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  1. And what would you do to the Bushies? Sick a smart bomb on them then steal their oil? Starve them to death? Deny them proper medicine and health-care? It is easy to hate someone your told to hate ... but if you think critically you would see that many of our world leaders deserve the same fate as Saddam.
  2. Totally agree with you. This is an example of Victor's justice. Not saying the Saddam isn't scum, but rather that they people who are judging him are guilty of very similar crimes. Bush could be trumped up on crimes against humanity ... both of them. More Iraqis have died because of their war, and their embargoes than Kurds by poison gas. The point that Amnesty international is probably making by saying it is a farce is that this is not true justice in so far as Saddam broke rules that are deserving of this crime, and that these same rules will and have been used to convict other world lea
  3. As far as I know Borat is meant to depict a muslim ... maybe I am wrong. I know Kazakstan is not in the middle east. Never said it was.
  4. Never said that Borat doesn't employ slapstick ... just not stupid slapstick, or rather, just stupid ... like snorting wassabe. Didn't see the episode in question about the toilet, nor the serving shit, but I'm sure it was a little more complex than you are letting on. I did see the one where Borat shows someone pictures of his sister, and he says that they were pretending that they were married, and it was a joke ... which I think is pretty damn funny, and yet again plays on stereopypes. Also it played with the British mans sense of morality vs sensibility. You could see he was outrag
  5. this is also a reference to the earlier doggy style: Thanks for the Kim Jong Il Dutch_Habs_Fan
  6. I would say that the target of the satire is the average American, specifically; and generally it is the average westerner. I base this on the fact the Borat tends to interview these people. Why does he do this? Well it is probably because many westerners think of people from certain parts of the middle east and other muslim nations as backwards. Also, many westerners are pretty racist, but they pretend not to be. By going to the american mid west and doing a ho-down where he talks about killing jews, and people just sing and dance along, he is exposing their racist tendencies. Then he goes
  7. WOOT! Awesome game for the Habs. Glad to see them extracting a moducome of revenge. However true revenge will be had if we eliminate them in the playoffs. Glad to see Huet making a comeback. That is a very good sign ... and Pleks playing well on the bottom two means our bottom two are more solid. Alltogether a more balanced team. Seems that the win was a bit flukey though, with the first two goals. But a win is a win, and the Habbeys can build on this. Love beating division rivals!!! Only 6 points back of Buffalo
  8. On re-reading it he may be saying that Borat is stupid ... but I'm not too sure. Eitherway, Fanpuck, I don't think we should dummy down humour because people don't get it, or because racist red-necks may take it literally. That was my primary point.
  9. Wow, I can't believe how much people are getting twisted up about this. First and foremost, Sacha went to Cambridge University, so I doubt he is an idiot. He is probably smarter than most people on this board. Respect! Second, who gives a hoot if the humour is too sophisticated for the average red-necked racist. I don't think everything should be dummied down to suit the lowest common denominator. If you don't get it, tough. You miss out. And if you are a racist hick, well your a racist hick anyway ... and I am totally surprised that you even found out about the Ali G show. On another no
  10. Borat is hallarious. I love how he exposes peoples racist tendencies. Can't wait to see it ... hope it is good.
  11. Another wassup from South Korea. I'm in Daejeon! Go :hlogo: go! I hope both top lines rack up some points!
  12. Something to do with James Bond and goldfinger I'm betting. AK 46 will be up soon I'm sure. But isn't he still injured and/or not producing for the dogs? Don't know whats going on with him but he should be dominating so I am guessing he is injured.
  13. Yes, but has he proven himself as being a lock on second line player. Court is still out. First game was good, but lets see if he can keep it up, and how he meshes with his line mates.
  14. It was in the original request for a french section, and it stated something to the effect that proper french would have to be used. Since my french writing is anything but proper, then I thought it would exclude me. However, reading the new standards in the section, and Kozed's words here, leads me to believe that the bar will be a bit lower and it would allow me to post. I think it is cool, because one of the things that has always bothered me with Quebec is this sense of apartheid. I really like movements that bring the two somewhat different cultures closer together rather than tryin
  15. If this line resonates for longer than a game then we could have a potent 1-2 offensive punch, with a great shut won line. However, our 4th line will still need some work. I'd like to see this line developed into a third offensive line.
  16. As we were talking about earlier, pretty fickle ... two games doesn't make a season or a career. Lets hold our load and not get all excited. This was, after all, his first goal of the season. If he keeps on getting points in bunches over the next 3-4 weeks then we will have something to get more than excited about.
  17. I think a french only forum is a good idea, but the rules proposed seem a bit exclusionary. I can write poorly in french, so I wouldn't be able to post even though I am functionaly bilingual. Basically, my spelling sucks. The problem I see is that there are many people who are french speakers who post in the other sections that are prodominantly English and their grammar and spelling leave something to be desired. I think that the rules should be moderated a bit, thus allowing anglos to participate and hopefully become even better in writing and reading la langue Moliere. My $1.85!
  18. Is the Earth round? Of course Habs fans are fickle. They get amped or depressed by the smallest thing. Patience is a virtue seldom seen in most Habs fans. Ribero would have been packed away by most Montreal fans about a year ago, and then a week after he was traded and he got some points in Dallas some would have traded a first round draft pick to get him back ... the way they were talking about him. Now how to cure this fickleness? Encourage other hobbies. Promote different interests. Get them all girl/boyfriends. But unfortunately the average Habs fan lives and dies by the ol' red white
  19. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=28193...mp;service=page
  20. Simpsons, tv cartoon show featuring bart and homer. Well it is a funny section that has no bearing on anything aside from its pure hilarity. I laugh every time I hear it. You would have to see it to understand I suppose. Love those Einstein quotes, especially the one about making mistakes, and infinity. Definitely keepers.
  21. "Talking out of turn? That's a paddlin'. Lookin' out the window? That's a paddlin'. Staring at my sandals? That's a padddlin'. Paddling the school canoe? Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin" old man (Jasper) replacement teacher in the Simpsons. After all is said and done, more is said than done. Aesop A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. William Shakespeare and I wasted time, and now doth time waste me. William Shakespeare Love that PET quote ... one of my all time favorites!
  22. I think this is Latendress' chance to shine. If he does nothing he will be sent down to juniors for further development. Good idea by the staff if this is their goal. If he lights it up, great; if not, more reason to send him down.
  23. Habs getting paddled! Hopefully they will pull a comeback like they did against the Avalanche or else they are toast.
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