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  1. A bit of an over statement there!?! I think that Markov and Sourey beat him in that department ... and maybe Komi as well. But, he will definitely give us more reliable arrows in our quiver. He will also help control the puck a more.
  2. If someone's time is done it means that there is an adequate replacement for him. If there is no suitable candidate, then their time cannot be done. We had Rejean Houle. He killed the Habs. Certainly Savard could have held the fort in place of the incompetant Houle. Maybe Serge's drafting wasn't the best, but as someone pointed out he got us Koivu and Roy. I could add Lemieux, Chelios, Carbonneau, and a whackload of other good picks to that list.
  3. I'm glad to see Savard get this honour. I didn't know him as a player, but he was the best GM the Habs have had in my memory until Bob Gainey. Why he was forced out/fired, I will never understand.
  4. Wow, Koivu's line was a combined -11, which accounts for the majority of the whole team's -15. What happened there? SOmeone gave up on defence?
  5. I'd love if Kotistsyn (sp) got some points tonight. Actually, I want all 4 lines to score tonight. However, I think it is going to be a tough game. TB has been playing well recently. But hopefully we can turn things around for them tonight! Go HUET! Make the allstar selection committee regret that they didn't pick you!
  6. You want to start thinking about it? or dreaming about it? 'Cause non of your thinking is going to lead to Bob doing anything ... so I'd keep it to the land of fancy!
  7. @ montreal: thanks for the analysis. Great to get feedback from someone who actually sees the games. Keep the coming. Lots of Habs fans here like to hear about the prospects' developments!
  8. Thoughts: They had an excellent start last year. They are having a really good one this year. Glad Theodore isn't here anymore. Cause he screwed us over pretty badly with some shoddy starts. Also, last year we didn't dominate any games. We were flying by the seats of our pants. THis year we are doing a much better job.
  9. remember Hossa? He scored a a bunch of goals a bunch of games in a row for MTL. Where is he now. Lets not blow our wad of this Latendress fellow. He is doing well so far, lets see if he can keep it up. Higgins has been doing it well for a while now. I think he deserves some credit. As to why Rider can't score with Koivu. It is easy, Koivu can't pass to his right.
  10. Bulldogs are silently turning things around recently. 3 straight convincing wins in a row (2 against Omaha, and 1 against Toronto). They won 5-0 last night. Halak has been solid. Grabovski has started to get some points too. http://stats.theahl.com/stats/official-gam...game_id=1002410
  11. You should know better than that. No one will be happy unless we are currently on a winning streak, shutting everyone out, with all four lines producing, no penalties taken (and ironically, shorthanded goals being scored). But I am happy that Carbo is playing around looking for new scoring combos and giving the young-uns a shot.
  12. Nice. Hoepfully he will make a difference. And hopefully he will get a real opportunity to make it.
  13. Can't comment on his attitude, although the last article I read about him did indicate that he has his head screwed on right. I was merely statying that this attitude of that he is crap, or couldn't play here is blissfully ignorant. Mistakes happen. We lost a project we were developing. Don't denegrate the guy just because we lost him. We made a mistake, we admit it, we move on. Point final.
  14. Totally agree. But I think our problem with penalties is a direct result of not having swift defencemen. Dandy and the cube are needed back. And if we could get a mobile defencemen for some of our trade bait I'd say DO IT.
  15. They are now a .500 club. Maybe they are turning things around. I hope they have a good season, and that the talent begins to develop well.
  16. #### and grabovsky and Lapierre have been doing well recently. We definitely need more speed and shots, and some more banging to, so any of them would do well. I think the major problem is Defence mobility. Dandy and Cube getting back will help out a lot.
  17. I don't think it was as simple as that. I think that the management had signed Streit who had a 60 game minimum clause in his contract (or some other number of games); it was the only way they could convince him to sacrifice and make the move from Europe. He wanted guaranteed work. So, the decision was made on business rather than talent. I don't think that management is so stupid as to say, "well he is playing well now, but he has really cheesed me off with not developing at the rate I expected, so lets deep six his career". That is probably not the way things happen. It was yet another ch
  18. Where is your source on them getting Streit specifically to replace Hainsey? I heard that they were just impressed with Streits play at the Olympics. Streit needed time to develop too. BTW, I'm not getting all bent out of shape here. I just recognize this loss as a mistake. Que sera sera. Mistakes happen. I'm sure that the Habs admin aren't crying over it, but at the same time if they could have blocked the pick from waivers I'm sure they would have. They didn't want to lose him, and for good reason ... which he is showing now. He took a while to adjust ... isn't the first, and won't be
  19. 2-1 bulldogs. Ist period. Goals by Grabovski (+1 assist) and Milroy. 1 assist by ####.
  20. Yes, but there was no season in 2004-2005, and in 2005-2006 he got no real chance. I would say that between 2002-3 and 2005-6 he had about three years of maturing that may have helped him out quite a bit. So, maybe he was given 21 games earlier on ... but so what ... Latendress has been given 13 so far and hasn't done much. People need time to develope. Perhaps he may have needed a change of scene, or maybe he needed more time. Sufficient to say that in Hamilton he was doing well during 2004-6, and that is why he was being called up. Had he been given a longer chance, a la Streit, he probably
  21. The blinders should be taken off. Hainsey was never given a real chance in Montreal. He was shuffled back to the farm after trainning camp every year. Also the waiver rule was pretty lame last year, and is the real culprit for losing Hainsey. I think if Hainsey hadn't been claimed he would be playing in Montreal right now. His time was right, he was doing well in Hamilton when he was claimed, and Streit has a clause in his contract .... lots of factors conspired for this to happen. It was a loss. But when life gives you a lemon make lemonad. He may have done well here, but we'll never kn
  22. Roy winking in 1993. And then the ensuing impromtu congregation on St-Cats ... before the riot broke out.
  23. Je ne suis pas content que C. Higgins a eu une blesseur, mes comaime je suis tres content que G. Latendress va avoire l'oportunitee de jouee sur la premiere line. Cet pas mal la parfait temps pour lui apres 15 match sur la 4eme trio. Maintenant ils va avoir une gros opportunitee pour marque et pour frappee ... et je l'espaire quil prendre cet opportunitee tres seriousment. I'm me semble que Latendress pourait etre une vrais force sur les Canadienne, pourait ... me cet a lui de la montree. Go GUI go!
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