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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The no movement clause does it. Didnt remember how few teams he had. As for becoming a UFA, fair enough. Definitely don’t want to lose him for nothing. The only thing I’m trying to get at is if the market is so cheap for quality wingers we should try to replace Pacioretty cheaply so that losing him cheaply doesn’t sting as bad.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    When market value for wingers is so low why are we not acquiring one so that we can ldo be with a low return on Pacioretty? Ex: We acquire Skinner for similar to what Buffalo gave up, then trade Pacioretty. We don’t lose because we immediately replace that 30 goal winger, while getting rid of the Pacioretty drama. How are there not more GMs taking advantage of it? Hell, even if we had to give Carolina more than Buffalo did, it sets a standard for what Pacioretty would cost. can anyone help me out here?
  3. Max Pacioretty Watch

    That's actually a good but unfortunate point
  4. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I’m sure it would, but how significant if wingers like skinner are going for a B prospects and some not first round picks? Pacioretty has to take a huge chunk out of Panarins return, what else would we need to add
  5. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I’d be willing to add to make this panarin deal happen Edit: Add a lot
  6. Max Pacioretty Watch

    If that’s the return for pacioretty, I want no part of the trade.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    That’s what I was thinking too
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Ahhh, would have been interesting if it was Evans !
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Wow, I was putting the sarcasm on heavy, but am I correct in saying Montreal took Evans with that pick? Could be among the most significant 7th for 7th swaps in memory truthfully. If Evans becomes a regular third liner and Weegar a steady bottom pair d man, the trade actually is pretty important, my ignorant joking aside hahaha
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I mean think about it, a 2013 for a 2014 7th rounder one for one? Has to be among the biggest risks in the 21st century.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Those trades shattered the hockey world to be sure. Paciroetty + for Trocek just doesn’t really hold a candle to those.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    How valuable do you Poehling is these days? (Not trying to trade him) I feel like his value keeps on rising
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Yea, come to think of it I was probably just not thinking about how valuable he is. How much more valuable is he than guys like Robert Thomas and Morgan frost?
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Oh wow, Glass is that good or does Vegas value him a little highly?
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Anyone think a Pacioretty + could bring back both Glass and Brannstrom from Vegas? We could send a second rounder and a solid prospect back like Josh Brook?
  16. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    Great deal for a young center who can put up 40+. We obviously need a top line center but Danault could be a solid second for us, or an awesome third.
  17. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    Come to think of it, I bet Scherbak was pretty upset about having a good Russian speaking buddy traded off the team
  18. In his time as GM, it wouldn’t be true to say Bergevin is a GM who is too afraid to make a ballsy move. Subban for Weber, Galchenyuk for Domi, signing Radulov - these are all risky (or stupid) to different degrees. But the one thing he’s always beaten around the bush about is rebuilding; about the possibility of not making the playoffs. Teams like the rangers and leafs have in the past made it clear, they have entered full rebuild mode. Most of us seem to think that’s what Montreal needs, however I always felt Bergevin wasn’t able to commit to one. With the Weber injury, could Bergevin have a gold plated excuse to use this year as a rebuild year? Sell off assets, acquire youth speed and picks (Armia trade was a good one imo) and then start competing hard in the fall of 2019? I will say I don’t want to follow the Oilers model, which includes no solid veteran presence to help the kids grow. I wouldn’t mind keeping Weber for a long time, same for Price. These are players who can teach our youth, and make them more confident on the ice. But really what I’m asking is about MB: Do you think Bergevin will continue to patch the team up and claw desperately into a playoff spot? Or do you think he now has that excuse to rebuild the team this year?
  19. Could be just in time for MB’s dismissal, and potentially with some young talent in our prospect pool to boot to start off his tenure. I remember when Bergevin was first hired though I had this great feeling that since he was young he would be this progressive GM who was savvy at predicting where the game would progress, and build it accordingly. He turned out to be a fairly strong old school type. I’m be more guarded over the Bouchards, Ducharmes and potential Brisebois’ because of it.
  20. I believe he still has 3 years left on his contract, probably paying about 2 mill per. I think the only reason he’s still around is because of that money, and would bet he sticks for the entirety of this season, and perhaps the one after. Weirder things have happened though
  21. What about this years trade deadline ? I actually don’t expect Weber or Price to be traded under MB, but a solid 30-40 games by some of our other players like Byron Shaw and Pacioretty could make them appealing to other teams
  22. Exactly the same for me, sure they can, but I don’t think they will
  23. Hockey Billeting, has anyone done it?

    Without it seeming obvious, I’d want to meet the kid at least briefly before making a decision personally. I’m sure there have been both positive and negative experiences, and it likely boils down to the person you’d be billeting. In all likelihood it would be a positive I think I don’t have personal experience with it so maybe someone else can help you out there.
  24. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Yea that’s exactly what I mean, and I take that as a return every time. Olofsson is a solid prospect
  25. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Jacob Olofsson ?