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  1. Hello there! Just thought i'd introduce myself. I've been reading this forum and the HW page since we were last watching NHL hockey. Just thought it was about time to register and be able to put my 2 cents in. Here's to the new season! noda
  2. Hi! I've been reading the HW forum for a while but just decided to register an account because I'm curious about the HWL. It sounds really fun and I've played management simulation games (Championship Manager, european soccer simulation) in the past but never NHL and never online with other people. I'm assuming its still quite similar. I was wondering though I'm leaving for the month of Sept for 3+ weeks. I'll be in europe and won't have computer access. Is it realistic to apply to be a GM now or should i wait until i get back and hope there are still some openings? I was hoping to get th
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