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  1. A little sloppy but I absolutely love the never say die mentality we’ve seen from the CH this year.
  2. Friedman seems to think Drouin is in play.
  3. How far is Romanov from being on the roster? This would temper any signing of Gardiner, I would imagine.
  4. If you want to choose stocks based on past performance, go right ahead. Im more interested in the path ahead
  5. Not sure I agree. MTL is doing just great without Jul 1. Biggest enemy on Jul 1 is your own pocketbook and we’ve avoided the garden path so far and added a solid backup
  6. Ha!!! That’s like the leafs in the pre-cap era.
  7. Do we have interest in Ferland? Wouldn’t mind seeing that.
  8. I’m not sure that Duchene is the right guy, right now, but what I do love is a big name UFA coming to MTL. Kind of like Kawhi potentially resigning in TO. It changes perceptions of what the city is and what it means to be an athlete in that city.
  9. Kinkaid (> Fenestrated Finn) was in MTL today.
  10. This should generate debate - are the Habs finally set at the centre position? I think we’re sitting pretty. Bring on the top 6 forwards and puck moving D.
  11. I have faith in MB 2.0. There is a strong possibility that we go deep next year. MB knows this and will secure a solid puck moving LD.
  12. Uhhhhh..... am I seeing Gardiner advocates here?
  13. Lots of room for Armia and Lehkonen yet. It’s too bad that the Jul 1 market for LD weak this year. *crosses fingers for lopsided LD trade in our favour*
  14. Should we be going after Housley? The PP and some offensive coaching for Mete come to mind.
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