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  1. With Markov on long term injury, the money would be there... but as someone else said, he'd fall into the 'rookie cap' situation... 850k a year I think? So... nevermind. An oversight on my part.
  2. I know he's under contract in Russia, but Valentenko was under contract here... as were Radulov and Perezhogin (although rfa's), and of course Malkin came this way while under contract... so why not offer him a 3million per year deal to come over? Mcguire says he has the talent to be the next Markov... so why not now? He won't fill Markovs shoes necessarily, but he's a better option than any UFAs still out there...
  3. If Sundin decides to play another season, would he be worth picking up if you can get him for 4 million? I think I'd do it. Add some size to our second line, and to the 2nd pp unit.
  4. Mcdonagh a bum? Maybe you should watch some hockey before commenting on it.
  5. I always liked Perezhogin... from leading the bulldogs in scoring, to seeing him drive to the net at the world juniors. I don't see him as someone who's afraid of getting hit or the rough stuff at all! He lost his 2nd line job to Latendresse... who never earned the right to be there, and who has shown he's actually more suited for 3rd line responsibilities. Always been excited about the prospect of Emelin. Never seen him play, but all reports are that he's exactly what we're missing! A Kronwall type who will move the puck, and make big open ice hits! I'd love to see them both at camp this fall!
  6. I heard on the Team 990 just now that we'll only find out tomorrow when the police report is released... Could it be Sergei or O'Byrne? Added reason to be sent away from the team?
  7. Lats can, AND SHOULD, also be sent down without clearing waivers. He should be starting the year in Hamilton.
  8. I have a feeling that if we do sign him, we'll be giving up a player like Higgins... and if not, perhaps a late round pick in '09? Maybe the terms of the deal would have an impact too... 1yr deal= Grabovski, 2yr = Higgins. Either way, Sundin would be an incredible addition to our team. Go Habs Go!
  9. The Ryder, Lapierre, Grabovski rumour came from TSN where Bob McKenzie was saying that it would take a package similar to that... to those style of players... he reiterated that it was purely speculation on his part so that we could have an idea of what it would take... Same with the Vermetter/Schubert/Foligno Ottawa package... it's just speculation on his part, not an actual rumour.
  10. I'd be happy if all they did was pick up some grit like Gratton... someone who can skate, hit, and potentially fight if need be...
  11. Were these Grabovski's first three goals of the season??? Has he been injured? Anyone know the story?
  12. Have you never been on a business trip, had a couple days off, and used them to party in that foreign city? When you have a few days off at home, a.k.a. weekends, do you not party? Why should we expect them to be in bed early every night. They're human, regardless of what they do and how much they're paid.
  13. So you've known a lot of young hockey players? Spent time with them enough to judge them as you just have? You assume all cops are not idiots... That's a lot of assuming you're doing.
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