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  1. CANADIENS @ STARS, NOV. 21, 20:30 ET

    There's no point for Mete to stay with this team. Julien doesn't play him
  2. CANADIENS @ STARS, NOV. 21, 20:30 ET

    Craig button is great colour guy
  3. Bergevin......

    Look back to the novel I wrote about Brisboise and you'll see what he has done. Yzerman said himself that this will probably be the last year Tampa has Brisboise within their organization. He's going to be a g.m at some point
  4. Great player. I just expect more. And I apologize for bringing the thread down
  5. Well it's not even 56 points that Drouin is on pace for, it's actually 53.3. Which is .3 of a point better than last season. So if that's positive in your eyes, dig in, but being on pace for 12 goals is not something I'm cheering about.
  6. Gallaher has been the best player all season. He deserves a lot of credit Him and Hudon are developing some serious chemistry too
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Ya, I would do it too. The defense is such a disaser at this point anyways
  8. I'll be the Grinch here, but I don't think Drouin being on pace for 56 pts is a positive
  9. Bergevin......

    Well if Molson wants to win, maybe it's time to start looking at all options. Not just a francophone
  10. Bergevin......

    Is there a better candidate?
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I'd like to shake Bergevin
  12. Julien vs Therrien

    I do blame Julien a bit for this shit show too. There are players on this team who could 100% be brining more. Julien is not pulling that out of them. Should have hired a players coach in Gallant. These guys all apparently loved him when he was assistant here. I've said it like 10 times. Julien is Therrien with a ring.
  13. Nov. 19/21, Rocket vs Moose

    Mccarron 3rd line c
  14. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    This is going to start becoming an ugly dressing room to be a part of.