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  1. It's sad to see Marky not get to 1000 games in the NHL. He had a great career in Montreal and will be missed. Too bad Molson and Bergy did not let him go out as a Habs player.
  2. intresting according to this the Habs picked 3 top 10 in 2007.
  3. I think Markov can help the power play and play limited minutes on the third pair, plus he will be a great mentor to someone like Juulsen.
  4. The Rangers overpaid for Shattenkirk, and now need to fix it. He would be on the 3rd pair as a RD for the Habs, and not worth the money he was making in NY.
  5. The Devils have done quite a bit to improve this off season. I have not seen a lot of Gusev, but seems to be low return to VGK, petty much what the Habs got for Shaw.
  6. https://www.tsn.ca/carolina-hurricanes-gm-don-waddell-decision-to-match-aho-offer-sheet-was-made-within-two-minutes-1.1343565. I guess this is proof that MB, can't even put together an offer sheet that is a challenge to a team. All he did was play with fans emotions for a few hours, to create a buzz that he wants to improve the team, when all he was doing was proving he is a joke for a GM.
  7. This issue was that was MB's plan 6 years ago and look where he has taken the team. He sucked at the draft a few years in a row, did a horrible job at developing talent and ruining young players confidence. Then he trades Sergachev for Drouin. Creates a hole in D were it's harder to find true #1D and gets at 3rd line player. All the reports on Drouin being a problem were very public and he gets him for top talent. If he is left in position he will trade all the young prospects for bags of pucks and we will be saying give it a few more years again with the same idiot. That's the definition of insanity. Gillette was a bad owner, but Molson is making him look great.
  8. Above average. One playoff appearance in the last 3 seasons. Trading a top d for a 3rd line forward, yes Drouin is not a Top 6 player. Yes Houle and Gauthier were bad but they were on on the job for 8 years. One would think that after 8 years of drafting and making trades the team would have more playoff appearances than and success than that. In 8 years the team is no better than the Houle and Gauthier teams.
  9. The only reason they keep him on the job is Molson is an idiot that does not care about winning. Everyone talks about free agents don't want to go to Montreal, the reason is players look to go to a team that can compete andhas a chance to win. That comes from the GM and Organization that is willing to take risks to win, MB does not have that reputation, and he and Molson has turned a team with a winning tradition to an average to below average team over the past 8 years.
  10. The Aho offer sheet was a joke, Carolina was going to match escpecially when the return was so small. Gomez was a dumb move, there is no way a team would take a contract like Gomez and give so so much asset. If the Habs are so tight against the Cap then they have wasted the money, other than Price the rest would be overpaid when you look at the value other teams are getting for thier money. That comes with bad moves by MB to pick up the likes of Alzner and overpaying for Drouin.
  11. We don't have to worry abou the HABS ever being close to the cap limit. MB seems content to manage the team about 10M under teh limit, instead of spending the money to get top end talent to help win a championship. If you look at his record every year he ends up being about that under the limit.
  12. What I can't understand is how teams like the Leafs can hand out multiple contracts in excess fo 5-6 million and be ok with the cap and MB can't. Are they dealing with a different currency than MB or is MB just incompetent and can't manage close to the CAP to have a competitive team?
  13. The alzner deal was a disaster 5 seconds after it was signed. Don't forget the Drouin trade. MB has more bad moves than good, and has been unable to improve the team in the time he has been there.
  14. But a Markov on one leg, with a blindfold can do wonders for the current PP, so imagine how good it would be with his eyes open and him skating.
  15. You have to look at his entire tenure as GM. He has lost more than he has won, the has made more bad decisions that good. There are big holes on the team that he has not fixed year in and year out, and he constantly leaves money on the table instead of spending to win. I am not saying go out and hand Dushane a redicilous contact but there are other free agents that can address a need. No one knows why he signed Alzner but he did and now he will not sign a decent fee agent.
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