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  1. Man, I feel bad for that guy ... great player, but often injured. Hope he makes it back soon, so that Chicago can have a good season.
  2. If you meant, Ruslan Fedenko, you spelled his name wrong ... unless his middle name is "to" or "ot". nkoeritiasl flotneesl
  3. Go Habs GO! I so hope we win this one, and that Sydney gets in to more battles with Komi, and that none of our players gets a broken face. I also half hope that Price and Chipchurra play ... but I won't be too let down if they don't.
  4. You got any more info? Error message, type of computer, browser,etc. Highlights work for me!
  5. Fighting in Hockey? Who cares!?! What I'm really interested in is when they are going to finally allow hockey at Boxing matches .... now that is something to get worked up about!
  6. So the rumour goes. One more reason why poo-pooing him is dumb. I think we can expect good things from this kid ...
  7. Submit your CV to replace Carbo as coach! I'm sure there will be some line shifting over the first few weeks as the lines solidify. Keep watching!
  8. Lots of people poo-pooed Ryan White this training camp, but it looks like he is getting his game on with the Hitmen. He got 4 points last night. Story on NHL.com http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=33910...mp;service=page I'm looking forward to watching him this season, and seeing what he brings to the table next year. I doubt he will make the Habs off the bat, but he will be great in Hamilton!
  9. I think every time a player does something like this he should get at least 20 games. Just think about the talent that has been lost to this league because of head injuries!
  10. Yes, it is a dumb excuse ... it was basically the excuse that Pronger used but in reverse. "I'm a big guy, so I naturally hit people in the head". Head shots are head shots. Attempts to injure are attempts to injure. It irks me that just because someone is a big star they can get away with intent to injure, but they make an example out of a bad boy rookie. It is a friggin' boys club, where membership and rank has its privileges. I'm just glad our legal system isn't so blatant.
  11. Habs win the Stanley Cup, Price is MVP. Crosby will be the leagues point leader. These are my hopes and expectations ... anything else ... let the season begin!
  12. I'll believe that the NHL is taking this serious when the next established veteran like Pronger gets 20 for a similar hit.
  13. Downie's a small guy ... he has to jump to deliver a similar impact to Pronger, who got 1 game for headhunting last year. Basically, if the NHL doesn't take a legitimate and official stance on this issue, it will continue. @ Chris: About figure skating, why don't you just get your fighting fix watching the UFC or K-1? Or are you all about hybridization? Well, what if I like hard-core sex ... should we integrate that in to hockey, and instead of brawls we could have all out orgies? For my taste, of course, we could only have male vs female teams ... except for the goalies who could only be female ... because a little girl on girl goalie action would be so HOT. Anyway, please use better logic in responding to me in future. Try an argument instead of this knee-jerk reactionism.
  14. I personally think that their is no place for this in the NHL, but under the current rules I don't see what merits a 15 game suspension. The NHL should take action against thuggery, including allowing professional fighters to go around breaking people's faces ... like that Larroque did this training camp.
  15. Yeah, thx, I found that just a few seconds ago ... but they don't seem to have anything for Mac
  16. What kind of address is that? What program do you need to run it?
  17. I think that the team will be much improved over last year. There were a few lateral moves, but losing Samsonov and getting Kostitsyn on a full time basis will really help turn our scoring around. Add to that the departure of Mr. Abischer, and possibly a healthy Kovalev ... and I think you will see a very competitive team. Also, I expect that our now blossoming wealth will parlay in to some nice trade bait. If we can get a solid left D and/or #1 center from a trade for one of our goalies, then I think we could have a team that will go past the second round. How far is anyones guess, but this team seems a lot hungrier, tougher, and more directed than it has in years. Also, keeping in mind the whole illness thing last year ... I'll see how the season progresses, but I would be very surprised if we don't have a very low draft pick next season.
  18. aren't marbles round, the very definition of not-sharp? Carboneau made some errors last year, expect improvements this year.
  19. He was injured during the last 12 or so games of the season, and he still managed to put up assists ... now that he is healthy I think he will pot a few more. I agree with another poster, they have to play AK, or they can kiss him goodbye. He needs some playing time with the big boys, and then when he gets comfortable, he will satisfy many a fan.
  20. Yeah, I heard it to. It is a Christmas song. It goes like this: Jingle Bells, Koivu smells, the Habs are giving him away! We want to lose to get John Taverns in the next draft yearrrrrrrrrrr! It is way better with the back-ground music. They have Ryder playing fiddle, and Kovalev deftly beat-boxing. By the way, the guy who wants to bet a million will pay only when he has a million left to spare ... like the guy who took the bet and says he will only pay when he has 100$ burning a hole in his pocket. I'll take the bet ... if Koivu isn't traded before xmas, as predicted by a Habs song, you pay me 100$. And I'll pay you 100$ if a song is released with Kovalev beat boxing and Ryder playing a fiddle. Deal?
  21. It is amazing how many threads here are but re-prints of HF Canadian boards. This is probably the 5-6 one I've seen this week ... although, admittedly, this one is the only one that is sharing rather than completely ripping off. The artist that does these does have a good sense of humour it seems ... I'm surprised he didn't do one about Tie Domi and Belinda Stronach just after she had breast surgery for cancer. Seems like they broke up when life got too serious and less superficial.
  22. I predict that if hooters stays healthy he will have a heck of a season. I expect him to pull full time duty on the 2nd line with his line mates from last season, and for him to be the dominant point getter. I also think he will see time on the PP this year, which he didn't get much of last year. There has been a lot of concern about the Habs not making a serious move this off season, but if we get an increase in performance from all of our young guys, and if we get another top-line center (or Plecks takes that spot) then I think that we will have one of the top teams in our conference. I expect Hooters to get at least 50 + points if he plays the whole season.
  23. As a public figure, he has opened his life to history. It would be pretty hard for any Canadian politician to talk about historical context without touching on PET. Furthermore, it is never criticized when he is spoken about in flattering terms. BTW, I have no opinion on the content of what Mulrooney said, as I really don't care. I just take exception with people trying to appear enlightened, when all they are doing is saying, "don't bad mouth my favorite politician".
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