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  1. Did anyone see the game between the oilers and bruins why was the tying goal aloowed when last saturday our was disallowed and the oils goal was way worse then last saturday. Go :hlogo: Go
  2. I will trade anyone away look what happend with boston
  3. We are a joke i can't belive we let another team win
  4. All is done but honestly julian needs to step up for his team in games like this or else we need a new coach i like julian but come on where is the passion. I am speechless and livid that we have such bad ref like this screwing up games. But oh well well beat ottawa. But keep your heads up Go Habs Go
  5. this is not even theo fault this game should have ended when begin would learn how to calm down and but a nice back hand in to much on his shot
  6. This Is the first game i don't watch this year i am going out with a girl instead but she is missing hockey too she is a die hard leafs fan i make fun of her all the time it is all in good fun Go Habs Go
  7. My step father was a huge habs fan and was from hull and my mom is to but moved here and my step dad brought me to a habs game when i was 5 to sabers and habs game and that how i became hooked everything in my room is habs.
  8. Hey Spiderman the score between habs and sens was 4-2 sens
  9. I think we should have rankings on this site and have them accurate .
  10. Habs71


    I just wanted to make sure. cause it would suck if they did not have all the games that what i bought it for my habe i go see them all the time in buffalo every year for the last 5 years.
  11. Habs71


    Ok Thanks cause i got it today and i have seen every game so far it was on t-s-n and c-b-c it is gonna be sweet thanks guys.
  12. Habs71


    If you get rds do you get every Habs game Please Be Yes.
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