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  1. This is the dumbest feint I have ever seen. House-hold appliances? Since when has house-holds been responsible for the damage of the environment. If his policies were to be truely green he'd be gunning at industry. House-hold energy use is a drop in the bucket. His policy is an attempt at a sleight-of-hand!
  2. I expect that many players will step it up in the second half. Huet will keep going, Kovalev will start putting up the numbers, and Higgys, Ryder, and Tender will start doing good stuff too. And, if Samsonov doesn't start anything I would be really surprised, because he can't get anymore ca'ca'ier.
  3. Bulldogs won 5-1. Kostitsyn and Grabovski both scored. Lemieux got 2, and Danis got the win! http://stats.theahl.com/stats/official-gam...game_id=1002798
  4. Ole Ole is a taunting song ... Not as bad as, Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, de-e-o, goodbye ... but taunting none the less. Kovalev does seem to be stepping it up recently.
  5. What a rip-off. I hate how commercial the NHL is at times. That is why I prefer listening to the game on radio, or watch it on the TV .... watching it at the arena is waaaay tooo expensive ... especially if you care to drink.
  6. It is your fault that Briere scored ... YOURS BTW, your quote should be edited to "The highest purpose of man is to glorify life and enjoy it for as long as possible."
  7. Back in Korea, early morning, coffee in hand. Last time I was in this mod we were cleaning up. Hopifully I am the real HABS tallisman .... Go HABS go!
  8. I guess Lapierre (sp?) is playing so good he is officially centering our #2 & 3 lines. If he doesn't pot a goal with that amount of ice time I think that Carboneau will have to start re-thinking his strategies! Go HABS go! BTW, I'm at fault for the losing streak. Since I have been back in MTL we only won 1 game. But fear not, I am returning to Korea on wednesday, so we should be back on our winning ways in no time. (and I'm stuck listening to them win from net radio and little DL clips )
  9. Ditto for me! But it isn't likely to happen.
  10. Also, he couldn't handle the MTL spotlight. So he chose a quieter town to play in. I think both he and the habs brass knew that it wouldn't be a good fit.
  11. Who cares? As long as our nets are the same size as other teams nets, and they aren't ridiculously big to the point that they destroy the flow of the game, I don't see what it matters.
  12. This should be renamed, "The anything causaly and remotely related to Bonk" - or maybe, "the Random thread"
  13. Sourey stays here! Why, character guy who cares about the environment he plays in. He likes the team, he has good friends here, and he likes the management. Getting closer to Cali won't really change anything in terms of his daughter. He will still be on the road a lot, and his wife will still have primary custody rights. And he was quoted as saying that throwing her on the plane has been working out .... also, I'm sure the Habs management has worked out a nice arrangement to accomodate sourey's need to see his daughter. Expect all three of our big D back next year!
  14. awesome. When I signed it there were only two hundred odd signatures. Good to see this thing has wings.
  15. Got those black, yellow, orange, and red jerseys were so ouhgaly! :puke: Much prefer the vintage jerseys (make that another one for vintage!) I call it vintage because it is actually an old jersey. The habs use a Vintage jersey too. However the Atlanta 3rd jersey is not vintage ... it is actually newere than the other two. If any of their jerseys are vintage it would have to be their regular jersey because it is the oldest ... but since it is still in use it can't be called vintage.
  16. the future is so bright that you have to wear B)
  17. article: http://www.hamiltonbulldogs.com/index.php?...lay&nid=413 Of interest, Grabovsky won the hardest working player award for the night. Sounds like he doesn't mind, using Carbo's words, eating the boards! The Dogs defense is getting a lot better with the recent addition of Biron, and Jan Hejda, an Oilers prospect.
  18. Higgins will be back in the fold tomorrow, so we can't actually call up anyone else before we send a couple of bodies down. That is what we are talking about right now. How to keep Lapierre in the NHL. Begin was put on IR, so before we call up #### we'd have to send someone else down, put someone else on IR, or trade someone. And we have 3 days in which to do it before the Xmas freeze!
  19. We'll miss Begin tonight though. We need our defensive players to shut down Crosby and Malkin, and all of the other henchmen.
  20. Not necessarily. I dream of one day buying a house by the sea. It doesn't mean that I'm a 14 year old with no cash, and no job. But it does mean that I don't yet have the means or opportunity to buy the house. Perhaps I have responsobilities in the city. Perhaps I don't have enough money yet. Or perhaps I haven't found the ideal spot yet. And you don't have the means of sellecting any prospects ... so it is dreaming rather than thinking, IMO. However, it is all semantics. I was being a tad facetious. I just found the wording funny. Sorry for interrupting your thoughts/dreams.
  21. Easy, there is more excitement around the habs and the Bulldogs recently. And when people are excited they talk. When people are depressed, like during the now imfamous Houle and Corey years, people don't want to say much beyond "Corey and Houle suck". I, personally, was on the board for about 1 year before I posted anything. I wasn't really excited by the Habs. I loved the habs, but was sick of their losingness. But when Gainey came in to the Organization, and some of our newer prospects started to show promise, I got more excited about the HABS. Man, I gotta say, the years between 1996 and 2004 were TOUGH as a Habs fan ... TOUGH!
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