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  1. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    I literally can't explain how I feel when I look at this current line up, there are players playing too high up in the lines, players playing too far down, players playing center that should be wingers, players playing wing that should be centers. It is a big fist sized pillsbury dough, filled with laughter, sarcasm, confusion, frustration and sorrow, it might just be a new path to the darkside if you ask Yoda. I took a video of my initial reaction and it looked something like this...
  2. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I don't think anyone on this planet thought this D would be better, Heck even Bergevin was probably just spewing positive vibe B.S at the golf tournament. There was no denying Markov being gone and not properly replaced was going to cause its issues, and it has. Our best case scenario was a lateral change back there, no chance of getting better, and obviously we actually got worse.
  3. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Actual Footage of DON swatting aside criticism of Letting Radulov and Markov walk this summer and replacing them with 9 million in cap space.
  4. Carey Price named to the All-Star Game

    Price does seem to have his mojo back since the injury, which at least looks better if he is going to the All-Star game. However it is next to impossible to recovery goalie stats when you spend 3 weeks sitting around an .880 SV%. His best case scenario is to finish the season with around .915 SV% if he continues to play well the rest of the year like he has been.
  5. Carey Price named to the All-Star Game

    I mean, if you HAVE to send someone from each team, Price is the guy on this one, but it really does feel like no one from this team should be there.
  6. Bergevin......

    DON, it isn't Markov's speed we are wanting, its his Eyes and his Brain that we are wanting, and that my friend, is something not one single player on this D can replace. His vision and smarts created offense on the rush, he created offense on the PP, he kept things simple with his positioning, but made quality plays with the puck almost every shift.You think the players don't notice when skating up the Neutral zone at a good speed the difference between when Markov was there feeding them outlet passes for 21 min a night, and what they are getting today? Besides, this Defense is not "Too Slow" it is actually too old school, it is out of date, and not flowing with the current NHL game. A guy like Markov, for as old as he is, still practiced a very new age style game, one that gets the job done in his own zone for the most part while complimenting his forward group, and driving offense. Make no mistake we can look blatantly at Radulov being removed from the top 6 and 9 million in cap space sitting there instead of an adequate replacement as a major contributing factor to these offensive woes . But Markov's loss has a very real and underrated effect on the overall offense generated by this forward group. His age and skating mean very little to me compared to his irreplaceable vision and skill, that even at 40 years old, no Dman on this team can do the way he did. Your presence is missed more and more each day General Markov
  7. Bergevin......

    Imo, all UFAs must be shopped, and anyone over the age of 26 should be available for the right return. We have established a young group made up of Drouin, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Lehkonen, Hudon, and Mete to move forward with. We have an Elite goalie who can back them up for years to come. Lets re-tool the players around them the best that we can and fill some very glaring holes in the process. Bergevin is likely not the man to put such a plan in motion, I just hope he doesn't botch anything for the next guy in the mean time
  8. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Yea, I mean once he got going this year there was major doubt in my mind he would make it to free agency anyway. Could have been a nice option though
  9. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    If only we still had McDonaugh indstead of that ECF.
  10. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    It was a 5 on 3..
  11. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    I regret to inform you all, my suffering brothers, that I will not be attending the festivities of the 3rd period. 2 passes, right through our box, another tap in. No determination or real drive to kill the play, way too easy to play against this D, 5 on 5 or on the PK .
  12. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    The Gift that keeps on giving, Joe Morrow. Surely Weber on one leg is still an upgrade..
  13. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    If they fail on this 5 on 3...
  14. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    It is a funeral home, we have been watching a team die for weeks now.
  15. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    I love it Joe Morrow, stop skating during the last 10 feet after getting caught on a pinch just in time to have a front row seat for an easy tap in that was completely preventable with a few extra strides. * Slow Clap*