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  1. Brook is a a decent prospect while Brisebois is more of a depth guy. He's more around the Olofsson level - someone you can use in the NHL if you had to but is better suited to be 9th or 10th on the depth chart. I also disagree with the Habs having too many RD. They don't have anywhere near enough of them. They have Weber and Petry in the NHL, Fleury and Brook in the minors and that's it. All of their good prospects are lefties as well. They don't need to get rid of a right-shot D, they need to acquire about three of them - one for the minors and at least two for their prospect
  2. They don't need to put any term on it as he's subject to recall at any time. This is just Vancouver sending a player to the minors and instead of going to their farm team in the US, they've picked a Canadian-based team to allow him to be able to bypass quarantine restrictions if and when they need to recall him. If I had to guess, he'll be down for a while unless they have some injuries that force a recall.
  3. He hasn't played all season (Brisebois has been on the taxi squad since January 13th) so this is a move designed to get him some playing time. Is there a firm agreement in place that says he has to play every game? Probably not but there's an understanding that he'll be in more often than not. Otherwise, there's no reason for Vancouver to loan him. As much as Laval has an expanded roster, it's not really the case for their defence now. When everyone's healthy and available, their top-six is fine (Fleury, Brook, Ouellet, Leskinen, Olofsson, Schueneman) but one injury or recall h
  4. Except how many teams that are looking to buy can afford Tatar's contract? There's 8 teams right now with the cap space to take on the contract and six of them are sellers. Of the two remaining (FLA/BOS), Florida has a strict budget. Even if Montreal wanted to move Tatar, there isn't much of a market at this point.
  5. A bit more defensive depth with Guhle and Fairbrother gone. He won't be available to Laval for another week though.
  6. I wouldn't call Reilly an upgrade by any stretch. He hasn't changed much from his time in Montreal - he can pass, skate, and move the puck offensively but he can't be relied on to defend.
  7. Not too surprising: Flames fire head coach Geoff Ward. Very surprising: Flames give Darryl Sutter a three-year contract as their new head coach.
  8. I've noticed the same thing with Gallagher this season although he has been more like his usual self the last couple of games.
  9. I don't have a lot of confidence in Kulak being able to hold his own with Weber. It's terrifying watching him in the defensive zone right now. He plays well with Petry but that's about it. In theory, they could move him back there and try Edmundson with Weber but I don't think they want to mess with Edmundson-Petry. I mentioned this in another thread recently but I wouldn't be shocked if moving Romanov up is a late-season adjustment. Right now, he's having a hard enough time adapting - he's doing well at times and struggling badly at others - that it's hard to justify asking more out of h
  10. My bad. He has struggled a bit more 5-on-5 than normal, I agree with that. Chiarot's not playing the best either and I think that's hurting Weber a bit as well.
  11. He was on the ice for 33 seconds of OT, a defensive zone faceoff that was won and cleared with him changing soon after. It was Petry who continues to be baffled by how to cover someone in OT, not Weber.
  12. Nice to see the power play starting to resemble a power play and Toffoli (sort of) making up for his giveaway.
  13. I don't think that was a terrible period by any stretch but the results sure weren't pretty.
  14. The Habs were late with their COVID protocol list submission today but there aren't any last-minute scratches.
  15. Bergevin's comments yesterday suggest that he had spoken to Burke earlier in the day about the position. I think there's some truth to that; otherwise, your hypothesis suggests that Bergevin saw the goal, called Burke to create a new position, made arrangements to promote Marciano for the next couple of weeks, and went to fire Waite all in the span of about 15-20 minutes. I don't think that timeline works. Alzner in the minors would have cost $3.55M ($4.625M AAV minus $1.075M). They're paying about $400K more with the buyout this year, not $1.5M.
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