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  1. A simulator for anyone interested in killing some time: https://draftprospectshockey.com/draftsim
  2. With his junior eligibility exhausted, Rafael Harvey-Pinard (a 7th rounder of the Habs back in 2019) was going to be turning pro one way or the other for next season. He won't be playing on an entry-level deal though as he instead inked a one-year, one-way deal with Laval. I know he was holding out hope of an ELC but this is certainly the better route from Montreal's perspective. http://www.habsworld.net/2020/05/laval-signs-rafael-harvey-pinard-to-a-one-year-deal/
  3. It wasn't my article. The original piece didn't have the EP links, I just added those in. If Chisholm wants to sign an AHL contract, sure. Mind you, I'm one who generally thinks that there is rarely such a thing as a bad minor league deal. Looking ahead to 2021-22 - I think Harris signs then (there was consideration to signing him for next year) while Fairbrother and LeGuerrier need deals as well (LeGuerrier I think could sign now). I think one of those two will get a deal. It's possible Norlinder comes over as well - he has the second year on his SHL deal but that can be overridden by the transfer agreement. Leskinen could still be around. That could be the whole left side of Laval's back end right there and who knows, Alzner could still be around for his final season. (Plus Ouellet/Olofsson could be retained or replaced.)
  4. Dauphin already re-signed. Lucchini is a coin flip (I'd lean no but he played well in Laval in limited action) while Luchuk/Sturtz are surefire non-tenders.
  5. I wound up looking at the stats for each player as I had added the links in that article back on Monday (it was a bit of a dull night shift). Chisholm, to me, is the most notable but with all of the LD they've added recently, I don't think there's a great fit unless they were moving a different LD in return. Gravel feels like an AHL offer at best. It's not a great class of prospects to sift through overall.
  6. Same here. He's the most notable loss of the three but he didn't progress much over the last couple of years. I wonder if he's one of those prospects that played at a high level in junior early and more or less peaked at the same time. If he couldn't elevate his game in the WHL, how productive would he have been in the pros? I'd be content with him getting an AHL deal if he goes undrafted but I don't see him wanting to do that.
  7. That'd be interesting as the belief around Pittsburgh over the last couple of months is that Murray will get first crack. While Jarry had the better numbers, Murray got more of the 'prestige' games and it's believed their coach still really trusts him.
  8. I don't think Kotkaniemi will be available. Basu's mailbag earlier this month said he'd be a long way away from getting cleared for contact (months more than weeks). Even if this stretches into late July, are they going to want to throw him back in just as he's getting cleared? I think they'll play it safe and maybe bring him over to skate and be evaluated but not be given consideration to play unless they actually won a couple of rounds.
  9. If everyone aside from Kotkaniemi (who is out for several more months) is available: Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Lehkonen - Suzuki - Armia Drouin - Domi - Byron Hudon - Evans - Weal Chiarot - Weber Mete - Petry Kulak - Juulsen Drouin and Suzuki didn't work well together if I remember correctly (it has been a while) and I can see that F2 line being a defacto checking/two-way one with F3 being the mismatch line. Pittsburgh isn't the fastest team so putting the two fast wingers with Domi could help. Part of me is inclined to put Poehling on the 4th line for a bit of size and something resembling defensive ability rather than leaving Evans on his own. If Alex Belzile is healthy (the timeline on his shoulder surgery suggests he should be available) and does well in camp, I'd give very serious consideration to him in Weal's spot. Yes, he has been off for a while but a three-week training camp (that appears to be the target) may be enough. He and Evans played quite well together in Laval (Hudon with those two was a very good combo) and would give that line a bit more of a two-way presence. Juulsen declared himself recovered on a conference call last week and if he is indeed healthy, he's a better option than Fleury who will need heavily sheltered minutes. I don't want Mete/Kulak on their off-side and I don't trust Ouellet at the best of times.
  10. The US will be exempting international players (plus families and essential staff) from COVID-related travel bans. That's another notable step towards a return to play; it will pave the way for players to return back to their club cities for a conditioning camp. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-athletes-idUSKBN22Z03D?taid=5ec8ab78c4c54c00017f13ec
  11. The NHLPA has voted to continue negotiations on a 24-team playoff with the league. While this doesn't mean it's a guarantee that it will happen as some are speculating, it certainly seems as if there's some momentum now towards this format with the Habs squeaking into the playoffs as a result.
  12. One-year extension for Yannick Veilleux, a well-deserved deal. Normally this wouldn't get its own article on HW but I am rather desperate for content to keep things running somewhat smoothly. http://www.habsworld.net/2020/05/laval-signs-yannick-veilleux-to-a-one-year-extension/
  13. Agreed. I think we're looking at December at the earliest as a start date. I think their 'Plan A' scenario is about this: Early/mid-July to early September: Playoffs Mid-September: Draft A few days after the draft: Free Agency Early/mid-November: Start of training camp I've seen 1.5 to 2.5 months thrown around as the minimum offseason. This would at least get them two full months before training camp which is about three weeks shy of the usual length. That's not way off the mark. I'll be very intrigued to see how they plan to safely play 82 games next season (their stated goal). I'd think they're planning to run into July already at this point.
  14. It seems like the GMs got in the ears of the Board of Governors as the early June draft hasn't been announced as anticipated. Personally, they need to figure out what their return to play plan will be before even entertaining the idea of a draft. For example, a 5-team lottery doesn't make sense if 24 teams are going to make the playoffs. Why wouldn't it be a 7-team lottery in that instance?
  15. Those performance bonuses look like the usual GP ones that are included in a lot of Montreal's mid-tier prospect contracts. I mentioned the frequency a couple of posts earlier - I think it's in a lot of deals and just goes unreported.
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