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  1. I really think it's funny that people keep bringing up the Riberio trade and saying it was bad. It's like they completely deleted the image in their head of him rolling around on the ice as if he had been shot. Only to get up laugh and wink at the other team.
  2. I bet if Gainey had just signed all of our ufa's and stayed with the same team as last year, we would have the same people bitching and moaning about how Gainey has done nothing to better the hockey team. I for one am happy that Gainey was finally able to attract some free agents. Yes they are undersized, but I think they can really work together and put up some great numbers. I guess time will tell. And just to add one more thing on losing Komi. 2 things he's good at. Block shots and hits. With the way he plays, all it takes is to get hit a certain way or take a slap shot off the leg and boom... he's gone for a month or two. I guess now we get to see what kind of defenseman he is without Markov bailing him out. Look how well he did when Markov was out for the last couple of games and the playoffs Personally, I think we should get rid of Markov. He makes his defensive partner look too good and we end up losing them.
  3. I think we should sign Cam Barker when he becomes an UFA this year.
  4. I really feel that Chips and Weber will be up for most of the year. Weber had a pretty good playoff and I think he will be able to really do well on the PP. I'm also hoping that PK can make it up so we can get rid of O'byre. As for our size, I think if this was 6 or 7 years ago when they never called the hooks and holding, I would be worried. If the refs call the games like they're suppose to, then I don't think we will have too much of a problem. It could be worse. We could still have Grabs and have to pay him 2.9m a season. And leaf fans think our GM is crazy.
  5. Komi and Markov are a lock to make the starting line up. So no matter what, we will probably have 3 starters in the game. I think one of the reasons that Kovy has started to pull away from Koivu was the fact that Koivu got hurt and people don't really know if he's coming back on time to play in the game.
  6. PK now has 35 points in 27 games and is a +25
  7. So are you guys basing your opinion on watching the game on tv or actually being there? Cause I was there and I watched Lang alot. He was useless.
  8. No one was worse then Lang. After driving 6 hours from TO to Montreal to see my beloved habs, I was once again totally disappointed. I made a few observations. First of all Lang is probably the most useless person on this team. He seems so lost and confused out there. He can't seem to shoot anything, makes tons of bad passes, gets knocked off the puck too easily and seems to be in a low gear. I noticed everytime Lang was on the ice because everything slowed down, even with the #### bros on his wings. I kinda hope he gets to see some games from the press box, cause he's pretty horrible out there right now. I personally would have benched him after taking the stupid penalty 30 seconds into one of our powerplays. Second, Kovy doesn't seem to be himself. THere was a couple of times that he was able to take the puck and dominate it for a bit, but then would end up giving it away. Maybe it would be good to sit the big #### too. Since he was hit and knocked out, he doesn't seem to be running even close to full steam. Maybe a conditioning stint in the minors might help him along. I really wish the players would simplify the game a little more and stop trying to make this little cute passes that hardly ever make it to another habs. And for my last point, I would have to say that the habs players need to spend a full practice just learning how to dump the puck in deep when your making a line change, since both goals were scored because of it.
  9. Well, the Nov 22 game was sold out. I tried everything from 4 seats together to only 1 seat and nothing. SO I got the week before against Philly. I haven't booed Briere yet, so that should be fun. Good luck to everyone else.
  10. For the last 15 minutes I have been stuck on 2 minutes of wait time left
  11. 2-5 minutes now. It better not let me in just to tell me they're sold out.
  12. Down to 5-10 minute wait. Come on and let me in!! Crap. It's at 90% now.
  13. Holy crap. The Nov 22 game went from 0% to 60%. lol
  14. My wait time is down to 10-15 minutes.
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