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  1. We have no use for Winnick, i'll just make that clear from my standpoint anyway. Duclair is on wobbly ground with his reputation much like Drouin was, perhaps now is the time to strike for a guy like him. Galchenyuk isn't going anywhere yet unless someone offers the moon for him, we should be leaving him to rebuild his stock again during this contract, and maybe in the near future after that value has been increased CONSIDER moving him for a dire need.
  2. Of course I agree, I know currently this team is not in better shape than if it had Radulov and Sergachev. However that is a hypothetical situation, just like if we had hypothetically Traded for Drouin, re-signed Radulov, re-signed Markov, and signed Alzner. We would actually be much improved from last year, intention is hypothetical, what ifs are hypothetical, and when comparing one hypothetical situation to the other, the 2017-18 Roster would have been better with Drouin/Radulov/Markov than it would have been with Radulov/Sergachev/Markov. It fills more of our need, and Drouin would be much more impactful on the roster than a rookie Sergachev learning the ropes and being sheltered in a bottom pair role, if he even made the team. Now it remains to be seen what Drouin and whatever 9 million dollar worth of assets equates to, and if that equation remains an improved Roster over last year when taking into consideration the other improvements already made. Trust me if Bergevin does nothing, and for some dumb reason we enter the season with 9 million in cap space, I will be standing right beside you questioning what this management is smoking. I simply still have heavy doubts that it goes down that way, and until I get a clear picture of what way it does go down, it is premature to label this roster as anything but very likely incomplete.
  3. What is your struggle with admitting that obviously what Bergevin was trying to achieve based on what he has done and who he has negotiated with, is going into the season with Drouin, Radulov, and Markov. A scenario that would have increased our offensive potency a fair amount, and that was identified by them and most of us as a pretty glaring reason for our early playoff exit. So yes the intention is worth noting, plans didn't work out, it doesn't mean Bergevin has locked himself in a closet and isn't doing anything else until October. But of course that narrative certainly fits the mold to paint him as completely incompetent across the board. To me, if he identified our lack of offense as a primary issue, and was aggressive in his pursuit for a top 6 forward to ADD to what he had in mind, which was bring back Radulov and Markov while also making a pitch for Alzner. That is not something commonly found in a completely incompetent GM, had he fulfilled his plan he would have upgraded the top 6 while solidifying our defense over the course of the offseason. It is easy to see what he was trying to do, discredit it for whatever reason you would like, but if he was active in getting this original plan going, i have a hard time believing now that it fell apart, he will sit on his hands and allow this team to enter the season with 9 million in cap space. He is waiting for the right opportunity, the right dance partners, and people obviously see he is currently in a position where he needs to make acquisitions, and that is also the time the sharks come into the water looking for blood. If he wants to take his time from now until October to navigate the waters as a hunter instead of the hunted, then so be it, I won't accept doing nothing, but I will accept a change of plan, and evaluate its effectiveness once I see what he does.
  4. that would also work even better you are correct
  5. It is not a matter of putting the costs back in their pocket, it is more of a moral principal, the team will charge you an excessive amount for paper tickets because the of the unnecessary luxury of it for the sake of a souvenir, comes at a great cost to the environment. To deter more senseless environmental abuse going forward, they are somewhat "penalizing your pocket" for penalizing the environment for a luxury, and they deem the cost to this unethical practice is 150$+tax. I would bet they give the proceeds of that extra cost to Environment Protection organizations at the end of the year, as some of the other sports teams have been doing who also charge a fee for this. This is far more about doing something for the environment because you are in a position where you can, rather than trying to mitigate costs of producing paper tickets. Personally i've evolved with the rapid technological advancements, I try to use my phone for every convenience it allows, from online banking to movie ticket purchases to in store purchases. I'm glad I have less mail, i'd rather get a text when a bill is due than opening mail. I'd rather buy a movie ticket on my phone and just walk right in to the show, rather than go wait in line for 15 minutes for a couple pieces of paper that get ripped up anyway. Not only is paperless the right thing to do, it is also hassle free and actually more convenient 99% of the time. This is just another instance where people just need to evolve with the changing times, it is for the better anyway, in many ways.
  6. I'm fully aware of what he can be, I don't see Gallagher as damaged goods at all, he is a scrappy, solid top 6 winger with the ability to hit around 25 goals every season. the point is we need a top 6 center at this point more than a top 6 winger, it is not because I don't value Gallagher that I propose him for the trade, it is because I know RNH a valuable player and it will take a valuable player to go get him.
  7. Does because we all agree its a good trade make it an unfair trade lol? or is it just one of those perfect dance partner moments where the trade is good from both perspectives. Would love to hear from Edmonton fans chime in on that proposal.
  8. Sure when you put it like that it obviously looks worse. However Plan A, was supposed to be going into a season with Drouin and Radulov, and that is more attractive, when you consider this team's lacking top 6 punch, than Radulov and Sergachev. It looked to me, while that was the plan, that Bergevin had identified our lack of scoring potency as an issue that cost us a deep playoff run, and was making an aggressive and intelligent move to try and improve that, which is what I like to see from a GM, identifying an issue, actively trying to fx it. Now the end results were not as planned, we have now moved laterally in that department unless there is either some growth from within or another acquisition. Although another top 6 acquisition would still be the sure fire way to improve our offensive numbers, Growth from within is still very possible and easily overlooked. Consider this, Drouin could out produce Radulov as early as this season, Gallagher could easily return to 20+ goal form, Galchenyuk could improve his numbers if healthy and given an opportunity to feel confident for majority of the season. Lehkonen could become a 25 goal scorer this season depending if he stays in the top 6, gets PP time all year, and if he remains healthy.
  9. No Sergachev would have MAYBE stuck with the club, and still played a very reserved role IF he did, probably 3rd pairing and some PP on the 2nd wave, his minutes would likely remain around 18 or so minutes majority of the season while he learned and attempted to adapt to the NHL game. On the other hand, Drouin is going to be a top line player, who could easily hit anywhere between 50 - 65 points if he remains healthy next season, and be an integral part of the PP. Which one of these 2 scenarios help improve our chances of putting a few more pucks in the net in the 2017-2018 season?
  10. No doubt, a solid package including Gallagher and probably 2nd or even 1st would be required to even get the wheels turning, they get a top 6 winger at nearly half the salary plus some extra pieces. But no one expects to get a player like Hopkins for a couple fringe NHLers, we are going to have to give something up, and at this time we have reached the place where I think this is so necessary, that we have to be willing to give guys like Gallagher to get it done.
  11. Weber, Markov, Petry, Alzner, Schlemko and even Benn, are all very reliable at the crisp first pass game, i'm not sure where you guys are going with this unless you mean who in that D is going to carry the puck, at which point Petry is pretty well the only one who will actively do it most often.
  12. Honestly, i'd be much more interested in a trade for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins right now than Duchene, and Edmonton will soon be needing to shed salary to fit McDavid and Draisatl in, do they really have cap space for a 6 million dollar guy who gets pushed to the 3rd line because the other two centers are of the franchise center material? This is very much turning into Crosby, Malkin, Staal in pittsburgh it only made cap sense for so long, and then it had to dealt with. blood in the water in my book, and Hopkins to me fits the bill currently better than Duchene
  13. There is a clear improvement If Markov does come back, we have otherwise replaced every Dman who has left with someone better while adding a wild card who could surprise everyone if he adapts to the NHL. The only glaring issue going into the season is a top Center unless Markov does not return or is not replaced adequately, how do you not see that? Any aspect of a team can be improved even areas that are already good, but the glaring issue on this team will not be its defense next year if Markov Returns, It will be a top Center. If this current team Had Price, an actual Top Center, and a top 4 D of Weber Markov Petry and Alzner, it would be very competitive, and very likely the best team we have seen at the Bell Center. A top center has been lacking severely for years, A top center would improve this current roster in the biggest way compared to any other roster addition at this point. It is and should be the Priority, deviating from it only in the circumstance Markov does not return, at which point our LD becomes a glaring issue as well which would be a bit quicker and easier to fix than a top C.
  14. As I stated previously, i'm fully on board the train that Bergevin's #1 Flaw so far in his reign is without a doubt the lack of acquiring a top center. However with that said, on the Eric Staal topic, it is hard to believe anyone expected the same guy who was traded at the deadline with 33 points, who had 6 points in 20 games with NYR, and 0 points in 5 games in the playoffs, to come into this season and score 28 goals and 65 points. Eric Staal was trending in the wrong direction for 2 years, He constituted a risk, but at 3.5million AAV, it could easily be argued he was worth the risk. Shipachyov, I already touched base on this, we tried to sign him in November, it was a done deal until a clause in his contract stopped it. When it came time to sign him this summer, at the time of his signing, Pre-Free Agency, Bergevin would have calculated an amount available for each of Radulov, Markov, and Galchenyuk. At which point even a grade 5 math student would have been able to determine there just isn't 4.5 million available in the cap anymore. I firmly believe the situation was more along the line of, We can't afford you at this time, more so than we don't want you, they wanted him and almost signed him 8 months ago, why would they not want to now? As for the drafting, yes it is a bit of a bother that we didn't take more risks on Centers during the drafts but ultimately I see that as a double edged blade. If we continue with the strategy to draft the best player available, and use that chip later on to make a trade for our needs, then that also works. Sergachev and Drouin is a perfect example of how you can turn a high level draft choice into a high level player who fits a need. If we drafted Player A, who is a RHD, and 2 years later he is a Junior Star on the cusp of being ready for the big leagues, and Player B, a young 24 year old Center, is on a team starved of any future star on Defense organizationally, there is a trade potential there that works for both sides. In turn you make a draft choice who wasn't a center, turn into the reason you acquire one, there is merit to the strategy. So in that regard i'm not OVERLY upset we didn't draft more Centers, i'm more disappointed at the fact we haven't scooped more high level prospect that could have been perfect bait to go get one. To me it all falls under the window of building through the draft, the problem exists when you don't draft enough centers to potentially cash in on one of them, or draft enough studs to then flip for a young center you can add to your core for years to come. The blame does not rest solely on Bergevin, there are a lot of moving parts to this circumstance that has us unable to get our hands on a top center, but there is no denying, and rightfully so, that he has to accept his fair share of blame and responsibility for it. We need a top center, no more bandaids, no more "Hope he can fill the role of top Center" type of guys, we need an established or blooming, productive Center that could anchor this team's top line for years. We need to intelligently designate the necessary salary cap space to harbor such a player, long term, and continue to aggressively pursue options that fit the bill, not continually think about flinging 3 - 5 million at guys who will never be that. Hanzal STRUGGLES to reach the 40 point plateau year after year, he is far from the player he was expected to be, and quite frankly i'm tired of hearing about him as an option at Center since before the trade deadline. Had we been stupid enough to sign him, it would have been more money tied up in a center who is not fit to be the top center on this team, have we not freaking done enough of that for enough years already? Nill is paying 4.75 million for a guy who is best suited on a 3rd line, has a career high of 16 goals, and a career high of 41 points.
  15. Its a heart condition, those things are unpredictable at best, he is far from a lock to be back on track with his career. And if in the end he made the choice that an unestablished hockey career is not worth the health risks involved, no one would blame him. besides i didn't State that his career was over, I said I think it will, and that life is more important than hockey.