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  1. Let the record reflect that for once, I actually remembered to start this before the first game of the season. The 2016-17 NHL calendar is a shorter one than usual as all games will be crammed into 180 days (it's usually about 185/186) thanks to the World Cup of Hockey. Here's the annual snapshot of opening rosters with a look at who the biggest, heaviest, and oldest teams are. The Habs are not dead last in any of those categories (but they come quite close in size): http://mirtle.blogspot.ca/2016/10/2016-17-nhl-teams-by-height-weight-and.html
  2. Why would Edmonton do that, exactly? They're quite pleased with Talbot at the moment and while Price is certainly an upgrade, he's not worth a top liner and a #2/3 defenceman on top of Talbot...especially when Price is a year from free agency. That deal would make no sense for them. On the offer sheet side, the second round pick range is quite intriguing. A $3.9 million offer sheet that only costs a second could potentially yield an interesting player if the right (cap-strapped) team was targeted.
  3. With the trade deadline soon approaching and most threads permeating into ideas of trades regardless of the original topic, I think it's time to have a proposal thread. So, here's a place where you can toss your ideas out there and get feedback. For those who wish to comment on offers, please try to be civil and constructive in any criticisms/discussion, we don't want any flame wars happening. That thought notwithstanding, have some fun with this, you never know what interesting ideas can be generated when tossing trade options out there.
  4. Here are the RFA offer sheet thresholds: $1,295,571 or below: None Over $1,295,571-$1,962,986: Third-round pick Over $1,962,986-$3,925,975: Second round pick Over $3,925,975-$5,888,960: First and third round picks Over $5,888,960-$7,851,948: First, second, and third round picks Over $7,851,948-$9,814,935: Two firsts, second, and third round picks Over $9,814,935: Four first round picks Remember that the denominator is the lesser of the number of years in the offer sheet or five. For example, a seven year, $40.95 million offer sheet would be a $5.85 million AAV (1st and 3rd rounders) but for offer sheet purposes, would count as $8.19 million ($40.95M/5) which would fall in the two 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd category.
  5. The final game of the Memorial Cup goes tonight in an all-OHL affair. Sergachev and Addison's Spitfires will have to beat OHL Champion Erie for a second time if they want the title.
  6. With the minor league seasons set to get underway, it's time to get the general discussion thread going. Use this thread for any small news/roster notes for both St. John's (AHL) and Brampton (ECHL). A couple of notes regarding the IceCaps: - Max Friberg has been named team captain, replacing Gabriel Dumont. Mark Barberio and Jacob de la Rose are the alternates. - The team has signed G Bryan Pitton to a PTO to back up Zach Fucale while Lindgren is up with Montreal.
  7. If I had to guess with a hockey-related reason, I'd go with skating. He's not slow but he isn't a great skater either and for an undersized forward, that could hold him back. That said, I'm still surprised as to how small of a look he's gotten.
  8. After getting the OHL nod, McNiven gets the CHL-wide title now.
  9. It's not age specifically that sets the exemption but he's four years past being drafted and just finished the second year of his ELC which puts him in the two years or less category.
  10. Honestly I considered making a thread about this too. Ott is someone I thought might actually come back this season (I know others said the same as well) and his retirement/being named a coach in St. Louis was a bit of a surprise. There aren't a lot of active threads right now and this is news(ish).
  11. The Habs have signed Michigan State forward Thomas Ebbing to a two-way minor league deal (AHL/ECHL) for next year. He's a player that's likely heading for Brampton.
  12. Speaking of which...we could be talking about Larry Robinson who is no longer employed by San Jose.
  13. I'd be careful with the last comment. I wasn't jumping for joy on the hockey side of the trade but I'm not a fan of reading consistent (and near-constant) complaining about the trade with comments that often boil down to "See, I knew I was right and I'm going to make people see it in 90% of my posts". I'm sure that's not necessarily intentional but to me, that's how quite a few posts over the last few pages read and regardless of my opinions on the trade, that gets annoying after a while. As for the discussion at hand, I probably should weigh in with a couple of thoughts. My own two cents is that Subban is getting way too much singular credit for Nashville's run. He's playing well, no doubt, but there are quite a few other factors in them being where they are now that aren't getting any attention. To name a few: - Ekholm's continued development into a high quality top four - Ellis' continued development into a high quality top four - Rinne playing like a good goalie (an improved defence deserves some credit but not all of it) - Arvidsson turning into a top liner practically overnight (he had eight goals last year, 31 this season) - Full season of Johansen which gave their offence another boost - Corey Crawford playing horribly in the first round Again, that's not to take away from anything Subban has done but there are a lot more factors at play for Nashville being where they are than just the trade from last June.
  14. The challenge in these circumstances is that the offer has to be high enough that it's worthier than the role they anticipate the player to be. So if Tampa envisions Joseph to be a good bottom six guy (personally, I don't think he has a real shot at a top six role), the return needs to be better than what a good bottom six forward goes for. That's already a second round pick before factoring in seven years of team control and lots of cost control as well. So now you have to beat that 2nd rounder. Is that a 1st rounder? Two 2nd's? At that point, that's way too high of a return to justify from Montreal's standpoint. (And if they think he has top six potential, you're probably looking at a 1st rounder plus something else which, again, is way too high.) Generally prospects aren't dealt for picks before they actually turn pro. They're either included in a deal for an established NHL player (I don't foresee Montreal entering selling mode which takes this off the table) or for another prospect, often one at a greater position of need. They need some defence in the system but I wouldn't give up Sergachev or Juulsen for Joseph and I don't think Tampa would take any of the other prospects. It's not a great fit trade-wise.
  15. There are a lot more blowouts than normal in the Memorial Cup. After a close opener, we've seen 7-1 and 12-5 games while Saint John is up 6-0 on Seattle after 2. That's good news for Bourque as barring a monumental collapse, he'll be off to the semifinals on Friday night. Their opponent will be the loser of Erie-Windsor tomorrow.
  16. I suspect he's not really all that concerned. Any time you trade away a star player, this has the possibility of happening. And besides, I don't think he obsesses over everything that goes on with Subban as some fans tend to.
  17. I remembered to pick but I'm basically down half a team now: Gibson - hurt Fleury - pulled Rakell - hurt Hornqvist - hurt Karlsson - playing hurt (though I knew that going in) Schultz - hurt
  18. The playoffs are almost here and our annual HabsWorld playoff pool is now open. We're running it through Sportsnet for the third straight year. It's the same format as always, you have a salary cap of 30 points to fill out your 12-player roster. You get to change your roster at the end of the first and second rounds. Unfortunately this is limited to Canadian residents (or non-Canadians who don't mind entering a fake address...). Since the old Sporting News pools (back before HW really got up and running) went away, it's been really hard to find a pool open to everyone. Pool Home Page: http://fantasy2.sportsnet.ca/sportsnet/hkplayoff17/home Search for HabsWorld Playoff Pool (Click H or type in the name) Password is habsworld (all lower case) If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  19. I can't see the shootout going away unfortunately but I could maybe see them change to 4-on-4 OT for the medal round games. They do 3-on-3 for the preliminary round.
  20. The 2017 IIHF World Championships are now underway. They're not exactly featuring a whole lot of Montreal content this time around either as only three players are participating: Jakub Jerabek - Czech Republic Andreas Martinsen - Norway Tomas Plekanec - Czech Republic HW StatTracker Schedule/Results As always, we'll use this thread for any tournament talk. Since the Habs seem to be once again interested in the international free agent market, this would be a good place to note any potential names of interest as well.
  21. Sergachev was a lot quieter yesterday but Windsor didn't need much from him in a 7-1 win. Addison had a goal and an assist though.
  22. It was quite the game, too bad it had to end in a shootout. A second OT would have been a lot more exciting (even if Sweden had inevitably won there too).
  23. McCarron doesn't need to be protected so it won't be him. Hudon or de la Rose are certainly options though.
  24. Patrick Eaves (a 32 goal scorer this year somehow) is also out for them. Rakell was the other 30+ goal scorer on their team.