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  1. He added another two points tonight in a losing cause. He was involved in all the scoring. If he keeps developing like this I agree, Samsonov may become redundant, and thus more trade bait. However, more time in the AHL may be just what Dr. Bob is ordering.
  2. hasn't Pleks been doing better at center between Kovalev and Samsonov recently?
  3. Bad loss for the Habs. Cole has our number. I hope we can contain him next time. Perhaps a few bone crunching hits will limit is free and easy access through our defensive zone. BTW, how are Bullion and Dandy doing? Improving with every game I hope? Every time it gets by Rivet, it has gotten by 3 other forwards. And if Rivet got a -3, that means it got by Huet too. Rivet brings a lot to the team, perhaps he isn't the best #3-4 in the league, but he certainly isn't the worst. Constant complaining about him won't change anything. Our prospects are at least a year away, trading is very tight, and disasterous for a desperate team, and we have other voids that need filling which are a higher priority. BTW, a few weeks ago Koivu was a minus 4 (I believe) ... these stats don't always mean a whole bunch.
  4. just to clarify, it is indeed John: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=186551&hubname=nhl
  5. Vernon played well when it mattered. To this day I hate the name Vernon because of how he stopped the Canadiens from winning the cup a few times in the 80s. Don't know if he really deserved the honour of retiring his number, but he was a very good player for a good team that included Gilmour, Fleury, McInnis, and McDonald.
  6. When I first read the title and who posted I was sure that this was a spam thread for a vibrator company. However, when I saw it go to 2 pages I figured something else was going down. Welcome to the site *sicker* pocket rocket girl *snicker*. Prediction: the habs will bust out a can of whop-a$$ tomorrow night! (the preceding prediction has no basis in reality and is simply the hopes of a truely biased fan)
  7. His impact would be HUGE. He would severly limit our ability to trade near the deadline for an effective center or another key aquisition because of the additional cap-hit. Furthermore, it would be just the kind of message that would destroy team moral and cohesion, and would send a firm and strong message that we have started grasping at straws. Leclaire is washed-up!
  8. Looking forward to seeing him being an integral part of the habs in about 2-3 years time. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&am...rticleid=284052
  9. Also, since being demoted, Kostitsyn has been on a 7 game points streak where he has racked up 11 points. More details: http://www.theahl.com/news/league/index.html?article_id=7230
  10. I think that the Bulldog's D is probably doing a very good job too.
  11. Nice to hear how our prospects are doing! Thanks for the link!
  12. I think that the strategy is to look long term ... as long as the team continues to win, keeping 2 offensive lines going with rookies and softmores gaining valuable experience will probably bear sweet fruit.
  13. That is what I expect to see from Kostitsyn on a regular basis. Hope this is the spark that lights the fire under his ass! Way to go Dogs and Halak!
  14. Just because utopia doesn't exist doesn't mean you can excuse anything that passes as society. You seem as though you are blindly patriotic, and that you are just turned off by anything that crticizes the states in comparison with another country. The states isn't the best. It is no where near the best. It could be the best because of the wealth and resources, but racism runs very deeply, and social injustice is rampant. And yes, in these respects, Canada is better. Not perfect, just better. If we look at things in terms of climate, one could argue that the US has a better overall climate.
  15. Simonus: -Rastas use marijuana in their religious ceremonies/praying rtituals. -Hemp used to be widely avavlable at the turn of the 19th century but it was criminalized in a prohibition that was never lifted. -Legal infrastructure is what people are asking for, so the argument that it doesn't exist like it does for alcohol is a bad argument. The argument comparing weed to alcohol is on the level of effect, and not distribution chanels. Yes, pot should be legalized. Taxes should be collected. Illegal trade in pot would reduce gang violence.
  16. Very impressive. Hope he continues to develop like this!
  17. Always a great game when the Habs win. Huet is on fire! Like the Ryder/Koivu/Kovalev combo. If anyone has feedback on Bullion's play I'd like to read it. Advice: Read. Think. (perhaps re-read if things aren't clear/ and of course, think again.) Then reply. You may have to ask questions to clarify any uncertainties you may have, but first, check out the the search button and attempt to research information yourself. The way you are posting looks like you are being a knee-jerk reactionary. 2 minutes of using the search button would answer: 1) What HWL is 2) whether or not Dark_farie is a Habs fan or not.
  18. Impossible to say. Don't know the guys back ground and all, but it does seem like an obvious trade. Souray is a commodity right now, and Abei has to go. They could, as the writer wrote, fetch us a nice 2nd line center and perhaps a pick. But personally, I'd like to see Niimina in the deal so that we could get a mobile D as well. Eitherway, I sense something is coming down the pipes. However, if Bob has taught me anything, it is that predicting Bob is very hard. Personally, I'd hate to see Souray go ... but one never knows how badly he wants to go west ... and sometimes you have to give a little to get something you want. If anyone wants to see the original article here it is: http://www.hockeytraderumors.com/modules.p...le&sid=7797
  19. I don't think Danis has lost his job. Halak is playing well, and Danis is having some rough nights. But just recently Danis has started playing better. I don't think he is done by any stretch of the imagination. Hockey journalists, like all other journalsluts, just want to sell copy ... and they will say anything that is shocking to do so. I guess it is our own faults for playing in to the game though. Danis for back-up! Trade Abie for something good asap.
  20. I'm sure it could be debated, but with Komi, Markov and the cube coming back, we seem to be pretty good for defensive D (don't know where to put Rivet ... wouldn't call him offensive). I'd like to see another D who could really help out on the second PP unit. Streit really isn't doing it. But hey, if we get a stellar shutdown D, who would I be to complain? However, priority #1, IMHO, is a talented second line center. Kovalev just ain't cutting the mustard. BTW, has anyone noticed how that poll on the front page has shifter over the last couple of weeks. At one point Abie and Huet were neck and neck, and platoon had the obvious lead. But now Huet is nearing 50%. If he does well in Miny, then for shizzel he will be considered #1.
  21. We should trade Abeisher to a team like Phili who is in desperate need of some goaltending help. We could thrown in a Niimina too for a nice center. Or maybe just Abei for their first round draft pick in 2007 (I can dream). FYI: I am not a general manager, so I am not proposing any real deals here. Just get something good for Abei, and let Denis have a shot at back-up. a center is definitely needed in this exchange ... unless we can get a top 4 defenceman with offensive skills.
  22. Great idea this draft thing. If you want to go to war, you should be willing to spill your own blood for the cause. Wish they had re-instated this law before Iraq ... then I'm sure it would have been a lot more unpopular, and Bush would have lost his presidency. Always amazes me how people don't mind when other people lose their lives. Out of site, I guess, is out of mind!
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