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  1. A good read on Harris and Struble: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/five-intriguing-canadiens-prospects-struble-harris-will-good-nhl-players/ The key stat: Harris apparently averaged 27:07 per game this season. That's a lot for a sophomore defenceman.
  2. Trevor Linden maybe? He was washed up and the Habs still gave up a first rounder for him back in '99.
  3. Ottawa drafted him 3rd overall back in '94. The Habs got him and Huet from LA ten years later for Garon and a 3rd rounder.
  4. After Perunovich agreed to two separate contracts with St. Louis, it was only a matter of time before someone else followed suit. Pasichnuk has agreed to terms with San Jose on two separate contracts depending on whether or not the season resumes.
  5. Because he was injured before arriving in Laval and missed the two or three games he was on the roster for due to that injury. I think that's what Trizzak was poking at.
  6. I was hoping they'd bring him back. His numbers are certainly low but he has been a huge stabilizing presence defensively for Laval. They don't publicly disclose ice time numbers but I think he'd be second in ATOI per game behind Ouellet.
  7. The KHL cancelled their playoffs so Romanov watch can officially begin. If he waits until May to sign, CSKA would retain his KHL rights so I wouldn't expect him to be signing right away.
  8. Joni Ikonen signed a two-year deal with Ilves in Finland. That's notable as the Habs only have one more year after this one to actually sign him.
  9. You don't want Douglas. Trust me. He got his goals in junior by being bigger and stronger than everyone else and still couldn't manage a point per game. That doesn't translate to the pros. He'll be an ECHL guy if someone signs him. Pasichnuk had about 20 suitors and has whittled that down to two. It sounds like he's still holding out hope for the season resuming to burn an ELC year right away so it may take a while for him to sign.
  10. No big shocker here but the IIHF World Championship was cancelled today.
  11. No, he's the potato(head) gallery.
  12. Not sure what the bigger surprise is - Tom Brady leaving New England or the fact he got a two-year deal when he'll turn 43 before next season starts. I'm inclined to think the latter.
  13. He actually was on an NHL deal this year. Had it not been for the early shoulder injury, he'd have had a long look with the Habs. Glad to see him back.
  14. It's not like they have one now (and the ship has basically sailed on one for next season anyway, even if this does go through). They have a few guys on two-way AHL deals (Lamarche, Culkin, and Adams-Moisan) but they're hardly irreplaceable. The latter two leaving would be ideal, to be honest.
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