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  1. I'm just going to come out and say it, but the pair of Chiarot and Weber has sold me with this kind of performance against this kind of talent they had to face all night. They also happen to be the 2 most improved, "Got their games back on the rails" players on the D. Weber is still a #1, and Chiarot is top 4, it was all premature panic early on from the media and fans in both their cases. They both had shaky starts to their respective season, that period of time seems to be a small smudge in the rearview mirror for both of them with each passing game, they have both been nothing short of very solid for weeks. And now in a stroke of genius/luck, also happen to form a very solid and reliable pair despite the stylistic mismatch on paper, they move the puck efficiently, they are exhausting to face in front of the net and in the corners, their work at the offensive zone blue line is simple and effective. I like it, I like it a lot
  2. Boy oh boy, you and a few others can always be counted on to allow your disdain for Bergevin to cloud most rational judgement revolving around any conversation about the guy. We're not only fabricating scenarios now where NHL teams are , allegedly, not constantly trying to become cup contenders and then hopefully, cup winners, but also alluding to boldness as the key ingredient missing to have true success. By your Cup or Bust logic, I assume David Poile is as incompetent as they come, be it he has yet to win a Cup in Nashville since 97. Perhaps you also think Doug Wilson a terribly inept GM, considering his multiple failed cup runs since 2003. Since when, in a league of 30 or more teams, has winning a cup become the defining measuring stick to judge a GMs work? A 1 in 30 chance is all you get to be considered a good NHL GM? Really??? It is and always should be, the overall success or failure of their body of work, every GM in this league is going to hit and miss, be it in a trade, a signing, or a draft pick. What ultimately matters is whether you have a GM in place who can hit more than he misses, whether he can slam home a home run every so often to help the team overcome a hurdle. And if that team is lucky enough, that kind of track record could lead them to becoming a team who has a shot at going far, which can then become a team, where if all goes fantastically well, and the stars align, can potentially win a cup. It is like you are saying Yzerman did a shitty job as GM in Tampa because they didn't win the cup while he was there. He did tremendous work, did more good moves than bad, drafted well, and turned them into a very good team, they may not have won a cup yet, but that does not discredit his overall work as an NHL GM, it was top notch. Bergevin has made his blunders, he has hit his home runs, and he did in fact have a real busted up offseason a couple of years ago, he wasn't fired, and given the opportunity to implement a new plan, knowing full well, this time, its failure will be his demise. I am sorry he wasn't fired 2 or 3 years ago as you so desperately had hoped, but the guy has been nothing short of solid since. He has executed his plan pretty admirably, we all know what is going on here, we are in the midst of a quick turn around rebuild, driven by drafting, youth, and sprinkle of patience so we can watch it grow. We have stock piled picks for 2 summers now, soon to be 3, we have drafted well in each of those, we have managed our cap well enough that there is room to go big game hunting if the opportunity presents itself, yet the willingness to push forward with our youth and whatever comes with that in the meantime, instead of collapsing onto plan G as we have in the past. Some of you are still shitting on 2016 -2017 Bergevin, in nearly 2020, we have been watching a different machine running here for the past 2 years folks, open your eyes and accept it, judge that, because the past, it already got forgiven when he wasn't fired, might as well move forward like the rest of us.
  3. Yes, he is relied upon, and ripped on way too much, he rarely gets full credit and always takes more blame than he should. But that's nothing new, it has been this way since he dominated the league like no other modern day goalie did a few years ago..
  4. If Letang was in fact a LHD, He would be heavily in the Habs rumor mill for quite some time now, and likely a great fit along side Weber.
  5. Come on, really? I'll begin to get worried when he is still rockin out 30 point seasons at age 22, and still being sheltered with 12 min of ice time. Until then he is just a kid with immense talent and potential who is honing his craft and learning on the job.
  6. Drouin is looking like the top line player he was billed as, I'm honestly watching him and just continually going, "Man another great shift by this guy" Awesome stuff from Jo.
  7. Certainly a wise choice.. If a system of the sort needs to be in place, perhaps just simply a "Like" button being the only option could work. If the content you are posting is something people get behind then you can gain "Likes" and if your content is something they don't, then you gain nothing. A positive contributor to the site could rack up likes, while someone less so, would rack them up at a very slow pace, if at all, nothing malicious can be done to circumvent it.
  8. If they are willing to retain salary to move him, we should be listening, but at full cap hit, I agree it is too much.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed that lol
  10. At some point, Petry will stop being one of the most underrated Dmen in the league, right?
  11. I don't know who's knickers you bunched up, but lately you seem to be instantly downvoted regardless of content, i've seen the same constant 2 downvotes on even your most insightful posts of late, that childish crap needs to stop. Clearly a couple haters are abusing the downvote system in a manner it wasn't intended..
  12. Come on guys does anyone actually believe Douglas Murray or Folin are capable of sniping one the way Chiarot did in Buffalo, or make the pass that sprung Drouin to his goal against St. Louis? Seems the guy gets pegged in this hole already because he is a defensive Dman, that somehow means he can't skate, he can't pass the puck and make plays, or show some poise with the puck and score some timely goals for us. He looks like the guy he was with the Jets but going through a bit of an adjustment period to play within our style, not some dinosaur Dman with cement skates and a straight blade who is incapable of adjusting and evolving within our system, sheesh.
  13. Well, i'll be honest, i'd rather the offensive potential of a line like Drouin - Domi - Suzuki, than Lehkonen - Domi - Suzuki
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