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  1. I'm no Lefebvre fan but he's not the only one to blame here. When de la Rose was in the minors, he'd get recalled every time he started to show flashes offensively and then would be dropped into a fourth line role where he was to focus on defence only. He'd then stop producing and lose confidence. While I don't think there was a lot of unlocked offensive potential here, that's simply not a good way to develop a prospect. This is partially on management as well.
  2. He's safe...for now. Deslauriers has his final visit with doctors today as he works towards approval to return. The Habs are going to be in this same situation within the next week or so.
  3. It turns out the roster casualty to bring Jacob de la Rose off IR is de la Rose himself as the Habs have officially placed him on waivers. http://www.habsworld.net/2018/10/habs-place-jacob-de-la-rose-on-waivers/
  4. Remember, they don't have to keep him up for nine games before making a decision. They could make it now and have him play a few games at the end of the year once his season in Finland is done if they want to get him to nine. To be honest, that would be my preferred route.
  5. Habs Salary Cap Info and FAQ's

    A little something to note from the Lindgren emergency recall from Saturday. They were able to bring him up under this provision: This can only be used twice during the season and for no more than 48 hours on each occasion.
  6. I'd still send him somewhere. If they think he needs to build strength, go back to Finland. If they want him to get more playing time, then go to Laval. I know there are some that are fawning over him but he's not exactly lighting it up. He's holding his own - which is great, by the way - but if that's all he's doing, I wouldn't be burning time on his contract just for that. Also, unlike junior players, he could be recalled if/when he's sent down so if he gets on a roll or injuries strike, he could easily be brought back if they wanted.
  7. Well...any preferences for who should be in the photo for Wednesday? (Assuming Montreal holds on, of course...)
  8. Anthems

    That's odd. I know they used to do the anthems. That's probably a question you'd need to ask them though - it's not anything we have the answer to. I'd like to see TSN do the same but they have studio discussions and then go to commercials when the anthem is on.
  9. Well, the Habs got some nice breaks that period. Drouin draws a penalty shot (and scores), Plekanec banks one in from behind the net, and Danault (or Tatar) gets a dribbler to go in. Weird way to score three but I'll take it.
  10. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I saw it among the tweets on the main page. This was the first one: Since then, the Leafs have made the recall official and Andersen has a knee injury (DTD).
  11. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    It's amazing what a couple of weeks can do. At the beginning of the month, Toronto had too many NHL goalies. They lost two on waivers (McElhinney to CAR and Pickard to FLA). Then their AHL starter (Kasimir Kaskisuo) got hurt. Now, Frederik Andersen is injured and they've been forced to call up an ECHL goalie, a throw-in they got in the Matt Martin trade this summer. Their NHL tandem until Andersen is healthy is Garret Sparks and Eamon McAdam. Suffice it to say, Toronto will be in some more high scoring games.
  12. I think Bergevin is operating from the Tinordi playbook again. Put a high price tag and don't play him to avoid the risk of injury with the hope that someone will eventually bite. That didn't really work with Tinordi (the reported ask of two 2nd's) but maybe Bergevin thinks it can work here.
  13. Based on line rushes, it's Peca that will get the spot.
  14. Early indications are that Niemi will start again - Price is at practice but I guess isn't 100%. Shaw isn't at the skate either as he's dealing with the flu. If he can't go, will Peca draw back in on the wing or will Scherbak make his season debut?