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  1. One way deal I’ve seen so far. Looks like this means Lindgren will get the backup nod until 2021. Small sample size for Lindgren but this seems like great value given his performance in MTL
  2. Montreal at Arizona - 9PM EST

    Take away our 10 goal game and the habs are the lowest scoring team in the league.
  3. Montreal at Arizona - 9PM EST

    This team actually stinks
  4. Feb. 14, Habs vs Avs, 9:30 PM

    Damnit I jinxed it.
  5. Feb. 14, Habs vs Avs, 9:30 PM

    No goals 50% of the way through a habs game? Who’d have thunk it?
  6. Habs sign Lindgren - 750k per for 3 years

    Very true. Still I have a good feeling Lindgren will carve out a solid career as a backup.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Hahahah, perfect.
  8. The Official NFL Thread

    Anyone else watching the Super Bowl think Justin Timberlake is having a hell of a half time show? Such a crazy performance
  9. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    A guy can dream
  10. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    Arvidson on the predators as well, with Craig Smith founding out the top 6, being a 20 goal guy. Also Johansen, And Turris would both be our #1 center, with Bonino even getting a few looks at it. Agree with Tampa though. Although having a top 3 league wide d man (Hedman) certainly helps cover a lack of depth. In general I find a ridiculous forward group helps Tampa offset a slightly lesser D group. Whereas as in Nashville a ridiculous D group offset a slightly lesser forward core.
  11. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    According to Eric Engels we’ve scored 5 goals in our last 7 road games. A massive .71 gpg for the high powered Habs
  12. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    Bad by the whole team, but Price should have that
  13. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    We have no finish. Golden opportunities just aren’t getting buried
  14. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    The lack of scoring by the Habs makes me sadder than it should
  15. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    The Lindholm talk is interesting, he’d fit right in with our retool
  16. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    Couldn’t agree more, it’s tough. The worst part is they’ve given up a lot of goals too, so the games tend to be 3-1, 4-2 losses. My sights are set of the deadline/draft at this point. I won’t actively cheer for losses, but I don’t mind them either. The top 4 draft eligible players look pretty nice this year..
  17. Is this a deep draft? We have three 2nds - Habs, Caps and hawks. This should end up something like one high 30’s and a couple between 45-55. We also have 6! More picks between the 3rd and 5th rounds depending on how some conditions work out. This doesn’t even include the possible ones MB will pick up. (Likely not trading away this year.) My question is, should we package some of these for an extra first round pick?
  18. Come to think of it, we could package a couple of our seconds and take him in the 25 range if he slips.
  19. What do you make of Ryan Merkley? Looks like one of the most talented in the draft class. Could he be our 2018 first rounder? Then again, at this rate dahlin/svechnikov is not out of the question. I just think Merkley could be the type of d man we need.
  20. 2018 All-Star Weekend Thread

    Save streak isn’t the most entertaining event.. Thought the passing one was awesome though !
  21. Jan. 25, Carolina vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Is this pond hockey?
  22. Jan. 25, Carolina vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    This last 3 minutes has been insanity
  23. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    15 in 46 now for patches. He could easily still put up 30
  24. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    I like patch. That being said, the only reason I see is that he actually has a little lower value now than what he’s worth. His recent scoring surge has helped his case, but take away his last 6 goals and games, and he’s a 20 goal scorer: It might be worth it to wait for him to get back on track, hence holding onto him. St least until the deadline.
  25. Habs vs Caps - 7:30 EST.

    6 in the last 6 for Mr. patch?