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  1. ill just repost my twitter reply to this line up here
  2. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    Oh...I've seen GLARING NEGATIVITY on this forum many times before, the frustrating kind that just eats away at you like what you are expressing. This thread however is far from an example of that, I get where you are coming from, I really do, but I see a lot of concerns being expressed, and very few pitch forks, a big difference imo.
  3. Byron Re-signed - 4 yr, 13.6

    Actually its really not that weird, no one seems to have an issue with the cap hit, its pretty modest, its the term, for a speed reliant player that scares people a bit. Also, no one has a problem with Drouin's contract because, for one, he was given the contract coming off a 50+ point season in Tampa. Secondly, everyone knows Drouin isn't really a 13 goal scorer, he had a down year production wise because he was thrust into a precarious position and did the best he could with it. His true self, playing in a favorable position, is an easy 20 goal guy, with a ceiling no one even knows yet, he will show us where it is in time. Ultimately I think using Drouin as an example is just poor judgement, everyone who knows anything about this situation, knows he was thrust into an impossible situation and performed admirably, but inadequately in the grand scheme of things. Most of us also know he is on the verge of a breakout, and has the potential to be a Bargain contract for 50% of his term.
  4. Could our lineup look like this

    right now I am thinking.. Drouin - Domi - Byron Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Lehkonen - Peca - Armia Hudon - Plekanec - Scherbak Rielly - Petry Mete - Julssen Alzner - Schlemko
  5. Streaming

    I use the Rogers NHL Live subscription, and use the app on my PS4, makes for easy man cave hockey nights.
  6. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Honestly, I'd be more uneasy sticking them with an Alzner or Benn, having to pick up slack for vets game after game. Together at least you know they are both going to be playing competent hockey, and they can just focus on their own game. Sure some youthful mistakes will take place from time to time, but I can deal with that a lot better than some below average vets putting them in sticky situations with their own insolence on the ice.
  7. Sept. 22, Sens vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Observations for this game - Armia looks like a solid player, but not top 6 material, he plays the game in a very big bodied, smart, 3rd line player kind of way. I'd like to see Lehkonen, Hudon, or even Scherbak get a chance there instead. - Drouin looks ready for a breakout season, he just looks dynamic as heck on almost every shift. - Rielly looks very good, very impressed with him, he should be easily getting a top 4 role as of this year and doing wonders with it I am sure, great quiet pick up that was. - Kotkaniemi looks like a star in his humble beginnings, If a player can grow this much in just a few weeks, I can't imagine where his game will be in a couple years. - Tatar, Gallagher, and Danault look good and ready for the season, i'm expecting good results from all 3 of them this season, they are trending the right way atm. - Price looked pretty damn good, another one who seems done with these warm ups and ready to go in October. Overall, this team has had more than a few games to show their vibe is certainly different this season. Regardless of their record, or how ugly this might get, they are establishing quite quickly that they are at the very least going to be bringing it much more often than not. The compete is there, the pace is there, some of the boys are showing quality execution and skill, the youngsters on defense are crushing the vets in their performance, everything I was hoping to see.
  8. Sept. 20, Caps vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    One thing I notice for sure, He does not look like the same player I saw during some of the Vegas playoff games I watched. He is a noticeable danger on the ice with the puck, much like he was in some of the games I have seen him live at the Joe over the years. I am not sure where it all went wrong for his game in Vegas, but I see the Tatar I saw at the Joe so far, lots of pace, lots of skill, lots of danger.
  9. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    It is obvious that Domi let his emotions get the better of him which led to a bone headed, heat of the moment, stupid decision on his part. With that said though, there is WAY too much volatile reaction from some about it, Max is not exactly a league leader in cheap shots, and some of the reactions certainly can't be justified based on his track record. Yes it was dumb, yes it was illegal, yes it deserves a suspension. No it does not make Domi a gutless puke, no he is not his father, and no he is not a cheap shot artist, he is simply a young guy, with a big temper, who can fly off the handle from time to time. He will learn from it, I am sure the staff will inform him how they rather he play hockey than let himself get all fired up to the point of stupid decisions like that. He didn't skate from one zone to another and take someone's knee out, or elbow someone in the head unsuspectingly way after they got rid of the puck, he felt antagonized by Ekblad's wild stick work. For lack of a better term, he lost his shit over it finally, he took it too far, it is not something he should be doing then, or in the future. At least it was an over reaction on a retaliation, and not a head hunting injury attempt, as we have seen so many times from many other more heinous players in this league. So lets take a chill pill on the incident, put the flame throwers away, and react accordingly ourselves, as fans. We know the incident is wrong, we hope to not see that type of thing from him again in the future, we hope he learned something from it that helps him try to keep a more level headed approach to his game management. But it looks an awful lot like some fans are already turning their frustration with the trade that brought him here, into an over reaction about the incident. That is likely just the tip of the iceberg to how little slack this kid is going to have here with some of our fans this year, because he happened to be traded for Galchenyuk, a situation he had full control of, of course. I see it already, on social media, on here, some are already starting to let it boil over, just because of the trade, any Domi situation will start at defcon 3, and hit defcon 5 at marveling speeds. He punches a player who is not answering the bell, and he is the worst person in the league, not a hot head who needs to cool it. If he has a bad game, he will be untalented and a 3rd liner at best, not a young top 6 forward who has an off night like anyone else. It is like we are blind as a fan base, we have this sickening reputation of being volatile, harsh, overly critical, and a hard market to play for, and based on what I've seen from some of our fanbase on different social media platforms today, and anytime we go through a scrutinizing situation, we are only cementing it. Some say to become an attractive place to play for players, you need a winning team, everyone is so quick to blame our losing record for why real top players scoff at us during the summer without looking in the mirror, or the big picture. It is more than that, the on ice situation accounts for 50% of the equation, the off ice situations is the other 50%, and generally speaking our off ice situation in Montreal has just as much, if not even more work to do than our on ice situation, and that's bloody saying something.... Signed, A Hab fan who just doesn't get some of his fellow Hab fans
  10. Sept. 19, Panthers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Based on what I see from that Florida line up, they are going to be hitting the ice tonight like.....
  11. Muller signs a two-year extension

    Huge fan of having him around awhile longer, having the whole element of a former player, a former Hab, and a former captain of the Habs, behind the bench, is invaluable. Especially from a culture stand point, he won't let these guys take a dump on what it means play here, to wear that sweater, he's been there, done that, and lead the way. There is literally no excuse not to get on board with him as a current player, Muller is a competent instructor, and he has literally lived what you are living, been in your shoes, at the highest level, and succeeded, all you have to do is soak it all in.
  12. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Peca adding himself to the list of players distinguishing themselves this game, several flashes of very nice plays by him so far. the line of Gallagher - Danault - Tatar are also very involved in this second half.
  13. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Its awkward looking i'll give you that, but his overall speed is not a problem, he simply won't ever be in the same skating league was guys like Domi and Drouin. Skating is not a strength or a weakness for him, i'm more concerned with watching his reaction time, his quick decision making, his sense of anticipation. That is what he will need to get up to speed to allow the rest of his elite talent to come to the fore front and make him a very dynamic NHL player in the near future.
  14. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Not sure if anyone is watching the Red vs White game being streamed on RDS.ca website. Half time, and so far Domi, Armia, Drouin, Lehkonen, Mete, Julssen, Suzuki, Shinkaruk are all buzzing and looking noticeable out there for a variety of reasons. Domi and Drouin are especially "into it" so far, I just can't see if he has a healthy season, how Domi playing with that much pace and quick hockey plays, along side Drouin, can't crack the 15 goal, 45 point plateaus this year.