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  1. ~moeman

    Can anybody explain what all the gratuitous FLQ insinuations are about? Gotta love cheap spin.....
  2. ~moeman

    On a (maybe) seperate note, what the heck happened to the site yesterday?
  3. Here is who made it: Goalies Martin Brodeur (New Jersey) Roberto Luongo (Floride) Marty Turco (Dallas) D Rob Blake (Colorado) Adam Foote (Columbus) Ed Jovanovski (Vancouver) Scott Niedermayer (Anaheim) Chris Pronger (Edmonton) Wade Redden (Ottawa) Robin Regehr (Ottawa) Forwards Todd Bertuzzi (Vancouver) Shane Doan (Phoenix) Kris Draper (Detroit) Simon Gagné (Philadelphie) Dany Heatley (Ottawa) Jarome Iginla (Calgary) Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay) Rick Nash (Columbus) Brad Richards (Tampa Bay) Joe Sakic (Colorado) Ryan Smyth (Edmonton) Martin St-Louis (Tampa Bay) Joe Thornton (Boston) Reserves Bryan McCabe (Toronto) Jason Spezza (Ottawa) Eric Staal (Caroline) Personally, I would not have chosen Bert, St-Louis and McCabe and would have loved to see Sid get a shot....but that's just crazy old me.
  4. injury bug ??

    I'm don't think you can call this good news but you left Kovalev off your list of players who will miss tomorrow's game. Isn't that cause Kovy's gonna return tomorow? We don't need anyone else!
  5. Chipchura named Captain of Canada for WJHC

    Great news. This really proves his leadership potential. Latendresse should also have a good WJC (I predict a great one in fact). Still pissed over Price. He deserved at least the no.2 spot.
  6. Carey Price Cut from Team Canada Junior Camp!

    i'm sure bob gainey would appreciate a call from you:lol: brulé was said to be a fragile player, and so far he broke is sternum and a leg. all that in one half of a season. It's not because you get cut from team canada's camp that you suck. some great wjc players went to have terrible hockey careers after. please let'S not judge to quickly:ghg: I think LS was being sarcastic with his comment (look at the rest of his post).
  7. Carey Price Cut from Team Canada Junior Camp!

    Yeah, this is trully unbelievable. Other than Pogge and Price, the other goalies sucked. I though this was a lock for Price. I'm shocked! This selection sucks.
  8. Game Thread | Montreal vs. Oilers | 12/15/05

    Yay for stat sheets: http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/2005...06/GS020463.HTM http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/2005...06/ES020463.HTM Cool thanks. Atta boy Murray! What a nice surprise.
  9. Game Thread | Montreal vs. Oilers | 12/15/05

    Hey folks, just joining in (another night at the office). Could somebody let me know who are the scores for the Habs? I see it's 2-1! Go Habs Go!
  10. Souray Speaks

    Thanks for the link Mont Royal, it was an interesting read. Gotta love that Toronto newspaper citing as "sources close to the Montreal police department" an anonymous phone call made by someone claiming to be a friend of a cop..... [Edited on 2005/12/15 by Rooster]
  11. Shane Doan Suspension?

    Wow! Doan taking a page of Avery's book. The league ought to come down hard on him -taking "advantage" that the comments where made towards refs- and nip this trend in the butt. This is getting ridiculous. Unfortunately, something tells me this will be token punishment if punishment there is.
  12. HAINSEY a la Coffey Rush

    That's because of Hainsey's great personality
  13. First Player Traded?

    You forgot to unclude a "nobody" option in your poll. That is the most probable answer.
  14. WNBC Hockey Poll - Olympics

    Does this poll actually mean anything to anyone? [Edited on 2005/12/14 by Rooster]
  15. He's been sent to Team Belarus for the world junior championships. Good news. These WJC will be fun to watch from a Habs prospect perspective.