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  1. As I stated previously, i'm fully on board the train that Bergevin's #1 Flaw so far in his reign is without a doubt the lack of acquiring a top center. However with that said, on the Eric Staal topic, it is hard to believe anyone expected the same guy who was traded at the deadline with 33 points, who had 6 points in 20 games with NYR, and 0 points in 5 games in the playoffs, to come into this season and score 28 goals and 65 points. Eric Staal was trending in the wrong direction for 2 years, He constituted a risk, but at 3.5million AAV, it could easily be argued he was worth the risk. Shipachyov, I already touched base on this, we tried to sign him in November, it was a done deal until a clause in his contract stopped it. When it came time to sign him this summer, at the time of his signing, Pre-Free Agency, Bergevin would have calculated an amount available for each of Radulov, Markov, and Galchenyuk. At which point even a grade 5 math student would have been able to determine there just isn't 4.5 million available in the cap anymore. I firmly believe the situation was more along the line of, We can't afford you at this time, more so than we don't want you, they wanted him and almost signed him 8 months ago, why would they not want to now? As for the drafting, yes it is a bit of a bother that we didn't take more risks on Centers during the drafts but ultimately I see that as a double edged blade. If we continue with the strategy to draft the best player available, and use that chip later on to make a trade for our needs, then that also works. Sergachev and Drouin is a perfect example of how you can turn a high level draft choice into a high level player who fits a need. If we drafted Player A, who is a RHD, and 2 years later he is a Junior Star on the cusp of being ready for the big leagues, and Player B, a young 24 year old Center, is on a team starved of any future star on Defense organizationally, there is a trade potential there that works for both sides. In turn you make a draft choice who wasn't a center, turn into the reason you acquire one, there is merit to the strategy. So in that regard i'm not OVERLY upset we didn't draft more Centers, i'm more disappointed at the fact we haven't scooped more high level prospect that could have been perfect bait to go get one. To me it all falls under the window of building through the draft, the problem exists when you don't draft enough centers to potentially cash in on one of them, or draft enough studs to then flip for a young center you can add to your core for years to come. The blame does not rest solely on Bergevin, there are a lot of moving parts to this circumstance that has us unable to get our hands on a top center, but there is no denying, and rightfully so, that he has to accept his fair share of blame and responsibility for it. We need a top center, no more bandaids, no more "Hope he can fill the role of top Center" type of guys, we need an established or blooming, productive Center that could anchor this team's top line for years. We need to intelligently designate the necessary salary cap space to harbor such a player, long term, and continue to aggressively pursue options that fit the bill, not continually think about flinging 3 - 5 million at guys who will never be that. Hanzal STRUGGLES to reach the 40 point plateau year after year, he is far from the player he was expected to be, and quite frankly i'm tired of hearing about him as an option at Center since before the trade deadline. Had we been stupid enough to sign him, it would have been more money tied up in a center who is not fit to be the top center on this team, have we not freaking done enough of that for enough years already? Nill is paying 4.75 million for a guy who is best suited on a 3rd line, has a career high of 16 goals, and a career high of 41 points.
  2. Its a heart condition, those things are unpredictable at best, he is far from a lock to be back on track with his career. And if in the end he made the choice that an unestablished hockey career is not worth the health risks involved, no one would blame him. besides i didn't State that his career was over, I said I think it will, and that life is more important than hockey.
  3. In all honesty, everyday when i get home from work. on weekends, every morning when I wake up and probably once more before dinner lol.
  4. Can't really argue this point, I try to remain objective and realistic when it comes to Bergevin, I avoid getting sucked into the constant negative rhetoric. But he has indeed failed to go after an established top 6 center. I get the theory behind seeing if Galchenyuk was going to be the guy, there is also no harm in insulating him by getting a guy who could be the top line guy while Galchenyuk rounded out his Center play on a second line. I'm also not sure why we did not get in on the Marcus Johansson deal, we had the chips to make that deal happen just as easily as NJ did, that one is a missed oportunity on his part. as for Shipachyov, when he came knocking Bergevin likely thought he wouldn't have the money for him, he had an idea in his mind of what it would take to sign Radulov, Markov, and Galchenyuk, and Shipachyov asking for 4.5 would not have fit under his projections. Now if Shipachyov was still a free agent today, I have little doubt Bergevin would have been giving him a call and offering a deal, especially since Bergevin was the first NHL GM to try and get him to come to the NHL last November and nearly succeeded were it not for some contract clause.
  5. While I agree with most of your assessment on Dallas, that Defense is not the stuff contenders are made of that much is clear, Hamhius had a putrid season, Klingberg is very one dimensional, Methot is still solid but not for much longer. I see that Defense with the potential to grow into something formidable a few years down the road, but by then guys like Radulov, and Spezza will be less productive. After what I saw Hanzal doing in Minnesota i'm not really sure I like that signing, especially from a 3rd line position where he has little to no chance to compete with his career high in points. Dallas is certainly on the right track, because they have Seguin and Benn, and now some very solid goaltending in Bishop. But they are still a few years away from being a serious threat, that D core needs to round out and then maybe they can do some damage.
  6. Reaching out, and actually hiring, knowing all the backlash from half the media and fanbase in the city, are 2 different things. We can reach out until we are blue in the face, it is part of doing your due diligence, but to actually Hire a non bilingual GM, i'd confidently bet lofty amounts against that one. Also, i would like to sincerely apologize to you, I completely had a brain fart while reading that previous post of yours and misinterpreted it. You were mentioning Nill for the bilingual portion of the discussion, and not to potentially succeed Bergevin. my bad.
  7. unfortunately I really think it is likely over for the kid, Life over hockey, and it is too bad, the NHL was really starting to be a welcome place for players with insane talent but small size.
  8. Shea Theodore, That is the tire we need to be kicking
  9. The same Nill who has had Dallas running in Circles and going up and down like they are driving on the Rockies, in and out of the playoffs? What is so special about him? What exactly puts him in any category more capable than Bergevin to build a contender? A Lateral move at best, both built good teams, who are not contenders, both learned managing from winning organizations before becoming GMs. This is hardly a guarantee for the building of anything better than what we currently see. Also the Billingual thing will be necessary, there is a 1%, and i'm being generous because of the never say never factor, that this team ever Hires a non Billingual Coach or GM ever again after the last debacle. Don't even bother with any candidates that don't fit those requirements it has an insanely low chance of ever happening again.
  10. Now, while I agree completely that among the faults in Bergevin, the top 2 for me are The lack of getting a top Center by any means, in 5 years. And that Lefevbre still has a damn job after the countless development failures we have watched the past few years. That being said, firing a GM who hasn't pooped the bed nearly bad enough to warrant it just doesn't work for me, I think he still deserves a bit more time to do what he is doing. Secondly to that, I keep hearing stuff like Firing him so someone else can come in and build a contender with what sounds like relative ease compared to Bergevin. I'm curious to see who this person is? What legitimate, experienced Front Office guy who is bilingual do we all see coming in behind Bergevin, with the magic map in his possession that will reveal the sure fire way to building a contender? If Bergevin gets Fired tomorrow, who do we Hire that has a much better chance to improve a team that isn't even bad at all, its actually pretty good, just not quite there yet. Names?
  11. Its not fine, I'd rather go deeper than the 1st round obviously, but I can also be realistic enough to see, based on the examples I showed, that it could just be part of growing pains, growing pains that leave no one unscathed. Growing into a contender who can win championships is often a painful process, but a process it is. I will not succumb to panic after a 1st round exit, much like it would have been foolish for the fanbases of the teams I did present in my previous post to have done. Only to see in the end their team turned a corner under the right set of circumstances, and won a cup. Call it what you may, but I call it patient optimism for a better result in the future, not some foolish acceptance that we will never win anything but thats ok cause at least we make the playoffs. I assure you my attitude about all this was very different before we had an elite goalie to bank on, And as long as he is in his Prime, I will remain hopeful.
  12. I agree, I could really see him being the guy who takes advantage of an opportunity due to injury this year, I see his season playing out much like Lehkonen last year, a steady upward rise, getting more noticeable as his opportunities grow.
  13. Gotta get those jabs in on Weber every time, even though he had a real good season, finished 6th in Norris Voting. Damn us all for even having such a player in our Ranks. Our elimination rests solely at his feet! The heavens would have parted and started pissing Stanley Cups if only we still had our Starchild around instead of the useless old Leader. By your Logic Tampa and New York were also not good enough then, one didn't make the finals again and the other didn't even make the playoffs, are they on the decline? can we get any doomsday prophecies for them?. Perhaps they should tear it all down and start over? Or are they simply competitive teams still trying to take the next step? having the typical ups and downs while trying to get there? Decisions, Decisions.. You realize Pittsburgh was having a rollercoaster ride of disappointing playoffs exits year after year before suddenly pinging off back to back cups? You think every team that starts winning cups goes to a few cup finals first? Is that your make believe benchmark? Let me put things in very stark contrast for you. Chicago preceded one of their cups with 2 straight 1st round exits, L.A Kings preceded their first cup with back to back 1st round exits. In Pittsburgh a 2nd round exit and a 1st round exit preceded their back to back cup wins. Do you see how little more than a trophy wife going to a cup final is? Do you see yet that it is indeed true, all you have to do is get into the playoffs with the right tools, and anything can happen. We have a world class Goalie, who is capable of getting hot at the right time, Just ask Nashville what that feels like, and ask yourself if they still make a cup final with a Pekka Rinne boasting anything less than a .920SV%. So yes IllWill is right, the narrative could have been very different if Price kept going with his SV%, and we found a way to bury 1 or 2 extra goals, and all we had to do was get in. Whether you make it 1 round or 3 rounds, it doesn't matter ultimately you all end up in the same spot, "Better luck Next year". and in the case of every cup winner I mentioned, that is exactly what happened to them, following an early exit much like our own. That is how much stock you can put into your "Cup Final or Bust" theory, nothing more than a make believe measuring stick used to beat the dead horse you've been beating for months
  14. I don't like it, Sweden has a good thing going, developing players to be NHL ready like no other league in Europe, why squander the opportunity to be a part of that?
  15. We had a team that finished 4th, and had to play a team with one less point than them in the 1st round, it was anyone's series. the only reason people were predicting us to win so much was because of Lundqvists poor stats against Montreal, and the fact we swept them during the season. Fact still remains these are 2 teams who have been roughly at the same stage for a few seasons now, who were neck and neck all season, and ended up having a closely contested Series that was ultimately determined by a 3 goal differential. During any stretch of the season where Price has a .937SV% we 9 times out of 10 do better than a 2 - 4 record during that span.
  16. you can't discern the point i'm trying to make????? I thought it was pretty obvious, Bergevin has not had poor enough results to warrant a Firing, how many more ways did I need to show it in that post.
  17. Waite is undoubtedly an overlooked Home Run by Bergevin Haters, it is easily his best Hire, and arguably the best singular move that contributed the most success he has made.
  18. 2012-13: 1st in their Division(63 pts) || Goals For 3rd of 30 || Goals Against 13th of 30 || Playoffs: 1st Round 2013-14: 3rd in the Division(100 pts) || Goals For 21st of 30 || Goals Against 6th of 30 || Playoffs: Conference Final 2014-15: 1st in the Division(110 pts) || Goals for 18th of 30 || Goals Against 1st of 30 || Playoffs: 2nd Round 2015 -16: 6th in the Divison(82 pts) || Goals for 16th of 30 || Goals Against 21st of 30 || Playoffs: None 2016-17: 1st in the Division(103 pts) || Goals For 15th of 30 || Goals Against 3rd of 30 || Playoffs: 1st Round Does that look like a 5 year resume worthy of a firing to you? If you were in the GM chair, and this was your results of the past 5 years, would you be ok with being fired? or would you find it unfair to not be given a chance to continue to build a successful team that could break into contendership status in the near future. So to answer your question, in my opinion, he would need to do much worse than winning 3 division titles, three 100 point seasons, and a conference final on his resume. And i'd Challenge anyone to find me a GM who has recently been fired with similar results in his seasons leading up to his Firing. You guys just sound like a bunch of squabbling Seagulls at times, calling for someone's head just for the sake of change without any real merit, pitch forks in the air, predicting doomsday fall offs in the coming days. And you keepseeing the same whining and grumbling behind the reasoning "Oh but he traded away my favorite player! Get rid of him he'll never get another damn thing right!", "Why can't he just build a winner in a few years like everyone else does, GOD!", "We have been stuck at pretty good team status for a few years why can't we take the next step, it seems so easy for every other team in the league!". Is it starting to sound as ridiculous to you guys as it does to me? His resume is far from perfect, it has its mistakes, but it certainly boasts enough positive results to allow him to continue trying build what he is building, and until those results start turning ugly, I'm not lighting the guy on fire. That doesn't make me Bergevin fan boy, it simply means, when I look at that resume at first glance, the thought of this GM should be fired does not cross my mind, and it shouldn't to anyone looking at it through reasonable eyes. He isn't all doom and gloom, or about as sharp as a bowling ball, he is also not flawless by any means. But somewhere in the middle of all that nonsense, lies his true abilities, his true evaluation, and it doesn't scream Fire Him to me.
  19. Pretty sure I specifically mentioned "Winning Championships" though..
  20. Or... We ran into a veteran goalie who got very hot, coupled with our lacking finish and declining confidence in our ability to finish as the series progressed, forcing us to bow out in the first round because we couldn't bury a few timely goals. Said veteran goalie then looked like a shell of himself from the first round, as was noted by many articles in NY media, and made the Ottawa offence look more potent than it was. Had this veteran goalie played in our series the way he played in the Ottawa series, we likely would have put home an extra few goals on him which would have likely made the difference. Because lets not forget, our Goalie was actually boasting some very solid .937 SV% type of numbers during that series, a couple goals would have been enough to see us through. I'd also love to see the article where Bergevin proclaims that this coming season, this team makes it or breaks it on the shoulders of one Tomas Plekanec and his ability to bounce back. Wait! let me guess, just more presumptuous rhetoric...
  21. Lol it is equally difficult for the Montreal Canadiens, San Jose Sharks, Washington Capitals or Nashville Predators to win a championship, because they are all NHL TEAMS, we are not in some special other worldly category.
  22. Oh boy are we reaching now, you think a few million bucks is the difference between competitive and contender? Jesus..
  23. we can't mention the Rangers, it would show that we lost to a very formidable opponent in a close hard fought series in the 1st round, thus dissolving the rhetoric some of you have been preaching about how terrible we are for being eliminated in the 1st round.
  24. The fact still remains Nashville swam in a pool of above average competitiveness for years before turning the corner, several re-tools later and no tanking in sight, they emerge with a legitimate chance to take home the cup. I still firmly believe this fanbase would have been calling for Poile's head years ago, no chance in hell we have the patience to let him work through it like he did in Nashville here in Montreal. Bergevin can't even swim 5 years in above average competitiveness never mind 15 years. I can appreciate that even a good GM like Poile can't build a winner inside a few years, it is incredibly difficult. A sentiment that seems lacking here, because here we don't bother putting things in perspective like that, we just expect lavish results, and crucify everyone for not achieving them, even when some of the best GMs in this league struggle for years to build a championship team. David Poile is one of a list that includes Bob Murray, Doug Wilson, Doug Armstrong, Chuck Fletcher, Steve Yzerman, all good GMs we would be happy to have, all been trying to build a championship team for longer than Bergevin, with disappointments along the way to boot. You think Fletcher is happy about his even more embarrassing 1st round elimination? should he be fired for his incompetence for building a playoff regular who can't make it deep in the playoffs or should he be allowed to continue his work? Almost Identical scenario with Doug Armstrong in St.Louis, perhaps he should be fired too. You think Yzerman is happy about missing the playoffs and watching his team fail to string together enough wins in the absence of Stamkos? Should he be fired for building a team who can't succeed without its best player or should he be allowed to continue his work? Funny how the standards here work, would we really be calling for any of those GMs heads here like we are Bergevin? Despite the results, those GMs have put together good teams capable of turning elite with the right choice of moves, and for that they deserve the chance to make their teams ascend to the next level. Bergevin deserves the same, and it is going to take a whole lot more than Trading away Subban, winning a division, and a disappointing 1st round exit to the best team we could have faced while finishing 4th, to change my mind.
  25. -The only player currently on TB making any kind of meaningful impact that was drafted since 2013 is Brayden Point. - Only ones making meaningful contributions in Anaheim since the 2013 Draft are Theodore and Montour. - Only one in Washington making a meaningful impact since the 2013 Draft is Andre Burakovsky. Hardly the Home run picks you seem to be suggesting in the last 4 years of drafting.