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  1. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    My reaction when I read the news
  2. Game #56 Feb 9 2019, 7:00 Leafs at Habs

    A great effort, a very solid game on all fronts, Toronto came to play and so did we. But in OT, when I saw Danault with Lehkonen out there, I just felt it in my bones, we were going to lose this imminently. OT is not the place to play cautious, try not to lose hockey, its a cursed strategy like playing to protect the one goal lead for an entire period instead of keeping your foot on the pedal, it almost ALWAYS bites you in the rear. There was no reason in the world to have 2 defensive work horses out in a 3 on 3 OT situation unless you are challenging the curse to a 1 on 1 duel, and we got slapped in the face for it fairly quickly.
  3. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    This team just keeps dishing out the shock treatment for everyone, dominating a legitimate contender in this manner is not how I expected this game to go what so ever...
  4. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Danault and Drouin are currently smashing the preconceived notions by many on their behalf. That Danault was simply a good replacement for Eller, but not Plekanec, and would never be productive enough to be a 50 point player. That Drouin was never going to be worth trading Sergachev for, the guy has the highest talent ceiling on the team, he has the highest production ceiling on the team, he is the only true game breaker we have, he is only 23, and signed for years at 5.5. I love that both of these guys, who keep getting dumped on more than either probably deserved, are literally playing the "how you like me now" card on everyone, bloody brilliant.
  5. If only Drouin's Helmet would have fell off during the rush, the heroic levels would have been of the Marvel scale.
  6. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Dubas is a clever fox, I suspect the Leafs are in good hands for many years with his approach and mindset to general managing.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    You better have some kind of Folder with some VERY good blackmail material in it to get that trade even off the ground.
  8. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Lets not forget Vegas also applied the "Success by Committee" recipe as early as last season, and look how that played out. If your team is rolling its entire line up like unyielding robots the whole time and the goalie is in there making key saves, there is no telling how far it can go. Vegas did exactly that with their group of forwards and some brilliant goalkeeping by Fleury. Not trying to say we will go as far or do what they did here, but simply put, it does not necessarily spell your doom as a team if you are not led by a Crosby type, the examples can be found all over the place throughout recent years.
  9. The Powerplay

    Notes: - Weber is in the Ovechkin/Stamkos Spot doing the same job they do. - Petry and Drouin need to mix up actually one timing and faking one timers for passes to the man on the opposite half wall for a one timer. - Domi needs to be ready for One timers coming from Petry, and look for opportunities to dish it to Weber or put it out front for Gally. - Gallagher just needs to do what he always does, and as long as everyone else is doing what I suggested, everyone of they're scoring chances also becomes his secondary scoring chance or a tip They need to run this setup for a solid 4 to 5 games without wavering, play them the bulk of the PP 1:20 - 1:30, have them mix it up as suggested, but a constant barrage of scoring threats should come from this type of setup. Everyone is in a position to succeed, couple guys can do zone entries, Weber is harder to cover from that spot, and those around him are all acting as a dual threat with either one timer passes or shots, Gallagher is a dual threat for tip ins and taping one in from the crease.
  10. 2019 World Juniors Thread

    What a goal by Poehling on that PK, he certainly earned every bit of that one with his tenacity, skill, and finish.

    Hate to be a party pooper, but if the 0 confidence, shell of last year's version of Niemi shows up in this back to back game against one of the most dangerous teams in recent years, we might just get a walloping and a half there tonight.
  12. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    His production has been very last season like over there while playing C up until now, I think ultimately, his high level of individual skill masked the holes in his game that are just making it hard for him to put it all together at the highest level with any kind of consistency. Coaches seem to think he will produce the same offensive results at W or C, but with less of the defensive punishment from the W. When he slumps, the coaches he has had first thought is always, well if I alleviate him of the constant thinking of his defensive duties, it will free him to be more creative and offensive, so I will move him to W. But then what ends up happening at W is he becomes a static shooter who only creates offense from one timers or shots on net while coming down the wing, hardly any between the dot presence at all. There seems to be a reason in both positions why he can't produce to the level everyone expects of him,. To me, it just looks like, especially now, that a player with immense individual skill is being held back by his own fundamental flaws, which may or may never be worked out in a way that allows him to finally put it all together as expected.
  13. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Actually, If I remember correctly, you and I were both of the mind when Alzner signed that he was replacing Emelin's spot and minutes, neither of us thought at the time he was the replacement or would have a chance in hell to adequately replace Markov's role or minutes. That replacement simply went unreplaced, which was a colossal mistake at the time resulting in a plan G move of signing Streit for 700k. Sadly I recall thinking Alzner was going to be an upgrade of Emelin's minutes, but even that was wrong in the end... EDIT: Here is one of my misguided thoughts on the matter at the time of his signing I manage to dig up...
  14. Look, at their age now, if you can't establish yourself consistently as anything more than a marginal nhl player, you will be viewed and treated as a disposable asset by every team in the NHL. The only reason a team picks you up, is because you were free, and they are willing, for the low coast of free, to take on the 5% odds that you are in fact, a diamond in the rough. You didn't see a buffet line of NHL teams willing to fork over a 6th round pick in 2020 for them did you? Not everyone is the next Jonathan Marchessault, so lets stop acting like we just let 2 promising players go, and accept that we had to let go of 2 players who didn't become the players anyone expected them to be, after this many years, when many others here and around the league have. Do I suddenly think or even fear that De La Rose becomes a strong 3rd line player who can contribute 30+ points for years to come? Hell no. Do I think Scherbak is going to go to L.A and become the top 6 forward they were hoping for when they signed Kovalchuk? Nope. +
  15. The D is looking leaky as usual these days, i'm liking our transition game, but holy heck is it easy to get through the bodies in our zone, giving away scoring chances like food sampling at costco.
  16. "Someday, you are going to be the Habs best forward, and it shall be glorious.....wait why did I just say that?.."
  17. The Impact of Shea Weber

    At this point, his return will feel like we just acquired him for future considerations. His impact will be notable on the fronts we are sorely lacking in right now, so I wholeheartedly feel as you do on the matter.
  18. Some nagging issues plaguing this team in defensive zone coverage, but boy is this offense somehow potent as hell so far. I still can't believe the same group of forwards as last year essentially, without Pacioretty and Galchenyuk, but with Domi and Tatar, is capable of THIS.
  19. Carey Price

    This D right now is playing so loosey goosey that they are allowing 4 goals or more no matter who is in net. So lets put the pitch forks away for awhile longer, until I see these goalies letting in softy after softy, instead of watching this defense allow time and space like its on a black Friday deal, I will be blaming the structure in front of the net, and not the ones in the net for now.
  20. SABRES (7-6-2) at CANADIENS (8-5-2) 7:30 p.m. ET; TSN2, RDS, MSG-B, NHL.TV Sabres projected lineup: Jeff Skinner -- Jack Eichel -- Jason Pominville Vladimir Sobotka -- Evan Rodrigues -- Sam Reinhart Conor Sheary -- Casey Mittelstadt -- Kyle Okposo Patrik Berglund -- Johan Larsson -- Zemgus Girgensons Jake McCabe -- Rasmus Ristolainen Marco Scandella -- Zach Bogosian Nathan Beaulieu -- Rasmus Dahlin Linus Ullmark Carter Hutton -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Canadiens projected lineup: Tomas Tatar -- Phillip Danault -- Brendan Gallagher Jonathan Drouin -- Max Domi -- Andrew Shaw Kenny Agostino -- Jesperi Kotkaniemi -- Artturi Lehkonen Nicolas Deslauriers -- Matthew Peca -- Charles Hudon Jordie Benn -- Jeff Petry Karl Alzner -- Mike Reilly Xavier Ouellet -- Victor Mete Carey Price Antti Niemi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Notes -Goalie Linus Ullmark will make his second start in three games for the Buffalo Sabres against the Montreal Canadiens at Bell Centre on Thursday. -Ullmark is 3-0-1 with a 2.00 goals-against-average and .934 save percentage in four games. -Buffalo is 1-2-2 in five games since Oct. 25, when a 4-3 win against Montreal extended its winning streak to three. -The Canadiens have alternated wins and losses in their past 10 games. They have allowed at least four goals in four of their past five games. p.s. First ever crack at this GDT thing, hope it is up to par, info gathered from nhl.com
  21. Nov, 3, Lightning at Habs, 7:00pm

    Sure, but the problem is constructive criticism is not what we are seeing generally, its over reactions and toxic behavior. In Hudon's case, in Price's case, there is no consideration for the big picture, no consideration that Hudon looked like the best forward the game prior and his real ability as a player is somewhere between both performances. Or that Price is not going to stop a cross seam one timer from Stamkos very often, or keep getting Glove saves off even when a turn over 20 feet from his net results in a guy staring him down 2 seconds later and firing a laser beam just under the bar. Like I said, there is no construction to the criticism, always irrational negativity no matter what the big picture actually looks like. There were big portions of the 1st and 2nd where we were flying and clearly giving them fits on the ice, no consideration given to that. We were playing a legitimate cup contender, mistakes of any kind would likely be costly, and they were, no consideration given to that. Minus a couple bad penalties and a couple uncharacteristic breakdowns, we played well overall. Our PP was snake bit yet again and didn't give us the timely goal we needed to get back in it, but no consideration given to those points either. So yes, I agree, constructive criticism is great, but in this case, and in most cases when it pertains to Hab fan reactions in general, it was non existent, yet again.
  22. Nov, 3, Lightning at Habs, 7:00pm

    What a contrasting difference from the GDT for Washington and this one, we go from wow what a team, to this guy is shit, that guy is dumb, the goalie is no good. Boy, we really are the bi-polar fanbase everyone makes us out to be aren't we. What I saw was a team trying and competing, a couple ill timed penalties swinging the momentum, and a couple individual bad plays leading to goals. Because guess what? We were facing one of the real elite teams in this league, and those things I mentioned, coupled with a few players having an off night, is usually enough to land you a big old L. Hudon had an off night that snowballed on him, doesn't make or break him as a player, he had the game of the season against Washington and an off night against Tampa, but he is judged and executed by the Tampa game only? Funny how that works. Price literally has no chance on the first few goals, rockets coming at him off cross seam plays or bad turnovers, only had a chance on the 4th goal with 4 min left in a game that was already over, but of course he was garbage somehow. We have a team that was supposed to be garbage, we wind up with a team that plays a fast entertaining game, some players really playing impressive hockey. But still, we can't figure out how to watch these games without allowing ourselves to be over reactive and toxic. It is frustrating as hell to watch us, and this fanbase in general, act like this despite the season we are having, and the game they just played against Washington. We can start acting like a roid raging, angry group when these guys are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak where they lost to teams they shouldn't have, playing uninspired,and lazy hockey we wouldn't be accustomed to this season. Until then, look in the mirror as a fan, and realize the toxic reactions are not warranted at this stage, and do better.
  23. How the heck did Domi only score 9 goals last year? The kid looks dynamic as hell, plays with an endless amount of tenacity and speed, has great hands, great vision, all skills that could easily see him being a major contributor to any team's top 6. He honestly makes me not even miss Galchenyuk in the slightest of ways, I can't imagine how it was possible for this kid to stagnate like he did in Pheonix. Amazing what a change of scenery can do for a player sometimes.