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  1. Alzner and Evans were both injured in this one. Just as someone comes back...
  2. Laval meets Cleveland for the fifth time this season with the road team winning the first four games. (Lines based on last game.) Gerbe - Stenlund - Hannikainen Matteau - MacInnis - Dano Vigneault - Scott - Lilja Bittner - Thurkauf - Fortier Carlsson - Clendening Simpson - Peeke Karlsson - Somerby Vehvilainen Belzile - McCarron - Barber Weise - Poehling - Waked Alain - Vejdemo - Cox Jevpalovs - Evans - Lynch Ouellet - Lamarche Olofsson - Folin Alzner - Brook Lindgren Puck drop is at 7:00 PM EST. 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French. RDS is also televising the game.
  3. Certainly not in the short-term - he's no longer eligible to play in the NHL this season.
  4. They have the cap room for it now but once Marner comes back in the next week or so, they'll only be able to carry 19 skaters (and that's with Hutchinson making the league minimum as the backup). Realistically, they can't take him even if they wanted to.
  5. I hope not. He's not exactly playing well in Laval lately and if this losing streak keeps going, nothing like putting a 20-year-old in net and asking him to snap a 10-game losing streak in his NHL debut. That could backfire in a whole lot of ways. A couple of points: 1) That still could very well happen. This is a very short-term assignment by all accounts (think a week or two just to get a few starts and get into a bit of a rhythm). 2) Why do you seem to derive so much enjoyment from anything that's negative? Dare I ask who your realistic backup goalie preference was over the summer?
  6. I don't think Julien feels the same way. He's at a whopping 5:31 of ice time through two periods and he was basically benched outright yesterday. I don't get it.
  7. They view Blackwood as their goalie of the future and if they move him, then they have a goalie tandem that costs nearly $17 million with Cory Schneider still signed for a while. Schneider would have to be involved in any deal as a result, not Blackwood.
  8. Hamonic's a pending UFA so he's not really a good option for trading for Price and helping their long-term cap situation. A Price trade would likely make the most sense for a team that already has a high-priced goalie and wants an upgrade. Rittich being at $2.75M makes that a trickier sell though I agree, he'd be a viable fit in theory. His NMC is a no waivers clause.
  9. Except Calgary is in a dire cap situation. They're a team that would have to match money (and not just in the short-term) which means Lucic would inevitably be part of the return. They could use a goalie upgrade but they can't afford someone making half of what Price makes.
  10. Primeau has hit his first rough patch - 4 or more goals allowed in 4 of his last 5 starts.
  11. Mete's hurt. That explains the defensive pairings getting juggled in the second half of the period.
  12. Juulsen isn't feeling well again and won't play tonight.
  13. When he's on, he's great. When he's off, he can be borderline unplayable. That's what has stopped him from really emerging as a legitimate top pairing option. Agreed. So far, so good for Olofsson.
  14. After falling to a division rival on Wednesday, Laval will look to get back on track as they host another division rival in Utica for a pair of games. Noah Juulsen missed Wednesday's game due to illness, no word yet on whether or not he'll be available to return. (Lines based on last game.) Peca - McCarron - Barber Weise - Poehling - Lynch Alain - Vejdemo - Cox Jevpalovs - Evans - Waked Alzner - Brook Leskinen - Juulsen Lamarche - Folin Primeau (Lines based on last game.) Hunt - Borgstrom - Rodewald Lowry - Saarela - Greco Roy - Audette - Tippett Byron - Heponiemi - Repo Cross - Keeper Stillman - Schemitcsh Massie - Mangene Montembeault Puck drop is at 7:00 PM EST. 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French.
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