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  1. Who cares if we can make the playoffs!!!? Move the goalposts. Can this team win a Cup?! Not even close. Until then, accumulate picks and prospects until we’re ready. We’ve suffered since ‘93. Let’s do this the right way.
  2. Injury news

    As a doctor myself, I have to speak up and say that the organization does not control whether someone plays or rests. It is up to the player and player alone after being given advice from the MD. Anything else would be a violation of the doctor patient relationship. If the player decides to be influenced by team managment, that is his decision.
  3. Injury news

    Cruise for Hughes!
  4. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    More of this please!!! We’ve been through hell since ‘93. Mgmt finally ponies up for a proper rebuild and everyone behaves as though they just lost a testicle in a cleaver fight. Sit back. It’s a process that most of us as true hockey fans will actually enjoy.
  5. UFA Day Thread

    But what a crushing blow if they don’t win...
  6. UFA Day Thread

    Oh yeah??!!!
  7. UFA Day Thread

    This is the best negative news we could get! Finally Molson has a measuring stick for MB - what could have been done since 2012. I hope the Leafs win and a sense of humility is finally spread throughout our front offices. Our franchise has been on the outs ever since Quebec left. Best chance for our success is TO success - as crazy as it sounds.
  8. UFA Day Thread

    Yeah but restocking the cupboard is more important than fraudulent historical rivalries?
  9. UFA Day Thread

    We should sell them Weber and make them pay!
  10. Habs sign Matthew Peca

    We have one of the few rosters where a borderline player like Peca will get a solid look. Costs us very little.
  11. UFA Day Thread

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug!
  12. UFA Day Thread

    Quiet on the JT front.... Cant wait to hear and see the flurry of reactionary moves afterwards
  13. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Our new captain or Gallagher?
  14. Joel Armia and Steve Mason for Simon Bourque

    At least we know he reads!
  15. Using Cap Space to Speed up a Re-Tool

    Best article I’ve read in years.