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  1. If they win this one, against the juggernauts known as the Caps, i'm predicting a St.Louis style turn around the rest of the way. And don't even think about judging me if my prediciton is wrong, predictions are wrong all the time, you judging little judgers...of judging..
  2. woah, Woah, WOAH!... That is making waaayyy too much sense, and thus, be impossible for them to execute, because they prefer making the decisions that don't make sense when it comes to these matters.
  3. Where did this speculative nonsense that he signed here with a secret deal in place that he would be traded at the deadline even come from? Jesus, the stuff this fish bowl comes up with sometimes is perplexing..
  4. Unimpressive... They have exactly 4 players producing at over a point per game rate atm, and are being back stopped by a goalie having the season of his life with a .929 SV%. Surely you can find the differences between us and them as far as where they are at in their arc as a team and where we are at?
  5. Ghallagher and Armia play how many minutes per game? Definitely screened shots and net front presences when they are out there so I don't see where you are going with this. The stats all look founded, the logic behind what they mean and what is happening is certainly connected. With that said though, at the end of the day this team was just not good enough yet to be a sure fire playoff team while dealing with the kind of key injuries to key players it dealt with in the first half of the season. That is not an excuse, it is a reality, we are not an elite team, and only elite teams can still keep their heads above water while losing some of their best players for long periods of time, that's it, that's all.
  6. Not following here... First off, as a prime example of why you don't do this kind of thing with young players, imagine for a moment if Barkov and Huberdeau had their NHL careers defined and predicted during their second season, how wrong would every projection be compared to what they are delivering presently? Imagine trying to determine a player's eventual ceiling while he is playing in the league as a 19 year old. We have no clue what this kid is going to become, trying to insinuate that he is likely a bust when he is barely 115 games into his career and not even 20 is ambitiously negative to say the least. History has shown us very often, that elite players don't round out until between the ages of 21 - 24, trying to pin point what he will be prior to that is likely setting yourself up for a failed projection. What we know is he is packed full of talent, he has every tool needed to become a star in this league, at a position of great importance. Secondly, if for whatever reason, he becomes Lars Eller 3.0, we still have another young center, who in his rookie season is really opening eyes already himself, he goes by the name of Nick Suzuki. Our 3 year outlook at center hasn't looked this potentially good in this entire millennium, I really don't see why this scenario dampens the potential to contend in the coming years for you. We need some help at LD, it is the most glaring need for this team to take a step forward, and depending on who eventually takes that spot, will determine how big of a step forward we take. I think most of us are hoping Romanov can be that guy in a big way, and from there, the core players in the core positions of the team that will be coming together in the next 3 years looks very well placed to make some noise. After that it simply becomes a matter of what pieces you stick to the board to make that core of young players even better, that is yet to be determined.
  7. Trading Poehling would go against any semblance of the plan that has been getting cooked for the past 2 years. We would more likely wait for Romanov to enter the top 4 D than trade Poehling, because that is what you do when you are building through youth/draft, you don't trade them away. When you enter borderline contender status, you can consider trading away some youth for the piece that gets you over the top. Until then, you don't, you stay patient and keep swinging at bat during the draft to fill the cupboard up.
  8. Wth are you watching? Julien and Therrien's systems couldn't be more different at the moment, Julien evolved and changed his entire system, when they brought in Ducharme, and a whole new coaching staff, into the fast paced, counter attacking transition style we see today. I don't get the logic behind making up your own versions of reality to prove a point that simply isn't happening. We get it, you want to set fire to everything, remove the coaches the management, the players over 28 years of age, burn it all. But at the end of the day, you aren't being realistic or reasonable in your assessment, you have allowed an extreme negative perception of our situation cloud your opinion from any accuracy, making you very difficult to take seriously at this point.
  9. I find it hilarious that Bergevin is able to stay poised with the plan to build through youth, despite injuries knocking us down in the standings, compared to half the fanbase.
  10. Turcotte and Caufield hooked up for a great hockey play? You don't say....
  11. Byfield is definitely taking longer to get remotely going than I thought
  12. Don't like it one bit, you got Turcotte and Zegras, 2 great playmakers scattered around while a line of them 2 with Caufield would be wrecking havoc at any given moment. They would both benefit from a high percentage finisher like Caufield, and he would benefit from players able to find him every time he gets lost in the weeds. U.S coach obviously has a strategy of his own, but I simply don't get it or like it, if you weren't planning on using Caufield as your version of Stamkos, why even bring him a long? Surely someone else would have been better suited to play 13 min with minimal PP time than him.
  13. Here's to an 8 game win streak at the end of March for Christmas!! You can do it Santa!
  14. I like the kid, and really appreciate some of the things he uniquely brings to the table, but every time i see him in a top 6 position where he would be required to produce, instead of a 3rd line shut down role where production is a bonus, I just feel like...
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