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  1. From Pat Hickey: http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news...4e-d1c94c3a0221 According to him Lahti and Degon were qualified. The Canadiens press release (found on canadiens.com) does not include Lahti or Degon on their list of qualified players.
  2. Thanks. Test# centre...what the hell? why does this message board switch the spelling of c e n t e r automatically? centre centre
  3. Apparently it might be Urquhart going the other way so it's a centre for a centre (Urquhart was still playing centre correct?). But I was thinking the same thing after the addition of Trotter. For some reason this site changes the spelling of C E N T E R to Centre on its own.
  4. Did you name yourself after the band Mineral?
  5. I haven't posted here in a long time. This is the first time in quite the while that I came over to check out the boards even...looks as though things are running smoothly still. haha. Crazy habs fans.
  6. RDS has a short one, One Kostitsyn goal and one latendresse from Kostitsyn goal.
  7. http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/232090.html The Hammer. Anyone care to translate please?
  8. So glad the Habs did not give him 8 years...
  9. I kind of like Sutton. Obviously Timonen as well..but I think he will remain with the Preds. Hannan would be nice depending on the contract.
  10. I think these are the main ones...I might have missed a few. Player - Age Souray 30 Timonen 32 Rafalski 33 Stuart 27 Hamrlik 33 Hannan 28 Preissing 28 Rivet 32 Schneider 37 D. Markov 30 Chelios 45 Numminen 38 Sydor 35 Poti 30 Sutton 32 De Vries 34 Vaananen 26 Sopel 30 O’Donnell 35 Tjarnqvist 30
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