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  1. I'm not sure I'd even bother recalling Brook for NHL camp. He has no shot at earning a spot and the expectation is attendees will be capped around 35 players. Let him stay in Germany (unless he's one of the players leaving due to the coach leaving) and at least get some playing time in over recalling him to sit for more than a month while waiting for Laval's camp.
  2. The Habs are down their top amateur scout as Shane Churla left the team today to join Florida as their Director of Amateur Scouting. While Timmins ultimately has the final say, he's technically an assistant GM and Churla was Montreal's Director of Amateur Scouting.
  3. I don't think it's easy to simply up and move an AHL team in just over two months, even without having to plan for any sort of ticket sales. There are existing arena contracts, sponsorship deals, etc that would be broken even by a short-term move. It's one thing for a top-level team (think the Blue Jays in MLB, Raptors in the NBA) to pack things up - it's a nine-figure enterprise with some big contracts and local sponsors in Buffalo/Tampa Bay respectively can help cover the gap. The cost of non-compliance with existing contracts is less than not playing and getting TV revenue and stuff like that. There isn't any of that when it comes to the AHL. Those teams can lose money where they are or lose more money by the short-term move before even factoring in increased travel costs going across Canada. This doesn't have anything to do with player development or risk - it's a dollars and cents decision first and foremost.
  4. All the team needs is ample time to recall someone and have them serve the quarantine period in that circumstance and the taxi squad serves that purpose. If the Canadian government allows non-Canadian players to go to Canada for training camp (assuming they follow quarantine protocol), they'll probably allow a player to be recalled from the US in-season as long as they follow that protocol.
  5. I don't think taxi squads would be that big when (if) the AHL season gets underway. At that time, it could be cut down to maybe 3 - 1 G, 1 D, 1 F and if that was the eventual plan, I think you'd see some veteran fringe guys get the spots, not the prospects. If the Habs had Lindgren, Olofsson/Ouellet, and let's say Blandisi as the three in that situation, it's not really affecting the development of any prospects. While there's no AHL season, there's no development risk of having a bigger group of reserves to start. As for the Canadian teams with AHL squads, those teams have already said they aren't moving their teams north for a year. Instead, Belleville, Toronto, Laval, and Manitoba would form a division and only play each other. That sounds bad at first but Laval already plays the Ontario teams 12-14 times a year anyway and the target length for the AHL schedule is around 35 games now anyway. For Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, they may get granted an extra taxi squad spot or two to aid in short-term recalls.
  6. I'm expecting something like that as well. It'll also serve as a way for cap-strapped teams to routinely carry the minimum and free up some room for in-season movement.
  7. They can barely carry 22 players as it is (they can afford a 13th forward as long as it's someone making the minimum salary). Primeau is over $880,000 so it's not something they can afford cap-wise unless they want to go to carrying the minimum number of forwards and defencemen which is quite risky. The idea is interesting but I don't think they'll be able to afford to spot start Primeau.
  8. It's not a short-term change after all - he signed a two-year deal. https://www.timraik.se/artikel/z1erakhkj-43ei1/jacob-olofsson-atervander-till-timra-ik
  9. I'm going to call that an oversight on their part. This is the one that the Blackhawks released, clearly featuring the logo:
  10. It's definitely a step backwards but at the same time, he was hardly playing while adapting to the wing instead of playing centre. A short-term change of scenery could do him some good.
  11. They're alright. I don't see the need to have them but hey, without fans, they need some sort of cash grab gimmick.
  12. That one's a bit interesting as wasn't he the third Hab that had to miss the start of camp due to what was believed to be a positive test? (Ouellet and Kulak confirmed theirs but I don't think Brook was ever asked.)
  13. Bad news here... And a clip of the hit:
  14. A pair of Montreal prospects find themselves quite high on the list of USHL players to watch: https://www.si.com/hockey/news/top-40-ushl-players-to-watch
  15. How did I know you'd chime in on that one?
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