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  1. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    It's weird, Mete was on the top pairing with Petry, played a regular role on the power play and penalty kill, and still wound up with less ice time than Morrow. Alzner had the lowest of any blueliner, something that is certainly interesting. He and Juulsen made for a decent pairing.
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    The two I'm thinking of are Mark Recchi and Keith Tkachuk.
  3. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    Juulsen has certainly been active tonight. I like what I've seen from him so far.
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I can think of two pretty significant ones (players with more established track records than Plekanec) off the top of my head. And in today's episode of Where in the World is Marc Bergevin, he finds himself with Scott Mellanby watching Minnesota-New Jersey.
  5. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    Nice job, Trizz. Niemi gets the start while Juulsen will make his NHL debut. Rick Nash and Michael Grabner will also be out for the Rangers as the team gets closer to trading them.
  6. The 2018 Winter Olympics are here without a whole lot of fanfare (blame the NHL not stopping its schedule for a decent-sized chunk of that). Will Russia the 'Olympic Athletes from Russia' walk away with the men's hockey title? Let's use this thread to discuss the Olympic events over the next few weeks.
  7. With the trade deadline soon approaching and most threads permeating into ideas of trades regardless of the original topic, I think it's time to have a proposal thread. So, here's a place where you can toss your ideas out there and get feedback. For those who wish to comment on offers, please try to be civil and constructive in any criticisms/discussion, we don't want any flame wars happening. That thought notwithstanding, have some fun with this, you never know what interesting ideas can be generated when tossing trade options out there.
  8. Come on, guys, this shouldn't have to be a hassle to get someone to start a GDT. If it's this close to game time and there isn't one, start one. vs Puck drop is 25 minutes from now.
  9. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I'm actually remembering to start this before the season starts which isn't normal. Any news and notes from around the league will go in this thread as usual. Any predictions for 2017-18?
  10. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    So - who is taking the GDT for Thursday's game against the Rangers? New York's goalie will be making his NHL debut.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    19th - http://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/records/nhl-active-players-all-time-goals-per-game-leaders.html
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Petry has a full no-move clause. He isn't going anywhere.
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    LeBrun on Plekanec: https://theathletic.com/248204/2018/02/21/lebrun-jim-rutherford-may-not-be-done-trying-to-improve-penguins-and-other-trade-deadline-notes/
  14. With the regular season now upon us, it's time to close off the offseason thread and get this one going. This thread will be for all general news and notes with Laval and Brampton (although we'll still have GDT's for Laval). A refresher on the AHL veteran rules which are likely to be a factor, at least to start the season: (V) - Veteran, minimum 320 pro GP (AHL, NHL, European Pro) as of the end of 2016-17 [Max of 5 skaters in this category can dress per game] (V-) - Veteran, between 260-319 pro GP [1 skater in this category can be classed as a development player] Qualifying leagues towards the veteran GP calculation: NHL, AHL, NLA, Czech Extraliga, Slovak Extraliga, KHL, SHL, SM-liiga, and DEL. Only regular season games count towards the calculation (which actually turns Redmond from V to V-).
  15. Jeremiah Addison practiced for the first time today since undergoing shoulder surgery in the preseason. He's still a ways from returning but hopefully, he'll be able to play a bit down the stretch.
  16. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Philly hasn't had a power play against them in three games. That's quite impressive, actually.
  17. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    A sluggish start for the Habs, considering they're facing an unproven netminder. The Plekanec line has had a good start so far. On the goal, how often does a defenceman for the attacking team wind up being the screener? That wasn't a normal spot for Petry to be.
  18. AAV of $950,000 http://www.habsworld.net/2018/02/habs-sign-nicolas-deslauriers-to-a-two-year-extension/
  19. For me, it's not that he's having the best season of his career, it's that he had a good six-week stretch. Beyond that, he has been his usual self and that had him clearing waivers back in October. Generally speaking, I don't like players getting early raises based on a good short sample when his career numbers suggest he will revert back to being a fringe player. My guess is that if he was to continue the way he has played over the last month to the end of the season (a likely scenario given his history), he'd have had a hard time finding much interest around the league in free agency, especially at a raise.
  20. In the spirit of this being a game in Vegas (and to maybe give us something to talk about before it starts), here are some over/under lines for tonight's game: 1.5 - Goals scored by Montreal 2.5 - Shots on goal for Max Pacioretty 27.5 - Saves by Antti Niemi Carey Price 13:00 - Ice time for Nikita Scherbak 47.5% - Montreal's faceoff percentage (since faceoff talk is all the rage at the moment...) Puck drop is at 7 with Vancouver's regional broadcast crew on play-by-play calling the game for some reason.
  21. I agree - I was expecting an extension to be closer to his current salary than this. It's not a massive overpayment by any stretch but if they're tight to the cap next season, that little bit could make a difference. It's also more than possible that Deslauriers reverts to his 2016-17 form. A case can be made that he already has based on his performance over the last month. Interestingly enough, there is a signing bonus in each year of the contract: 18-19: $200K bonus, $750K salary 19-20: $100K bonus, $850K salary If he winds up reverting to his previous level that saw him get waived out of the league, having part of his salary paid down via the bonus might help entice someone else to take him.
  22. Nikita Scherbak Called up

    And Scherbak has been sent down to open up a roster spot for Shaw or Danault to return tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be back next week post-deadline if not earlier.
  23. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Ikonen had an assist in a season-high 19:14 of ice time yesterday. Primeau (29/30 saves) and Hawkey (26/27) each picked up wins while Tyszka had a goal and an assist to snap his 10-game point drought. For those who want to see Brook and Fleury in action, they have a game starting in half an hour on Sportsnet East/Ontario/Pacific/One.