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  1. My contention is that good teams do not lose 8 games in a row. We have a lot of work to do here and I wonder if Bergy - longest tenured GM in the east - is on the hot seat. I’m not sure that it’s the move I would make but one has to wonder.
  2. WSH is a championship calibre team this year. My only want for these games is hard work from the boys. A lot of hard work.
  3. This. That pass by Suzuki was something else. He waited and waited and waited for the right moment. Didnt look like a rookie to me.
  4. This story is currently on the foxnews front page. If you dare, go through the comments at the bottom. Hold your nose.
  5. I was thinking his ceiling might be 10 this year.
  6. I just hope the boys came to work tonight.
  7. I say Tatar gets rolling tmrw. And, have we plucked Plekanec from Brno to fix our PK yet?
  8. Not a trade but I think the Habs need to address the PK quickly. We should bring in a guy who is a known leader, has a great track record with the Habs and PK experience. This guy is also going to be looking to change gears in his career real soon. Pleky should be pursued as a special teams coach.
  9. In my lifetime, I cannot remember a PK of this ineptitude. It is really unnerving and borderline amateur.
  10. I want a win so bad tonight.
  11. A little sloppy but I absolutely love the never say die mentality we’ve seen from the CH this year.
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