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  1. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    I’m not sure I like a 4th line that isn’t speedy enough
  2. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    ... you hate to see that
  3. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Danault is going to shatter his career best points. He’s all over 50+ Points
  4. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Haven't been so excited by a habs goal as KK's since squid in the playoffs
  5. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    I honestly get more excited when a powerplay is about to end. Finally an opportunity to score again! Habs should rename their powerplay to energy sapper.
  6. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    What a goal by peach !
  7. Avalanche vs Canadiens 7:00pm

    Best shift I’ve seen from the habs in months. Just wow.
  8. 2019 World Juniors Thread

    Poehling top forawrd in the tournament, Romanov top d man! And I bet if the states won that game, Primeau would have won top goalie! Crazy stuff.
  9. Jan. 3, Canucks vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Kotkaniemi should have got 2 for hooking. Peterson definitely should have just kept skating. Not should why he stopped and pushed back against Kotka. Really sucks to see a star get injured though, no matter what the team or circumstance
  10. 2019 World Juniors Thread

    Not only that, he got it in the most high pressure situation to tie the game up. Excellent positioning on all three goals. Great release on the third. It’s exciting for sure. Suzuki also had a sweet setup in Canada’s game. It’s been a promising tourney so far
  11. 2019 World Juniors Thread

    Omg Poehling!
  12. 2019 World Juniors Thread

    Bodes well for an NHL career that he’s the go to option to kill penalties, essentially being used as a shut down and transition guy, and get he drives his teams offence in the WHL
  13. 2019 World Juniors Thread

    It was a 14-0 win. I think we can forget this one
  14. Merry Christmas! Don’t drink too much eggnog hahah Can’t watch for the world juniors now, such a big part of my holiday!
  15. Is it just me, or do the Habs have wilder swings in performance than most teams? Its like they’re either garbage or a Stanley cup contender. They’ll dominate for a run of 2-3 games, and then string together 2-3 shpoop shows. Obviously every team has its ups and downs, but I feel the Habs disproportionately so. It could be fan bias but I’m not so sure. What’s the deal here?
  16. Dec. 19, Habs vs Avalanche, 8:30 PM

    Anyone know why Price changes out of the red pads?
  17. Why are the habs so hit and miss?

    Brook has been something to watch this year. Super excited to watch him at the World juniors. Playing on his off side, it’ll be an interesting way to see him. that influx of talent you mentioned could turn us into a contender if they work out
  18. Why are the habs so hit and miss?

    Luckily I think our Kotkaniemi, Suzuki and Poehling drafts could boost us out of purgatory in 2 years time.
  19. Let’s WIN by 6 this time
  20. Mete sent to Laval

    Meat (Mete) to the minors. I think this is actually necessary if we ever want him to develop offensively. He’s pretty stagnant right now and needs to get PP time and be a key cog for a significant time in Laval. The guy is still just a kid. Loads of time for him to improve yet.
  21. Off to LA for Scherbak. He just couldn’t crack our roster with all those wingers
  22. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

    The guys a legend, but yea ive been laughing all night at the way his commentary has been. So delayed and tangential
  23. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

    Why did I have to say I loved this game
  24. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

  25. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

    I’m LOVING this game so far. Knock on wood, don’t wanna jinx it