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  1. Muller signs a two-year extension

    Huge fan of having him around awhile longer, having the whole element of a former player, a former Hab, and a former captain of the Habs, behind the bench, is invaluable. Especially from a culture stand point, he won't let these guys take a dump on what it means play here, to wear that sweater, he's been there, done that, and lead the way. There is literally no excuse not to get on board with him as a current player, Muller is a competent instructor, and he has literally lived what you are living, been in your shoes, at the highest level, and succeeded, all you have to do is soak it all in.
  2. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Peca adding himself to the list of players distinguishing themselves this game, several flashes of very nice plays by him so far. the line of Gallagher - Danault - Tatar are also very involved in this second half.
  3. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Its awkward looking i'll give you that, but his overall speed is not a problem, he simply won't ever be in the same skating league was guys like Domi and Drouin. Skating is not a strength or a weakness for him, i'm more concerned with watching his reaction time, his quick decision making, his sense of anticipation. That is what he will need to get up to speed to allow the rest of his elite talent to come to the fore front and make him a very dynamic NHL player in the near future.
  4. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Not sure if anyone is watching the Red vs White game being streamed on RDS.ca website. Half time, and so far Domi, Armia, Drouin, Lehkonen, Mete, Julssen, Suzuki, Shinkaruk are all buzzing and looking noticeable out there for a variety of reasons. Domi and Drouin are especially "into it" so far, I just can't see if he has a healthy season, how Domi playing with that much pace and quick hockey plays, along side Drouin, can't crack the 15 goal, 45 point plateaus this year.
  5. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Hey my bad, I don't want you to think i'm gunning for you on this or anything. I'm just saying, in a world where we have watched Management make bone headed moves far too often, this is a breath of fresh air, a rare win. Lets just enjoy it for a few days and contemplate the future possibilities with the assets we now have, can we keep the negative Nancy stuff at bay for at least a few days? There will be lots of time for that when this team hits the ice in October.
  6. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Ah come on CC, anyone looking for a way to criticize this deal is biased haterade BS. Its perfectly fine to dislike Bergevin and his general managerial approach, but blindly hating everything he does, to the point of dissecting any move LOOKING for a reason to criticize it, is foolish at best. He tried to trade Patches at the draft for what is now being reported as an even better deal than this very good deal, and Pacioretty actually turned down more money from La than he just got from Vegas. What are you supposed to do in a situation like this? You already made the best move you could make, at the right time (Draft), it got nixed by the player asking to be moved, the nix went public, putting you at a disadvantageous position the rest of summer. And with your back against the wall, knowing full well Pacioretty can't come to another major public event like the golf one today and cause another media stir, the training camp looming, you still pull off a trade where you get Suzuki, Tatar, and a 2nd round pick? How much more can we really ask for from upper management in this one? Considering how many times Management has botched things in recent years, this move is like the kid who struggles to read all year in school, suddenly reading an entire paragraph at the end of the school year without so much as a stutter. Tip your hat, appreciate the catastrophe that was avoided, but remain prepared to deal with future management failures, as I am sure they are coming.... Just not on this day
  7. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    I am pleasantly surprised at Bergevin's competence getting this deal done, truly, hats off to him, I seriously thought he was going to F this trade up for sure. He not only avoided that, but also actually nailed it, given the circumstance, and obvious drama behind the situation, he was not in the position of power. Still that didn't stop us from now having a high level prospect at the C position added to the mix, a 27 year old player capable of 20 goals per season, and now, already 10 picks in the coming draft. I have been increasingly critical of his Bergevin's work the past year or 2, but, objectively speaking, I give him full credit for this one. This was as healthy a resolution to what could have easily became an even more embarrassingly tense situation, followed by an embarrassingly bad trade to solve it. I look forward to watching Suzuki in our line up for years to come, wreaking havoc as I have seen him do to the Spits here in Windsor multiple times. There were some nights where he looked like a hockey assassin on the ice, his speed, his hands, the danger he posed on nearly every shift was at times, unmistakable. Like John Wick put down the gun in place of a hockey stick, and used the same lethal, yet artistic approach to cause as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. If his NHL self turns out even 70% as good as the junior version I have personally seen, we have ourselves a stud, who's hockey skills will be right up there near the top within the current organization.
  8. Max Pacioretty Watch

    While I understand where you are coming from with this statement, it is also just one of those things where it is so obviously an issue, it will get talked about, brought up, and poked fun at until its resolution. I can see the annoyance anyone would have with beating a dead horse, but ultimately the horse has dug its own grave over the course of a long, drawn out, period of time. People just want it to get in the grave already and be done with it, so we can move on from it. I for one, look forward to future conversations of some of our young players hopefully showing signs of progression during the coming season, guys like Hudon, Lehkonen, Scherbak, Mete and Julssen. Though I can also say any confidence I personally have in Begevin's ability to come up with positive hockey decisions has diminished, almost entirely, starting with his ridiculous trade deadline acquisitions of Ott, King, and Martinsen. A year where we could all see very clearly, the team was good but needed some extra scoring to have a chance at a deep run, we end up with 3 guys with no scoring, but added size and character. We then are forced, futilely, to watch a team unable to score against the Rangers, get eliminated in 6 games while Price had a .936 SV% during the series. That is possibly up there as one of the highest SV% for a goalie losing a series in 6, but MB's misadventure during that deadline is what lead to that if it is. So, yes, I get it, the negativity, and sky is falling attitude can feel annoying, but at the end of the day, you also gotta call a spade, a spade, MB is a problem, a huge one. While there are objective ways to go about stating that, and I admit they are not always present on these forums, it still remains, he is a problem. Problems tend to be talked about more, problems get harped on more, and in a market like this, problems are amplified on top of it all. Ultimately there is nothing we can personally do about it, so I agree that making conversation 95% of the time about a glaring issue that we can't personally solve is as futile and pointless as it gets, it will still happen. It is human nature after all, we tend to rather bitch about things that are going wrong, than sing Kumbaya about things that are going right. When we go to work and chit chat with co-workers, do we tend to talk about the great night sleep we happened to get last night? Or how good the lasagna turned out for dinner? Or how much our back doesn't hurt today? Nope, we tend to talk about how the damn A/C broke, or the kids wouldn't go to bed at bedtime, or the headache or back pain we have today, or the totally crappy sleep we got last night. Can't really expect anything different on a discussion forum now can we?
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Blasphemy!! Never compare anything Bergevin does or thinks to the great Leonidas and his lean, mean, killing machine named the Spartan army and the Phalanx system!
  10. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Molson as an owner is not a problem, it is far from it actually, considering under his leadership from a business standpoint he has returned the Franchise back near the very top of all NHL teams. He is as competent from the industry and business side of things as it gets, he also never hesitates to spend lavishly to provide any resources needed to give us an edge. Those are all the things expected of a great Owner and businessman, especially for a sports franchise. The problem with Molson is he is not a President of Hockey Operations type, and that is where the issues begin and end. He is too soft hearted to get rid of people he has grown close to, gives too many chances to right the ship you are sinking for sentimental reasoning, not hockey operation reasoning. Simply put, Molson is a fantastic Owner and we are lucky to have him when you consider some of many less than ideal Owners floating around this league. But he unquestionably needs to hire a real President of Hockey operations, someone with the team at heart, a long history with us, who will do nothing less than ensure the culture we are trying to achieve is achieved and then maintained.
  11. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I'm going to go with my gut and say this trade can't be true, because it would actually prove Bergevin is capable of very good hockey decisions, and I am not comfortable with falling into that trap presently.
  12. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Hudon, Armia, and Petry?
  13. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    I commend the positive outlook, really I do, and you are going to need every ounce of it to get through the coming storm. What is posted is, statistically solid, to prove the very point you are trying to make, the team under Bergevin's tenure has overall, been above average. the problem with averages is they don't show you where things are trending. In this case, we have been trending down with a few lucky spikes for the better part of those years. I am not just talking about points in a season, position in the standings, and all that, I am talking about the product on the ice, in its entirety and in its make up, it has been trending down. From blatantly obvious holes not being filled putting us in a worse and worse situation because of it, to letting go of the wrong players at the wrong time. The grand make up of this team has been trending downward, it is really as simple as that, we were trying to trend upward, with core pieces in every position, except Center, being damn good, and instead squandered it through a snowball like effect of improvised Management, creating holes where there once weren't any not long ago, and not filling holes that have been around for far too long. I'm all for looking at things through glass is half full spectrum, but sometimes you just gotta call a turd, a turd. You can tell me you you think the cat litter doesn't stink that bad, but don't tell me there isn't that many turds in the box when there is. It is important to ensure the line between positive thinking and ignorance doesn't get fuzzy
  14. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    i'm with machine on this one Stamkos - MacKinnon - Kucherov There is something about this one that I like a lot too Tavares - MacKinnon - Seguin
  15. MB gets an F- grade

    Ever since he got rid of the Viking Beard, it has been a solid F for him, no one should underestimate the power of a beard, for his perilous journey into the abyss began with the simple sound of a clipper...
  16. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Shaw still has youth on his side to undamage his good, if all this was happening to a 31 year old Shaw, i'd be a lot more worried. Is he ever going to be worth his 3.9 mill? Probably not, unless we have a deep playoff run where he is the unsung hero multiple times a long the way, as he was in Chicago. Will he ever be a player who can play at the top of his game again? That is still entirely possible due to his age, he can't afford any major setbacks like he has been having though.
  17. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    I can admire a man who knows the ship is sinking but hold his head up high and carries on all the same...
  18. MB gets an F- grade

    The guy has been getting an F grade from Hab fans for nearly 2 years, this should hardly come as a surprise.
  19. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    I think he could be a #2C if he plays with offensive minded forwards and does all the things he does on the ice that the other offensive minded guys wouldn't really want to be doing, kind of like when he played with Pacioretty and Radulov. He isn't there quite yet, but if we put him in a position where he can actually play with productive players, allowing him to be productive, but still playing the game the way he does, he could possibly become a 50 point guy for a few years of his later 20's. Problem I see coming is, we have the guys who are going to be filling those spots either coming, or hopefully a lottery pick this season has us drafting yet another. His immediate future is very likely a #2, and I can see him filling that role admirably if we do the things I mentioned previously. But the end game here is by the time we are ready, we have bonafide young elite Centers coming into those roles, and he slides into #3. Overall love the signing, really like the player, he might not be the kind of guy you win a stanley cup on his back with, obviously, but he is without a doubt the kind of guy who puts in the noticeable work to get you there a long the journey. He could easily be a Cup Winners version of Eller, Bonino, Williams, etc like we have seen in the past, those middle roster guys who just push you over the edge at the right time during a run. You know their teams didn't win the cup because of them, but you also know they might not have won it without them either.
  20. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    Honestly the way I see it, we need to use this season to ice a Bottom 7 team, I think we all agree there, but a long the way, we also need to help the right players for our future to develop to the best of their abilities. For that reason I really don't see a Hudon vs Lehkonen battle, Lehkonen is suited as a very good 3rd line player with a 200 foot game, who will be able to jump into the top 6 when injuries hit. Hudon is more offensively gifted, has a past riddled with very good offensive production in every league, he is more suited to become a main stay in the top 6. Scherbak is in the same boat, he is currently the young player with the most raw talent, the highest ceiling as far as potential is concerned and should also become a main stay in the top 6 for the future. Max Domi must also be put in a favorable position to help him further develop into a bonafide top 6 player, lots of minutes, lots of PP time, all the bells and whistles. Those 4 players are the ones I would be targeting, especially in a season like this one, to make sure we give every opportunity to help them become the players they are meant to. It would help us have less top 6 holes to fill in the future, while allowing us to be a bottom feeding team this season, waiting for their progression to continue at, hopefully, an accelerated rate.
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    No way to know for certain but I would imagine, New York Islanders, San Jose, Vegas I would also imagine any team who was trying but ultimately missed out on Tavares, and whoever takes a swing at Karlsson and misses in the end. Those teams were trying to add a Marquee player and had a plan to fit their massive Salaries in their roster. Pacioretty would be the consolation prize to any team after those guys who fails, but still needs to make a splash for one reason or another. You could end up adding Dallas, Tampa, and even Florida who was long rumored to be after him since the deadline. The list could easily reach 5 teams, even 3 or 4 would be sufficient to bring on a bidding war capable of at least allowing us to walk away with a very fair market deal.
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Everyone low balls everything they try to make a deal with its the nature of the deal, however the context can change rather quickly. If you really want the item, and you know the other party really wants to part with it, you could go into that mode where you think you could low ball them because they are negotiating from a weaker position. However what you must account for are the potential many suitors for the same item, and all their background offers you know nothing about. So if you really do want the item, do you low ball knowing you will likely be outbid by one of the other suitors to try to get a favorable deal? Do you really have the power, or do you have to present your best offer that you are comfortable with, in hopes it outbids the others, how ever many there might be, House on the market you are really interested in, you check out the open house, its ticks all the boxes, priced to sell and the owner wants to be rid of it quickly, he is asking 299,999$. During your short time at the open house you notice at least 10 different families come through, 3 or 4 talk among themselves about putting in an offer. You and your wife really like it, you can afford it, you really want to get this house. It seems others will be getting in on it as well, do you offer 275,000$ or do you offer 300,000$ See what context can do to a negotiation
  23. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Its an NHL source coming out and saying it, not Bergevin, does he have control over what type of reports come out on Social Media or something?
  24. Really liking what I am seeing and reading on Lavoie
  25. Price and Weber are very likely not being moved unless someone offers the Moon and the Stars for them, at least that's how I hope it goes down if they are in fact moved. Besides, If Fleury and Rinne can backstop their teams deep in the playoffs at ages 33 and 34, so can Price. If Chara can anchor a D-Core in Boston's Cup run at age 37, so can Weber. Simply throwing away elite players who can still be a major help even at a certain age does not come without its own major drawbacks. More precisely, I am not on board with trading those guys unless the return is nothing short of excellent and very fair value for an elite player. Also, we have to consider that we may never draft, or trade for, a player like Price at the goalie position for a very long time, even if our past has smiled upon us, it is by no means an indication of our future in that position. Same can be said about Weber, there aren't many Weber's in this league, haven't been many Weber's in the league during the last 10 years, so to act like we just trade him for a prospect who will become the next Weber, or a pick that allows us to Draft the next Weber is quite a bit fool-hearted. It is anything but that simple, and trading them just for the sake of trading them to ensure you have burned the whole barn down could just as easily see us struggle to fill the very positions they were filling so adequately while they were here. *Hint Hint* ...Koivu...