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  1. Yeah, I'm a bit worried too. This game is going to be quite the challenge. The Penguins seem to be coming in to their own recently. They beat NYI handily, a team we had some troubles putting away. Also, they are a lower than the Habs in the standings, with little in the way of a rivalry going on, so the danger is to take them lightly. However, Carbo is probably going to be giving them quite a break down of their last two games. Eitherway, GO :hlogo: GO!
  2. Wow, 8-4 against one of the top teams in the league. Hopefully Lapierre's chances to play, and rumours about him staying on, have inspired some of our other talent to work hard, and giv'r every game.
  3. You would sacrifice Lats? You know he can't be sent down to the AHL right? He is with the team for the season. Unless you mean trade him, which makes no sense.
  4. Why hasn't grandfathering happened yet?
  5. I wonder how anyone in either organization cares about where Travers wants to live. It is a nice thing to do ... but it isn't likely that the trade would go through unless Biron was singing the same tune. As always, rumours mean nothing; and the working of our GMs' minds are beyond our feeble comprehension.
  6. Nice depth move for the Bulldogs. The real question, however, is why would the sharks want Travers? Is he married to someone's daughter in the organization? Hopefully he will turn in to a Chara type player under the tutelage of the Habs staff B)
  7. No, in my business model its protecting your investments. If you want to smoke cigarettes and use up all our healthcare money to fight off your avoidable cancer and emphysema, then you should pay extra taxes. If you are going to drive an SUV and destroy our environment you should have to pay out the nose for it, and if you are going to put yourself at risk or injury unecessarily, then you shouldn't be rewarded for it ... it should cost you in lost income. This is the same reason the family of suicide vistims can't claim insurance. It was preventable ... it wasn't a fluke accident. Not protecting your eyes in a game like hockey is like having sex with a prostitute in Thailand without a condom. It is playing russian roulette. Anyway, obviously there is a failure to communicate on this issue. I have stated my opinion clearly, and all the neighsayers have come out to protest. Thus I retire from this forray with my opinion intact. Lets agree to disagree .... Go :hlogo: GO!
  8. Ignoring 9/10th of what I say, and telling me it isn't any of my business is not a position. Furthermore, what is it any of your business. Unless you come up with an actual idea or argument I will have to ignore your posts. If you have anything to aside from repeating what you have said 3 different ways, then I will give it its deserved attention.
  9. I'm not suggesting that they don't get their injury costs covered. This should be covered by insurance or medicare. What I'm suggesting is that they don't get paid. If they want to roll the dice it should be on their coin. This way they can ask themselves .... is it worth the risk ... Sadly money speaks more than body parts, because after seeing Bedard or Koivu I would never play hockey without eye protection, just as I wouldn't drive without a seatbelt, or downhill MTB without a full face helmet and body armor. It just isn't worth the risks for me ... but for other people money is more important than site ... I don't get it.
  10. Yes, I'm suggesting that it becomes almost mandatory ... since players are not open to the idea of mandatory visors, then they should suffer the cost when they are no longer available to their team due to a preventable injury. Now that brings us to the next point: preventable injury. The injuries you mentioned are hard to prevent. Pucks and sticks hitting your eyes is easily preventable. How, a visor. No deep end here. Just people who don't know how to read the complete thread, and then weigh up the proposed ideas, keeping everything in mind. If you don't want to wear a visor ... don't. But don't expect to have your team pay you 5 millim bucks per season as you recover because you didn't want to wear it. It can be prevented. Thus it is preventable. Don't know why all you people think that adult stars shouldn't be responsible and accountable for their own decisions. They don't want to wear it, they pay the price ... or rather, they don't get paid. Many sports have these kind of clauses. If an athlete breaks their leg doing something dangerous like MXing, then they aren't paid ... because they broke their contract. You want the big bucks, then you have to give up certain liberties ... seeing as you are now for all intents and purposes an ASSET!
  11. So by your logic goaltender helmets should be optional?!? How about non-goalie helmets? Where does it end? Maybe F-1 drivers should be given the option of wearing helmets, fireproof suits, and seatbelts .... heck, they are high paid athletes, and they are adults. Obviously, contrary to what you say, it isn't as easy as that. Why? Because mocho egos are involved.
  12. The reason is that these guys are paid a lot of money, especially the star players. And in the new cap system, you can't have too many stars. So if you lose one or more of your star players to preventable injuries it can have a serious impact on the entire season (a la Koivu last year). Stop high sticking. Now that's far fetched. The only way you could do that is to make a return to the wooden stick that weighed a good 5 pounds. Its like saying, why inforce helmets for motorbike riders? Why don't you just ban accidents? I know this is an old argument ... but if you are going to be all mocho, it should come out of your own pocket. And to say that it impeeds vision ... well everyone would be in the same boat, so it would be equal.
  13. Thank-you shorthanded. I'm glad someone out there can read. @FanPuck: you, of all people, shouldn't be so quick to point fingers and use any word that has a synonym for the word donkey in it ... it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Not that I was even proposing this, but since JMMR mentioned it, there are levels of visor protection. Koivu was using just about the smallest visor possible. Had he had a full visor there would have been no issue. Of course, if you have a 1" visor it won't be the same ... so we also have to admit that not all visors are equal. That being said, how often do those situations actually happen: I mean, compare the amount of injuries visors cause compared to the amount of injuries they prevent. What you are proposing is the like banning seat belts because in the odd occasion they actually cause injury to the spine .... or ending the use of medicine because they have been known to cause more harm than good. The proof is in the pudding. If face protection is so dangerous why do 100% of goalies wear some type of face protection? (Now before you get all excited fanpuck ... read carefully and think) Answer: because sticks and pucks hurt. Furthermore: face protection can limit the risk of injury. Saying anything different is pure mochismo. It is called weighing the odds. Visors, for the most part, are good. Glad to hear Bonk is going to be OK!
  14. Sure, whatever floats your boat. BTW, I never said anything about 14 year old GMs with no life. But I do think any speculation you do come up with will be a serious shot in the dark. I mean, you'd have better luck playing the lottery. But, if you like to spend your time thinking about it, more power to you. It's not like you are hurting anyone. FYI, to think about something also means to consider. I.E. I'm thinking about nuying a new car. Thus my comment, don't you mean dreaming? No harm meant.
  15. Man, I hope he isn't out for any time. This stuff has to end. I think that the league should impliment a policy that if a player who doesn't wear a suitable visor gets injured in the eye region, they are inelligible for compensation when they are injured. If they don't care about their own friggin' eyes, maybe they will start caring about losing coin ... because players being out can effect a teams success ... like Saku in the playoffs!
  16. Maximus (Prime) Maximillius Au Max (Le Max)
  17. I agree ... there are shots, and then there are quality shots. SOmeone posted an article where it demonstrated that although the habs allow a lot of shots, they allow relatively few quality shots. On the other hand, perhaps Muller is instilling a quality shot only rule in the offensive zone, thus the lower shot totals. (again, haven't SEEN a game this year because I'm in Korea ... but soon, very soon )
  18. I've always found it unfair comparing players from 30-40 years ago to players 15 years ago. Different league, different game, different time. What, they had like 16 teams back then? Now there are about twice that. Also, the draft was way different and MTL was stacked. So, just because Saku was surrounded by NOBODIES, doesn't mean he hasn't left his imprint on MTL. A cup would be nice, but lets not compare him to the Dryden era where the MTL teams were basically the allstar team minus a few notables. But, here is hoping Saku does win a cup in MTL. He definitely deserves it!
  19. Lapierre - Plekanec - Samsonov Could be a very good line! Hitter/energy - Defence - Offence. Might be just what the doctor ordered. More news at 11
  20. Sure, it isn't like a written letter or anything ... but there are some genuine words written there, and I'm sure the CBC will have someone look over the petition to assess it. It will havan impact ... how big? Who knows. But perhaps this could also be insentive for people to take up a pen and write a note. Everything helps.
  21. Yes, that's right .... because he plays like a girl hahmmm .... moving right along ....
  22. I'd be surprised if Carbo lets him back tonight. Even if he gets the medical green light, will he get the Carbo "your in shape " green light? But we'll see. No use rushing him back though ...
  23. God I hope you are being sarcastic, or that your tongue is firmly implanted in your cheek. Needless to say, one 2 goal game is like a minor yeast infection, lets wait until he has 15 points in 10 games before diagnosing anything as full blown gonorrhea
  24. www.petitiononline.com/habshnic/petition.html Original source: The Gazette!
  25. Latendress has more potential than Perezhogin IMO. But it can't be denied that the fact that he is a local French boy is a good marketing tool for the fans. There is a lot of hype surrounding this player, and this can be parlayed into $$$. Also, he is 19 years old. I believe that Zhogs was older. And finally, it is because the Habs are doing well this season that they and their players are getting more attention. I haven't seen Latendress play recently because I am in Korea, but over Xmas I will be watching lots of games and look forward to seeing everyone rip it up!
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