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  1. Petry leads the way in ice time by a mile and Weber is fourth. Not something you see every day. Ouellet and Mete are over 10 minutes apiece as well as they've been using that third pairing more than usual. That'll probably change for the third period.
  2. The draft lottery sets the order for the first round only. Then it's regular season/playoff results the rest of the way. The Rangers only have the top pick in the 1st round while Detroit has the top picks from Rounds 2-7. For Montreal, if they're eliminated in the first or second round, they'll hold the 16th pick in all 7 rounds (aside from the ones they've traded, of course). If mock draft sites aren't reflecting that, it's laziness (or they're waiting for more teams to be set).
  3. It was nice to see them start to wake up at the end there but the first half of that period was pitiful from the Habs. Domi looks like he has a bit of jump but is on pace for less than nine minutes. Giving him a bit of extra ice time here and there wouldn't hurt.
  4. Boston-Carolina moved to 11 AM EST tomorrow. If that one or the NYI-WSH game goes to any sort of extended OT, it could affect the start time for our Game 1.
  5. A reminder that picks are due by 3 PM EST on Tuesday. You will be able to change them again after this round.
  6. Post-Powerplay Goal? We had one of those in Game 4 that really swung the momentum...
  7. A little bit of housekeeping here. This thread is for actual rumours, not speculation, trade proposals, or suggestions from posters/media. Proposals should go in the thread for those and general discussion points in the thread for that. (For anyone looking for the posts that were here earlier, look for them in the 2019-20 discussion thread.) If this thread is being bumped, it should be for some sort of semi-verifiable rumour (a so-so source is acceptable), not hypotheticals.
  8. The update on Evans will be 'unfit to play' until he's, well, fit to play. Practices are closed to the media.
  9. Now that the playoffs are actually here, let's use this thread for postseason discussion.
  10. Series starts Wednesday. I'm seeing conflicting reports on the times for the afternoon games, either 3 or 4 PM.
  11. That's a dangerous typo on a Montreal message board...
  12. You could list it as Belzile-Domi-Evans as well if that's preferable. Technically, Belzile played LW last game and Evans does have a bit of RW experience in Laval. It was more the combo proposed on the previous page that caught my attention as an intriguing one that might have a bit of offensive upside while not being defensively deficient.
  13. While I have some doubts about whether or not this will get off the ground, our annual football pool is now open for its 19th season. Returning members have been sent invites to return through the email linked with their fantasy account. Let me know if you don't see it in your email. If you won't be able to play this year, let me know and I'll open the spot for someone else. If you haven't played before and would like to join, post a note here or send me a PM/email and if a spot opens up, I'll send off an invite.
  14. Domi-Evans-Belzile is an interesting one. Evans and Belzile played together a lot in Laval so there's some chemistry there. Having two centres on the line allows for a bit of faceoff flexibility as well and would see Domi at least playing some shifts down the middle still.
  15. I pondered putting some sort of comment with it but it's the victory banana so it deserved its own spotlight. A Carey Price stat:
  16. A lot of balance in ice time in that period - almost everyone played at least 4 minutes (only Mete-3:51 and Belzile-3:58 didn't). Watching the neutral zone, the Habs really seem to be focused on positioning and slowing things down. It resulted in minimal offensive threats for Pittsburgh but Montreal didn't generate much either.
  17. Fill in the blanks - Friday's Lotto Max numbers are: __, __, __, __, __, __, __
  18. It was - his first training camp as a pro was when it happened. So it wasn't this year's but that's still a somewhat recent incident.
  19. I think he had a concussion from the rookie tournament when he was taken out by an Ottawa guy.
  20. I rarely write an article for the sole purpose of complaining about a player being in the lineup. I'm in the process of writing one about Weise now and if I can put something semi-professional together that doesn't come off as ranting and raving (and my initial thoughts are certainly along those lines), I'll post it on the site tomorrow.
  21. So with one second left in the power play, Pittsburgh puts Sidney Crosby on the ice. The Habs counter with Dale Weise. It resulted in a penalty. After Pittsburgh scored their second power play goal in less than a minute, the Habs needed to try to turn the momentum. They turned to Dale Weise. Need I say more?
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