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  1. No specific days that are off, like 3 days grace or something? Someones got to have heard something, or remember how it has gone in years past. Please post any information. It will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I didn't see the hit, but boarding or hitting from behind should be a penalty. Checkers should also be carefull that their target doesn't turn to avoid the hit. The onus should be on the checker to make sure his hit is clean. But I agree, employing goons to defend your best players either. The rules and referees should be doing this, as well as a players own self-constraint.
  3. I believe he now goes by the name Dicky, so he should be fine
  4. I think that when a player hurts someone like that, when it is an obvious infraction, that the offending player should be responsible for all costs for the rehabilitation of the player, and they should give a certain percentage of their remaining pay to the Players Association for the length of time that the player is injured. In situations like Moore and Bertuzzi, when it is not clear about when he got injured, because of the ensuing pile up, the player should maybe only have to pay the medical bills. If there can't be any protection, then the league should protect the players by properly
  5. Way to go Guillaume! I'd be surprised if he didn't make it with the big club next year. We could really use a player of his calibre and size.
  6. If the Habs make it in to the playoffs this year what is the ealiest date that they would start playing in the playoffs? The season ends on April 18th. Is there usually some time between the series (a few days) or will they get right in to it? I'm trying to organize an event, and I don't want to have a Habs game overshadow it. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!
  7. Very good game from Montreal tonight. Also, all the teams but two that we needed to lose, lost. It would have been nice had New Jersey and Atlanta lost too, but there are quite a few games left in the season, and all of the teams are hungry for points. Liked seeing the rookies performing well too, Plex and Higgins did good!
  8. Looks real good for him if he can keep it up. What impressed me was that he also got a game winning goal in dying seconds. Shows some real character, and trust from the coach to have him in the high pressure situations. I think he will learn a lot from this season, and I hope that he sticks with the Habs next season.
  9. I'd like to see a sample first. Change is not always bad, but if it is just a marketing ploy by RBK to up its sales, then it won't make much sense.
  10. So now that we dominated one game, and shut out the opposition in the last two games, who should we trade I still like the team we have ... and I think that the new coaching staff is gradually making this collection of players in to a team. I like it. I think Gainey may have to do something to strengthen the team before the trading deadline, but with this group of rookies and veterns, I think the right locker-room philosophy will get us a long way. Go Habs
  11. Just to prove yet again, getting the big bucks is not necessarily about the best at the task they get paid for ... rather they are usually paid well because they excel in other departments.
  12. This should be the new Habs theme song for when Huet makes a rocking save: "Hi-Hop Huet/Ho-Hay!" -Naughty By Nature Stupid move, I agree. But I think what he actually did was take a stick from the bench to give it to Perezhogin. At least he was trying to help a team mate, and not making a desperation move. Shows a lot more character.
  13. Our main problem in this game was penalties. We took too many, and got to few from Boston. We won on even strength. If we are going to play a defensive system, well have to be a lot more disciplined in the future.
  14. Go habs! I'm going to say something contentious here: I miss the Nordiques. When the Nordiques were around there was so much less media attention being paid to the Habs. After they moved it left a vacume for those cynical "journalists" who have nothing better to do than rail on a player when they are down, and promote them to God like status when they play well. It is no coincidence that the Nordiques sucked until they moved to Colorado, and that the Habs haven't had very many good seasons since. If you want the habs to improve, get rid of the former Nordiques sports writers and news pape
  15. Crosby will be Joe Sakic great. Latendress is too early to determine. I think right now he is going through mental issues after the high of the pre-season. I think the Canadiens played him too muc, and got his expectations too high. A half season in Hamilton will go a long way to helping out his play ... as will a jaunt in next season's Junior Worlds where he will probably play a much more central role. Olnichuck Sp? Will be great too, but not necessarily Gretzky or Lemieux great. More like Forsburg. Anyway, predictions are a shot in the dark. Who would have thought that Avalanche rookie
  16. Anyone listen to the game on CBC. THe guy who does the colour commentary is getting alzheimers or something. In a game last week he said that Dandenault of the Red Wings, and last night he said that Hasek of the Sabres blanked the Habs, and then he called a spot during the show a Gillet spot, when the advertiser was clearly Duracell. Don't know what is going on with the guy, but if I were his boss I'd be pissed.
  17. Depends what it is ladened with. If it is ladened with a house it has no air speed, but if it is mentally ladened with anger or fear it might fly quite fast. I think you may have meant UNladened ... in the Monty Python sense
  18. The team looked pretty good tonight, not excellent, and not horrible. It was good to see Kovy and Koivy getting some points on the board, and Theodore looking a little more solid. Also, it was good to see the defence playing better and helping out with the transition game. We need Koivu to play like he did on that last goal. He scored by pure determination ... like a captain should do. Hopefully this will be a bit of a confidence booster for the good ol' Habs.
  19. Goalies wear neck guards nowadays. They didn't back then, but that event scared the bejesus out of anyone who played the goalie position.
  20. If he gets traded now, we get nothing in return ... if we wait until closer to the trading deadline, we get good things in return. I don't know if we should or shouldn't trade him, but I think this is the wrong time, and we won't get good value. Also, I think we are at the point where it is make or break. If we turn it around soon, the team could do well in the playoffs, but if they are just going to get eliminated in the first round, we should position ourselves better for next season, and get some good young players in return for Theo. Or maybe everyone will kiss and make up over the pad
  21. I didn't watch the game, but it seems to me that the philosophy is to give the young guys who will be with the club all season some major time while the two Ks are out. Higgins and Plekanec are getting the heavy game time they need. They are seeing what it is like to be major players on this team. But when K and K come back, their ice-time will drop significantly, and Kastsitsyn and Murray will return to the minors where they probably need some more time to season (or until we unload Ribero and Dagenais). It may be frustrating now, but it seems like the people at the helm have a long term visi
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