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  1. Speed? Lol he is usually the fastest skater on the ice during his shifts, come on now. Wouldn't expect a small forward to try and be tough, you don't see Gaudreau out there every night trying to show how tough he is, i'd still have him on my team in a heartbeat. Why does a player need an NHL comparable anyway? Half of the comparable players end up not having parallel careers anyway, it is a foolish thing to require to judge a players potential or predict it for that matter. There was no justification for why he was still available when we picked, this isn't 2004 anymore, the era of the Power Forward, the kid has the potential to make a lot of people eat crow for passing on him throughout his career, and it seems they are turning themselves inside out coming up with ridiculous reasoning to try and justify it. The devastation of his shot will far outweigh the detriment of his size when he reaches the NHL, he has come into the league, literally, during its most beneficial era for players like him. Quotes of the sort just go to show you there are still plenty of dinosaur mentalities within some of the front office's.
  2. If you are not willing to give up blue chip prospects, how do you hope to get someone else's top line talent? 2nd rounders and 2nd line players are not what you have to package together in any circumstance to acquire the Laine's and the Connor's of this world. It has to be 1st rounders and top 5 organizational prospects, anything less and you are just getting hung up on. For a Connor or a Laine, you have to be prepared to offer Drouin or Gallagher, a 1st round pick, and Romanov. There is no conversation on either front without a serious proposal of the sort. If you are willing or not to make that kind of offer, determines whether you would or wouldn't acquire those types of players.
  3. Make it a 1st and they likely go for it, are we willing to do it? That's the question.
  4. With respect, the context being missed here is this team has gone into a full blown retool and building through youth for over a year now, expecting to make the playoffs during such a transition is setting the bar at an unrealistically high level to promote the rhetoric that he is continually failing. MB has not been very good during his tenure as a whole, he has also not been nearly as terrible as some make him out to be, the truth, as usual, is somewhere between both biased parties of the argument. He mismanaged some assets and even an entire offseason, he has also surprisingly shown great poise and solid asset management and strategy since embarking on this retool, it has thus far been the beginning of a redemption story for him. If you are going to give the guy a chance to redeem himself from past mistakes, then you have to, at some point, put those mistakes in the past and judge him based on what he is doing while trying to redeem himself. I have little complaints since the retool started about him, with the exception of the current passive offseason, but I do understand the offseason is far from over and things can happen by training camp. All in all, what I am seeing is a team with a top 5 prospect pool in the league, and miles away from any kind of cap hell, those are his dues to collect, there is no other regime to give credit to, there is no one else responsible for this current situation. So while it is easy for some people to continually pile on the dog poop about his past blunders, those same people are seemingly nowhere to be found when it comes to giving an honest unbiased assessment of his retool management. While I think it is easy enough to see why they steer clear of any positive assessment and only jump in the fray when there is mud to fling around and dead horses to beat on, it doesn't make it right by any stretch.
  5. Oh crap, you mean i've been looking at this the wrong way the entire time?!?! It's just like golf and you need the lowest amount of points to be the winning?! I'll see myself out...
  6. Can we please stop with the notions that we have to poop the bed for years on end to become an instant contender, and that we have to trade players based on age regardless of where your team is in its building arc? It is seriously ridiculous to consider both of those things to be absolutes, when it comes to how to reach contender status. Did you see St.Louis or Boston bottom feeding for years during the last 5 to 7 years to get where they are today? Did they trade away all their veterans on the wrong side of their prime to achieve their current status? How about San Jose? How many seasons did they spend bottom feeding to acquire a contender during the last 5 to 7 seasons? How many veterans did they trade away in that time? There are several different ways to build a contending team, but ultimately a balance of good drafting, good trades to achieve roster balance, good contracts and cap management are the keys to getting there.
  7. Come on man.... Using the Leafs in any conversation about being ok with the cap right now is ludicrous, they have had to reshape their roster in a significant way to try to get around their cap issues, have a handful of important expiring contracts next summer that will be nearly impossible to hold onto. They have their best player without a contract and are needing to scrounge every last penny of cap space to even attempt to facilitate that signing.
  8. https://www.rds.ca/hockey/canadiens/canadiens-un-retour-d-andrei-markov-n-est-pas-envisage-1.6859174 The gist of it is........ Habs are not interested in bringing Markov back, time to move on to the next rumor.
  9. You know what you can't question? How much more the Jets fans are pissed about watching Chiarot go, than Hab fans are of watching Benn go. We can paint it however which way we want to, but the Jets fans watched him play way more than any of us did combined, if they are upset about losing him, that dissipates most of the apprehension I would have about him joining us. He is no top LD, but he seems like a perfect candidate to play with Petry, Benn had the chance to be, and ended up losing the spot to Kulak. It is the kind of piece that has a veiled bias and vehemence to it about the Habs, lots of media people can't contain bias in their content, positive or negative bias. I can tell just by the salty barb at Alzner being around, and suggesting he is equal to Chiarot. If he was objective and didn't personally care about whether the Habs Fail or Succeed, he would have basically said the team has thus far made lateral moves, and left out the more personal barb towards the team out of it.
  10. Nah that is being presumptuous, It's not sentimentality if he is brought in to be in and out of the line up as needed and not a relied upon top 5 option, it is an option that could and should be considered, even if you don't end up going for it. I'm just saying, we have to be open minded to these types of things because they cannot hurt us if we are using it for the right reasons. If he comes in super cheap on a 1 year deal to be an "assistant coach" who still plays, and only gets about 30 to 40 games in a limited specialist role, while influencing certain parts of his game that were very effective onto the others during practices, it's fine by me. If we are looking at him as a stop gap for the top 5 in any capacity,who may need to play almost every game instead of being out there hunting for a legitimate top 4 LD, then that's a problem. I seriously doubt they would consider the latter, but this regime has stunned me before with this type of thinking, I just feel more confident that they have learned from past mistakes and doubt that is a road we travel again.
  11. Look, the truth is what has or doesn't have value is a matter of personal perspective, literally what the bartering system was built on. What you might see as valuable, might be viewed as complete junk to someone else, simple as that, always has been. As far as trying to make a stink about down votes and such, like there is some kind of non existent stigma on down voting, is silly, to put it lightly. The system to rate a post is there, its a fine thing to have in any environment where discussion is prevalent. Trying to call people out about how they rate a post while in the same breath claiming they are not respecting another person's opinion is a contradiction and a half, considering that rating a post is also a form of someone else's opinion about an opinion. If they very much agree or disagree with your post is entirely their right, expressing it is entirely their right, you may find it harsh, the same as they may have found the post harsh. Ultimately there is no difference with someone POSTING their opinion and someone RATING their opinion, if you believe in one you should believe in both, because you are agreeing to allow people to express their thoughts one way or another. Anyways, i'm getting side tracked, back on topic... Really wondering if Bergevin is working on some other kind of big swing right now, because it seems like the easy back up plan at this point, to infuse the top 6 with some talent, would be to really pick Vegas' brain about Gusev. It just seems like they would let him go for adequate asset replenishment, the kind of assets we have in abundance and would be an affordable top 6 contract probably under 5 mill per. The fact we are not going after this obvious situation leads me to wonder if we are not currently working on pulling a bigger fish out of the pond until we either get him on the boat or the line gets cut.
  12. You really think 1 million cap hit more for a team with zero cap issue was going to seal the deal, that they give a damn about the extra 1st round pick? They were clearly not about to let their best player walk, 8.5, 9.5, 10 mill, they would have matched it. The only deal they wouldn't have matched, is one we would be crazy to make, that would compromise our own team salary cap for years. They just spent the whole season trying to market themselves to their fan base in a new way, it picked up steam, they had a good run, and you really think 1 million more would have swayed them to decide to throw all that progress away by letting their fans know "if someone throws big cash at our top players we are backing off, sorry we are cheap?" Nah..
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