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  1. Monks burn themselves alive when they protest. Others go on hunger strikes. Perhaps it is a cultural thing to protest civily. Perhaps this is the first western style protest they have seen, or maybe an 8 year old did write the piece.
  2. I think his definition of "Sustainable Society" is different from yours.
  3. I'm about as surprised at this as I am surprised at the war in Iraq going wrong and the American people getting cold feet. Harper a Green PM ... that is rich.
  4. I expect Abie to get 4 shutouts in this game, and that all the forwards get a hat-trick! Go HABS go!
  5. I'd like to see the Habs do it
  6. There is a lot of great beer in the Plateau. Elsie's is just one example. Also, if it is beer you are after you should check out St-Denis street, or St-Laurent above Marie-Anne (it doesn't just end at Avenue des Pins). The Pubs near Cresent do have good beer ... that is why I suggested below St-Cats. But try finding a good beer above St-Cats and you will pay way too much for it.
  7. I'm surprised that no one wrote that Gainey screwed up by not getting him. Good move by Calgary ... more of a contender already. I guess that double tap we heard was LA conceeding for the year. Maybe that means we can get Kopitar Yeah, right
  8. Cresent is the #1 tourist destination in Montreal ... which includes Montreal Subberbanites. I hate the place. But if you are in to Meet (meat) markets and crappy music then you will probably love it. Just bring a lot of $$ as you will need to buy drinks in order to meet ... and watch out for the of testontoroned inmates that are out looking to meet too. Perhaps you will meet someone that some troglodyte has been eyeing up all evening ... and bamb, you are fighting outside the burger king on your way home, while 10 cop cars come out to ask no questions. If you are going to do the Cresent thang ... I'd suggest below St-Cats. Or as someone said, Cage aux Sport is good. Or if you want a taste of the real MTL check out Champs or Frappe on St-Laurent street (actually, Le Pistol is the best spot, but good luck finding a seat).
  9. Foresberg is playing poorly by his standards ... superstar standards ... but if you check his points situation he is just under a point a game (only 34 games though): PETER FORSBERG PHI 34 9 21 30 I think as a second line center he would be great for most teams who need an extra push, especially since he has said he will only waive his no-trade clause if he thinks that his foot problems are behind him. He wants to WIN. He is not in this for the bling. I guy like him could retire nicely. He wants to show the world that he still has it ... he wants another Stanley Cup. So if we could get him, we should get him ... unless the cost is both of Gainey's nuts, and Saku's first born.
  10. We'll keep the Zamboni, but we'll send you back Abei for Budaj, or maybe Murray and a 14th round draft pick for that Stastny fellow you got laying around.
  11. I believe that that was the one shot he was refering to. But yeah, I think that scoring a game tying goal is putting his money where his mouth is, and that everyone makes mistakes. I also think that speaking up to motivate your team, like someone else wrote, is good leadership ... and great when he pots one to back it up.
  12. Its because I'm so wonwee ... I habe noffing to do but lead fe dictionely. Hot dog stands, time in the Youppi suit ... whatever lights a fire under some underscoring butts.
  13. Possibly, but definitely without the Jose 'tude. I'd take Abei over the new Jose any day. It was getting to the point that I cringed whenever he had a good game, and got interviewed ... he was so damn full of himself. Abei is a great back up. But we should still move him. He could get us something good, and it is time to give clear some place for the young guys coming up the pipe.
  14. Yes, the pejorative sense of the word is bellow average, however, the actual meaning is average, or rather, middle. Definition: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mediocre If you are interested in words, that is, if you are a logophile, make sure to consider the etymology of the word. It will always point you towards the intended meaning of the word in its origin. On a habs note, any once notice that Souray is now our leading goal scorer? Yikes.... offence has to pick it up or we will have no problem fitting under the cap as the whole forward crew will have to take a pay cut
  15. game over. Great game. Way to bounce back from a poor loss against the laughs!
  16. Just got back from a meeting ... very happy about the Habs score. Got a question though, Higgins has been sucking on the score sheet recently. Think he will get benched sometime soon. Couldn't hurt. Time off to rest, and to prepare mentally.
  17. Pretty bonkers! Wonder when we will see something like that in an actual game? Or if we ever will.
  18. Riiiiiiight .... sure. I think if the Bulldogs were scoring 20 goals a game they would call the whole team up ... unless they were letting in their own 20+. If there is another injury Grabs and #### will get a chance.
  19. For those of those mourning the loss against the Laughs, at least our AHL team came up with a win. 3-0 against Manitoba. Halak with the SO, Kostitsin, Grabovsky and D'Agostini with 2 points each. Details: http://stats.theahl.com/stats/official-gam...game_id=1002843
  20. What a crap game! Canadiens often come up soft against weaker opposition.
  21. Who the heck else is going to pay? The US who actually deported him to Syria to get torture?!? As someone else suggested, the people who sent him?!? (Because if we paid 10.5$ it was because some law was broken, and not a problem with our system.) If anyone had asked me, or 80% of the population of Canada, we would have never okayed deportation to Syria based on speculation ... so why should I, or the other 80% pay for it? If you haven't noticed Canada needs money. Montreal's streets are falling apart, the hospital system needs revitilization, our Canadu reactors need to be overhauled. Our Country needs money, and I spend too much in taxes ... so why should I pay for someone else's mistake? If it was the RCMP who were at fault it isn't even as though you cna say that we voted for them. The guy deserves compensation, but not from me, or from 30 million other Canadians. Either it was an illegal decision by people at the RCMP (not my fault, if I do something illegal at work, I am responsible for this). Or The US, who, the world knows, uses countries like Syria to extract information by torture (proxy). BTW, Harper only did this for the good press. Most Canadian's believe that Arar was wronged; I'm sure they don't think they are personally responsible for it though.
  22. Wow, CJAD is about 15 minutes behind reality. Maybe some CJAD commentator had a Don Cherry moment I haven't heard about.
  23. Of course the US does, otherwise it would be them who owe him the money. I can't believe that us taxpayers are on the hook for this!
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