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  1. Can I call 'em. Yowzaa. Now I have 4 years of defending this!
  2. Like any of the 3 listed. Dadanov played with some offensive players, so not if he made them better or vice versa. Still he would be cheaper. I guess it's hard to guess how it plays out in this Covid year. Hoping for Toffoli even on the left side.
  3. Think Granlund's on the downslope, but was really hoping the Habs would make serious try for Toffoli. We need a goal scorer like him. With the Right side getting crowded, I am assuming that won't happen now, especially with the money thrown at Anderson. Not sure we have the cap left for him.
  4. Yup, Isles have the Habs just where they want them - not again!
  5. Thanks. 3-0. Now Canes have us right where they want us.
  6. Why is Drouin out? He missed the last game too. I know he looked bad, but is he hurt?
  7. Ditto. Except we should win both games against the Laffs. They are hurting without Freddy.
  8. These puns are becoming Scandelous
  9. Gotta love it. Cousins is a man possessed tonight.
  10. Thanks. Glad to see someone gets the Hab in Leaf territory reference. Saturday should be fun - that is if Freddy is still hurt
  11. OMG Thompson figured out where the net is. A good sign!
  12. He's 36. He just needed a vacation.
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