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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Nelson Cant shoot right? ah then useless suggestion
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Good grief .....would he cost more than a player? Letang is arguably at his lowest value ever... Given How Pitsburg is tight on cap wouldnt Letang go for less then a Galchenyuk?
  3. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    With none of the desired roster assets going to arrive to MTL via Trade we have no choice but to trade for picks or sloppy seconds or lets just sat risky players So if its very --very unlikely to get a top roster player then what could MB more realistically do or (Allah forbid he really does) What candidates do you FEAR MB will end up trading for? Im thinking Kris Letang will end up being one posibility
  4. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    and they kept passing and still no shot .....thats where i noticed all of the 5 players were lefties.. thats all and stated the obvious lol wow wonders what a one line 6 word statement becomes.. is this what happens in Habsworld now?
  5. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    lol good grief where did i say that right shot is the solution.. and your stating the obvious 11 or so min ago when i wrote boy do they need a right shot was at that moment during their aguably best moment of that period where a pass to the guy in the slot couldnt shoot cause he was on his backhand.
  6. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    On second thought dont keep watching... the pain and anguish we all feel is affecting you
  7. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Oh no its more than that... you need to watch the game more
  8. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    man are they missing a right shot
  9. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    I didnt see the first half of 2nd period....Im watching the NBC stream where jerk Roenick showed the horrible effort that lead could have prevented a goal. Galch should be benched according to Roenick
  10. but what happened? why such a decline? its not like all the the other keepers are All stars?
  11. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    his doomsday drop pass i can sort of live with,.... its his "oh no im too tired to skate back to try and fix my mistake" that is the basis why hes never going to merit C position
  12. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Galchsucks and his lack of effort... he cant be serious about his career.... oh yeah he merits the centre position soooo much yeah right!
  13. I need to look up why Fucale is ...sooo out of the Habs Plans.....
  14. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Shite! I knew the odds weren't that great anymore but to that extent?!??! im gonna look up the rules for the current lottery . Thanks dlbarlr Hopefully the pro tankers realize this
  15. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Makes me wanna see the breakdown of the past 10 draft Loteries.... how often do bottom 3 teams end up picking top 3