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  1. At this point, i really think they (Habs leadership and Max and Walsh) need to have a heart to heart sit down but that doesn't seem like a natural fit for Bergevin's old school ways.Max scores goals, we need goals. Habs need leadership and consistency in a captain, that's not Max's forte. No i don't like how he disappears at times which is why he needs to not be the captain anymore (never should have been frankly). But we need his goals.The sit down needs to get Max to agree to giving up the captaincy and the Habs need to buck up and pay the man (not 8x8) but also not 6x6. I'll leave the financial details to others. If this team really needs an attitude adjustment, it will not occur with Max having the C. Also, this works for the retool/rebuild plan as well as long as we can sign Max to a decent deal and he returns to form his value will increase to where it should net us a stronger return at the deadline.Something has got to give and I think both sides need to have their egos checked, focus on the team and figure out a way forward to benefit all sides. As it is now, the future with Max is yet another tale of an asset being devalued...a hallmark of Bergevin's legacy.
  2. Man, I get that it's a highlight reel but he has a really skillful toolset. Nice hands in tight, decent looking shot, strong on the puck. This is setting up perfectly for the classic tale of a young Finnish lad who runs with an opportunity he just didn't have on a very talented Jets team.
  3. Why thank you. I grew up on reruns of Get Smart...loved it! i reread what I wrote and it is actually more optimistic than I had intended. I need more evidence too but am glad to finally see a string of smart, if safe and somewhat predictable and, to your point, long overdue moves.
  4. Renaud Lavoie RDS reporting via twitter that the Habs will either trade or buyout Masons contract.
  5. I like the recent direction but am still skeptical of this mgmt team. This has been an offseason of positive change so far, and moves showing an actual plan for long term improvement. I like that. Like I said though, skeptical. Hope is rising however ever and I have come to realize I would be totally fine with a full rebuild. I don't believe they will, but for me personally this is a major shift in my thinking. I am a 46 year old Habs fan who still has (kinda vague and romantic) memories of the 70's glory days so the strategy of rebuilding isn't something I've ever really gotten behind, until now. So I guess knowing that is how I feel, all of these positive moves, as long as they remain wins, however small, are leading the team in a much better direction.
  6. Honestly, this was my first thought when I saw this. Hope they keep it up.
  7. Same here. I am shocked that Friedman bit flew under the radar as it has. I actually think this is the kind of plan MB could pull off and get behind. Hopefully his advisors are thinking creatively like this. I don’t necessarily agree with every move but appreciate the idea. Good work.
  8. See my comments above specificaly regarding age and compare the former cores (roughly Koivu, Kovy and Tanguay - Cammi, Gomes and Gionta) points with this year's...
  9. Colin, You have reinforced my belief that you are a smart cookie and one of my favourite posters, for what it is worth. In this world of fandom, emotions generally overtake reason and the game threads prove this on a game by game basis. One of the other angles that I think supports your perspective re: a potential 3 year plan after the first 5 year plan fell just short is that the core of this team got younger without losing and likely gaining point production for at least the next few seasons. I am decidedly patient, and by that I mean this team has made me realize that small gains over the long term is all i can truly expect and not go right off the emotional deep end after each game. Having said that, I am fortunate to have a group of brothers who get to hear my emotional rants, where we bring each other back off the precipice when need be. Over all however, I am pleased with the effort and heart, except for the odd obvious stinker and the clear lack of dangerous offensive skill right now, possibly due to lack of a transition game or simply a lack of passing skill or vision or all of the above. Nice post - one of many I might add. I for one am keeping the faith, freaking out in private from time to time ('cause come on - who doesn't) and looking forward to an exciting if slightly frustrating season with a brand new team.
  10. Some really interesting perspectives here, as usual. I should have been more cautious in my wording, as I did not mean to make sound like I preferred Halak or that he was better now, or has higher upside than Price, which I do not believe to be true. I was more reflecting on the benefit that the two goalie system the Habs once employed with great success (mid to late 80's Roy/Hayward) could be once again used to our benefit. As the Chicoutimi Cucumber said much more clearly than I. Re-reading my post I realize I used too much exaggerated language to get my point across, sorry about that. I hope for Price to get 50-ish starts and Halak 30-ish or something around those numbers as has been stated by others. As for the reference to the Jennings, that for me was and is a symbol of a team with a focus on defensive play, not a trophy just for the goalies to enjoy. It reflected a level of excellence that the entire team achieved, when back in the day (again mid to late 80's) if the Habs a had a 1 goal lead with 7 minutes to go, most of the time they won. Simple as that. That is what I want back, that kind of TEAM, that kind of commitment. Really like the varied responses in this thread however, and can't wait for the puck to drop for real next week.
  11. I know that Carey Price is "The Franchise", but maybe even Bob has to realize that to win you play your best players, and it just could be that Halak outplays Price this season. I mean sheesh, he did the extreme makeover of the roster, maybe he also lost a little of his man-crush for Price. Thoughts? Can Jacques be the guy to go against the grain and get away with it? Would he, or is he drinking the Price kool-aid as well? I really like both goalies, and would love to see a more shared workload but regardless, I just want wins! I still remember the days of Roy and Hayward winning the Jennings trophies in the late 80's. I want it back!
  12. Did you also hear Martin say that he prefers to think of forwards as 2 man units with the 3rd man being a compliment depending on need e.g. size, energy, etc... I think that bodes well for Lats and Pac - also cool to hear that Pac was already talking about the opportunity on the big team for a power forward on the top lines. we could use some young gun to really challenge next season. And again - not to nitpick - but I like Stewart and never really though of him as afraid or forgetting how to drop the mits.
  13. You are not far off, in my opinion. I recall last season his start was actually decent from an effort perspective. But as the season wore on, and his confidence kept free-falling (props to Tom Petty) he became the perimeter player that Colin refers to. If he stays, he stands the chance of really thriving on the kind of team Martin ices. If he leaves my heart will not be broken, especially if he somehow helps us land another centre (though I am not convinced he helps us get someone better than he actually is).
  14. nice on the nicknames... Perhaps salary is the deciding factor, but i doubt it. It will be very interesting to watch this team next season, particularly with a new coach who will likely demand that his forwards limit the gap between themselves and the D, as puck possession coaches tend to do. This might really make some of our "lower line" guys appear much stronger than they have in the past few seasons. I am thinking specifically about Gorges on D and Lapierre and the 3rd and 4th lines up front.
  15. and the winner of most annoying nicknames goes to... sorry dude...couldn't resist. Do you really think Gill plays with Markov? I just can't see it, I think he gets limited ice time. Maybe more like: Markov-Mara Hamrlik-Spacek Gorges-Gill
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