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  1. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Jack Edwards has added to his collection of really dumb calls: This was from Game 3 of the series: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2018/04/19/bruins-commentator-had-a-meltdown-after-the-refs-stopped-play-for-an-injury/111152386/
  2. 2018 draft thread

    He was at Montreal's camp as well last offseason so they got a good look at him then.
  3. Injury news

    There's always one player who isn't supposed to be ready for the start of the regular season due to an offseason surgery - I guess it's Byron's turn this time. That will take him out of the running for the Worlds too (I had him as a fourth line darkhorse given his speed and penalty killing abilities).
  4. Sylvain Lefebvre has been fired

    What a relief to see that this was finally done - it was only about four years too late but it has finally happened. Now if the rest of the bench staff can be let go, that would be nice.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The secondary question is: Does anybody actually want Duclair at this point? He was lousy in Chicago and it's not out of the realm of possibility that he doesn't get qualified this summer. I also think any team would be asking the Habs to retain on Shaw's contract. Four years at that money for a bottom-six player isn't something they'll be willing to take on (unless they're offloading a similar contract back).
  6. Apr. 13/14, Laval vs Toronto

    It's starting to sound like it will be his last with Laval but that he will be on his way up to be the defence coach with the Habs next season. The lines for the final game: 2-1 Laval in the 1st - goals from Gregoire and Beauregard.
  7. Apr. 13/14, Laval vs Toronto

    It was close for a little bit (scoreless after 1) but it's now 4-0 Marlies in the 3rd.
  8. There's a big difference between the RFA and the UFA here. With an RFA, signed or not, they remain under team control through the expansion process. A UFA with an expiring contract is set to become an outright free agent a couple of weeks after the draft. Teams with pending UFAs could wait until after the Expansion Draft to re-sign them as the new team wouldn't necessarily want to pick a player they could lose for nothing shortly thereafter. That's not the same risk for RFAs.
  9. It's the final two games of the regular season as a good team (Toronto) takes on a terrible team (Laval). The Rocket will have a few players back in Michael McCarron, Brett Lernout, and Kerby Rychel so they might actually be able to once again ice a whole line full of AHL-quality talent. Puck drop is at 7:30 PM on Friday (on TSN 2 and RDS) and at 4 PM on Saturday (radio only).
  10. He was an NHL assistant once before with Colorado. It didn't go well. If a player is a restricted free agent, he's still required to be protected for expansion. Teams can't just sign all of their players to short-term deals to get around the protection requirements.
  11. It's a day late but let's use this thread for NHL postseason discussion. Early thoughts: Philly still can't get good goaltending and Joe Morrow is probably liking life away from Montreal right about now...
  12. Sarcasm aside, that's probably a more realistic possibility than you might think.
  13. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    He got a pretty nice contract. Max base salary for both years ($925,000 with the signing bonus) plus $425,000 in Class A bonuses. For perspective, that's a bigger contract (more bonuses) than Scherbak, McCarron, and Juulsen - all first-round picks.
  14. 2018 HW Playoff Pool

    7 PM EST on Wednesday is the deadline for Round 1.
  15. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    Apparently, he has a groin issue and won't play this week.