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  1. For anyone interested, I was on postgame duty tonight for the first time this season - http://www.habsworld.net/2019/10/canadiens-come-up-short-in-minnesota/
  2. I think the down vote button was actually technically called the dislike button.
  3. Devan Dubnyk has a .939% in 11 games against the Habs in his career, the best SV% vs any opponent (minimum 6 GP). He's 9-1-1 in that span.
  4. Probably a third line winger role to start and then adjust from there depending on how he performed.
  5. Don't worry - I've received plenty of them in the past. That's basically what it's going to be now.
  6. The Habs are once again linked to Russian winger Konstantin Okulov per Chris Johnston on Saturday Headlines. He mentions that many teams consider Toronto and Montreal the heavy favourites to the point where they're wondering if it's even worth pursuing him. Montreal was linked to him a year ago but he was still under contract in the KHL. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/160611/konstantin-okulov
  7. In recent weeks, there has been an uptick in posters that have decided to simply down vote posts based on who the poster is, not the content of the post. Others seem to down vote anything that doesn't exactly match their opinion which is not what the voting system is for. Instead, multiple threads devolved into discussions about the system itself, often accompanied by a rapid series of down votes. At this point, that function seems to be doing more harm than good. Accordingly, I've decided to disable that button for the time being. I'm open to considering re-enabling it down the road but I'm hopeful that this will improve things on here.
  8. Given Bergevin's affinity for physical stay-at-home players, the fact that he's a rental player, and San Jose's complete lack of cap room, I suspect Brenden Dillon is who they're looking at. He's a better fit on the third pairing but has played higher in a pinch and he's the type of player that might be a better fit for Julien than someone like Reilly. I don't have much interest in him myself but Vlasic isn't a likely target for the contract and Ferraro's a rookie so if they're looking at LD's, that leaves Dillon.
  9. They didn't call anyone up when Cousins was hurt as they carried just 12 healthy forwards for more than a week so I imagine they won't call anyone up here. Reilly's still available if someone was to get injured in the warmup tomorrow and he'll serve as the reserve (if he's not in the lineup).
  10. Sounds like a lower-body injury that was tweaked or happened in the warmup.
  11. One lineup change for the Habs, Folin is back in for Fleury (injured).
  12. To be honest, I think he would be...in the right situation. If I had to guess on what that situation would be, it'd be at a time where the Habs are a legitimate playoff team (not a bubble one) and the player they're getting back is either signed or under team control for 3+ years. Granted, that's a pretty tough set of self-imposed circumstances to work under (very few key players traded in recent years meet the control requirement) but I think that's the perfect storm type of situation he'd be looking for.
  13. It's a disappointing loss but it was good to see improved defensive structure for the second straight game. Tampa is certainly no slouch offensively but they didn't get a lot going on Montreal's defence.
  14. Had Carolina not matched on Aho, the Habs would have parted with first, second, and third rounders all from the upcoming draft in Montreal. That suggests to me that Bergevin is open to moving a pick from this draft in the right situation.
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