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  1. I'll take a positive outlook on this game.. - Mete, who i was looking forward to watching, did not disappoint, he translated his speed and smarts to the next level. He has all the tools to succeed in today's NHL in the near future. - Jerabek looked like he could get the job done at the NHL level and likely to progress throughout the season. - Drouin looked like a smooth, skilled, top line forward once he got going, his PP play was incredible, he will likely be as pivotal on our PP as Kovalev once was. His ability to do anything with the puck from his spot make it next to impossible to stop for long stretches. He can hurt you with a shot, hurt you with patience, hurt you with passes, he is constantly roving up and down the left side making it very difficult to keep tabs on his next move. - Thought Lindgren looked very good during the time he played. - Hudon looks like a guy who is going to have a solid rookie year, start in the top 9, and possibly move into the top 6 when injuries start creeping in. He looks like a rare case where his talent and ability is so good, he was able to avoid being hindered by the Lefevbre effect, thank god. I see him as this season's Lehkonen, and very similar production potential.
  2. very interested to see how mete looks with Weber, though I love this kids potential, and have watched a lot of him when he comes to Windsor, I still think he is a couple years away from really putting it all together. That said, still want to see how close he is currently against and with some NHL caliber players.
  3. 2017-18 Line-up

    We can thank Pehlps and the Shark for this..
  4. That would be helpful under a very specific set of circumstances. - We don't give up any key roster pieces to get it done - Philly retains some salary otherwise we are just hanging ourselves
  5. I don't mind Danault as a 2C, it is not the best case scenario, but he could do a solid job there without being a major hindering on the roster. However I am absolutely done, and been done with not having a bonafide 1C who is capable of consistent 60+ point seasons.
  6. Hey look I understand where you are coming from, but the bare bones facts are, When the season starts, the guy who is going to be expected to fill the void left by Radulov's departure, is Drouin. So to say he is not replacing him because the trade/signing did not relate to each other is incorrect, Drouin is going to be playing in Radulov's spot next year or now possibly at Center and Galchneyuk will be in his spot. Either way we are replacing Radulov that way, And as I mentioned in that post, I was able to move on from that decision, and I say that because I wasn't thrilled about losing Radulov, and did have to "move on" as you would from a situation you wish didn't have to happen. But I moved on easier from the decision not to over extend on Radulov because I could see the viable pieces in place after the fact that could replace his production. Now on the Markov front, Why I was and still am so upset about it, is that no matter how I look at this, or which way I flip the box around that I am trying to think outside of, we have no replacement. There wasn't even a remotely close option, There was no Drouin on Defense that I could think to myself, well we didn't over extend on Markov because we have player X ready to take on his role, it would be best to use the cap differently. There is none of that, he was necessary on this Blue line at the time we were negotiating, and he is still necessary now a couple weeks away from pre-season. I can understand Bergevin's thinking if he has in his mind a magic number he won't go past with Radulov, because he sees it in his head that well since I have Drouin, If I am going to have to spend 7 mill to keep Radulov, I'd rather replace him with Drouin and use the 7 mill towards a Center. I can get behind that type of thinking because Drouin is a viable replacement at RW, and a Center is a position of need on this club. Is it what he was thinking? I don't know, I hope so, it is what I'd be thinking, and I am just little old me discussing hockey on a forum from my home office. I would also see a potential plan of action in over extending a bit on signing Radulov, 7mill for 5 years, having that top 6 winger depth, to then be able to use one as trade bait for a top 6 center, whether it is a Galchenyuk, or even for the right fish in the pond, a Pacioretty, that would also be another way to acquire a quality Center. What I can't understand in any way shape or form, is not overpaying a little for Markov, who brings offense, the ability to play on the top pair, a PP quarterback, a Leader, and a one of a kind type of player on the roster who could not be directly replaced from within or free agency. Not to mention we lost 3 LD within the organization during the previous 6 weeks, the decision there is baffling. I like to try and stay neutral with Bergevin, give him props when he deserves, give him his lashings when he messes up, and this one is clearly a screw up in my eyes. You just can't justify not getting her done on a deal for Markov when you gut the position he plays during the summer, have no replacement on board, and cannot easily acquire an adequate replacement through other means.
  7. Rookie Camp roster/tournament thread

    Reeeeeaallly looking forward to see how Reway looks, if he looks pretty close to rehabilitated, I am going to be pretty excited about how his season plays out.
  8. Radulov I was able to move on from, we replaced him with a better and younger player, It would have been nice to have both, but there is ultimately no need to overpay for a 31 year old player long term if you have Drouin in the Hen house. Markov though, that one has bugged me since the first hour, and continues to bug me, we don't have an adequate replacement on that front, and we have done nothing with the cap up to this point anyway so why not give it to him for another year. It would have bought Jerabek a season to learn and adapt to the NHL, and hopefully adequately replace Markov at the end of his journey, properly.
  9. You get the feeling we are heading for a "yep, stupid move" scenario? lol
  10. I don't think he will pan out but there is no harm in trying
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I doubt Pittsburgh makes this deal, there are far cheaper 3rd line centers to be had across the NHL, Maatta is a top 4 guy for them, and their defense isn't exactly scaring anyone at this point, why make it even weaker? Its a nice deal for us any angle I look at it, which also means it is likely a bad deal for them.
  12. 2017-18 Line-up

    They didn't do anything back there besides swap Hunwick for Hainsey, so unless Andersson has himself a spectacular year, I would expect more of the same on that end. However they did add to their offense, which would likely help them win a few more games than last year and continue to progress in the right direction. Toronto's Achilles heel will be their back end again but I am sure they will work towards addressing that when the right opportunity comes.

    Do we know if the entire surface will be covered though? Or is Bergevin planning on entering the season with a bunch of open Ice space
  14. 2017-18 Line-up

    I have more faith that Hudon can come in for a full season and have a Lehkonen type of season, than I do in Hemsky hitting 40 points. I agree about the Wild Card aspect, if Jerabek comes in and has a Zaitsev type of season and progression, he could easily make this top 4 more interesting going forward. For now I will just expect him to come around slowly, and by seasons end, hopefully have shown enough to suggest next year he could be a top 4 option on a full time basis. I agree, I do think Tampa will have a better season but they lost a 50+ point top 6 player with no replacement, and are banking on a young netminder with a lot to prove this season, the only gains they can hope for now are healthy bodies. Ottawa already had a rollercoaster year, to determine which is the real Ottawa is not something simple, they also lost a top pair guy with no replacement and will be more of the same. Toronto made some slight improvements and Boston did nothing to improve from the bubble team they already were. We make the playoffs with relative ease as long as Price is healthy, it just is what it is there, but it will be a 3 horse race for the Division title between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. If we make an addition of note with the cap space we have though, this could all change and turn into a "our division to lose" type of scenario.