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  1. 2017 Rocket/Beast Offseason Thread

    Well, Crisp was a bit like him at the end of Prust's time with Montreal as well as his year in Vancouver - a roster filler that didn't really contribute anything of consequence. I thought Crisp could have been a bit more useful but the injuries were a killer for him.
  2. 2017 Rocket/Beast Offseason Thread

    Connor Crisp has signed with the ECHL's Walleye. Holy Toledo, someone actually signed him...
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The Oilers are in no real rush to move him as they still have plenty of cap room. It's quite likely that they'll wait until next offseason to trade him.
  4. 2017 HW NFL Pool

    It looks like we might have a spot available. If anyone's interested, let me know.
  5. August 15 College Free Agents

    I'm not sold on his upside. He had a really good year but he was also older than a lot of the players in NCAA hockey. There's some upside but I think he's more of a third pairing player at his ceiling than a top-four player. He's a complimentary piece, not a potential core one. The first player is off the board as Connor Clifton has signed an AHL deal with Boston.
  6. Will Butcher's name has come up in a few threads so it's probably best to have a college FA one to keep the talk in one spot. Here's the list of all of the players set to hit the market about two hours and a bit from now: Sam Kurker – St. Louis Blues (2nd round, 2012) Taylor Cammarata – New York Islanders (3rd round, 2013) Chris Calnan – Chicago Blackhawks (3rd round, 2013) Rhett Holland – Arizona Coyotes (4th round, 2012) Zach Nagelvoort – Edmonton Oilers (4th round, 2014) Will Butcher – Colorado Avalanche (5th round, 2013) Doyle Somerby – New York Islanders (5th round, 2012) Dominic Toninato – Toronto Maple Leafs (5th round, 2012) - Signed with Colorado Evan Campbell – Edmonton Oilers (5th round, 2013) Connor Clifton – Arizona Coyotes (5th round, 2013) - Signed AHL contract with Boston Teemu Kivihalme – Nashville Predators (5th round, 2013) - Signed in Finland Grant Besse – Anaheim Ducks (5th round, 2013) Alex Kerfoot – New Jersey Devils (5th round, 2012) Ben Storm – Colorado Avalanche (6th round, 2013) Tim Harrison – Calgary Flames (6th round, 2013) Collin Olson – Carolina Hurricanes (6th round, 2012) Chris Leblanc – Ottawa Senators (6th round, 2013) Clifford Watson – San Jose Sharks (6th round, 2012) James De Haas – Detroit Red Wings (6th round, 2012) Blaine Byron – Pittsburgh Penguins (6th round, 2013) Wade Murphy – Nashville Predators (7th round, 2013) Brendan Collier – Carolina Hurricanes (7th round, 2012) Jedd Soleway – Arizona Coyotes (7th round, 2013) Nolan De Jong – Minnesota Wild (7th round, 2013) Colin Sullivan – Montreal Canadiens (7th round, 2011) Most of these players won't land contracts but I've bolded the ones that are speculated to have some interest from other teams.

    Didier signed an AHL deal with Carolina. Nattinen is still Montreal's property for one more year which also coincides with when his deal with JYP ends. He's basically gone though unless he has an amazing year out there.

    As of 11:59 PM EST, yes. (Along with Kerfoot watch, Toninato watch and it sounds like Doyle Somerby may garner some interest as well.)

    News...let's see - the Habs will officially lose the rights to Colin Sullivan at midnight. He may have set a new low bar for the complete and utter uselessness of a draft pick. (To be fair, you didn't say you wanted news of any sort of importance...)
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    When they signed Hemsky, I imagine they were expecting to re-sign Markov and eat of most of the remaining cap space. Jagr's going to cost more than Hemsky so back in early July, they probably figured they wouldn't be able to afford him whereas now they could if they wanted to sign him.
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    They're citing an interview where the person being interviewed admitted that he wasn't sure which team Jagr's agent talked with. That's not really anything newsworthy. And boy, that site really believes in click bait headlines, wow...
  12. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Ikonen was listed as the top line centre for KalPa in their 2-1 preseason shootout loss to Karpat today. Ikonen was held off the scoresheet and was 0/1 in the shootout.
  13. Habs sign Joe Morrow

    A closer look at what Morrow brings to the table: http://www.habsworld.net/2017/08/a-rinkside-view-a-step-forward-for-joe-morrow/
  14. HW Tennis Fanatics

    I didn't catch any of the match yesterday but Shapovalov beating Nadal is certainly one of the biggest upsets in recent memory. That certainly helped get rid of some of the sting of Raonic going out early.
  15. 2017-18 Line-up

    It's certainly an exciting trio to ponder but that's basically having all of your eggs in one basket offensively. I can see the logic behind keeping one of them on a second line and then putting the big three together in late period or late game situations.