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  1. Solid stuff all around here, pay him until he is 30, use a 5th rounder to get him, solid player suitable for a 2nd pairing and eventually a 3rd pair when Romanov moves up the depth chart. No complaints here, we are starting to shore up weaknesses, right as some of our most promising players are breaking out, this is starting to look much less like a bubble team, and a more like a team ready to make some noise.
  2. Wth, why blame Molson for having to cater to the Hyenas waiting at the gate every time there is an anglophone behind the bench. He is doing what he has to quell a potentially irrational media frenzy over the fact Muller won't be speaking french at the press conferences, no idea where you are coming from with your reaction to this, just sounds like you're spilling the haterade all over.
  3. It's just one of those irrational things that our fanbase projects, No one else is "Lucky" that MacKinnon had a 4 point night or they would have lost, or Matthews had a hat trick or they would have lost. No one else gets the "Lucky they had their best players,otherwise they would suck." narrative but us, here, it is constantly a "Lucky Montreal had Price to save their butts or they would have been blown out." Your best players sometimes win you games all on their own, it's why they get paid the big bucks, they can't do it every night, but they can do it on more nights than the rest of the players on their team.
  4. Now, i'm trying not to get too excited, but if i'm being honest, Last time I saw a young player playing with that level of intelligence, slithering around like an apex predator out their, mixing lethal accuracy and cerebral thinking at both ends of the ice...... *Whispers* His name was Pavel Datsyuk.. And we may just have an non evolved version of him on our team, getting ready to evolve in the very near future, named Nick Suzuki.
  5. I'm not going to lie, I am getting a kick out of all the over reactions and outrage from people over this first in 4 months game, not that I am surprised with our fan base though. Like there is anything to take away from this kind of game, good or bad, to justify getting so worked up and already calling for firings and trades, lol. We all knew it was going to be ugly,with some spurts of good, some doses of horrible, and no more telling than the first game of a pre-season where everyone went to bed at 3am the night before. This whole 1st round playoff is going to look like a pre-season, it is likely to come down to who is pooping their pants less, on that particular night, but make no mistake, poop will happen on both sides.
  6. I've been a fan of the Weber in the Ovi spot while Petry quarterbacks the whole thing idea for some time, sadly we don't see it get the run that it should. Setup in my mind would be -Petry along the blue line to quarterback, all options are open to him. -Weber at the dot on the left side for one timers, he has one purpose. -Suzuki in the distributor spot by the goal line on the right side, has access to Petry, Drouin and Armia for plays from this spot. -Armia in front of the net, has great hands in tight to finish plays. -Drouin at the dot on the right side for one timers or distribution, has access to Petry and Weber if lanes are open and a one timer isn't the best option. Personally, i'd love to see this setup get a good 5 to 8 game run and see what the body of work looks like.
  7. Would be a hell of a pick up, however, can't see STL not making moves to ensure they can keep him, he is young, his cap hit would be overall affordable, they just have to toss out some veteran cap hits to make room. That is an avenue I see them exploring, well before giving away an asset like Dunn, on the RFA market, uncontested. Would be amazing, don't get me wrong, but also why it is unlikely to happen.
  8. Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Suzuki - Armia Byron - KK - Lehkonen Hudon - Poehling - Evans Chiarot - Weber Kulak - Petry Mete - Fleury If Domi plays.. Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Suzuki - Armia Domi - KK - Lehkonen Hudon - Poehling - Byron Looking at this objectively, I can see the argument for moving Domi in exchange for quality assets that fit team needs, he was incredibly difficult to place in a position, he could succeed in the line up, if Suzuki and KK have indeed taken their next steps, respectively. And even still, I am not sure he would be thrilled about being out of the top 6, we are going to have to ponder long and hard on that situation as an organization going forward.
  9. Nah, keep Weal far from that situation, there is no long term gain in Weal taking those missions instead of them, and that is how we should be managing every scenario when it comes to our young building block players. if we are to evolve into a contender at some point, it will have to be with guys like Suzuki and KK taking on big minutes against big match ups, there is no other way. This is their apprenticeship, they need the experience, and not only that, they need to learn to do it, and be successful, in order for us to be successful down the road. You use this as your "This is what playoff hockey is going to feel like against Elite players, get on their level boys" speech. If they fail, they will learn from it the same way any good fighter learns from a loss, and we are in lottery pick contention. If they succeed, then we get pleasantly surprised and begin to transition our beliefs in this team into something more hopeful for the future, the very near future, rather than the distant one.
  10. Those were dark times.. Always remember the few, and brave, brethren who stood a long side you in defense of that trade.. And i'll obviously just leave it at that 😉
  11. In Weber's defense, he took himself down by throwing what would have been, a decapitating haymaker straight out of Super Smash Bros, that narrowly missed.
  12. Well it only makes the fact he didn't trade Tatar even more mind boggling, you would think for sure he would have traded him considering his plan to acquire a bad player backfired when he turned out to be a nearly PPG player for us, he missed his chance to correct the mistake.
  13. Yes, and Buffalo has a brighter future, Ottawa will surpass us, NJ would contend before us, all typical lyrics being sung by the doomsday band. This would be easier if the Titanic band could be playing in the background while reading..
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