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  1. The first whipping boy on the MTL canadiens that I remeber was Chris Chelios. Man, this guy couldn't buy a break. Then it was Mike Keen. Martin Ruzinsky had is for a while too ... but the temperature on the whipping boy really got amped up after the Nordiques left for Colorado. After that it really became a la mode to have a whipping boy. Koivu has come close to being one, but he manages to avoid it through grace and maturity. Aside from never having learnt french their isn't much you can fault with this guy. The problem with french quebecker players is that they media simulates manic depression in them. They make them feel super high, and then they come out and hit them with the lows. Especially, as I stated earlier, since the Nordiques left. And I am sure that most of the guys on that team were only to happy to leave town.
  2. I doubt that he will. But only time will tell.
  3. kinda like a procrastinator, but he wastes time making bad prognostics of the NHL I think.
  4. I don't think they need huge potential. Dags was a whipping boy for a while, and he never had huge potential. But yeah, it is even more pronounced when expectations are high. Checked out the definition of whipping boy and I found its origins, which are quite interesting: whipping boy noun a person who is blamed or punished for the faults or incompetence of others. ORIGIN extended use of the original term (mid 17th cent.) denoting a boy educated with a young prince or other royal person and punished instead of him. Samsonov is a very good possibility. He won't be compared with himself, but with who we really wanted which was Shanahan.
  5. I think it is unfair to judge him based on the line's performance in the pre-season. It was pretty obvious the his line-mates were taking it super easy. The question is was Ribeiro's ship sunk on purpose by Kovalev and Samsonov? They could have played harder to make him look good, because they knew Ribeiro was on the bubble. I doubt it though. I hope Ribeiro has a great season/career. I just think that his time was done here ... the media made him in to something he wasn't, and I think this affected his playing. In Dallas he'll be a nobody unless he makes a name for himself. As someone else has written, I hope the Quebec media doesn't sink Latendress' ship, but I think that would be asking too much.
  6. Ok, before it was Brisbois, then it was Theo/Dags/Ribs --- who will be the new whipping boy? Or will peace finally be restored to the Habs universe? If peace is not restored, I think that the new whipping boy will be either Streit, Niiminan, or Bonk.
  7. I think a deal will be done for Abie, but it won't be soon unless Gainey gets an offer he can't refuse. I think everyone wants to wait and see on Huet. We all hope for the best, but with goalies you never know. Good center or a top 4 D if Niiminan doesn't work out.
  8. Noyce! We got two lines going now!?! Good stuff. Hopefully Huet starts playing better soon.
  9. Very happy. I'm sure Gui will bring a lot to the team this year if he remains healthy. I expect very good things from him, and he will help make the Canadien's a dangerous offensive lot. My only concern now is our porous and debilitated defense. But if Sourey is better, then we will have the best team on paper in years to start the season!
  10. Don't know, but if I had to guess, what part of the male anatomy looks like an old man, you know, all wrinkled and shriveled? And one of its primary functions could be a sort of burial. I am reaching though, it might mean something entirely different. I have never heard that particular expression. On a different not, I can't believe they are talking about strip clubs and private rooms on a public broadcast where a large part of its audience is minors. But then maybe I am a bit old fashioned.
  11. I stated in my very first post that "I haven't read her article", but then I notice that I missed out a word in my last paragraphe. It should read: "Jan Wong has a big mouth, and she isn't very serious, but she isn't a racist either. And some serious people in Quebec should not be knee-jerk reactionaries, but use the reaction to her article as a chance to consider how to make Quebec even more integrated and bilingual (although I am sure that this idea gives certain pur-lainists the hibby-jibbies!)" I don't want to spin anything, but I think that Jan Wong, as misguided as she was in her argument, hit a serious nerve, and that it that there is deep and subtle racism running in Quebec. Alophones and Anglophones feel it every day ... and you may not notice it too much if you are French. Facist? Well I guess you have never read Jan Wong before. And I guess you are smarting from what she said. You should think about why you are so mad? Are you so mad because she is a poor sociologist and she was printed in a newspaper? Well then you must be tearing your hair out everyday because a lot of Pseudo intellectual crap, poor invetigation, and hackery happens everyday, everywhere. Nut I think it is more about the fact that she said something about Quebec that you don't like, and that thing hit a sore spot. Human interest ... well, I guess that is why I don't watch entertainment tonight, or read anyone of the crap Quebec newspapers that got all in a tizzy about that episode. Because I don't care about wasting my brain on stupid "human interest" speculation. To be honest, I also don't really like Jan Wong's writing. But the reaction to what she has written is WAY over the top, and it is over the top because she hit a nerve. Ignore it at your own peril, again, IMO.
  12. Case in point: Is this good journalism or sensationalism? http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article.jsp...925_191110_5544 I think that the journalist knows too little to be "objective"; but it sure grabs attention.
  13. I disagree. Hard news is on the way out. Sensationalism is on the way in. Was Theodore hooking up with Paris Hilton "Hard News" ... not to me it wasn't. It was pure sensationalism. Second, I work in print media too. When there is a deadline, there is a deadline. Sure, for glossy magazines that do deep research the bar is higher, but for columnist you have to strike when the iron is hot ... and Wong's piece came out days after the shootings took place (not months or weeks). I never implied that it slipped out. But I don't think she had the time to do do in depth research, interview the family of the assassines, talk to psychologist who were aware of the assassines or had spoken with their family members ... it was, from the hip in so far as it was not well researched, but was an opinion piece like Jack Todd's writing. A columnist's work. I hardly see how the column is Quebec bashing unless you feel that Quebec is a Utopia where no one does anything wrong. Jan Wong, as a Quebecker, has every right to talk about problems that exist in her home province. Sure, everyone should reflect on their own biases and prejudices ... it is cathartic. But I don't think Ontarioans have anything to do with Jan Wong's writing. It is like me telling you you need to go get sensitivity training, and examin your prejudices because Parizeau blamed immigrants for losing the last referendum. The two have no connections aside from the fact that you are both french Quebeckers ... and so that would reveal a certain kind of stereotypying from me in-so-far as I would be insinuating that all french quebeckers are the same. Anyway, I don't feel like arguing this to death. Sorry if I offended you, but my opinion still stands (and there has been at least one Quebecker film maker who made a film examining the racism that exists in Quebec), that Quebec should reflect upon its racist tendencies ... and that it can only grow from the experience.
  14. Totally agree with your points ... but one, since when could journalism be considere "intellectual honesty"? Most of the articles in major newspapers nowadays is crap. Yes, there are a few exceptions ... but most journalism is opinion. The only reason people reacted to what Jan Wong said is because of political grandstanding (or ass kissing in Harper's case), or knee-jerk reactionism. Wong's piece may have a kernal of truth, or it may be complete crap, but the onus is not on her to write intellectual pieces; the onus is on her to sell copy. This is the problem with most journalism. Look at any writing on the Montreal Canadien's in Quebec for long enough and you will know this to be true. Howeve Quebeckers should look at why they are reacting so strongly to her piece. There is a lot that can be discovered through this self-reflection.
  15. I haven't read her article, but I have read a lot of the hullabaloo that surrounds it. I think the article was in poor taste because it is based on speculation, and the irritants of first hand experience living in Quebec (Wong IS a Quebecker). I have lived in Montreal all of my life and I have seen many anglo friends move on because of graffiti like "Englishit go home" written on their buildings; frustrations with the impossibility of finding a good job (if you are perfectly bilingual, this isn't a problem, but for those people out there who are less than perfect it can be a problem); and the frustration with "pure laine" francophones talking to you insultingly because you chose to speak English in public (doesn't hapen often, but at least once a year in Quebec I have to tell some stupid cow, "va te fair fourir par ta gang de epais!" just to show them that I am infact and Anglo-Quebecker; and the frustration with racist legislation like bill 101 (at my former place of work my boss had to put little stickers with french translations over all the English buttons on the Microwave because some dumbass complained to the language police .... and get this, I worked at an English school for franco-business people ... you would have thought that people learning English would want to practice English at School ... but, I guess, antagonizing my boss with the language police seemed like reasonable fair play to some dumbass). Now I'm not bitching. I consider MTL my home, and my skins is thick, and I am resourceful in finding good work; but I have lived here my whole life, I am not a visible minority, and I am that kind of peron who persevers. But for some less thick skined people, or people who are visible minorities, the frustration of Quebecker low-level racism can be SO frustrating. It isn't violent and in your face, it is pervasive and debilitating. Now before anyone jumps on me, I know lots of very nice, cool, pleasant etc. Franco-Quebeckers. However, like the Liberal Party, a few rotten apples can sometimes spoil the bunch ... not to me, but to other people. Jan Wong has a big mouth, and she isn't very serious, but she isn't a racist either. And some serious people in Quebec should not be knee-jerk reactionaries, but use her article as a chance to consider how to make Quebec even more integrated and bilingual (although I am sure that this idea gives certain pur-lainists the hibby-jibbies!) My two cents!
  16. Good luck to the rookies. Their feet will be held to the fire tonight!
  17. Looks like a good read. Not surprised by anything in the article though. Martin did over-react to the the sponsorship scandal, and he was also pretty incompetent and corrupt himself (just think of all the tax holes he has taken advantage of with his shipping company). I miss Chretien! He has been our best political leader since PET!
  18. How can that be a downside? You must be listening to him as though he is not some curmudgeonly old porch monkey (---watchout on language). I laugh everytime I see him, especilly when Ron McLean gets in a few digs at him. I think if the dush bags at 110% were forced to dress like Don Cherry, and had someone of McLean's intelligence constantly taking shots at their stupidity, it would make for much better entertainment. Oh, and GO HABS GO!!!
  19. Montreal Gazette is just about the worst paper I have ever read. I used to read thier funny page back in the day when they had Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Bloom County and Bizzaro. But basically, for the past 10 years the MTL Gazette's funny pages have been devidedly unfunny, which better reflects the rest of the writing in that awful rag.
  20. Guess it will have to be changed to: My (mercure) Very(venus) Talanted (terre) Mother(mars) Just(jupitere) Served(saturne) Us(Uranus) Noodles(neptune).
  21. news here: http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/212575.html and http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20060910...1006/CPSPORTS01
  22. anything else about the game? Grabovsky?
  23. So we are at twice the league average? That's pretty good! People in the media SHOULD be satisfied with this. We'd probably have more too if our taxes weren't so high, and if the local journalists didn't apply so much pressure on them to all be the next big thing. Go HABS!
  24. You were probably running OS9. That was the only problem OS that mac has had. I had a G3 with OS9 that froze all the time, but as soon as I upgraded to OSX my problems went bye-bye. Since then my Mac has frozen once or twice. I've been running Macs for 15 years now; and my girlfriend had a PC for about 5 years and it froze all the time, or just got all Homer on us. I'd never buy a PC unless I really wanted to get into programming. Program compatibility has never been an issue for me. Their are good Mac communities out there that can point you in the right direction. Macs are super user friendly, and great for design, music, video, etc. Furthermore, they are WAY more purdy!
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