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  1. Hudon re ups with habs

    He filed for arbitration so he was forcing a contract one way or the other. They still had a couple of weeks before the hearing but he was getting a contract one way or the other. It actually came in a bit lower than I expected.
  2. The Official CFL Thread

    It has been an eventful first six weeks or so of the season. I don't mind Reed getting let go. I will mind if Maciocia (who struggled badly as a GM) winds up being the replacement. This cap circumvention scheme is a little worrisome though in terms of potential repercussions. They already are out another couple of first rounders - if this winds up being serious, how many more are they going to lose.
  3. I thought that was the holdup when they went through this last year but at the end of the day, he simply accepted his QO value. Part of me isn't surprised that it's happening again but given the year he had, he can't possibly believe he's going to be an NHL player to start next season.
  4. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if that's near the top of his list right now but the Leafs may have to clear money out on Marner's deal as it is. It's hard to imagine them being able to keep Gardiner, even at a rate below market value. They don't have access to the second buyout window either.
  5. Official NBA Thread

    I guess their offence will revolve around Westbrook pushing the tempo for a transition bucket or have him drive the paint and then start to swing it around to the shooters on the perimeter. The West is going to be really interesting this season. (The East, not so much...)
  6. Official NBA Thread

    When they were last together, Harden was clearly behind Westbrook in the pecking order. That's reversed now and Westbrook is the number two option. It'll be really interesting to see how that works out. Westbrook not being a good three point shooter makes it a curious fit as Houston is all about distance shooting.
  7. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    I knew I was forgetting someone - Boston would be it. The Rangers need to do more than send Beleskey down. Trouba alone will eat up most of their remaining cap space (if not all of it) and they still have Buchnevich, Deangelo, and Lemieux to re-sign. A post-arbitration buyout is an option but the two candidates had front-loaded deals so that's a risk. I think Vladislav Namestnikov is quietly being dangled again. Dallas can LTIR Hanzal if they have to (he won't play next season) but with Perry, Heiskanen, and Sekera having achievable bonuses, there's some risk. Mattias Janmark is coming off a tough year and I could see him being the cap casualty. I'm not sure what's happening with Eriksson (had they not gone and signed three d-men in free agency, an Alzner/Eriksson swap could have made a bit of sense). They're trying to move Brandon Sutter but that's not going to happen either. I wonder if Baertschi is the guy that goes. I agree on Bjugstad being the Pittsburgh option. He didn't fit in too well with them (compared to McCann) and his contract isn't too onerous. The Habs have shown interest in the past. I think Eakin is the preferred trade chip for Vegas - they really like Reaves for some reason. Most teams seem to be holding out for Gusev.
  8. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    It's looking like quite a few teams are going to be needing to clear out money fairly quickly. I have the Rangers, Flames, Stars, Canucks, Penguins, Golden Knights, and Coyotes (seriously) as teams that need to shed a contract. The Capitals and Sharks could make it work with what they've got but they'd probably like to free up a bit of wiggle room as well. I wonder if that's now going to be the target for the Habs (and other teams with cap room). Can they leverage an extra asset or two out of a team that needs to save money? Unfortunately, aside from Vegas (if Gusev does go), most of the players that would be getting moved would be complementary pieces in all likelihood which doesn't exactly fit Montreal's needs.
  9. Lehkonen Signs 2.4m/Year

    Unrelated to Lehkonen specifically but because of this deal, the Habs no longer have enough room under the NHL's offseason cap rules to go more than around $10.5 million on an offer sheet (and that amount will go down whenever Hudon signs). For anyone wanting Montreal to go the 4+ first-rounder route, that is no longer an option (unless they move out some players first).
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Unless it was for one year. To be honest, that's probably someone's best shot at getting him is one year at an amount that puts the Leafs in cap trouble now and doubles down on it with that $11M (or whatever it is, probably a bit less on a one-year offer if someone wants to go with less picks) serving as the qualifying offer for the next season. He'd have arbitration eligibility at that time, giving him more leverage. That's how to hurt Toronto if someone wanted to go that route. That interview was from before the start of the season - Engels just keeps pulling quotes from it to use in various articles over the past several months.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Waivers would be required as it's a non-NHL assignment. Teams can do that with someone that's waiver exempt (and on an ELC) but Puljujarvi would need to clear waivers to be loaned to Finland. The better way to do that would be to simply have him sign in Finland and retain RFA status for a year (which is what Edmonton's willing to do).
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If he was to actually make it through waivers, then his trade value would go up (like Kulak and Olofsson last season). That said, with Fleury and Brook needing lots of playing time (and Juulsen could be there too), there isn't really room for Honka there either.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Why trade for someone that's probably going to be on waivers in late September/early October? Unless you really think a bunch of teams are going to want him, you might as well wait it out. And from Montreal's perspective, why would they trade for him when he probably doesn't crack their top-8 right now? I guess he could sneak ahead of Juulsen but then the Habs would have to carry 8 d-men, something they may not want to do. It's not just a second rounder - it's believed to be that plus another asset now.