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  1. Yeah, it's nice to see a young kid get his teeth wet on journalism, but I wish he didn't ask so many questions concerning Quebec, French, the "greatness" of the Habs Organization. I really get the sense that Quebec media is all about Navel gazing, and it really annoyes me. I didn't find that the interview uncovered too much that we didn't already know, aside from the proper pronunciation of Juraj's name and his idols (which we could have guessed). Also, if he asks how to pronounce the guys name, he should try to continue to pronounce it right. On a side note, happy to see that this reporte
  2. Here is an english version of the article for all those who can't read French. http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2006/08...to-planets.html I think the real issue here is that Scientists have found more celestial bodies that "could" be considered planets under the old definition. Also, there are many objects that orbit the sun, like comets, and so they developed a new nomenclature and definition for bodies that orbit the sun. @ Pierre the Great: They have sent space crafts to comets before. Just because an object is no longer considered a classic planet doesn't mean that it is not o
  3. Sorry, I usually don't like saying negative things on boards, but this video is pretty lame. If this is the best we can get of Kovalev in a short video then he must not be a great player ... however, we all know he is, so the video must be pretty weak. That hit on Tucker, for example, should have been in it, instead of all the shots of Kovalev glidding around the ice between whistles. IMO
  4. I believe the time to say something is before the troops enter the fray. After the troops have already landed and are doing there job the only option is to support them until the do their job or unequivocally fail at doing there job. I find people who support efforts like this and then change their mind are a little simple minded (not aimed at anyone in particular ... sorry for any offence if there is any taken). Can one really expect war to be clean and neat and that our side won't take casualties. It is to be expected, and you consider this before you enter the conflict, not after. After it
  5. I heard about this on CBC and I thought it was a joke. I see it here, and now I think it is a joke more than ever. What bad logos. The first frog in the logo isn't even endigenous to this area. And if you are from Quebec you all know about French frogs as an insult, and then having Quebecois spelt out phonetically smacks of making fun of Quebec's low literacy rate. Altogether, I think this marketing strategy is pretty poorly thought out!
  6. Hey, I'm happy we got him, but if I were him I would have finished my degree. 1 year away from getting it done, in his back-pocket, for good. Going back to school after a long NHL career will either not happen, or royally suck. But yeah, we got another good D!
  7. I think that the new NHL should take taxes in to consideration and allow teams with higher tax brackets to spend more $$$ on their players. So the Habs would end up with the highest allowable cap ... if we want parity among teams this should be taken in to consideration, IMO.
  8. LOL. Some serious shit is being stirred up out there. Very dangerous ... but doubtfull WWIII will break out.
  9. Does it really matter if they are brothers or not? I'd say that they aren't because every draft story about brothers, sons, or grandsons has never mentioned Markov ... but I would also admit that every writer has their biases, intended or not, and so such a liason may have been omitted. But then I would add, if you are so interested ask someone in the know. I'm sure if you email the Canadien's head-office with this question you would get your responce. Let us know when you get a responce!
  10. That's what I was about to say about Sutter too. Also, I think he was bumbed pretty badly about not making the team, and so the first half of the season was a shock to him ... but it seems like missing the WJC was a wake up call he needed since he seemed to have a solid second half of the season. I think he definitely could make the team at some point next season ... and I think he is a long way away from an Alexandre Daigle ... but only time will tell ... until then, they are but dreams.
  11. Our prospects are looking good! Looks like we'll have a great team in a few years time! Thanks for the report! Lots of !!!!
  12. I'm sure that one of the reasons Samsonov was on the list of players to get ... since day 1 according to Samsonov ... was because of some of his previous experience playing with Kovalev. So almost certainly this will be one of the first line combinations. The Higgins-Koivu-Ryder will stay in tact unless it sputters. Also, anyone know much about the kind of Player Johnson is? He seems to be able to put up some points, however not spectacular, and he seems to have some size. Will he be used for scoring or is he the kind of hearty energy guy that will be used to put up numbers on an energy line
  13. Looking forward to hearing news about Latendress and Chipchurra. Also the Defenceman from Uni., Ryan. I've always wondered if he would be able to make the transition to the NHL. It may take some time in the AHL getting used to the torrid schedule, but I can see him adding some much needed depth at some point in the future. I'd like to see Latendress and Chipchurra spend some time with the big club, as well as Kostitsyn. We could have a very good young team on our hands next season. :king:
  14. Bonk did a stellar job defensively last year, but was horrible in the playoffs while replacing Koivu as an offensive center. I think that he needs to work on his hands and foot speed. If Bonk does do conditioning and training this summer I am fully confident that he could be a dominating two way player. He did put up big offensive numbers in junior, and he was drafted #1 overall. So I think he has it in him ... but as it was up to Neo to open the door, so it is to Bonk. Here's hoping he does!
  15. I think that we are seeing the otherside of the new NHL. Players will have to be a lot more accountable for their performance (some how Ribiero escapes this) thus the one year contracts, and some stars will hog all the cash every year. The New NHL is going through growing pains, so I think we will see less one year contracts in the future ... but still shorter term 1-2-3 year contracts ... and not all the 5-7 year contracts that have been thrown around before.
  16. Shanahan would be nice, and he would definitely make us more dangerous and larger upfront, but I still worry about our center position. If Ribero has a great year, or Plekanec really starts to dominate at center it would reduce my concerns ... but these are ifs. I'd also like to see an elite offensive defensman.
  17. "This franchise has no ties to the modern-day Senators franchise, except for a certificate that was issued by the NHL with the new Senators franchise, proclaiming re-instatement to the league. However, banners honouring the original Senators' eight Stanley Cups hang from the rafters of Scotiabank Place." source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottawa_Senators_(Original)
  18. media turns players away, but so does high prices and the difficulties for an Anglophone living in a French society. But I think that there are other restrictions such as Gainey refusing to sacrifice our future for short-term gains.
  19. I thionk Raycroff will bounce back with a better season. Not bad trade for them. Also, now that the Leafs have traded coaches I think they will slowly become less of a dirty team. Time will tell, I suppose.
  20. Saku's shield was too small. If it had been a proper shield it would have been ok. The reason sticks are coming up isn't only because of shields. They are also a LOT lighter, and players have a problem controlling them (those old wooden sticks weighed a ton).
  21. rant The definition of Nation is this: nation |?n? sh ?n| noun a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory .... Note the part "inhabiting a particular country or territory". This is where Quebec fails to be a nation under federalism. Quebec is part of Canada. It is a Province. Not a nation. If we are using the word nation to mean everything else only "a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language" like we do with Aboriginal Americans, then I don't see why the Plat
  22. Did they re-sign him or resign him. I sure hope they didn't resign him .... Good news. Inevitable, but good.
  23. They are the most exciting in terms of American media exposure. In short, SI is saying that these are the guys that they push and are most excited about. Surprised that anyone thinks that Crosby is more exciting to watch actually play that Ovechkin. Still, Crosby is exciting to watch.
  24. Yes, but Ribiero needs someone like Sutter to kick him out a new a-hole. Otherwise Ribero will not go anywhere with his career. Also, getting out of Montreal will help him too. He needs to grow up on his own. Don't really care if they move up unless they somehow get right near the top and nab that defencemen that everyone seems to say is NHL ready in body and play. If it has an imediate impact. Or that Brassard guy (not too sure of his name) who played a while with Latendress. Could be good future chemestry if it doesn't break in to another click team destroying scenario.
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