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  1. Trade Price

    I'd do a re-tool before I did a re-Build.
  2. Trade Price

    Colorado has a slew of background financial issues to contend with, there is a reason why they left so much of the cap open, they are struggling in their market, spending to cap is not something they can or will do anytime soon, so you can take them off the list as soon as immediately. San Jose however has everything going for them, Cap space, the team is still in it, and with Big Joe likely on his way out, it makes room for Tavares to come in and fill the void while giving that team another 5 year window to get it done, that one would be difficult to compete with. Only thing we have to offer is Money, A prestigious Market, Opportunity to right a ship sailing a drift and leaving your imprint on the team's rich history, The chance to be a part of a three pronged weapon with your Team Canada pals Price and Weber. There really isn't much else and to be honest it is very likely not enough, we will have A chance, but the likelihood of it succeeding is, and will remain, slim, I hope no one expects much more than that as an outcome to the sweepstakes.
  3. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    Very true, I certainly don't even mean to bring that debate up again, but for the record i'd still be happy if PK was here and we never made the trade too, there are positives to take from both scenario's, i've come to grips with that.
  4. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    I agree with this train of thought as well, I have forwarded similar thoughts in other threads myself, however the only part I disagree with is Weber. I believe what we are seeing with Chara's longevity is exactly what we will see with Weber. Weber can and should be a part of this team going forward both for how he can anchor a Defense, obviously, and for the safety blanket he will provide for young up and coming Defense this team will have to offer for years to come. Chara and Weber's game are nearly identical, they never rely on speed and skating to be effective, they rely on strength and efficiency, fortunately those are tools that do not fall off the deep end for a hockey player at age 34. They are the type of Dmen who will become more and more defensive minded as age kicks in much like Chelios did, but they will always prove useful and will still be able to contribute on the PP because the weapon they hold will never truly wither away like foot speed and agility always seems to. Chara has not been a Norris candidate for some years now, but he has certainly maintained himself into his later years as a solid top 4 Dman capable of bringing youngsters under his wing while providing quality minutes for the team, A trend I see more than possible for Weber to follow due to the insane similarities to their game. Mobility has never been a huge part of either player's arsenal during their whole careers yet they stand among the very best of their time during their Prime years. And as they get older, Mobility not being one of the main weapons in their arsenal actually becomes their advantage and the key to their longevity. Its the guys like Letang, Karlsson, and even Subban to some degree, who fall off the cliff once their mobility is lost, that is inevitable. Much like many of us know it is all over for a guy like Byron when he losses a step, there are examples everywhere through the years of how much a Defenseman's game will fall off when he losses the step he has relied on so much for his success at some point. Chara is a perfect example of what can be expected of Weber has he ages, and Mike Green, is an example of what happens to Defensemen who have tremendous success due to their mobility that allows them to play as a 4th forward most nights, and eventually lose a step.
  5. Trade Price

    Did you actually think I believed we could turn this around internally? We need to trade players away for assets during the next year and fill the holes we have with young players or quality prospects from those trades, while moving forward with our young core and keeping the vets we need to keep or have to keep along the way. It is in the acquisition of the assets from those trades that the smart hockey decisions need to be made to help us retool the way this roster is put together in 2 years and create a scenario where we can rise again because of it. Trading Plekanec as a rental for the best return is only step 1, it is how we proceed to trade guys like Pacioretty, Byron, Benn, Shaw and even Petry that will define this retool. Getting the right prospects at the right positions, using the draft picks from those trades to draft the right players, all of this can be achieved inside the next 2 years if we are patient and pull the trigger for the right deals only. And we will in my estimation come out of this dark alley in very good shape if we make the right hockey decisions at the right time. Mix all that in with Price, Weber, Drouin, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Danault, Hudon, Mete, Lehkonen, Deslaurier, Jerabek, Carr and possibly Scherbak, and it is entirely possible to enter the next phase as soon as 2 years and in very good shape to boot. As far as Alzner is concerned... well we are simply stuck with him, and will just have to work around his situation, he is pretty much unmovable for now and probably the next 2 years, we will see after that.
  6. Trade Price

    If you look at it in perspective though, the pieces this team has in place right now and their age, we really aren't far off from bouncing right back in it. It hinges simply on a retool mindset and the proper decisions being made with players and how or when we move them to retool. If we make the trades we know need to be made, and acquire the types of players who we already know need to be acquired, this team could look like it is heading in a very different direction in 2 years. Making the right decisions from now until then will be paramount in deciding whether this is a downward spiral that is still going further down, or whether this is rock bottom for this current roster and after a string of smart hockey decisions we begin to ascend back towards the top, in better shape than we did last time around. I am also aware we likely have to deal with the fact Bergevin is the guy who has to make this "String of smart hockey decisions" to get there, and in turn, makes this situation VERY precarious going forward.
  7. A very interesting article, It really just sucks the thoughts right out of my head on most points, most notably who should be traded and who should be kept until the offer you can't refuse comes along. Plekanec is, imo, the easy chip on the table, it is almost written in stone that he is going to be moved for assets this deadline. While Jerabek and Deslaurier are UFA's I am not sure they are worth moving unless they are asking for ridiculous salaries, they are part of an age group that we should be comfortable moving forward with in a retool scenario. Signed assets like Pacioretty and Byron and where things get tricky, they have fantastic contracts that would be a bonus for any team who has them, they carry with them great value for trade or great value to keep on the team. The return really is the key here, the team is in DIRE need of a top 6 Center and a top 4 PMD, trading either of those assets for anything less than something that includes one of those needs would be ridiculous. If we don't have the chance to properly draft players suited for these positions, the players who carry great value on this team must only be used as trading chips to that end. I don't mind some very solid prospects who can blossom into those roles effectively any less than young players beginning to establish themselves at the NHL level who are under 26. We are, as the article suggests, in no rush to trade assets like Pacioretty or Byron, if we stand firm on our needs, and make a deal only when the right package containing the right type of players presents itself, we can only come out of it winners. If we enter the situation in fire sale mode, acting like if we don't hurl everything and anything not nailed down to the ship overboard we are failing, then that is exactly when we will fail. There is no greater mistake in the coming situation, then not getting the proper and needed return for our valuable assets, that mistake would be more detrimental to the plan to retool than anything else we could do at this point, not getting a great return for a rental would pale in comparison. Overall a very good piece that follows very closely with my own train of thought
  8. Trade Price

    Do we REALLY want to be the team who traded away 2 franchise goalies in their prime during the last 25 years? That worked out so well last time, I am sure it won't sting as bad as the first time to watch Price go have success elsewhere while we turn into a filthy pit of despair and embarrassment, right guys? ....guys?
  9. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    What a disaster, the score does not properly show how horrible of an effort this game has been.
  10. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    First time all year I have seen Schlemko make that type of play in his own zone, don't try to turn this into something it isn't, Beaulieu would have had a dozen plays on that level of stupid under his belt by now.
  11. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    I wonder how much crap Galchenyuk would be in if he was playing Center and made that same doosday drop pass...
  12. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    That is all fine and dandy, but you seem to have completely forgotten how attrocious Emelin was playing for nearly a month during the back half of last season, you forget how unreliable and inconsistent Beaulieu was and always will be. The loss of those guys is insignificant, Alzner has been an even bigger disappointment than anticipated, which hasn't helped any original sentiments on the D before the season started. Even still, What Alzner is giving us is no worse than what Emelin gave us last season, Schlemko has shown himself to be a serviceable 3rd pair guy who is not as cringe worthy to watch as Beaulieu was some nights. The problem is, and has been the day it was decided, is that Markov is no longer part of this D, and he was a part of it last season. The supporting cast around Weber, Markov, and Petry is of little consequence in comparison to losing one of your top 3 Dmen, your top puck mover, and one of your top leaders. So we can dissect the I told You So's until we are all blue in the face, but the bottom line is, Markov being gone and nothing to show for it is the biggest hit this Blue line took, no amount of small upgrades to the supporting cast was going to properly make up for that loss, and the proof is in the pudding.
  13. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    I literally can't explain how I feel when I look at this current line up, there are players playing too high up in the lines, players playing too far down, players playing center that should be wingers, players playing wing that should be centers. It is a big fist sized pillsbury dough, filled with laughter, sarcasm, confusion, frustration and sorrow, it might just be a new path to the darkside if you ask Yoda. I took a video of my initial reaction and it looked something like this...
  14. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I don't think anyone on this planet thought this D would be better, Heck even Bergevin was probably just spewing positive vibe B.S at the golf tournament. There was no denying Markov being gone and not properly replaced was going to cause its issues, and it has. Our best case scenario was a lateral change back there, no chance of getting better, and obviously we actually got worse.
  15. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Actual Footage of DON swatting aside criticism of Letting Radulov and Markov walk this summer and replacing them with 9 million in cap space.
  16. Carey Price named to the All-Star Game

    Price does seem to have his mojo back since the injury, which at least looks better if he is going to the All-Star game. However it is next to impossible to recovery goalie stats when you spend 3 weeks sitting around an .880 SV%. His best case scenario is to finish the season with around .915 SV% if he continues to play well the rest of the year like he has been.
  17. Carey Price named to the All-Star Game

    I mean, if you HAVE to send someone from each team, Price is the guy on this one, but it really does feel like no one from this team should be there.
  18. Bergevin......

    DON, it isn't Markov's speed we are wanting, its his Eyes and his Brain that we are wanting, and that my friend, is something not one single player on this D can replace. His vision and smarts created offense on the rush, he created offense on the PP, he kept things simple with his positioning, but made quality plays with the puck almost every shift.You think the players don't notice when skating up the Neutral zone at a good speed the difference between when Markov was there feeding them outlet passes for 21 min a night, and what they are getting today? Besides, this Defense is not "Too Slow" it is actually too old school, it is out of date, and not flowing with the current NHL game. A guy like Markov, for as old as he is, still practiced a very new age style game, one that gets the job done in his own zone for the most part while complimenting his forward group, and driving offense. Make no mistake we can look blatantly at Radulov being removed from the top 6 and 9 million in cap space sitting there instead of an adequate replacement as a major contributing factor to these offensive woes . But Markov's loss has a very real and underrated effect on the overall offense generated by this forward group. His age and skating mean very little to me compared to his irreplaceable vision and skill, that even at 40 years old, no Dman on this team can do the way he did. Your presence is missed more and more each day General Markov
  19. Bergevin......

    Imo, all UFAs must be shopped, and anyone over the age of 26 should be available for the right return. We have established a young group made up of Drouin, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Lehkonen, Hudon, and Mete to move forward with. We have an Elite goalie who can back them up for years to come. Lets re-tool the players around them the best that we can and fill some very glaring holes in the process. Bergevin is likely not the man to put such a plan in motion, I just hope he doesn't botch anything for the next guy in the mean time
  20. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Yea, I mean once he got going this year there was major doubt in my mind he would make it to free agency anyway. Could have been a nice option though
  21. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    If only we still had McDonaugh indstead of that ECF.
  22. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    It was a 5 on 3..
  23. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    I regret to inform you all, my suffering brothers, that I will not be attending the festivities of the 3rd period. 2 passes, right through our box, another tap in. No determination or real drive to kill the play, way too easy to play against this D, 5 on 5 or on the PK .
  24. SHARKS @ HABS, JAN. 2, 19:30 EST

    The Gift that keeps on giving, Joe Morrow. Surely Weber on one leg is still an upgrade..