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  1. If only this team's prospect pool was as deep at centre as it is goalie.
  2. Ya, that Steve Ott topic lasted a while.
  3. Spam? Ok bud. Bryan Allen wasn't signed by the Habs. Should I have made that a thread too?
  4. Ya ,big story
  5. Thread for Ott?
  6. I thought he looked a little lazy in his own end.
  7. I was going to say this is a Berkshire article, so take as you will
  9. It's the off season.... Gotta talk about something
  10. Subban pushed Nashville over the edge to legit contention, Weber didn't do the same for Montreal. I didn't down vote you there... Never do
  11. You can't wait until they don't win a Cup just to spite Subban basically
  12. Ya, need to catch some luck drafting in the 20's for sure
  13. Habs draft history of centres in the first round. 2012- Galchenyuk 2004- Chipchura 1998- Chouinard 1996- Matt Higgins 1993- Koivu It's been 24 years since the Habs have drafted an impact centre in the first round.
  14. Why not
  15. Ekholm Ev Toi- 304min P.K Ev Toi- 297min His D partner has a few more minutes than him for top TOI( 4 shifts) on Nashville. My point about Weber being the #1 of 10 years ago is that no team in the NHL has a stay at home d-man as their number one. It's all about quick transition now. The trade that should have happened is acquiring Weber, while keeping P.K. We didn't have the depth to swallow a trade like the one Beregvin made.