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  1. Already know those sites but thx anyways:D
  2. Hey Macaskill can you give me a link to those "key" sites. The only ones i check are Spector's. The Fourth Period and HW.
  3. On the way to work this morning listining to the usual Rock song on 97.7 CHOM FM. Then there was a sports update and i was happy to hear them quoting Guy Carbonneau "Carbonneau says that even though the top UFS's are gone don't count the Canadiens out of signing a quality UFA" So guys don't get your hopes down BG will sign someone hopefully Shanahan, Markov or Samsonov. Have Faith!
  4. What about Samsonov, why doesn't anyone want him. I say he's and exceptional player and would be good with kovalev on the left since were losing Bulis. I think it would be a great upgrade!
  5. The exact date was Tuesday April 9th vs Ottawa in Montreal during the 2001-2002 season. Habs went on to win that game 4-3. Great Game and emotional return of the great "Captain K" Link: http://www.shrpsports.com/nhl/teamseas.htm
  6. Shortcat i know maybe you thought that i was directing this post toward the habs but i wasn't. It's allright if you misunderstood because since were not in habs talk i did not direct it towards the habs, although it would've been nice to have him here i was just stating that I think Luongo will stay in Florida for a long long time Off Topic But :hlogo: GO BG GO :hlogo: INTENSITY INTEGRITY INTELLIGENCE
  7. Most of you know that Roberto Luongo is a restricted free agent this summer. There was a little controversy last year when an arbitrator had to settle a contract with the panthers GM Mike Keenan. Well my sources say he "IS" staying with The Panthers and for a long time! I recently gave my Roberto Luongo NYI prospect card to my friends mom who works with Roberto's mom. (yes she does work ) Well im still waiting for it its been 2 weeks the reason is... He is building a new house for himself in FLA. Does this mean he's staying i would guess YES how bout you guys INTENSITY INTEGRITY
  8. Thank you gohabsgo252006!! It was soo frustrating watching this guy screw up!! Hopefully the coaching staff will recognize his suckiness! Pisses me off He is so predictable and all the defenceman ahve to do is go towards him and the puck because they know he wont pass. The only time he passed was on the other teams stick. REALLY FRUSTRATING WATHCING THIS TEAM TONIGHT!!(especially Ryder and Streit)
  9. Streit is a ######, stupid mistake and he should be benched. So should Ryder he's the biggest hog on the team and thinks he can score from anywhere on the ice. They should demote him 2 the 2nd or 3rd line and bring Kovi back on the 1st with Saks and Higgins. Ryder is pure shit!!!
  10. :hlogo: GO HABS GO :hlogo: Hope they can whoop their @$$ considering the last time we played them they were placing bets on how many shot we were gonna get. I hope we WRECK them to pieces!! HABS ALL THE WAY!! btw i have sumtin that ive been doing 4 the past 7 games but i wont say cuz it will just ruin the superstition! INTENSITY INTEGRITY INTELLIGENCE
  11. Hey ATHLÉTIQUE.CANADIEN that is some picture you have there really creative if you made it yourself. If you did make it can you somehow show me or if its possible having it constantly updated with the actual points of the players. anyways really nice work on that pic :hlogo: HO HABS GO :hlogo: INTENSITY INTERGRITY INTELLIGENCE
  12. Thx anywayz fanpuck33. I appreciate your reply and reading of my letter.
  13. Hey guys, b4 u changed the whole HW pages and everything, u guys had the top 5 latest posts on the front page. I would really apreciate it if u guys did that again it really saved the trouble. Thx guys GO HABS GO
  14. Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone had an update on Mrakov's injury. Yesterday Vs. the Rangers Markov experienced a lower back problem and didn't come back. I need an update! Oh and if he is injured for awhile Streit and Todd Simpson will replace him.
  15. Hey Guys, I see there is different aspects to why Huet should play or why Danis should play. Ill clear that all up for all you curious Habs Fans. CJAD 800 said that the Habs will play Danis tonight against the Flyers. Not sure about tomorrow though. Don't think it's confirmed but CJAD is usually accurate on Habs affairs. :hlogo: Go Habs Go :hlogo: Danis can DO IT!!! BELIEVE!
  16. yo guys i wouldn't mind taking the wings or canucks it would be a privilege to try this out. Although i'll need some time to get things staight i think i would be a very capable GM. I dont post much here I really like reading what everyone has to say so don't think im a noob lol!. I sent an application and i have free time on my hands so this should be no problem. If i get picked look out Gm's!!
  17. can we plz have the full llink because i can't find it, if this is true we are totally screwed!!!
  18. Check this out... http://spectorshockey.tripod.com/spectors_...de_rumours.html Pretty dirty trade there!! WTF is Bob thinking...Probably just bullshit though! :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  19. where was komi toonight. We missed his physical presence. anyone know what happened to him. Oh and i heard that Zednik and Boullion left the game late because of injury. Wats up with that. IM lost! (if this was already posted somwheere im sorry because i dont read every single forum topic or post) [Edited on 2005/11/20 by Koivu11]
  20. I guess evryone was wondering where was our bi physical D tonigh? Any one have any idea what happened to him, because RDS said nothing about him being injured and i noticed our physical game was shot against the caps. Info PLz!
  21. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by les_glorieux SHIT! WE ARE SO DEAD! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wat do u mean were dead the only reason the leafs won was because Atlanta lost their 2 best goalies and are now stuck with rookies for awile, mabey the laffs will bring over some momentum but come on the only way they win is when they're playing against a crap goalie.
  22. This guy is SICK!! It was stated in the Montreal Gazette that he got 14 points in only 4 games. Jeeez after that its like "Crosby who"?? Ya thats right. This guy IS the next 1.
  23. by the way what is the habs goal song? In the pre-season i think it was vertigo from U2... 3-0-0 baby!! WOOOOOOOOOO I'd take perezhogin over Dagenias anyday!
  24. What the hell is the score it keeps changing someone fill me in! im getting really nervous! Some say bruins 5-2 some say habs 5-2 i don't know somepone tell me!!
  25. Just thought i'd let you know a little bit about Montreal. But im guessing that Toronto is second worse, Canadian teams have alot more pressure because it's a Canadian game. In the USA they don't have swarms of journalists and people dying to know about the team, they mabey have a good 7 if they're lucky. They're more interested in football and Basketball, you know the more American sports. PS: The Tampa Bay Lightnings couldn't even sell out the arena in the Stanley Cup game!! :hlogo::ghg::hlogo: :can::can::can:
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