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  1. For anyone looking to relive the agony, here's my postgame: https://www.habsworld.net/2021/04/habs-lose-their-cool-and-the-game-to-winnipeg/
  2. They've changed it to Caufield now with Paquette-Bisson and Veilleux getting the assists. https://theahl.com/stats/game-summary/1022577
  3. It overstates Montreal's cap space which bugs me. They don't have $1.6M to spend at the trade deadline plus the LTIR room. That's what today's roster looks like with the bare minimum on there (Chiarot's on the active roster technically). Once Evans is recalled, that takes out a chunk. Then they'll have to bring Primeau back. That takes out another chunk. Then they'll bring up Leskinen and lo and behold, the cap space is all gone. To not even mention that in the article is a bit disingenuous.
  4. We also know the Habs were among the teams showing interest in Hoffman heading into the start of the season to the point where they were exploring cap dump trades. That one wouldn't shock me.
  5. I think we're going to see a bit more to this deal than what's out there (Savard for a 1st).
  6. Dubnyk to Colorado for Pateryn and a fifth. I thought the Avs would wind up with Bernier but that's a low-cost small upgrade on Jonas Johansson and Hunter Miska.
  7. If anyone here gets Leafs TV, I'd be worried. If you do, watch on mute. I don't think Caufield will be recalled regardless of how well he does. They don't have him quarantine for seven days to skate with Laval and then move him up after two games. The earliest I think he comes up would be the final trip out West. Having said that, I don't know how the four-recall rule is going to be applied this year or if it's going to be applied. If it is, then maybe they do pull him up by Monday before that count comes into effect.
  8. Montour to Florida for a third-rounder (no cap retention either). Not a bad pickup for the Panthers who needed a top-four guy with Ekblad out. Montour didn't work with the Sabres but a change of scenery could do him some good.
  9. Connor - Scheifele - Copp Stastny - Dubois - Ehlers Perreault - Lowry - Appleton Harkins - Thompson - Lewis Morrissey - Poolman Forbort - Pionk Stanley - DeMelo Hellebuyck Perry - Suzuki - Toffoli Drouin - Staal - Anderson Tatar - Danault - Kotkaniemi Byron - Evans - Lehkonen Edmundson - Weber Kulak - Petry Romanov - Leskinen Allen
  10. After a victory on Friday night, the Rocket will go for their second triumph in less than 24 hours as they take on the Marlies again this afternoon. Vasili Demchenko is expected to make just his second start of the season in this one. (Lines are from last game) Blandisi - Poehling - Teasdale Veilleux - Weal - Caufield Lucchini - Dauphin - Harvey-Pinard Verbeek - Hillis - Pezzetta Schueneman - Brook Bisson - Olofsson LeGuerrier - Ouellet Demchenko (Lines are from last game) Agos
  11. See, that's where we differ. Watch Weal in the minors - he has a lot more offensive skill than someone like Teasdale. Weal's problem is that he can't play well enough in his own end to hold down a bottom-six spot but offensively, he has NHL-level talent. Teasdale will likely make the NHL in that bottom-six respect but I don't think his offensive skill set is as good as Weal's.
  12. No surprise here given the year he had but Cole Caufield won the Hobey Baker Award today for the best player in the NCAA. Nice way to end his college career. https://www.habsworld.net/2021/04/cole-caufield-wins-the-hobey-baker-award/
  13. Which players in Laval's lineup do you think have more raw skill than Weal? Maybe Blandisi but that's about it in terms of pure offensive production. Guys like Poehling and Teasdale have NHL upside due to their size and two-way play but aren't as productive offensively than Weal.
  14. Are you really advocating to add someone making $3.733M for next season in the hopes that a change of scenery can undo his poor performance over the past two seasons? He had one good year, one decent one, and now two clunkers. I can think of a better way of spending that money on next year's cap when money is going to be extremely tight as it is. I'm sure he could use a change of scenery - I just don't think any sane GM would want to take the contract on to give it to him. If you really want Butcher, wait for New Jersey to buy him out this summer as there's a good chance that's
  15. Remember, that's me guessing Caufield's placement. The lines aren't out yet. Lindgren is just to keep him fresh in case they actually had to call on him in Montreal. Demchenko starts tomorrow afternoon.
  16. Will Butcher is a frequent healthy scratch. If he can't crack New Jersey's defence which is worse than Montreal, he's not helping Montreal's defence. They couldn't give him away if they tried. Vatanen as a third RD could be interesting although he's having a tough season.
  17. It's an extremely intriguing game for the Rocket tonight as we all get to see how Charlie Lindgren fares in his first game action in six weeks. Oh, and some top prospect guy is making his pro debut as well... On the injury front, only Jan Mysak made the trip so Laval isn't getting much help from the infirmary. (And as it turns out, he's not playing tonight anyway.) Blandisi - Poehling - Teasdale Veilleux - Weal - Caufield Lucchini - Dauphin - Harvey-Pinard Verbeek - Hillis - Pezzetta Schueneman - Brook Bisson - Olofsson LeGu
  18. Montreal's last prospect in the NCAA tournament was eliminated yesterday as Blake Biondi's Minnesota-Duluth squad was beaten in OT by UMass.
  19. What would the over/under be on Tortorella benching him? 1 period?
  20. Allen hasn't had many tough outings this season but this is definitely one of them so far. The first goal was a good shot but the other two were definitely stoppable.
  21. That's not a rumour - that's a proven fact...
  22. They had no need for Zajac and couldn't afford him and Palmieri combined, even with New Jersey retaining 50% ($5.2M vs $3.75 for Gallagher's LTIR). I thought they might kick the tires on Palmieri but Zajac is not a big loss here.
  23. Guys, this is the rumour thread. If you're posting in here, it should be to discuss a rumour, not hypotheticals or any other discussion.
  24. Historically speaking, they're not wrong. Staal has 51 points in 49 games against Toronto.
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