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  1. It’s official. Bobby Orr is a certified loser.
  2. I just have to give thanks that a Habs legend hasn’t come out endorsing DJT. The Bobby Orr situation is regrettable and could end up being a disaster for the Bruins brand.
  3. Agreed however his numbers will improve significantly this year with the stronger squad. I’m hoping he picks up a bit of Anderson and Toffoli’s game.
  4. I have to say that I’m not sure if the media outlets are playing up the Gallagher situation or not. The conspiratorial me thinks they would enjoy dividing our team just when things are starting to look good. That being said, I am a little disappointed in recent events because the only thing that Gally should be saying is: This is the best team on paper that I have been a part of in MTL. This is our chance to win it all and that’s the only thing that concerns me.
  5. I love the armchair approach to this thread but we’re probably going to see every single permutation of lines possible. That’s just business as usual with a team. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the French media drone on about how Danault and Drouin are logging increased minutes on the 3rd line.
  6. Excited to see a tough, gritty Habs team - that can actually play - take the ice.
  7. We should poll HW on this. Playoffs or no. Would be interesting to see the results.
  8. With Suzuki and Kotkaniemi firmly entrenched, Anderson and Romanov to join and potentially Caufield. This team is completely different from October of last year.
  9. How about doing nothing? We’re a playoff team right now. Save the money for trade deadline. Make big move. Win Cup. Who’s with me?
  10. 5.3 left for cap space. Any big move requires money going out now I would assume.
  11. There’s a possibility that a big ticket UFA will have to wait tmrw. Lots of teams hurting for cap space.
  12. We have a trade to announce! Just kidding.... I just like the way that sounds.
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