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  1. Two coast-to-coast well loved Canadian teams. Anyone know if our tax-paid national broadcaster cbc is carrying the game?
  2. waynEgo is honest? Based on what? I don't like the guy, never have and if the opportunity arises for me to point out his bias and (what I believe to be) idiotic comments, I'll do it. Is it written somewhere that I cannot state my opinion? I could care less if anyone disagrees with me. How's it gonna change my opinion? I'm monotonous to some of you? Quit reading me comments. Are you forced to read my comments? Please. Am I to understand that disliking and disagreeing with someone, regardless of his buffed status, is gonna get my comments banned, edited or slagged. Like I said, like I care.
  3. Good luck Sheldon. Continued improvement of your game. Can we respect Bob Gainey even more? Yup.
  4. LS and Lister know. I disagree with Lister about 'hating hockey' but the vile bilge propagated at the CotU does enhance one's hate for the leaf but not necessarily the game. The leaf media criminals are what make it sick to be a Habs fan in Ontario, more specifically the CotU region. I am from Cambridge, went to school in Hamilton and believe me the elf (as dumb as they are) make being a true and knowlegeable hockey/Habs fan both fun and furious. I now live in Gatineau, minutes from Ottawa and the respect the Habs get in the Ottawa area is appreciated. Unlike the deadweight down the 401, Se
  5. Yup. Hamilton is hooped. BTW, anyone have attendance figures from the marlies? Didn't think so.
  6. Exactly. tsn's resident habs hater couldn't stop slagging Carey. It was typically revolting. He was bashing the kid for not facing enough shots. What a sick individual. With Latendresse, Chipchura and Price making the team, maguire and miller are gonna be apoplexic in their nationally televised Canadiens bashing.
  7. LS knows. The sooner lindros leaves the ice surface, the better. His crybaby act grew thin the minute he told Quebecois to go F! themselves.
  8. We should all thank her for her service.
  9. 'wrist' injury? NTTIAWWT.
  10. cherry sets the example for these bigots. I for one am not surprised and I expect an egostitical pud like waynEgo to support doan 100%. Doesn't matter to the waynEgo-loving media. He could bite the head off a newborn and still be praised.
  11. The sickening tsn decides to slag the kid. Disgusting.
  12. LS knows maguire is the purest form of habs hater. He has never, ever said a decent thing about them, ever. Word is the Habs turned him down for a job and he's been on a habs tear ever since. He's full of himself. I can't stand him.
  13. According to sh!TSN the yotes are 18 positions better than the Habs. They hate the Habs with a passion.
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