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  1. Those were dark times.. Always remember the few, and brave, brethren who stood a long side you in defense of that trade.. And i'll obviously just leave it at that 😉
  2. In Weber's defense, he took himself down by throwing what would have been, a decapitating haymaker straight out of Super Smash Bros, that narrowly missed.
  3. Well it only makes the fact he didn't trade Tatar even more mind boggling, you would think for sure he would have traded him considering his plan to acquire a bad player backfired when he turned out to be a nearly PPG player for us, he missed his chance to correct the mistake.
  4. Yes, and Buffalo has a brighter future, Ottawa will surpass us, NJ would contend before us, all typical lyrics being sung by the doomsday band. This would be easier if the Titanic band could be playing in the background while reading..
  5. Colorado are trying to add a top 6 forward, we are trying to add a top 4 D, you can see pretty clearly what the 2 would be discussing, who is being discussed either way, who knows, but the structure of a hockey trade between us and them will revolve around a forward leaving and a D man coming in.
  6. No, this is garbage, every team relying on draft lottery to solve their issues have fans reciting the same old "Better positioned for the future" crap. Buffalo has had a "brighter future" than everyone for years, Oilers were going to be contending in a couple of years, FOR YEARS, NJ was going to set the league on fire after drafting Hischier, Hughes, and making the moves they did this summer, only to be forced to rebuild some more, but now with bigger contracts like Subban's on the cap, Toronto was supposed to be a contender at this point, but they can't seem to beat the 1st round or a zamboni driver for that matter, and the list goes on. There are actually much more examples of teams failing to rise from the ashes from lottery picks than there is that do. Pittsburgh and Chicago are the only prime examples where this worked out with actual results to speak of, maybe someone else will join them one of these days but that hasn't happened yet, at all. You didn't see Boston, St. Louis, Washington, Vegas, Nashville, have to crap their pants for several years recently, to reach their status as Elite teams. We seriously need to stop with this dated mentality that if you are the worst team for a couple of years, you will then magically become the best team a couple of years later. There are many ways to achieve an elite team, none of which can be done without very good cap management, trading, signings, drafting, and development. So lets focus on trying to be the best we can be in those areas for a few years and stop focusing on shipping everyone out who isn't nailed down in the locker room.
  7. While I agree with your assessment, I will say, the difference between an almost Elite team and and Elite team is very nominal. Once in the playoffs, all hell can break loose with who catches fire, who gets hurt, what goalie suddenly becomes superman, all factors that blur the line between almost elite and elite (Vegas 17-18 vs Western Elites as an example). The fact that we we're in either of those groups for a period of time meant that we did have a chance to breakthrough and reach a final under the right circumstances. Krieder taking out Price was the circumstance we couldn't afford that year, we were well on our way to a cup final that year and from there, who knows.
  8. I'm not sure why you are so disgusted, he has been lighting it up on the PP from the right dot most of the season in Laval, certainly earned a look based on that alone. It's not like he is out there instead of Drouin or something, come on now.
  9. Team defense and confidence just hasn't been good enough, easy to blame Coaching but when the group can go for stretches looking solid and then stretches looking leaky, you can't honestly think the Coaching is telling them to change up something that allows them to have success. On Paper the team has 3 very solid D, all of which are probably being over played atm because they are indeed the only 3 worthy of being overplayed, if we bump that up by 1 more, we would be in obvious, much better shape. We'll see what happens this summer, a hockey trade could bring that piece in, or even a guy like Romanov can prove he is capable of filling the role into the later stages of the season, we'll just have to see how it plays out.
  10. Can always count on your comedic levels of rational analysis when it comes to anything Bergevin does. Guy turns a 4th round pick into a 2nd round pick with Scandella, then turns a free asset into a 3rd round pick with a more than decent chance to bring that asset back just a few months from now. Totally the work of an incompetent train wreck...
  11. All expiring deals can go for whatever they can fetch, Kovy being the only exception if a reasonable resigning can be done. Not to say that I am against trading him, but I don't feel a need to make sure he is gone compared to the other expiring deals if they can work something out. Guys like Tatar and Petry should be kept unless someone offers something crazy, I wouldn't be shopping these guys or anyone else for that matter. You want one of them, come and try to pry them from me, i'm not dangling them out there, but i'll answer the phone and hear what you have to say, would be my approach.
  12. Ok, you are going to have to give me a couple examples of GMs who are retooling through the draft, and making the playoffs consistently, while also being contenders..
  13. Boy if they smash through this week in successful fashion, the fever with this team will be on like donkey kong.
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