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  1. I agree 100%. Anybody who even suggests that Gainey should go is a complete fool. It is not his fault that Theo can't stop a beachball. :hlogo:
  2. It's not Gainey's fault that Theo has sucked this year. Anybody who even suggests that Bob should or could go is completely off thier rocker!!!. This topic is not even worth discussing, quite frankly. Absolutely ridiculous!!!. Gainey coming home is the best thing to happen to this franchise since we drafted #33. :hlogo:
  3. I like Higgins on the second line. In fact, I like Higgins anywhere. A real gamer, this kid.:hlogo:
  4. The analyst was John Garrett. He is a former NHL goalie and usually pretty astute, in my opinion. Obviously he's a big Theo fan and so am I. Theodore will be there when the chips are down.:hlogo:
  5. I agree that Theo has not been at the top of his game, but to suggest trading him is ridiculous. He has proven his mettle in the playoffs and will do so again I'm sure. There are very few goalies in the league more valuble than Theodore,just ask Gretzky.:hlogo:
  6. You could see a let-down coming in this game from a mile away. I'm sure we'll be fired up for the goofy Leafs on Sat. . Besides, a point on the road ,is still a point on the road, and we sucked!.
  7. Agreed. Higgins should be given an opportunity to show his talents on the second line. He gives 100% effort, 100% of the time. I really like this kid.:hlogo:
  8. 2008?. We are serious contenders right now!!. Like I've said before, if Theo is hot, this team can beat anybody.:hlogo:
  9. I've always felt that an enforcer specifically in the line-up to fight was absolutely necessary in the NHL. I'm not so sure anymore. I don't like the idea of sitting any of our current line-up for a goon. For the limited amount of fighting required right now, I'm confident that Komi or Rivet can handle the load.
  10. When Koivu was a rookie, Lyle Odelein said in a post-game interview;"this kid will be captain of this team one day". I thought he might be kidding. Great forsight on Lyle's part.
  11. Excellent post!!. Could not agree more. Napier seems quite knowledgable, but his tone of arrogance is un-called for. We're all "border-line stupid" for considering the Habs a top-shelf club?. In yer ear pal. I don't give a shit if we win by 1 goal or 4, as long as we win. We're 10-3-1 so far against "top" teams in the east with a lack-luster Theodore. Come playoff time, if Theo is on his game, this squad can compete with anyone.:hlogo:
  12. I agree 100%. Detroit's schedule has seen them playing alot of sub-par teams. We have been playing top flight clubs and are 9-3-1. Factor in what I would call suspect goaltending on Theo's part , and I say we're doing great.:hlogo:
  13. I can't believe all the negativity in this thread!. The Habs can compete with anybody in this league. You don't have to be in first or second place in the regular season to win the cup. A balanced attack and a hot goaltender is all that is required. I'm not predicting right here and now that we will win the cup, but I truly believe that we have a good chance. The key is Theodore. If he is hot, then I think that we can beat anybody. Let us not forget, we are talking about the Montreal Canadiens. The ghosts and magic of our glorious past can lift the team back to greatness when some might least
  14. I agree. It is sort of the glass half empty, glass half-full type thing. I tend to believe the ladder. 8-3-1 with Theo playing sub-par?. I'll take that any day. I think that we have outplayed our opponents for the most part and the youngsters have looked great. Once Theo starts rolling, we'll be fine.:hlogo:
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