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  1. The Habs Need a Better Backup

    His stats down there are deceptive, he had a couple real stinkers that were destroying all his averages, however with that said, he is highly regarded as a goalie of the future. Lebrun nailed it on TSN when he said he is likely to go down the same road a guy like Cam Talbot did in NY with the Habs, he is a goalie of the future, just not our future, but we will and certainly should use him while he is still here. Not going to be able to convince this kid or his agent to agree to spend a good chunk of his prime years playing back up to Price, not while he and everyone else are starting to notice he is a potential NHL starter in a couple years.
  2. Come one man what do you expect, Auston Matthews playing in the swiss league at 18 type results? Ikonen is going to go through the typical growing and developing pains as an 18 year old transitioning into a men's pro league. Why not compare him to his peers as a class during the WJC, his summer in that department was very good, I am almost positive he will be very good again come December, that is what will truly matter. His progression in the pro league until he is 20 will also be what counts, not how he didn't dominate a men's league during his first 20 games. I remember what I saw from this kid during the summer tournament, and he was flat out sensational in some games, looked every bit the type of player who could be a solid NHLer in the not so distant future.
  3. Nov. 5, Habs vs Hawks, 7 PM

    Lindgren was simply awesome, he had a rough go for a bit in Laval but has quickly got himself back on the rails again. Really starting to enjoy the Drouin - Galchenyuk duo, It almost seems like Galchenyuk is trying elevate himself to Drouin's play out there and trying to make sure he does not get himself into a bottom 6 role again this year. that was a sweet play a long the boards for Drouin, who absolutely destroyed the Chicago D with his speed to finish it off with a beauty.

    I agree with the sentiment that he deserves more. I get he had a rough start this year but he seems to have shaken that off for multiple outings in a row now. He is producing and has been playing well for some time now, its about time he re-enters the top 6. I'd love to see him swap with Byron for a few games and give him a real look.
  5. The value of advanced stats

    as with any stat in sports, a smooth combination of knowledge of the game, and understanding of stats gives you the best results for evaluation. I used to not quite understand the impact of corsi and fenwick when it first was introduced, because it revolved around a certain way to play the game, and there were varying ways to play the game. Upon further study, I realized it was a stat that helped immensely in evaluating how well a team was playing the game in a way that yields the highest % of success. Of course there are exceptions, possession hockey seems to be the trend the last several years, it has the best chance to yield successful teams. Are there teams who can be successful playing dump and chase? sure, are there teams that can be successful playing the trap? sure, are they likely to be as successful on a percentage based study as teams who play possession hockey? Not likely. But if you were to combine the eye test with these stats, you could see that a team or player is still very good, who deviates from these stats, you can also see there are many teams and players who are successful when highly ranked by these stats. Weber is a prime example, He always ranks average or below average in corsi and fenwick, yet if you watch him play with a knowledgeable eye, you quickly determine he is a tremendously good Defenceman. The key factor here is he simply doesn't play the game in a way that suites the advanced stats themselves, but it is still a style of play that he performs extremely well. Because of how exceptional he is at playing defence the way he does, if you compare him to any other player who is simply good or average, but plays the same way, your eye test would determine, these Defencemen are not very good, your typical 5 - 7 guys. The same can be said the other way around, if you look at the top of the spectrum of the corsi/fenwick stats, you will find guys like Torey Krug, Colin Miller, Shattenkirk, and Justin Schultz all parked in the top 20. Are they top 20 D-men? No of course not, in fact they are just good top 4 D-men who can get the job done on a relatively good basis night after night, nothing tremendous about them at all. However they are all swimming along this advanced stat pool beside guys like Burns, Doughty, Ekblad, Faulk, Werenski, Hamilton, and Hedman, all top Defensemen for their teams, truly exceptional players. So you see, the point is there are exceptions to every rule, that is especially so in statistics. of course if you look at our team for instance, it looks like we should be the best team in the league according to the advanced stats, however if you combine it with the eye test, you quickly see we are highly inconsistent throughout a game and generally shoot ourselves in the foot because of it lately. We play the game the right way, generate everything we should be generating to create success, but because of certain pockets of time throughout a game where we are especially bad, we are blowing games left and right. We can be a corsi/fenwick dream team all we want for 48 min out of 60, but if in those 12 min we self destruct, it will not be grasped by an average/percentage system like advanced stats properly, hence, we are the exception presently. When you find a situation that falls out of the norms of stats and advanced stats, they are simply exceptions to the rule, it does not mean the statistic is grossly wrong and should not be used. It simply means there are exceptions, and it is easier to properly evaluate teams and players a like, by combining both, eye and paper to determine what you are truly looking at. And that my friends, always gets you the closest to reality than not. If all you do is look at the paper and the stats, you will never get it right, if all you do is watch the game, you will never find all the details that determine why a player is being successful or not.
  6. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    In my opinion, Radulov and Drouin trump Sergachev, if we had kept Markov instead of going after Alzner, Streit, and Hemsky, in the current state of things imagine how this would look instead of what we are seeing. Pacioretty - Drouin - Radulov Lehkonen - Danault - Galchenyuk Hudon - Plekanec - Gallagher Byron - McCarron - Shaw Markov - Weber Mete - Petry Schlemko - Benn Mete's revelation of a year has made the trade better for us than it was when it was even first announced, however because of the miss steps following all that, it could have still been even better, and instead its just a good trade I am glad we made, and not a Homerun that unquestionably made us better.
  7. Rebuild the right way

    Just wanted to say, When I scrolled by this thread, I found myself reading the title like Michel Therrien was saying it for some reason lol

    Don't say his name in these pitiful game threads!! Just don't! lol
  9. The Team.....

    No I am sorry, if this season ends up being a circus that sees us free falling for most of the year and the main issues stem from a defense he thought would be better, and a lack of elements while we sit around with 8 million in cap, then he must be fired, contract or not, this was his last season in my eyes to prove he could take this thing a step forward. Thus far it looks like the furthest thing from that, it had looked all along that it would be more of the same, sideways, type of year, but in fact it is starting to look more grim than that. He will not be sparred like he was while price was hurt, this is his team he put together and clamored about being better at the golf tournament that is faltering out there. This is his coach he put in place and trusted to make his pieces work, who is out there trying to get them playing 60 min the way he is asking them to. He has to own it, one way or another, Schlemko is the only piece of his vision that is missing out there, and we all know he will be a nice complimentary piece to add, but the furthest thing from what will right this ship.. So again, I insist, if this team can't be pushed forward with a few solid management moves in the coming weeks and redeem itself, along with its season, he should be removed at the end of the season. I have a hard time envisioning the first part of that outcome coming to fruition, which leaves me to believe this is likely his last season at the helm.
  10. The Team.....

    My exact thoughts as well. We should be a playoff team, should be battling it out with Tampa and Toronto for the division, But if MB is capable of building anything more than that, I would be as shocked as anyone. the team does not need a rebuild, it has 8 million in cap, solid pieces all over the place and lacks a few elements to take it to the next level. It doesn't seem that Bergevin knows how to take it out of this state, and we very likely need a new vision and plan to evolve it further, or else it will continue to regress little by little in the coming years until we have become nothing more than an opportunity that fizzled away. There is a 10% chance Bergevin starts making decision and moves to get this train rolling during the season, save his job, and get us looking like a formidable team. There is a 90% chance he is fired by the end of it, and a new regime takes a go with this team for a few years before deciding if we tear it all down or not. Those are my thoughts on this current state of things.

    Again, same story, different opponent.. We get the shots, we win the scoring chance battle, we win the possession battle, and lose the game pretty soundly by score. I am so confused as to what I am watching, they look like an AHL team squabbling about at times, and an absolute juggernaut at others. Aside from Weber and Mete, who are pretty solid and consistent since the start of the year, the rest of the D takes turns being brutal for periods or games at a time. in the last 5 or so games everyone from Petry to Benn has had a stretch where they are colossal failures out on the ice for a period or a game at a time. Alzner had his turn this game, looking terrible and shaken up shift after shift for about a 10 min stretch there. That kind of stuff from the bottom 4 Dmen cannot continue, Price allowed the goals tonight but he didn't look silly on any of them, he had knuckle pucks deflecting, cross crease tap ins, broken plays turn into deadly one timers all flying in past him. Our offense clearly lacks finish atm but it does seem to be something that can turn itself around rather quickly with a few snake bit guys getting the monkey off their back. This Defense though, aside from the top pair, needs to get its shit together, they need to get back to playing to their potential, all of them, because this whole "lets take turns being brutal and cost our team goals against" they have going on back there right now is killing us. Can we just have Markov back now? God that stupid decision is going to haunt us all year isn't it..
  12. Bergevin......

    I agree, at this point there is little a new GM can do to fix this, This team and its staff need to right the ship internally and if Bergevin can lend a hand with a solid transaction then great. But ultimately, if this team fails to make the playoffs or bows out in the first round again, you end it there. It has been long enough, and if there is no signs of taking steps forward then it is time to change the direction. That would give Bergevin his uncontested chance to save this season, and it would give his successor the chance to come in at the right time, come in through the door like a wind of change and have the ability to prepare for the draft, assess his roster, and plan his offseason of changes in his image and hopefully give this team a needed lift going into next season.
  13. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    So we replace a guy who has been struggling with his game since pre-season for a guy who was struggling with it even worse...
  14. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    While I can certainly agree with that feeling it still seems like the bigger picture is effort, I think if Galchenyuk put forth a real effort most shifts towards the defensive side of the game as much as the offensive one, it would help him out a ton. Regardless if he makes the right defensive play, or decision in that moment, show the staff you are committed to the play with or without the puck. I feel like they could excuse his poor defensive execution, if he at least makes himself look hungry to retrieve the puck, look eager to prevent a play going back into our zone. A commitment to the defensive side of the game does not have to mean he will make the right choice defensively every time, but to show your coach and your team mates that you will take a real "Dog and Bone" approach to both sides of the puck, the rest can be worked around.
  15. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    I thought after the showing He had in Toronto, Julien might want to fast track his re-entry into the top 9. It looks like Galchenyuk is going to have to string a few solid performances together to gain that favor. While I am not sold it is the best option, I am sold that the kid does not play the kind of hockey that thrives on a 4th line. I am under the impression the message being sent is his overall engagement and commitment on the ice is not adequate, and his skill alone will not be enough to earn him ice time if he can't couple it with a strong effort most shifts. With that said, I understand the need to have a guy conform to the effort levels required by the staff, I understand the need to have players understand getting by on skill alone is not how you get it done. I understand that Galchenyuk has struggled with ups and downs since his return from injury last season, His start to the season was poor, right from the start of pre-season. However, all things considered, if he has another good outing, production aside, and looks hungry out there, eager to make s**t happen on the ice, then I won't understand leaving him out of the top 6 any longer than that. 1. For his own ability to produce and get himself feeling good about his game again. For him to see if he works every shift he will be put in a position to be productive. 2. For the team's sake, and its ability to produce more offense while in its current dodgey state.