talented, but Caufeild probably fills the hole he would slot into. Mercer seems to have a tenacity, ruggedness and two-way game. Could be an excellent fit to the system
  11. IF we beat the pens and pick around 16, there are still quite a few prospects I like. Mercer, Holloway, Guhnler, Zary, Schneider and Jarvis are some of my favorites. Who else? Or who out of the above do you guys think would be a good pick at 16
  12. Man this game has been interesting !
  13. I would without any hesitation trade price for Grubauer + Byram. That’s not just me is it?
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