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  1. The boys came to play this year!
  2. Nov. 13, Canadiens vs Oilers, 9 PM

    I’ll be there. Hoping for a clinic from the bleu, blanc et rouge.
  3. Nov. 10, Golden Knights vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    I just hope Price shows up.
  4. Don’t look now but we’re first in the East.
  5. 2018 Bergevin Appreciation Thread

    This post takes real sack. I approve.
  6. Domi > Galchenyuk

    I like what I see from Domi so far. My guess is that galchenyuk’s numbers will be quite soft this year as he’s again playing on a terrible team.
  7. I have nothing against him but there’s not enough rocket sauce in the tank to ever be a real factor.
  8. Oct. 13, Pittsburgh vs Montreal, 7 PM

    Lindgren called up. Price has the flu.
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Slater Koekkoek is on the block. L handed D, can move the puck, high pedigree and might benefit from a change of scenery.
  10. Shea Weber named Captain

    Agreed. The “officials don’t like Gallagher” is worn out news. The guy is 100% heart and soul and probably next in line for the captaincy. I remember his first season on opening night when the camera panned to him (he didn’t dress). You could see the “You guys are making huge mistake” in his eyes. Gotta love the dedication.
  11. Shea Weber named Captain

    Marc Bergevin: (furrows brow furiously)
  12. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Opening night just got way more interesting!
  13. Injury news

    Disagree. They were money from the opening whistle and tore a hole through excellent teams. The immediate reaction is to dismiss it as an anomaly while I say their team was 2nd line forwards up and down the entire lineup and #3-4 defenceman. i.e. no immediate weakness to exploit hence their success in a “weak link” sport
  14. Injury news

    It was. Nobody wanted to see Columbus v2.0. My point is that while they wanted Vegas to do better than past expansion teams, they certainly did not want to give them a championship caliber team. In retrospect, the Vegas first year was incredibly revealing. The owners gave them a package that most thought would maybe have them on the fence for a playoff berth. Quite a few pundits had them in the bottom 5 of the league. Take home message being - I think a lot of us who think we understand this game (owners included) have a lot left to learn.