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  1. New Jersey got him fairly cheap but it's worth noting that Johansson wouldn't have done much to help the issue down the middle; he's at his best on the wing and struggles at centre. He would have been a nice addition to the offence in general but the centre issue would still be there.
  2. It's going to be a busy day today. Let's keep tabs on all the goings-on league wide here. Anything pertaining to the Habs can go in its own thread.
  3. With the trade deadline soon approaching and most threads permeating into ideas of trades regardless of the original topic, I think it's time to have a proposal thread. So, here's a place where you can toss your ideas out there and get feedback. For those who wish to comment on offers, please try to be civil and constructive in any criticisms/discussion, we don't want any flame wars happening. That thought notwithstanding, have some fun with this, you never know what interesting ideas can be generated when tossing trade options out there.
  4. Ikonen to KalPa is now official on a one year loan from Frolunda: https://www.frolundaindians.com/artikel/pdqvaj5aq-24601/ikonen-till-kalpa
  5. It has been 14 years, this should probably be updated. From the Terms of Use link on the registration screen: HabsWorld Forum's simple rules for success The Montreal Canadiens franchise is one of the most respected organizations in sports. Its legacy and renown reaches people from many countries around the world. HabsWorld was created with this in mind, to create a website where fans from all around the world could come and meet, and express their passion for their cherished team. The HabsWorld Community Project was created in 2002, and its first message board opened on May 12, 2003. The main website was launched a couple months later, on October 6. The Project was started from scratch and was built by an enthusiastic team of Habs Fans. Over the years, nearly 100 Habs Fans have contributed articles, translations, drawing, programming, designing and more to this Community. The typical contributor is a University student or recent graduate in journalism or administration, or simply fans who want to share their passion and perspective on the franchise. HabsWorld is an occasion for fans to use their skills in various area while showing their passion for their favourite team. By joining us here at HabsWorld, you are becoming a member of one of the greatest fan communities on the internet. It was created by Habs fans, for Habs Fans. The Forum was setup the most friendly possible. With limited ads, spam-free politics, and a great moderator team, the HW Forum is a great place to talk hockey. Here are the simple guidelines that help make HabsWorld a harmonious Forum: Rules Have fun! We're here to have fun and talk hockey, not to fight with each other. Respect your fellow members. Personal attacks and flaming will not be tolerated. No racism. Especially in a world-wide community such as this, racism of any kind will not be tolerated. Keep language within reason. We employ a filter to help deal with this. Members who attempt to circumvent the word filter will have their account locked for 1 day or more, depending on the recidivism. No sexual content or links. No sexually suggestive or sexually oriented image/content will be accepted. This is a hockey forum, not a models or porn site. No spamming. Do not post links to BS websites or repeatedly post links to your own site. Quality before Quantity. Don't pad your post count with irrelevant messages or repeating the same messages over and over again. One account per user. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban. Posting tips Other basic guidelines can be found here. These are just general posting tips that will only get you in trouble if you repeatedly don't follow them.Rules and guidelines might be edited as required. HW Admins reserve the right to delete/edit your account/posts at any time. When it comes to enforcing the rules, our mods team tries to be as fair as possible. Minor violations can result in warnings and brief suspensions. More serious violations or repeated violations can result in longer suspensions or permanent bans. We don't like having to do that kind of stuff, so please don't make us. Thank you for your cooperation and have fun! Note about privacy HabsWorld doesn't collect personal data or information for any purpose other than the customization of the forum. The Facebook and Twitter application have been integrated in version 3 of this forum software as a way to make it easier for members to log-in and/or share information.
  6. To actually try to steer this somewhere in the vicinity of the topic question, it's disappointing that the media bit is a legitimate consideration. It really shouldn't matter what the media thinks; their commentary shouldn't have any impact on any rebuild, be it five years from now or later (or earlier if things blow up before then). The unfortunate thing is that Geoff Molson already was influenced in the past with the Cunneyworth fiasco. On the flip side, he did sign off on the Subban trade and I'm sure he was well aware of the backlash that was going to be coming soon after. Suppose that the team starts to nosedive within a few years and Bergevin gets let go. Over the course of interviewing potential replacements, the overwhelming majority of them say to Molson that a rebuild is needed. If that were to happen, I think he'd be okay with a bit of a rebuild as long as they come up with the right sales pitch to try to smooth things over (and, naturally, wait for most of the season ticket holders to renew). From the standpoint of the fan base, I think most would probably be accepting of it as long as it wasn't a full-scale five-year tank job like some teams have done in the past. Most would tolerate a year or two but after that, it might be iffy but that's something that could be suggested in a lot of markets, not just this one. Yes, there will be the dumb ones who try to get a protest going (who remembers the Kovalev 'protest' that was a complete laughingstock?) and throw as much of a public fit as possible to get their 15 seconds of fame (15 minutes might be pushing it as all they'd get is a quick soundbite on RDS/TVA Sports) but I'd have to hope that those ones wouldn't be able to influence hockey operations.
  7. I think it was a heart issue with Reway. Per Timmins, they're hoping to have him at training camp. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/trevor-timmins-answers-questions-submitted-by-fans/c-290386424
  8. The asking price for Duchene was apparently Galchenyuk, Sergachev, and a first rounder. What would that make the price for MacKinnon, a player who has a lot more value? That'd be what, Galchenyuk, Drouin, Pacioretty, and a 1st rounder or two? (Don't get me wrong, that's an extreme overpayment but if the price on Duchene (someone deemed to be available) was that high, that's going to be the asking price for MacKinnon (someone who they've called untouchable).)
  9. I think he wants to play at the pro level and he'll get that guarantee in Finland but Frolunda isn't willing to make that guarantee.
  10. Ikonen apparently is looking to move from Frolunda in Sweden to KalPa in the Finnish league. http://blogg.gp.se/rylanderjohan/2017/07/17/nytt-ikonen-lamnar-frolunda/
  11. With the playoffs now over, the focus shifts to what should be a very busy few weeks around the league with the Expansion Draft, the Entry Draft, and Free Agency. This thread will be for discussion of general news league-wide. If there are going to be trades before expansion (and there probably will be), they'll need to be done by this Saturday. There's a trade/waiver freeze starting at 3 PM EST on Saturday lasting through to 8 AM EST on the 22nd thanks to expansion. One exception will be any trade agreements with the Golden Knights.
  12. One thread is enough, you don't need to start one for every episode. And if you're going to post these, you should at least try to participate in other non-podcast discussions. Accounts created for the sole purpose of promoting content from elsewhere is in direct violation of our Terms of Use.
  13. I hesitate to post this lest this turn into version 24638 of Subban vs Weber but that is one single person's metric (and for what it's worth, a very, very arrogant stat guy). I'll give you another for comparison - point shares, a stat that has been around for quite a while now. Weber: 10.1 Subban: 6.1 That stat says Weber was a lot more impactful than Subban this past season (and has been in the past for the most part as well) so shouldn't he be in a higher tier in those rankings? The moral of the story is you can cherry pick some of these newer metrics to fit the narrative to side with your opinion on the trade, be it for or against (note that 'your' is a general statement here, I'm not referring to you specifically).
  14. I've hit the part of the offseason where it starts to become a lot more of a challenge to come up with semi-interesting articles every couple of days. So, as I often do at this point of the summer, any prospect questions for a mailbag article?
  15. From that article: Is the writer advocating that the Habs should just cave to Markov's 2/12 demands? That wouldn't be very smart. And Alexei Emelin was traded to Nashville more than a week ago so no, they're not sniffing around the possibility of bringing him back. That's pretty lazy writing there to miss something that obvious.
  16. I must have missed the memo when late 20's became old for defencemen. As things stand, the ages of the defence is as follows: Weber - 31 Schlemko - 30 Petry - 29 Benn - 29 Alzner - 28 Jerabek - 26 Davidson - 25 Morrow - 24 None of them are over the hill or even close to it for that matter. Bringing Markov back would make the average age a lot older but the fact remains that their other core defenders aren't exactly long in the tooth here. When was the last time a team traded for a projected future number one pick while still being good? When was the last time a team dealt away a projected future number one pick period? (Or a pick that was expected to be even top-5? The Kessel trade is a somewhat recent example but no one really expected the Leafs to be as bad as they were that year at the time the trade was made.) Draft picks are worth a whole lot more than they were 40, 50 years ago; no GM is making that kind of deal. That's a pretty tough standard to hold Bergevin or any GM to, following the model of a trade that happened once a couple of generations ago.
  17. More rumours: The Habs apparently are in talks with Mark Streit - 1 year, $1.5 million per Marc De Foy of La Presse. He adds that they were interested in him at the deadline last year but couldn't afford his cap hit. http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2017/07/12/le-ch-et-markov-ne-peuvent-se-separer-comme-ca If memory serves, Gadoury was at Montreal's rookie camp back in 2014. From the same person, Alexandre Goulet (who was at development camp and is a candidate to sign a minor league deal with the Habs) appears to be leaning towards university. http://www.cusn.ca/tuesday-morning-skate-july-11th-2017/
  18. Stephane Da Costa, the player referenced in that French report.
  19. From a French newspaper: https://www.lequipe.fr/Hockey-sur-glace/Actualites/Nhl-yohann-auvitu-a-edmonton/817450
  20. Pre-Columbus: 4 GP, 1.47 GAA, .955 SV% Post-Columbus: 14 GP, 2.48 GAA, .914 SV% Career Numbers: 155 GP, 2.60 GAA, .910 SV% Yes, his stats are worse but at the same time, no one could have realistically expected him to keep up those types of numbers; there is a reason he had never been able to hold down a starting job. His level of play reverted basically to his career averages.
  21. While Marc Bergevin and his staff will be busy in free agency, the Habs will be holding their Development Camp from July 2nd-5th. Here's the full roster: https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-announce-development-camp-roster/c-290207390 A few invites of note: C Scott Conway - Born in England, he started his NCAA career late and just finished his freshman season despite the fact he's now 22. He absolutely destroyed the BCHL in 2015-16, scoring 56 goals and 60 assists in 56 games (albeit as an overager). RW Maxime Fortier - He was at the last development camp but went unsigned. He had another strong junior season but went unclaimed through the draft once again. As a late '97, he's eligible to turn pro. Of the invites here, I'd suggest he's the most likely to get an NHL deal (though I imagine they'd prefer to offer an AHL one). C Alexandre Goulet - Another one who was at the last camp as well, Goulet led Victoriaville in scoring by a country mile last season. He's 21 and will likely land a minor league deal somewhere. Considering they've stated their goal is to stock Laval with locals, he's probably a candidate to sign. D Jimmy Schuldt - He's had interest from teams the last two years to turn pro but has declined each time. I'd be quite pleased if they could convince Schuldt (who played with Ryan Poehling at St. Cloud State) to sign now but at the very least, maybe they can make a positive impression in case he decides to turn pro in March. Worth noting, there are a total of three invites from St. Cloud excluding Poehling so clearly there's something about that program that Timmins and his staff likes.
  22. Price gets a full no-move clause for all eight years of the contract. It's worth noting that his salary (plus signing bonuses) for the first two years is $15 million which represents the maximum 20% of the cap that can be handed out at this time.
  23. It's believed that $70 million is in signing bonuses (no performance bonuses as he's not eligible for those). I thought I read somewhere that there's an NTC in there as well.
  24. Normally I'd be dead set against this as I don't think he'd fit in but I actually think there could be a bit of merit if he's willing to sign at a reasonable price. I have my doubts that he's willing to sign for a considerably cheaper deal than the $5.5 million he got last year though.
  25. Vegas agreeing to take Clayton Stoner's contract off their hands was the other part of the deal, they just did that part through the expansion draft. Anaheim got cap relief basically.