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  1. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    I think he could be a #2C if he plays with offensive minded forwards and does all the things he does on the ice that the other offensive minded guys wouldn't really want to be doing, kind of like when he played with Pacioretty and Radulov. He isn't there quite yet, but if we put him in a position where he can actually play with productive players, allowing him to be productive, but still playing the game the way he does, he could possibly become a 50 point guy for a few years of his later 20's. Problem I see coming is, we have the guys who are going to be filling those spots either coming, or hopefully a lottery pick this season has us drafting yet another. His immediate future is very likely a #2, and I can see him filling that role admirably if we do the things I mentioned previously. But the end game here is by the time we are ready, we have bonafide young elite Centers coming into those roles, and he slides into #3. Overall love the signing, really like the player, he might not be the kind of guy you win a stanley cup on his back with, obviously, but he is without a doubt the kind of guy who puts in the noticeable work to get you there a long the journey. He could easily be a Cup Winners version of Eller, Bonino, Williams, etc like we have seen in the past, those middle roster guys who just push you over the edge at the right time during a run. You know their teams didn't win the cup because of them, but you also know they might not have won it without them either.
  2. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    Honestly the way I see it, we need to use this season to ice a Bottom 7 team, I think we all agree there, but a long the way, we also need to help the right players for our future to develop to the best of their abilities. For that reason I really don't see a Hudon vs Lehkonen battle, Lehkonen is suited as a very good 3rd line player with a 200 foot game, who will be able to jump into the top 6 when injuries hit. Hudon is more offensively gifted, has a past riddled with very good offensive production in every league, he is more suited to become a main stay in the top 6. Scherbak is in the same boat, he is currently the young player with the most raw talent, the highest ceiling as far as potential is concerned and should also become a main stay in the top 6 for the future. Max Domi must also be put in a favorable position to help him further develop into a bonafide top 6 player, lots of minutes, lots of PP time, all the bells and whistles. Those 4 players are the ones I would be targeting, especially in a season like this one, to make sure we give every opportunity to help them become the players they are meant to. It would help us have less top 6 holes to fill in the future, while allowing us to be a bottom feeding team this season, waiting for their progression to continue at, hopefully, an accelerated rate.
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    No way to know for certain but I would imagine, New York Islanders, San Jose, Vegas I would also imagine any team who was trying but ultimately missed out on Tavares, and whoever takes a swing at Karlsson and misses in the end. Those teams were trying to add a Marquee player and had a plan to fit their massive Salaries in their roster. Pacioretty would be the consolation prize to any team after those guys who fails, but still needs to make a splash for one reason or another. You could end up adding Dallas, Tampa, and even Florida who was long rumored to be after him since the deadline. The list could easily reach 5 teams, even 3 or 4 would be sufficient to bring on a bidding war capable of at least allowing us to walk away with a very fair market deal.
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Everyone low balls everything they try to make a deal with its the nature of the deal, however the context can change rather quickly. If you really want the item, and you know the other party really wants to part with it, you could go into that mode where you think you could low ball them because they are negotiating from a weaker position. However what you must account for are the potential many suitors for the same item, and all their background offers you know nothing about. So if you really do want the item, do you low ball knowing you will likely be outbid by one of the other suitors to try to get a favorable deal? Do you really have the power, or do you have to present your best offer that you are comfortable with, in hopes it outbids the others, how ever many there might be, House on the market you are really interested in, you check out the open house, its ticks all the boxes, priced to sell and the owner wants to be rid of it quickly, he is asking 299,999$. During your short time at the open house you notice at least 10 different families come through, 3 or 4 talk among themselves about putting in an offer. You and your wife really like it, you can afford it, you really want to get this house. It seems others will be getting in on it as well, do you offer 275,000$ or do you offer 300,000$ See what context can do to a negotiation
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Its an NHL source coming out and saying it, not Bergevin, does he have control over what type of reports come out on Social Media or something?
  6. Really liking what I am seeing and reading on Lavoie
  7. Price and Weber are very likely not being moved unless someone offers the Moon and the Stars for them, at least that's how I hope it goes down if they are in fact moved. Besides, If Fleury and Rinne can backstop their teams deep in the playoffs at ages 33 and 34, so can Price. If Chara can anchor a D-Core in Boston's Cup run at age 37, so can Weber. Simply throwing away elite players who can still be a major help even at a certain age does not come without its own major drawbacks. More precisely, I am not on board with trading those guys unless the return is nothing short of excellent and very fair value for an elite player. Also, we have to consider that we may never draft, or trade for, a player like Price at the goalie position for a very long time, even if our past has smiled upon us, it is by no means an indication of our future in that position. Same can be said about Weber, there aren't many Weber's in this league, haven't been many Weber's in the league during the last 10 years, so to act like we just trade him for a prospect who will become the next Weber, or a pick that allows us to Draft the next Weber is quite a bit fool-hearted. It is anything but that simple, and trading them just for the sake of trading them to ensure you have burned the whole barn down could just as easily see us struggle to fill the very positions they were filling so adequately while they were here. *Hint Hint* ...Koivu...
  8. Habs hire Luke Richardson as Assistant Coach

    Can't put that all on him though, at least he is coaching the position according to how it has currently evolved, and vastly differently than he himself played it. One step closer to the Dinosaur mentality being a abolished from this organization
  9. Habs hire Luke Richardson as Assistant Coach

    He said during the scrum he spoke some french years ago being from Ottawa, but hasn't had to use it in a long time, needs to freshen up on it this summer and plans to keep it up going forward. Don't expect to see him use it until he feels somewhat capable of communicating with it.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    We had it streaming at work, fan 590 I believe it was when one of the guys said he heard them talking about Kovar
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Sportsnet radio saying they have sources claiming Bergevin showed interest early on in this matter but Kovar wasn't interested in coming to a big market as a first destination. No mention of whether there was an offer made or if we walked away after we got blown off, or if any of it is even true, because you know that seems to be the case 85% of the time.
  12. Habs hire Luke Richardson as Assistant Coach

    If you listen to his press interview today, you will hear a very knowledgeable man who understands the game has evolved into a quick puck moving type of game. He stressed needing the D to jump into the play and move up the ice as a 5 man unit, regardless if you are a high flying guy or a defensive guy. He stressed communication on a very open level between him and his players, communication on the ice being of paramount importance. He mentioned letting players play to their strengths and maximizing them while still playing within the system, a puck moving, quick system. He isn't going to come in and try to turn the whole defense corp into a shot blocking, bank it off the glass, never cross the red line type of unit from 1996. He knows exactly how this league has evolved, he knows exactly how the defense corps that are successful in this league operate.
  13. Injury news

    If this is the hockey Gods idea of shitting on Bergevin, then lets keep feeding them the laxatives because this is exactly what we need to ensure we don't go on anything close to a playoff run this season.
  14. Jesus man, I almost spit out my Timmies reading this, and we all know, that's not cool..not cool.
  15. Injury news

    Smells like..........a Lottery Pick
  16. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    They had 9 years to build a contender while he was there, and failed miserably. We are here pistol whipping Bergevin for failing to do it in 4 years, you expect Tavares to watch his career chances to win pass him by being more patient than anyone in his position should? Got to put things in perspective, He almost gave a Decade of his career to a stuck in the mud team, who is still stuck in the mud, and has a better chance of being moved into their new arena before they actually become contenders. The Islanders failed Tavares, not the other way around, he would have stayed just like Stamkos did if they were close to winning and had a bright long term future like Tampa did at the time.
  17. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Danault already cooked all the pre-existing notions during his golf tournament, wants to be a Hab for life, wants a long term deal that is good for everyone. Fiset then followed that up in his own interview stating Danault really wants to stay here for a long time, thinks they can reach an agreement quickly once MB takes care of the other stuff he had going on. Nothing screams out he wants 5mill+ here, or that this is going to be some trench warfare type of negotiation. He is likely going to come in on a 5 or 6 year deal paying around 3.75 per year
  18. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Exactly, the 2.75 must be the total over the 2 years, equaling 1.375 AAV, it has to right? Also of note, the article on TVA sport reporting the rumored deal on the table for Duclair has been removed from the front page and is now an article about our continued interest and ongoing talks with Duclair and De Haan by MB. Not fishy at all.
  19. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    They are nowhere near stacked enough for Pacioretty not to be acquired and instantly become their top line LW. They have tons of picks and future assets, lots of cap space and just lost 25 goals in the LW position. Based on the fact they are already a cup final team, still on the rise, with everything they need to get a player like Pacioretty, who also happens to be available, it is far from doubtful that they could have some real interest at this point.
  20. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I can deal pretty easily with the 2 year 2.75mill if it is indeed an AAV of 1.375, if it doesn't work out it is easily something you waive and put in Laval anyway. But 2.75 AAV seems very rich and not a realistic thing for Duclair to expect or Bergevin to offer imo
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Personally I think the offer on Duclair, if true, is a little rich for a "Project" player, but ultimately he is 22 years old, has talent, and i'm not opposed to a 2 year trial on a kid from our backyard with connections to some of our core top 6 guys. De Haan is a good player, a puck mover who rarely makes mistakes throughout a game in his own zone, we would be much better off with his 5 mill than we are with Alzner's 4.6. But that ship has sailed, and now might not be the right time to invest in guys like De Haan, I find myself indifferent on the matter, If we don't grab him, cool, better odds of finishing in the bottom 10, there will be more UFA D around when the time is right. If we grab him, he will still be good in 2 or 3 years when this thing has hopefully turned around, but he will help us not finish as low as we would likely need to this season. He hurts the present goal but still helps the future one, so I'm indifferent to what road we take on this one.
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    TVA Sport reporting Bergevin rumored to have a 2 year 2.75 AAV contract offer on the table for Duclair to ponder, an answer is possible tomorrow. Also reporting Calvin De Haan is asking for 5 years and 5mill AAV, and that Habs have interest but not on those terms.
  23. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Steep Steep Steep, no wonder Bergevin thought the price was too high, it was. Would definitely have put a damper on our attempt to rebuild this thing rapidly. I can't understand it but I actually agree with most of the things MB is doing since draft day, making me feel slightly uncomfortable to be honest,