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  1. All writing matters on a forum. Just because it is a hockey site doesn't change the fact that it is a writing medium. I can forgive bad english if the poster is an ESL member, but even these people usually want to improve their grammar, so a little pointer never goes wrong. My big beef, however, is with people who do not re-read their post before hitting submit, especially when they know they are bad at writing. It demonstrates a modicum of respect for the other members when you take care when writing.
  2. If we can get him for nothing and for cheap, why not. He could be an extra veteran to throw in when needed, and he has played with Carbonneau and maybe Gainy too, so there will be some synergy. But if we have to sacrifice anything for him then no ... we should continue our building process from within, and get KEY additions.
  3. I put Danis because I'm hoping the Gainey makes a move with Abischer, and gives Danis his deserved shot at full back-up. Danis cannot gain anything new in the minors. For forwards I'd have to say that Kostitsin and Latendress have a good shot at making it if they impact heavily during training camp. Latendress may be a bit green, but that last year has probably given him a lot of character.
  4. The problem is we have a team, not a car. And, when you draft, the draftee doesn't usually play on your team for around 2-3 years, if ever. So it is more like you have a slightly used car, and you go to a swap-meet to pick up some cheap stuff you may need for the car in the future. You don't know when or if you will ever need them ... but you have some free purchases to use at this swap meet so you take a chance. Because at the end of the day, you know that if you really need to, you have 29 buddies with all the parts you will ever need, and maybe you can trade them for what you do need wit
  5. Oil has its drawbacks, just like Hydro. Quebec has had to be innovative in developing strategies to get power from water with the least envoronmental impact. Alberta, on the other hand, polutes a lot because of the method they are using to extract the oil. I doubt very much that Oil producing coutries are getting nailed for the polution caused by other nations burning the fuel. You can burn fuel more efficiently, and you can reduce your emitions. It just takes the will of the governement.
  6. I say let's see him play first. If he is good we whould keep him, if he isn't we shouldn't. I am looking forward to the how the team looks next season. It seems that we have some burgeoning and developing talent on our hands that could make for a good core of players for years to come. And, with the boys from the '80s at the helm, I think we are headed for good things. About Hickey ... sports writers have to write about something ... or sometimes anything ... don't take what he says as gospel ... otherwise he would probably be in the GMs entourage somewhere making better coin.
  7. Good for Charest. He seems to be doing a good job for Quebec even though the public seems to hate him. I look forward to more Wind and Hydro projects.
  8. Not necessarily true. True, certain States (California, Vermont, Washington, and perhaps a few others are better than Canada's record. But other states are very polluting. Infact, the US is the largest poluter in the world - I'm sure China is a biggie to, but smaller than the US. Furthermore the stats the US came out with at the last Kyoto convention means that they are starting to polute less, but the amount that the US pollutes compared to us is astronomical, and although they may have cut back to a certain "more" than us, per capita they still polute the most in the world ... it is like a b
  9. I support them by default because they are the last remaining Canadian team. But I must admit that I got no satisfaction from their win. I wouldn't mind if Carolina wins because then we can say that we were taken out by the eventual winners, whose coach named us the top opponent, and only got by us by sticking Koivu in the eye ... so we should, by simple deduction, have won the Cup ... yeah, Habs fan only and Team Canada)! Canadian supporter, therefore, go Edmonton.
  10. You don't have not be in Montreal to ignore all the negative press. I manage to do it in the heart of Montreal (which is one of the best cities in the world to live in for many reasons, beautiful women included). If you wanted to keep in touch with all the negative press just learn french and google "La Journal de Montreal", or search for "110% sports Quebec", I'm sure you will find some bitchery ... but I'm not certain ... as I said, I try to avoid it. Actually, most of the bitching I read about players, coaches, teams, NHL etc. is on this site. But I am selective in what I read Come to
  11. I don't think it is tampering if neither team is still in the playoffs. Otherwise there would be nothing to tamper with.
  12. Ditto. And with the management we have I only expect more. Cup within three years. *nojink* Hopefully Selanne will be missing the cold weather and the European style culture and make a move here! Good competant Center if we can't develop one fast. Another D - a real powerplay specialist who is big and tough would be great. Get rid of Abischer, Ribero (if possible), and maybe Ryder. (It seems as though he has lost the Habs lovin' feelin'. Train Bonk to hit more, and try to jump start his hands somehow ... or trade him and give some room to a rookie like Chipchura to develop.
  13. Unless williams takes out Elias', Gomez, and Brodeur's eyes out with his wandering stick.
  14. I have a feeling about that score too! Go Habs Go!!!
  15. I predict he will be back in the lineup tomorrow. The Canadiens are making it seem worse than it is so that they could try and get the rest of the team moving, and so they could get a major lift when Koivu comes back. I'm allowed to think wishfully
  16. I'm let down by the loss, but the team showed some good moments, and had pressure at times. It was Begins first game back ... I expect to see a lot more from him next game. A goal or two from some grinders might be the shot in the arm the Canadiens need. Habs in 7 ...
  17. Sparky is Back!!! THis is good news. Hopefully the Ryder/Bonk/ Higgins line will gel next game and put up some points.
  18. Yeah, it was bad news losing him for a game or two, but looks like he will be back before the series is done ... and he will look mean with his busted up eye, and I am sure he will have more than a little fire in his belly to beat the canes on the board.
  19. I couldn't agree with you more. Keeping team cohesion going is good. I just hope someone stands up to be the sparkplug to keep the team moving and reacting.
  20. Go Habs Go! I say that the magic number is 1, because if we don't win the next game it won't look to good for us ... momentum shift!
  21. If either Bonk or Higgins centers one of the top two lines then I think we would have to change our style of play on that weekend and park a big butt in Ward's face and look for screens. I don't know if Ryder can handle that style of play since he relies on someone else working their butts off and then benefiting from a good pass and a hard shot.
  22. From Wikipedia: Generally considered one of the great failures of history, the term "Maginot Line" is now sometimes used as a metaphor for something that is confidently relied upon despite being ineffectual. It could be argued that this association is inaccurate, as the Line achieved the specific task it was intended to do, rendering a direct assualt against France's Eastern border impossible (the few Maginot forts which were directly attacked by German armoured troops held very well). It would be more truthful to state that the Line was sound, but France's strategic use of it was poor. I
  23. Which prospects are already in Montreal? What is the pool we can draw from?
  24. It's more than just offence we lost with Koivu, we also lost smart positional play, leadership, and a passer. Chipchura could emulate it more than Kostitsyn ... but then again he may be too green. However he did do well for team Canada at the juniors ... so he could be helpful.
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