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  1. Don Cherry is a ######. He is a disgrace to the city of Toronto and the Maple Leafs organization. I'm sorry Quebec, I am very very sorry.
  2. according to what source? according to this... http://www.tmlfans.ca/forums/index.php/top...ic,39324.0.html the leafs are at $33.4M after 21 players... with nolan's contract not counting towards the cap and allison's bonus' counting towards the cap only if there's space at the end of the season, in which they can go 7.5% over the $39M cap to fit in the bonus'... and the remainder of the bonus' (if reached) would go onto next years cap. updated august 12th.
  3. After RFA's are signed, the Leafs will be at about $35,000,000. Still some money to spend on a winger, hopefully. But, this years team is absolutely massive.
  4. Short term deal is an advantage for the club, if he wants to make more money elsewhere as an UFA, he'll have to put up a good season. If you guys gave him a longer term deal (say, 3 years), you'd probably have to wait until year 2 or 3 for Bulis to breakthrough, if he ever does. A 1 year deal puts a spark under his arse.
  5. Expect the Habs to play Jaroslav Halak in the ECHL for many games this season. He's a great CHL goalie, but he's got very slow feet and would be absolutely demolished in a tier 1 professional league such as the American Hockey League, even as a backup. Hamilton will be deep with the Edmonton alliance. Good news for you guys on the other two signings, expected. [Edited on 2005/8/13 by Token Leaf Fan]
  6. Hey guys, nice site. Look forward to hanging out with you guys.
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