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  1. because it is so hard. He has 4th liners and washed up former "good" players to sign. You think Hemsky just falls in your lap? no you have to work to get him. It is just so damned hard. This post may have some sarcasm in it.
  2. I actually find that hard to believe. Maybe Molson wanted a golf partner cause he has no intention of hiring a non francophone. That includes Babcock.
  3. That is just nuts. Sakic took one too many to the noggin. I think they should have kept Patrick and made Sakic the stick boy.
  4. It is not that he doesn't want to win a cup, maybe it is too hard. This is a guy who said he would not mortgage the future and would build through the draft. That plan seems to be forgotten about. We have very few prospects and those we do have he trades cause they aren't good enough. Developing prospects is not this team's forte'. Maybe he should work on that. Get an AHL coach with 1/2 a clue. Find some guys who can help the youngsters develop. Basic hockey 101.
  5. Markov represents himself. berezin is his advisor/trainer/water bottle carrier.
  6. I believe he is on his honeymoon, gettin a little.
  7. "While he likely wouldn’t make the same impact in the NHL that he does in Russia, Da Costa could represent a secondary scoring option for a team that is a bit lacking on offense. He’ll have to really want to come back to the NHL—which Dreger says he does—because he’ll likely command more money to remain in the KHL." could be expensive?
  8. Yeah i will be in the SK league but another league can't hurt. I would join.
  9. Did it have the sliding rear window?
  10. Steve Begin? Is he coming out of retirement?
  11. very good point
  12. Brule 299 games 95 points. pretty impressive for a high 1st rounder. Out of the Nhl, not to return. Now everyone should understand why I am so glad Mcguire has dick all to do with this team.
  13. Hell even Jagr had 46 points last year. He has missed very few games in the last 4 years that I looked at. Hemsky has played very few games. So we need another guy.