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  1. Who hasn't? The difference is that my dream has a chance of coming true, Whereas nothing will be coming of your dream!
  2. I had a DREAM. And it was the same prediction. Habs will end Buffalo's unbeaten streak. To date, the Habs are the ones who came the closest to beating them. And tomorrow I think the Habs will want vengence for the one that got away! Habs 6 Sabres 4 Empty net goal.
  3. I think that if you feel a connection with Montreal that that is enough. I don't presently live there, but it is my home, and I will be back. One can't stay in the same place forever. I read that blog, and I agree, St-Joseph would be an equally horrible choice. Renaming is a quick and easy fix. Build something new, and then name it after him ... or get something that doesn't have a name yet! Or how about they put up a new statue somewhere. Politicians, mphhhh!
  4. I hope you signed the petition then. Petitioning the government, like voting, is a way to make your voice heard. If the petition is signed over 5000 times there is a very good chance of stopping the planned change.
  5. Hey JLP, glad you weighed in with an on topic responce. I call Rene Levesque street by its new name, but I think they should have left it as Dorchester. Dorchester actually had a historical connection to the city, and they could have found something else to name after Rene Levesque (However, the fact that they picked an English name to replacec, instead of Changing it from the Jaque Cartier bridge to the Rene Levesque bridge, is not lost on most people). From Wikipedia: From the time of its formal naming in 1844, the street was known as "Dorchester Boulevard" in honor of Guy Carleton, 1st
  6. I'd like to see the show. It sounds interesting. However, my point wasn't that it wasn't politically motivated ... my point is that it is a historical connection which is being severed. Montreal is multi-cultured, and has many "original people" (I use quotes because I know this is a sensetive statement, but I mean many founders as in those who led to where we are now). I like that we have a Pell street and a Jaques-Cartier bridge. But I also like that we have names that refer back to other locations that aren't people, but are places, and represent our heritige on a non-persona level. Parc i
  7. Thanks for the honest replies guys. My thoughts are that we should keep continuity as well, but also that if we continually rename things after polititians and other celebrities that it will adversly affect the fabric of our society. I like that we have names that can be traced back to the original creators of Canada. Parc street has its history in British society. Also, I know that a lot of literature and art has been created around Parc avenue. M. Richler's texts deal with it, as do G. Roys. If we change the name of Parc we remove it somewhat from this history. It does Montreal and its
  8. Ribs has always been a good player. This should never have been questioned. The problem was that he didn't play well in this environment ... probably because the local franco media were trying to make him into something he wasn't ... better than Koivu. So naturally he had a chip on his shoulder. This trade was good for both parties, MTL and Ribeiro. I hope he does do well. Infact I hope he does super well so those dumb a$$ journalists might think, WOW, this is how he can play when he isn't been dogged to death, or put on a pedestel. (But this may be asking too much.) And so Ribeiro may end
  9. You got something to say, PM me. I am in the midst of PMing you about your post. Now, if anyone has anything to say, I'd like to hear it. If not, consider making your voice heard if you would like to see Parc ave remain Parc ave.
  10. What relevance does this have to the actual thread? Do you not even have an opinion on this? Or are you just bumping up post counts? If you are going to just drop a off the cuff comment please at least take two secounds out to actually comment on the topic. Otherwise real discussion is watered down by snickering and commenting, which not everyone likes to read. Now, if someone would like to weigh in on their thoughts about the name change, positive or negative, I'd like to hear them. I purposefully didn't post my thoughts so as not to influence people. Although, since I did post a link to
  11. There is a movement about to change the name of Avenue du Parc to Avenue Robert-Bourassa. There is a petition going around to stop the name from being changed. If you would like to sign the petition it can be found here: http://causes.ca/signatures/list/1?page=1
  12. Awesome game! Glad Sourray et all silenced the critics for at least one night. Also, glad the second line started to produce a bit. Only thing that would have made this complete would have been a Latendress goal ... but meh, sometime soon hopefully! Also, I guess Abie is no longer on the gga and sav.% leader board. 5 goals in 38 shots is a lot!
  13. Good news. Heard a lot of people saying the hit was dirty. I hate dirty hits, but I found a little vid that suggests that it was a clean hit. Shoulder to head, not elbow. Downey didn't have much of a chance though, his head was down for a second, and Regehr came was camoflaged by one of his team mates who was skating near Downey.
  14. NO! Nedved has a horrible attitude. He is not a team player. He is an individual player who will screw his team mates over to argue a contract he signed. We are building a TEAM. We don't need the distraction. Just because there is a center available that we don't have doesn't mean we should want him. Nedved will have you missing Ribeiro in a hurry. *** Speaking of Ribeiro, I think his image is still in the header on the front page. ***
  15. Time for another lock-out to motivate the fans
  16. I expect him to be with the team the whole season, and I also expect him only to round the corner, as it were, after the x-mas break ... a la Higgins. Latendress has a lot to learn, and he is in the right environment to learn it. Sending him back to Jr. would stunt his growth, IMO.
  17. At least we got a point. Really disappointed with Habs fans at the game if they did boo Souray. Don't know what these idiots are trying to do. Who ever heard of negative reinforcement being a good motivational tool. Tools, the bunch of them. I hope they take Gainey' advice and stop showing up at the game.
  18. This one would have been good ... Or this one too ... But if I had to pick one of yours this works best for me.
  19. I haven't liked the leafs in recent years because of their thuggish mentality fostered by their thuggish coach. But he is fired now and it seems that he has taken most of his thugisms with him. Aside from that, I don't hate them for any reason. I want the Canadians to beat them, but I hate thugism, not the leafs.
  20. We need a center, not a left winger. Abey does seem to be playing very well. Also, I wonder if Huet is a little sore after that shout out save he made in the first game. From reports it seemed like he tweaked something.
  21. After listening to the first game, I think it will be Rivet. He always gets blamed for a lot of blunders, and I think he lacks the skills for the new NHL. Heart, he has heart; but heart gets you very little in some circles in Montreal.
  22. try here: http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&page=Radio
  23. Hi, Unfortunately I won't be in Montreal this winter (sorry to all you frozen habs fans), but I'd still love to see the Habs games. Anyone know of any high-quality service to view the games from afar? Cheers!
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