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  1. The fun has already started - Boston lost in the Stanley Cup Final, Matt Niskanen is now in Philly, and Jordan Eberle re-signs with the Islanders. What else is going to happen? As usual, we'll use this thread to discuss the goings on around the league this offseason.
  2. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    Olli Maatta to Chicago for Dominik Kahun and a 5th. That's a pretty low price tag for Maatta. I know skating is a big concern but he's still a serviceable defender.
  3. As always, we'll use this thread to discuss news and notes around the league plus whatever crazy ideas Ottawa comes up with to save money next.
  4. Habs re-sign Gustav Olofsson

    Lamarche is back as well and even he was getting playing time ahead of Sklenicka at times on the right side.
  5. Habs re-sign Gustav Olofsson

    He already was having a hard time staying in the lineup last season. I think he's still a reasonable prospect but I also can't see him wanting to stick around if he's going to be starting out at 8 or 9 on the overall depth chart.
  6. Official NBA Thread

    He's two years away from getting a boost in max salary (35% instead of 30%) so a two-year deal (or more likely a 2+1 deal with the 1 being an opt-out) may be the way to go. One year would put him in line with the rest of their pending free agents (Lowry, Ibaka, and Gasol) but his max contract would still basically be the same at that time.
  7. Has July 1st passed Trade Deadline day???

    That's a neat idea. I can't see it getting much support as that means less holiday time for the staff but that would certainly add a new wrinkle into things.
  8. Official NBA Thread

    Lowry was steady in the first half I thought but he slipped. Same with Leonard who, aside from that quick run he made, seemed pretty quiet. Now knowing that Durant won't be back, I wonder if that will affect either side. There's no more 'wait until' now, something that was there for the first four games when Golden State really looked vulnerable.
  9. Has July 1st passed Trade Deadline day???

    There has always been more movement on July 1st. We see what, anywhere from 60-100 contracts signed on July 1st? There are never that many players involved in a trade on deadline day. The days leading up to the draft seem to be the bigger trade days than the actual draft itself. There were only a few trades involving players on draft day and only 14 straight pick swaps (and the Habs made five of those). I still like to take deadline day off though. Not only is it important considering I'm usually the one keeping the site updated (and covering at PHR for a bit as well) but every now and then, there's still some buzz that comes through in the final few hours. The last one was a real dud though aside from the Stone deal.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    It's coming from a TFP guy (a sketchy site when it comes to rumours) and is seconded by the TFP guy whose crusade a year ago was swearing up and down that the Habs and Kings had never discussed a Pacioretty trade at the draft...and we all know that Pacioretty himself had said he'd talked about a contract with the Kings at that time but that he didn't have enough time to make a decision. Until it comes from someone semi-reliable, I wouldn't read anything into it.
  11. With the trade deadline soon approaching and most threads permeating into ideas of trades regardless of the original topic, I think it's time to have a proposal thread. So, here's a place where you can toss your ideas out there and get feedback. For those who wish to comment on offers, please try to be civil and constructive in any criticisms/discussion, we don't want any flame wars happening. That thought notwithstanding, have some fun with this, you never know what interesting ideas can be generated when tossing trade options out there.
  12. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    Oh, I wish. But no, we only find out if they've attended one of the combines if they're drafted or invited to rookie camp where Timmins or someone will say they saw them at a combine.
  13. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    He has a better track record to justify that contract and plays more of a premium position as well. Skinner had a hot few months and then struggled badly in the second half of the season. For all of his flaws, Duchene is much more stable of a player than Skinner.
  14. The Official CFL Thread

    Just when things couldn't look any worse in Montreal with a potential owner pulling out over the Commissioner wanting to force Danny Maciocia on him with a 10-year contract, now the Als have fired Mike Sherman amidst reports of a mutiny around the team. Khari Jones, the underwhelming offensive coordinator, takes over on an interim basis, presumably until an ownership group that's willing to work with Maciocia gets a deal done to buy the team.
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I think you're being generous there. Could look bad? That deal looks terrible already.
  16. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    The players at this combine won't be at the one in Montreal (or at most, very few will). This combine would be for draft-eligibles not invited to the main one and undrafted players that the team may want to get a look at as potential options for minor league contracts.
  17. With Laval's season set to get underway tomorrow, it's time to get the regular season thread going. We'll use this thread for any general news and notes around the team as well as the AHL/ECHL in general. On the ECHL front, the Canadiens do not have a specific affiliate this season after Brampton (rightfully) dropped them to partner up with Ottawa. As a result, Laval will have players with several teams in 2018-19. They will have a working arrangement with Maine (the Rangers' affiliate) to send a few players there. However, three of their potential ECHL-bound players are tied to specific teams around the league after being qualified and placed on protected lists. Those are: G Etienne Marcoux (Indy) F Phelix Martineau (Fort Wayne) D T.J. Melancon (Norfolk) Even though those players are now under contract to Laval, they'll have to report to that specific ECHL team if and when they're sent down. RDS is once again showing quite a few Laval home games - 18 in total this season. The TV schedule can be found here. Unlike last year, Laval doesn't have a surplus of veteran players just yet which is nice. Here's the rule in case it comes up during the season: A maximum of five skaters with 320 career professional games* played (as of the start of the season) can dress per night. Teams can also dress an additional skater with between 260-319 professional GP as a sixth veteran (more than one in this group can play if there are fewer than five veterans with 320+ GP). *Qualifying leagues towards the veteran GP calculation: NHL, AHL, NLA, Czech Extraliga, Slovak Extraliga, KHL, SHL, SM-liiga, and DEL. Only regular season games count towards the calculation.
  18. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    Heights/weights from the combine: https://thehockeywriters.com/2019-nhl-combine-heights-weights/
  19. Ryan Culkin re-signs. He was pretty much useless in limited action with Laval last season.
  20. As Trizzak noted above, Jevpalovs' deal won't count as it's an AHL-only contract. The Habs are at 39 contracts for next season: http://forums.habsworld.net/index.php?s=&showtopic=17394&view=findpost&p=379859
  21. He falls just short of qualifying for veteran status which is nice. His versatility was a nice plus last season.
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I'm skeptical of the report itself - the last two times he's reported something in terms of contract talks, they haven't come true.
  23. Ouellet re-signs

    Xavier Ouellet will be back in Laval (probably) next year. He's signed a one-year, two-way deal with the team. $700K in the NHL, $300K in the AHL, and a $400K guarantee. http://www.habsworld.net/2019/05/habs-re-sign-xavier-ouellet/
  24. Ouellet re-signs

    I think this just lowered the odds of Walford getting a deal. They're already at 39 contracts before re-signing any other RFA's. There will probably be three or four of those that get re-signed at least and they'll probably add a few UFAs as well between the Habs/Rocket. That will have them in the 46-48 range and they'll want to keep a couple of spots free for in-season moves. Unless they can move out someone already under contract, I can see them saying they don't have contract room for him.
  25. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Tournament MVP for Teasdale. Nice.