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  1. speaking of worsening trend.... If the Islanders keep slipping out of reach of the 8th spot, then Tavares' chances of being traded or going UFA will grow. Therefore the rebuild/retool from the Habs management needs to be maximized at the draft date - or come July first at the latest. This means two things: the present top wingers/forwards need to come out of their shells. Hence a repeat of yesterday's performance against the Islanders needs to become something consistent until the end of the season, Logically this will translate into more wins than loses. And this would mean we will not get a top 5 pick. If this doesn't happen (and the draft pick is >8th place) then the habs need to trade picks to get high profile players to add to the team to convince Tavares or any other Messiah to join the Habs. But logically both scenarios together need to happen (good finish of season and good trades and UFA pick ups) Certain recent articles point at MB giving the moon and stars to Tavares...AND I AGREE but it depends of the player to want to accept this. Imagine for a moment... Marc on his knees telling Tavares that the Habs have been waiting for him for 20 years TWENTY YEARS. Tavares would go down in history - regardless of the outcomes of the next 8 years at 13 millon (or whatever max) per season- It takes a hell of a pair of cojones to say yes to that... But if he did ..boy what a tremendous moment for player and franchise. Article: https://www.fanragsports.com/islanders/dreger-eyes-potential-ufa-tavares-contenders/
  2. Just watchefd Pleky's first shift as a leaf...... sigh
  3. exactly Metallica, that 50% was key All in all Happy with what MB did. we got what we paid for... Plek is likely gonna live in a hotel room or at Polak's guest room... and he and family can travel more easily between cities than winnipeg or the US... On a side note to what if Markov had the same treatment.... the difference is Rick Curran.. .i.e Pleky had an agent
  4. because the real question is who replaces Bergevin? will Brisebois really do better? and if not who else is on the list??? ..WE should follow what Toronto did....no doubt and no alternative really IMO... I do think we need a new president that's for sure... Molson has to go back to making watery beer
  5. I think Molson realizes he is stuck. Because frankly apart from raising your hopes, what does a new GM really bring? Your still stuck with the mandatory francophone GM who will hire another francophone coach -- if the following year Julien cant reship it.. Molson is gonna have to still compensate MB -and remember molson is still paying million or two for the previous coach. There is something F---ed in Mtl... The taxes the media... thats scare UFAs, the only real solution is getting better drafting IMO.. so im more and more inclined to be a Pro-tanker
  6. Honestly, what is there to lose? I would not be surprised if the story will be that Molson called MB asking for him to add the show attraction...
  7. while i wait for MB to pick up Jagr check out the last moment of this dual interview... where it seems as if Michel Therrien is saying sorry ..all i can read from Pks lips is I know I know... and then an odd finish http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2018/01/28/decouvrez-ce-que-subban-manque-le-plus-de-michel-therrien#cxrecs_s
  8. Nelson Cant shoot right? ah then useless suggestion
  9. Good grief .....would he cost more than a player? Letang is arguably at his lowest value ever... Given How Pitsburg is tight on cap wouldnt Letang go for less then a Galchenyuk?
  10. With none of the desired roster assets going to arrive to MTL via Trade we have no choice but to trade for picks or sloppy seconds or lets just sat risky players So if its very --very unlikely to get a top roster player then what could MB more realistically do or (Allah forbid he really does) What candidates do you FEAR MB will end up trading for? Im thinking Kris Letang will end up being one posibility
  11. and they kept passing and still no shot .....thats where i noticed all of the 5 players were lefties.. thats all and stated the obvious lol wow wonders what a one line 6 word statement becomes.. is this what happens in Habsworld now?
  12. lol good grief where did i say that right shot is the solution.. and your stating the obvious 11 or so min ago when i wrote boy do they need a right shot was at that moment during their aguably best moment of that period where a pass to the guy in the slot couldnt shoot cause he was on his backhand.
  13. On second thought dont keep watching... the pain and anguish we all feel is affecting you
  14. Oh no its more than that... you need to watch the game more
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