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  1. Yeah, I saw that article too. Ekland is a clueless idiot.
  2. Bold prediction here: we will make the playoffs next year, and we will make it at least past the first round. I'm expecting Price to be with the big clud by the end of the year. I think our D will also solidify over the year, and some of our forward issues will be taken care off. We won't be a cup contender necessarily, but we will make waves. Check back in one year to see if I am wrong
  3. Or he should sit Kovalev and Samsonov down and ask them, would Yashin solve your problems? Would you start producing better with a guy like him between you?
  4. Wow, I remember reading this thread ... laughing how bent out of shape people were getting - I had no clue who this Price fellow was, but I remember thinking, "trust Gainey!" I'm glad Gainey and Timmins are picking, and not all these armchair GMs who think they could do a better job than Gainey. On a side note, Hamilton will have one killer team Next year because of these draft picks and some others: Price, Lil' ####, Carle, Veltenkov (sp.?), D'Agostini ... and maybe some of the western boys too if they decide to give up on their final year of junior eligibility.
  5. From CJAD Emylin article: "As for the Yashin Affair, Diamond, a close associate of Mark Gandler, Yashin's agent, clarifies that NO talks have taken place between Gandler and Gainey or Gandler and Julien Brisebois, Gainey's righthand man. But Diamond does confirm that Montreal is on Yashin's list of team's he'd come to if the offer was right." So it looks like they drew up a list of teams that were possibly desperate enough to want to sign him, cross referenced it with the teams that he could stomach playing for, and then they decide to start a bidding war if they get any offers. If the offer is right .... sheesh! How about performance bonuses only Alex!
  6. I don't think that Gainey and co will settle for plan E again. They will go for plan A or B, and if that doesn't work, they will work with drafting. Samsonov was a lesson well learned I think.
  7. The problem with Yashin is that it is a high risk move. Either he ignites those two lazy mofos, or he joins them in sucking big time. I don't think that Gainey or Carbonneau are those kinds of high stakes gamblers. So unless Yashin comes uber cheap, I won't expect it to happen.
  8. Who cares about nationality ... you are sounding like all the dunderheads in Quebec who want Quebec players only. How about, passionate players only!!!! No more slackers who navel gaze!
  9. Promising news about Yemelin: "We're also speaking with two defencemen from Russia, Alexei Yemelin and Pavel Valentenko." http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp/cs...l=1112274690756
  10. The airfarce just aren't funny. Never have been, never will!
  11. He could rebound of the pavement after we kick him out of here ... No, but seriously. I think his time is done here, but if for some strange reason he was to stick around he would have to "rebound": he couldn't go through another utterly crappy season like that unless he was signaling to the whole NHL that his career was over ...a la Theodore.
  12. I want whoever our scouting team wants. They have been doing a fantastic job. Interesting little videos on that site ... too bad you can't tell who the actual player is half the time.
  13. Pretty funny! Paris had a little laugh ... Jack was laughing it up. Pretty funny!
  14. Don't worry, you are talking to a big fan of vitamin D and the Sun ... my God is the Sun! Not a tanner though ... just incidental contact under shades and hat .... sunscreen too when it is bad! I eat lots of fish, eggs, bread ... etc. So my D is pretty up there! As well as my C.
  15. You should add the word vitamine to this post. I came here thinking that this was in some way related to defence Vs Centers for the Habs. I know it is in the lounge, but who really looks at what section it is when browsing "new posts". Vitamines are good though!
  16. What a horrible nickname :puke: Sounds like crib, or little itsy bitsy baby bed. Or even worse, little Welcome back Kotter
  17. That's what I said in another thread. We could package Huet with someone else for all the components we need. Given, of course, that Price makes it impossible for us to send him down in the pre-season. Also, with Halak as a back up, I think it will give Price all the support he needs. Hmmm ... so interesting!
  18. LOL ... actually, I think he was an MVP just recently. He was voted the best player in the final game of the world championships, or something like that. I'm sure I have the exact details wrong, but don't worry ... some fanatic/buff will set me straight on the exact details
  19. What happened to "don't hate the playa, hate the game!" FYI, I think she ought to go to jail ... I'm just not over the moon about it. It is sad that people have to go to jail ... but it would be even more sad if Paris Hilton killed someone while drunk. Also, all Paris Hilton ads have been pulled in South Korea while she is serving time ... just one more thing to make all you hatahs happy!
  20. So that you can all enjoy! Good teams win Championships, not star studded teams. With the proper foundation, and a few good trades or signings, I think that the future could be exceedingly bright. And like all good teams, it starts between the pipes.
  21. I'd package Huet with some other players (Ryder, Samsonov, Kovalev ... or anyone else we don't necessarily want ... but others do) for some help at D and possibly a good center ... or a great prospect. If Price starts in Hamilton, I don't think that he will need a full year there. Also, since Huet has so much value now, we may as well take advantage of it.
  22. So, there is a poll on the home page, and at this point the majority of polled voters think that Price will be first string AHL next year. My questions is, do you think that his development would actually benefit from an additional year in the AHL? Or would it stunt his development? Like all people, we fear that he will get bombarded in his first year, and so we should protect him. But this may be too overly cautious. (yes, I know ... we will know more once training camp comes around, and Gainey says he will only come to the Habs to be the first string goalie ... I am just surprised that so many people have him pegged as first string AHL)
  23. Well in that case I hope that we have O'byrne punishing people on a more regular basis than 7th D.
  24. I think that it is fair. Ryder got a hat trick in his last game, pushing him up to 30 goals. If that had triggered a incentive clause payout, and it put them over the cap, what could be done? It is too late ... the Habs would have overspent in their last game. Should they be punished with a 10 point deduction? Should any game played over the cap be counted as a loss? Some way or other a penalty would have to be levied, or a rule making it impossible to happen in the first place. The NHL took the latter.
  25. In how many years is that? Fischer is starting his second year of university in September ... that's second year of a four year program. I wouldn't expect to see him for at least 2 years.
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