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  1. Add Alex Belzile and Laurent Dauphin to that list of those at camp.
  2. Romanov is ineligible to play but he can still skate with the team.
  3. They're still deciding on whether these games will be regional (to fulfill local rights inventory requirements) or national. If regional, it'll be RDS/TSN2 like usual during the season in which case I'm guessing the Centre Ice package will be needed. If CBC/Sportsnet/City has them, they'll be available country-wide.
  4. It looks like the Habs are the prime time game for August 1, 3, and 5 with 8 PM EST starts scheduled for each.
  5. A trade with retention was my conclusion of what Plan A should be when assessing the different buyout scenarios with Alzner last month: http://www.habsworld.net/2020/06/when-is-the-right-time-for-the-habs-to-buy-out-karl-alzner/ The return in that instance would probably be another player that would be buried in the minors or bought out but whose contract is structured in such a way that the Habs would still save a few bucks in the end (similar to the Sergei Samsonov trade from years ago).
  6. What am I watching right now? Reruns - lots and lots of reruns... About 60% of the shows you named are ones I watch so rather than rehash those, I'll toss in the Chicago trio of series plus the two FBI ones. Speaking of Dick Wolf shows, I'm looking forward to Chris Meloni's return to Law and Order with the organized crime spinoff. SVU went downhill in a hurry when he left.
  7. As I'm reading through the MOU to see what some of the contract rules and whatnot are (because what better way could one spend a Friday night?), I find myself amused that there is actually a section in there where players can now receive two routine dental checkup visits per year instead one (section 17 on page 14). Yes, among reshaping the entire financial picture of the NHL in the middle of a pandemic, players can now get their teeth cleaned every six months instead of 12.
  8. The schedule for the PIT series (time/TV TBD): August 1 August 3 August 5 August 7 (if necessary) August 8 (if necessary)
  9. I'm not too worried about the ECHL for next season - this potential agreement with the Habs would start in 2021-22.
  10. So this is sort of done now. The city announced an agreement with Deacon Sports and Entertainment to run the arena. It's a five-year deal with two other five-year options. The ECHL has not ratified this yet and accordingly, the affiliation with the Canadiens can't be announced either.
  11. I actually liked the visits element. It was a good opportunity for players (and their wives/kids) to get a look at where they may be moving to. That's an important factor in deciding where to sign so them getting that chance to see it in person was good. (Of course, the players could spend some money and tour around themselves if they wanted to but I can't see many of them doing that.)
  12. Yes, I favour having the interview period. It's not perfect but is better than scrapping it and going back to the old way.
  13. I don't think Montreal has any interest at all in moving Weber though it would be funny if New Jersey targeted him as an upgrade on Subban.
  14. The UFA interview period being scrapped appears to be a permanent change. I know there were flaws with the old system with deals getting agreed to even though numbers couldn't legally be discussed but I think it was still better than going back to the old way.
  15. You can probably make that point without the backhanded insult against Bergevin. Teams are pondering that procedure with lots of their prospects and some are leaning towards it and others against it. To suggest that Bergevin wouldn't do it because it's too innovative (ie, complicated) doesn't contribute anything of value to the discussion.
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