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  1. Who was referencing boys against men...
  2. Ok but what the hell was he thinking. It looked the 2017-18 Shaw was back. Damn
  3. Injury news

    Totally agree. Byron was idiot for the original hit and an idiot for accepting the scrap. He paid twice and put himself in this predicament. However, Weegar instigated it and should have at least got an instigator penalty. With all the Don cherry old school code crap, I am sure big Mackenzie is proud that he knocked out a guy 40 lbs lighter than him. Most noticeable disappointing for me is no Hab stepped up to defend Byron. They all buy in to the Code and thus cannot or will not defend him. Most noticeably is the big softy of a Captain we have. I supported his pick over Gallagher but now have second thoughts. Ya I know it is an emotional rant but the whole thing just pissed me off so thanks for letting me vent. Tonight is do or die! GHG
  4. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Chaput also lost it for us yesterday with a brainless move. He also looked bad on Saturday. Maybe let Hudon or Peca have a shot tonight? If Peca is still around.
  5. The need for an attitude change

    Thank you for saying in a very polite way, what many fans I know want to say. There is no incentive for them to change either as long as the money keeps flowing in. Also, imagine if Winnipeg had to have 4-5 local boys on the team to satisfy the media - they would not challenging for the cup in 2018 that's for sure. Ok now let me have it.😲
  6. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    I received Habsworld email announcing this new thread and was hoping it was someone throwing out a flyer for discussion. Then I checked the news...then OMG the nightmare became reality. 😱. Mr. Molson this s***show is now on you. When a dog bites someone, you can't blame the poor dog as he doesn't know any better - you blame the Owner. Time to take MB out behind the shed.
  7. 2018 NHL Draft Lottery

    I like the idea of trading #3. I don't like the idea of who is doing the trading. Keep it.
  8. Got it Commandant. Just venting. Petry is a major liability. He is minus a large number. Maybe they should turn him into a Centre and see if he can solve our problem.
  9. Noted, a good tank. The tough part was that the TV talking head (whatever his name) called the goal saying Hall was serving the penalty to jump on a possible breakaway. Hall made him look like a genius, but Juju could not figure it out... Or chose not to. I thought they played better and Juulsen looked good, but Drouin looked a bit lost. Go Sens.
  10. Injury news

    ?? I hope you meant 18-19 in the KHL.
  11. Fair point. While it feels traitorous to be cheering against them, I have already done so it a post and will have to stand by my decision for this year. However, having realized that the odds for the lowest team in the current draft scenario is only roughly 18% (please correct me here), the benefit of tanking is much reduced. On flip side, the game has become a business and players don't care what we say or how we cheer, so I see it as light hearted fun to allow me to vent pent up frustrations over MB and Juju (still live that handle as he looks like a ju-jube). Go Habs go , next year.
  12. Pens at Habs 7:00 Game #74

    5-3 That's better. Naturally, Price looks like he needs some time to adjust. Good tank night. DeSmith had me worried for while
  13. Florida vs Montreal

    The tank is full tonight. We can score next year! But I agree, when you can't even get a deflection off a skate or leg once in a while, that is a special level of pathetic. As for MB's incompetence, we should get some of those billboards like they have in Ottawa. Juju isn't much better- maybe a bus stop posted for him.
  14. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    I am new at this chat stuff but am enjoying the Hab wisdom found here over the past week. Hopefully I learn the protocol and do my homework to avoid the correcting retorts. Having given that disclaimer to cover my ass, I have read a couple of references to something like, "if he was on a team that can score". Isn't that the point, the HABS need to be THAT team that can score. I agree with all the content and analysis, but if a guy will excel on another team that scores, it won't help Les Gorieux(😎) get better. I don't expect an answer to that except how can we get Molson to dump MB and Juju (BTW, great handle, Don). I am tired of avoiding the frothing Leaf fans after these embarrassments. Anyhow thanks for listening. Go Sens+Sabres Go.