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  1. That's what I was doing with Radulov.... That ended well
  2. Pretty sure he just upgraded his goalie and defense. Did he not?
  3. I said like 2 and half years ago Plekanec looks like shit. He was a step slower, couldn't beat defenders on the rush, his passing was non existent. His point totals didn't take as big of a hit then, but I could 100% see his play declining. Bergevin should have seen this coming
  4. He just said he'll probably be at camp. Where do you get his career is over
  5. No no. Since he comes from Quebec
  6. It just seems like at this point Bergevin has played his cards as if Markov isn't coming back.
  7. There does come a point when players need to be held accountable. No question
  8. I think Drouin is going to be a stud on this team. As much as hated him for bailing on his team 2 years ago.
  9. Price, Subban,Gallagher, Pacioretty weren't drafted by Bergevin... (i see you put Gallagher twice to make the list look longer) Besides from picking in the top 10(which I could pull an nhl caliber player from) this team has seriously bombed in the first round... As much as I have defended Mccarron his development is a bit worrisome, Scherbak is looking more and more like a bust, Juulsen has hope, but we've seen how this organization develops D-men----> Beaulieu and Tinordi may as well be thrown into this too, as their entire development was basically under Marc.. Maybe it's not 100% Bergevin's fault for the shitty development of players, but he's aloud his staff to keep their jobs when they're 100% under performing.
  10. I was going to say it's a two way street with Markov. The problem is now Bergevin has spent too much on Alzner(13 pts last season) to keep Markov. It's just so much money spent on the back end. Especially for the quality this team is icing.
  11. You know what a feasible solution is, draft players and development them, so you have trade chips to acquire a centre.
  12. Sign Markov and we have to most expensive d-core in the league. Not sure that's the brightest idea for a team that can't bury....