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  1. Well i'll give you credit, if you were an NHL GM, you would never get fleeced on a trade, however... You would never get a deal done either, because you are always trying to fleece the other guys by offering up your 2nd rate product for their 1st rate product, this proposal is way off the mark for Detroit, even more so considering an intelligent GM like Yzerman is steering that ship.
  2. The whole point of this setup we got going on right now is to have a formidable and deep top 9, none of the top 3 centers are expendable for the simple fact that the entire thing falls apart if you start plugging Evans and Poehling in there. If you plan to build a roster with a deep top 9 up front, a deep top 4 in the back, and the arguable deepest goalie depth, you have to go all in on that, the only expendables are your 4th liners and bottom pair D, i'm not sure why we are even contemplating anything else. The only currently non expendable player in the top 9 I could see becoming
  3. Ok, so you don't like the contract, I won't deny that it doesn't come without it's risks if he remains injury proned. However, you can't say we are choosing size over skill, while we are in fact getting size AND skill. Anderson is a big top 6 forward with good skating, a big shot, and good hands around the net, trying to diminish his skill level just because he is big and has a contract you don't like, isn't very fair, or accurate, for that matter.
  4. Come on man, watch the first 3 sequences here and tell me you see a plug with size and no skill..
  5. Big props so far to MB, love him or hate him, admit it or not, he is smashing his offseason out of the park and into a windshield in parking lot section F thus far.
  6. Not a Chance! Gallagher and Danault are the ones you keep, the depth that becomes expendable after that is Byron, Lehkonen, Weal, and to an extent, Armia.
  7. Love it, The cap hit is good, there is some risk in the term of course, but I love the player, love what he brings, the intangibles, the 5 on 5 stats, the advanced stats, the train engine mentality.
  8. Opening night looks like this for me.. Drouin - Suzuki - Anderson Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Toffoli - KK - Armia Lehkonen - Evans - Byron Chiarot - Weber Edmunson - Petry Romanov/Kulak - Juulsen/Fleury
  9. I agree with your point, and it is true, but you do also underline my concern, the ugly questions that need to be asked, because that scenario means someone is almost certainly going to be, performing below their inflated salary. Whether by a dip in their play resulting in a demotion that then doesn't provide them the opportunity for redemption, or by default by not having the opportunity to make good on their cap hit due to a bottom 6 role. This signing ticks some positive boxes, another hard nosed player with a 200 foot game, a winger capable of 20 goals, and obviously forward de
  10. Not a HUGE fan of this move, just from a roster position It is kind of awkward now to figure out where he can get an opportunity to be a 20 goal guy with wingers like Drouin/Tatar and Anderson/Gallagher in his way. He is going to have a hard time justifying his cap hit with production from a 3rd line position, which at this moment is where he looks like he slots in our depth chart. We'll see what other roster moves will take place to give a better idea of how this all fits come Jan. 1st, but on a healthy line up, he is going to be playing a long side Armia and whichever center is i
  11. You're still judging this by the same flawed criteria as many of those who hate it, point total averages. Anderson wasn't a top line player when he scored 27, he wasn't playing a long side the best Center on their team like he will be slotted to here. Max got all the top C luxuries here when he scored 70, and a skilled forward will find a way to produce in those circumstances, he is after all a very good player who just doesn't fit anymore in a context where he can thrive. With that said there are simply a lot of things Anderson does that Max never could. He drives the net and cre
  12. At the end of the day guys, Domi was just more of the same on this team, small, quick, fiesty, and skilled. Anderson brings a dimension with him that only Armia has, with more potential for production, and quick on his feet for a big guy. You simply subtract something you have plenty of to fill a void in something you barely have any of. It's a roster building trade even more so than the player for player. We are finally getting to a point where we are fine tuning the personal, and shoring up needs, there's no point knit picking this to death. Did we need another small
  13. Not a fan of the term, but cap hit looks good to me, 5.5 for a player who projects to be a top 6 RW is fine, it spreads the money around. Most teams that are in team building purgatory and at the cap ceiling at the same time, with little flexibility to address team needs, have players in the top 6 making huge AAVs. I could see him being a value issue by year 7, but as far as fitting a top 6 player into your cap situation, 5.5 seems like a very workable number with the current cap limit.
  14. You would only need to watch Anderson and Clarkson play closely for about 2 games to quickly notice the only similarities they have are size and that their last names end in son.
  15. The more I see of Jarvis, the more I find myself looking past his size and embracing the offensive ability of this kid. I would be very pleased if we called his name on draft day, we need more of these gifted offensive wingers to start gluing to the centers like Suzuki and KK in the coming years.
  16. Well guys, the big difference between Drouin and Desharnais aside from the obvious talent and skill levels, is that Desharnais had his first productive season as a 25 year old, entering his prime years, while Drouin will be entering next season as a 25 year old, and already having multiple productive years under his belt. Regardless of how this plays out, Drouin is at the very least a dependable top 6 forward hovering around the 50 point mark year after year thus far, while it may not be 3rd overall worthy, this is still a good NHL player. Now, entering his prime years and fresh o
  17. Solid stuff all around here, pay him until he is 30, use a 5th rounder to get him, solid player suitable for a 2nd pairing and eventually a 3rd pair when Romanov moves up the depth chart. No complaints here, we are starting to shore up weaknesses, right as some of our most promising players are breaking out, this is starting to look much less like a bubble team, and a more like a team ready to make some noise.
  18. Wth, why blame Molson for having to cater to the Hyenas waiting at the gate every time there is an anglophone behind the bench. He is doing what he has to quell a potentially irrational media frenzy over the fact Muller won't be speaking french at the press conferences, no idea where you are coming from with your reaction to this, just sounds like you're spilling the haterade all over.
  19. It's just one of those irrational things that our fanbase projects, No one else is "Lucky" that MacKinnon had a 4 point night or they would have lost, or Matthews had a hat trick or they would have lost. No one else gets the "Lucky they had their best players,otherwise they would suck." narrative but us, here, it is constantly a "Lucky Montreal had Price to save their butts or they would have been blown out." Your best players sometimes win you games all on their own, it's why they get paid the big bucks, they can't do it every night, but they can do it on more nights than the res
  20. Now, i'm trying not to get too excited, but if i'm being honest, Last time I saw a young player playing with that level of intelligence, slithering around like an apex predator out their, mixing lethal accuracy and cerebral thinking at both ends of the ice...... *Whispers* His name was Pavel Datsyuk.. And we may just have an non evolved version of him on our team, getting ready to evolve in the very near future, named Nick Suzuki.
  21. I'm not going to lie, I am getting a kick out of all the over reactions and outrage from people over this first in 4 months game, not that I am surprised with our fan base though. Like there is anything to take away from this kind of game, good or bad, to justify getting so worked up and already calling for firings and trades, lol. We all knew it was going to be ugly,with some spurts of good, some doses of horrible, and no more telling than the first game of a pre-season where everyone went to bed at 3am the night before. This whole 1st round playoff is going to look like a pre-se
  22. I've been a fan of the Weber in the Ovi spot while Petry quarterbacks the whole thing idea for some time, sadly we don't see it get the run that it should. Setup in my mind would be -Petry along the blue line to quarterback, all options are open to him. -Weber at the dot on the left side for one timers, he has one purpose. -Suzuki in the distributor spot by the goal line on the right side, has access to Petry, Drouin and Armia for plays from this spot. -Armia in front of the net, has great hands in tight to finish plays. -Drouin at the dot on the ri
  23. Would be a hell of a pick up, however, can't see STL not making moves to ensure they can keep him, he is young, his cap hit would be overall affordable, they just have to toss out some veteran cap hits to make room. That is an avenue I see them exploring, well before giving away an asset like Dunn, on the RFA market, uncontested. Would be amazing, don't get me wrong, but also why it is unlikely to happen.
  24. Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Suzuki - Armia Byron - KK - Lehkonen Hudon - Poehling - Evans Chiarot - Weber Kulak - Petry Mete - Fleury If Domi plays.. Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Suzuki - Armia Domi - KK - Lehkonen Hudon - Poehling - Byron Looking at this objectively, I can see the argument for moving Domi in exchange for quality assets that fit team needs, he was incredibly difficult to place in a position, he could succeed in the line up, if Suzuki and KK have indeed taken their next step
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