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  1. Does Romanov’s contract allow for a spring time cameo?
  2. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Please I hope management doesn’t do anything rash
  3. He looked really good and is absolutely critical to our LD core.
  4. Somebody please bring a fire hose to this game. I’m hoping it’s Price and Domi
  5. That is the best western Canada trip that I can remember.
  6. At the Cowboys casino, post game. Boys.... Ca va bien.
  7. At the game tonight. Should have worn my CH suit
  8. Just watched the Russian Five the other night about how the Wings constructed their 90s-00s dynasty. Fantastic doc. It really highlighted their creative approach to constructing a roster. It touched on their methods of getting players out from behind the iron curtain and a willingness to go heavy on Russian talent when international relations were still a little frosty. If only our GM could happen upon the next big thing and give us that much needed competitive edge.
  9. My contention is that good teams do not lose 8 games in a row. We have a lot of work to do here and I wonder if Bergy - longest tenured GM in the east - is on the hot seat. I’m not sure that it’s the move I would make but one has to wonder.
  10. WSH is a championship calibre team this year. My only want for these games is hard work from the boys. A lot of hard work.
  11. This. That pass by Suzuki was something else. He waited and waited and waited for the right moment. Didnt look like a rookie to me.
  12. This story is currently on the foxnews front page. If you dare, go through the comments at the bottom. Hold your nose.
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