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  1. Can’t overstate how dangerous a shot to the side of the head is.
  2. New Rule Proposals

    I’m sure there’s many opinions on HW regarding what can be done to improve the sport of hockey. I, for one, am thrilled that goal scoring has been revived this year - even if MTL hasn’t enjoyed this particular aspect of 2017-18. Any ideas on what else might make this game better? Chew on this: One player from each team must always be in the neutral zone - at all times. That would make for 4v4 play below the blue line at all times during regular play. Plus, it would allow for the quick outlet pass. Toast or roast?
  3. Thass’sum goood 3 on 3
  4. Tampa’s playing softball tonight
  5. Dont forget 86. Reminds me of Lemieux a little bit. Very little effort for big time results.
  6. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    Just tuning in now.... Good to see my HW brethren losing their shit - as seems to be the theme this year. Fire MB! Trade the pretenders, keep the heart and soul! Rebuild! Retool! Get’em next year...
  7. Dec. 30, Habs vs Panthers, 7 PM

    Anyone else see the t-shirt worn by the guy behind Julien?
  8. Agreed. Management needs to go young. Someone who has the ability to see value where no one else does. For example, the Tampa system has gone heavy on Russians at a time when a lot of other teams have purposely avoided it (KHL, attitude problems etc.). They’ve thereby capitalized on an incredible asset for little investment. We need a Habs version of this!
  9. The next GM choice should not be made according to sentimental value. We have no idea if Koivu would be a good GM although the thought of it would be amazing. We should be poaching from the successful organizations of the past few years - Team Canada and TB come to mind specifically. I would throw the moon at Stevie Y if it was allowed. You could add PITT to that group. LA and CHI maybe. If you want to bring in Koivu, that’s fine but don’t throw him straight into the fire. Bring him in to warm up first.
  10. GDT 38: Montreal at Tampa, December 28th

    Weber would be cool to see in PITT. Not sure they can put together a pkg though. 3 way deal might be nice
  11. GDT 38: Montreal at Tampa, December 28th

    We are unworthy
  12. GDT 38: Montreal at Tampa, December 28th

    I’ve never seen 27 drive the net like that.
  13. GDT 38: Montreal at Tampa, December 28th

    If it’s been decided, they should fire now. Bring the new guy in now to retool before trade season heats up.
  14. GDT 38: Montreal at Tampa, December 28th

    To be called out publicly in the tight knit French Canadian hockey community is significant.