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  1. I remembered to pick but I'm basically down half a team now: Gibson - hurt Fleury - pulled Rakell - hurt Hornqvist - hurt Karlsson - playing hurt (though I knew that going in) Schultz - hurt
  2. I can't see the shootout going away unfortunately but I could maybe see them change to 4-on-4 OT for the medal round games. They do 3-on-3 for the preliminary round.
  3. Sergachev was a lot quieter yesterday but Windsor didn't need much from him in a 7-1 win. Addison had a goal and an assist though.
  4. It was quite the game, too bad it had to end in a shootout. A second OT would have been a lot more exciting (even if Sweden had inevitably won there too).
  5. McCarron doesn't need to be protected so it won't be him. Hudon or de la Rose are certainly options though.
  6. Patrick Eaves (a 32 goal scorer this year somehow) is also out for them. Rakell was the other 30+ goal scorer on their team.
  7. Why wouldn't he cost much? He'd be a top six centre on a good contract that's available in a market that's largely bereft of top six centres. That suggests a bidding war, not a low-cost pickup.
  8. Anisimov wasn't there when Bergevin was whereas Shaw was while Danault was picked when he was still with them. It's probably not the same situation. Their cap situation is really ugly so they can't take anyone with any notable salary back. I'd suggest they'd be looking for a near NHL-ready forward with top six upside. They don't have anyone who fits that bill from St. John's. If I had to guess who they'd ask for, I'd say Lehkonen. He's cheap for another year and has shown flashes of top six potential. I can't see them looking for picks, they'd prefer a player who can help in the near future.
  9. Anisimov's name is out there apparently. I stumbled on a column out of Chicago while doing prep work for my PHR shift tonight that says that Anisimov is rumoured to be on the block already. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/hockey/blackhawks/ct-spt-0519-blackhawks-trade-analysis-20170518-story.html
  10. And that's why Stepan's name came to mind. It doesn't exactly meet the criteria that most of the fan base would like to see but falls in line with Bergevin's methodology.
  11. From La Presse: It'd be nice if Lefebvre could land an NHL assistant job but that doesn't really sound realistic at this time. http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/hockey/201705/18/01-5099227-dominique-ducharme-nest-pas-le-choix-des-blackhawks-pour-leur-club-ecole.php
  12. I suspect Derek Stepan would be the target. He's a proven 1B/2A centre, has four years left at a cap hit that's going to be comparable to Galchenyuk's new deal, and is more defensively reliable. It doesn't exactly solve the offensive problems but that would give them someone that they'd be more comfortable using in that top centre position.
  13. The Czechs were ousted today so there are no Habs left in the tournament. Jerabek reportedly suffered a broken finger in today's quarterfinal.
  14. If the Habs were looking to enter into a rebuilding stage, then they'd take a shot at that. Dallas wants an established player to move that pick. Are you willing to move Galchenyuk for that pick? That would likely be the starting point for discussions; they're not going to take Shaw and a 2nd rounder or a package highlighted by Beaulieu or some other quantity for quality proposal that will surely be thrown out there. https://www.nhl.com/news/dallas-stars-could-trade-no-3-pick-at-nhl-draft/c-289500140
  15. Robinson is retired from coaching. He's moved into a part-time player development role for the Sharks.