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  1. This is a big game for the habs!..Goin for 5 straight wins...We don't wanna make it 5 straight losses to the Bolts dating back to the playoffs....Tampa Bay is still a strong offensive team for sure but their goaltending isn't as good as it use to be!....Also John Grahame will be getting the night off after stuggling the last 3 games allowing 15 goals...Brian Eklund will be making his first start of his NHL career!
  2. This is really good news for the habs to have a provin goal scorer back in the line-up in Zednik! I'm thinkin the lines will look like this: Perezhogin Koivu Kovalev Zednik Ribeiro Ryder Bulis Bonk Dagenais Higgins Begin Plekanec We should give Dagenais a chance with Bonk and Bulis....They can look to Dags for the big shot by using their speed and openin up the offensive zone for him...We all know that Dagenais can put the puck in the net!
  3. Yeah i hope theo plays too...He's needs to play to build up his confidence again! [Edited on 2005/10/18 by $Harding$] [Edited on 2005/10/18 by $Harding$]
  4. I heard it on sportsnet news last night...They said Danis played very well to beat the trashers and should start after the leafs beat the habs and the stuggling theodore....They said Theo is workin on his butterfly style with Roland Melanson
  5. Theo is in net tonight?....I'm hearing Danis is going to start?
  6. I'm lookin foward to this game tonight!....It's a big one tonight for the Habs because the Bruins are still without Thornton and Zhamnov!....I hope Theo plays a stonger game tonight and the 2nd line starts producing some goals...Plekanec some help get Ribs and Ryder going!
  7. Hey Habs fans i have been reading information on this site the past year or so now and i have decided to join up with you guys and chat about the Habs!....I like this site alot and the info is very accurate!
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