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  1. I seriously doubt that the racism in Canada is as sever and as dangerous as in the States. From the feedback I see here so far it seems that a lot of it is minor intolerance.
  2. And I guess it also demonstrates that certain skilled players take a while to reach their potential in the NHL .... especially foreigners who may not understand culture and language .... some Habs fans could learn from this.
  3. The oil isn't to make you go faster ... it is probably for rust or something like that. The oil on the blade would rub off pretty quickly, and then your be back to normal lubricated steel.
  4. Possibly, or perhaps its old age ... but I do not remember half of the BS that is happening now. Also, Roy played in pre-internet days (at least it wasn't as popular/essential as it is today). The media surrounding the Habs today is insane compared to the 90s ... IMO. Memory stripping gas aside. On a side note, has the major franco (anglo papers never really covered the Nordiques, unless they were playing the Habs) papers in the province of Quebec halved their sport sections since the demise of the Nordiques, or do they just pack it with more articles on the Habs ... a vacuum has to be filled!!!!
  5. I'm sure there are all sorts of issues with this. Basically, you don't want anything alien on your ice which could jeopardize the integrity of it. The nice thing about water is that it will freeze back into the ice. BTW, the way skates work, they already use water for lubrication. The friction with the blade creates a small quantity of water. These new blades just makes more, faster.
  6. This will increase scoring, but it will also increase injuries. When everyone has a pair, everyone will have the same advantage (which is no advantage) and so all bodies (aside from the goalies) will be moving fast. When someone hits another player, they will be coming quite a bit faster, and so every body check will have more speed. Those open ice hits when a player has his head down will be much worse, and the rate of concussions will go up. You heard it here first!
  7. Not too sure ... I could do the research, but I don't really care that much. However, lets not put him up with the greats quite yet, and lets remember that these players played in less tense atmospheres (Roy, remember, played in the Nordique days when there wasn't as much hullabaloo surrounding the team). I don't think that there are many people who wouldn't benefit from the guidance of a mentor these days. But, as I said, it's my opinion ... you are welcome to your own!
  8. Don't think I agree with you. I think spending time with a senior in his field is invaluable. Carey did appreciate the guidance of Kolzig, and has expressed thanks for the guidance from Huet. Furthermore, having a senior goalie around who is the primary responsible will alleviate pressure from Price. I think, at this point in Price's development, a goalies like Huet is indispensable, and a solid investment in Price's future to boot! But, this is only my opinion, of course.
  9. This is a BIG test for Price. Talk about trials by fire. I hope he comes up in spades! Also, I hope that the offense gets kick started. I think the whole team is now in an official funk ... they need a big break out game to get everyone feeling looser. Higgins, Ryder, Kostistin, Pleks, Koivu ... none of our guys are scoring.
  10. Too early. Price needs more experience, also the market isn't begging for a goalie yet. I'd wait until after Xmas time, and then make a major move. It doesn't really matter where we are in the standings around Xmas time, as long as we are still in contention. So, if we do get an impact player that could put us over the top, we will have lots of games in which to get points back, and to climb in the standings a bit. So, my vote is for patience, and for Price to get more experience/guidance from Huet!
  11. From what I can tell there seems to be a lack of general communication in the dressing room. According to a piece by the Gazette, Begin didn't find out that he wasn't playing until he walked in to the dressing room before the game. He should have been told before hand, IMO. Anyway, in order for communication to exist, Carbo has to take the lead. If he doesn't, then he shouldn't complain when someone takes an alternative route to express his opinion to him. Lack of communication is unpardonable because it is so easy to fix .... and not to fix it is cowardly, or prideful.
  12. Not so fast Grasshopper! 4 games is way too little to warrant sending someone down to the farm. We may see Lapierre up, but I think it would be a blow to the confidence of one of these players if he isn't given a fair shack!
  13. Wow, it looks like Lahti is starting to round the corner too. First star. Good for him. 2 assists too. That Bulldog team is going to be very good again this year!
  14. We should have Laps back asap. I think that he has made his point, and as others have pointed out, that other current members of the habs could use a little conditioning stint as a dominant player on the Bulldogs roster.
  15. Stoked about Lapierre's 4 goals so far this season .... and the play of Lil' ####. Lahti got a couple of points too, which should get a bit of the old monkey off of his back.
  16. Ah well... won't lose any sleep over it. Controversies are good. I'm glad Danis played well. I always thought that it sucked that he didn't get his fair shake after Theo was traded.
  17. Halak may go through some lows like Danis did after he was passed over 2 seasons ago for Abby. Tough pill to swallow! Yeah, D'Agostini and Lil' #### were definitely bright spots ... as well as Danis.
  18. Bulldogs lose in SO, 5-4. Danis Holds the fort while Hamilton made a comeback. http://stats.theahl.com/stats/official-gam...game_id=1003531
  19. Not saying I am a fan of the mask .. I'm not, only that one shouldn't jump to conclusions. All you can say is that there is no "apparent" connection between the symbols on the mask. There may very well be .... or it may just be a pastiche of what Carey like ... who knows.
  20. Ha, that's funny. Bullfighting is a Spanish sport/entertainment, where the Matador tires a bull before killing him with spears and a sword. What you see on his mask is bull riding. The 8 second kinda stuff, where a rider has to stay on a bull for 8 seconds, after said bull has had his testicles or anus zapped with a whole lot of electricity.
  21. Your analysis is way to simplistic. I think mask like "The Eagle" or "Cujo" represent a player who only identifies with their hockey identity. Now, Carey MAY be looking to reflect a little more. It could be a reflection of his western/native identity, or it could be that he realizes that playing in Montreal and dealing with its media will be like riding a raging bull. Personally I don't care about the mask .... but I doubt Price was just like, "I like Horseys ... could you paint me some horseys?" I'm sure there is some personal significance, and that it goes just a little beyond his own over inflated ego that has culminated in his hockey name .... a la Eagle. Roy's mask was still the best, IMO. Also, I like that mask from the Senators goalie who had Marvin the Alien on it .... love that Marvin -- goalie sucked though.
  22. Super stoked we won. But lets keep it in perspective .... we got 5 out of 6, yes, but we earned extra points due to 2 overtime games .... not exactly dominant .... but enough. Just like this team is not a pile of poo, where Carbo should be fired, it is not a .833 winning percentage team either (we won 1 game out of three in regulation - the overtime win could have gone the other way very easily)). If you want to avoid getting too down, don't get too high when the going is good ... get too high when the going is unbelievable! It is only the 3rd game of the season.
  23. I agree with these two lines. I understand wanting to balance the attack, but I can't help but feel that they are weakening the attack by spreading it out. We'll see how things evolve though. Your second line was the indeed the best at the end of last year! And with both Higgins and #### healthy, I think it would be dynamite.
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