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  1. And no, you can’t say that without being insulting. good job I don’t really care.
  2. Chiarot blew it on the game winner, totally overplayed the puck carrier. let the goalie have the shooter on a 2 on 1, he cost us the game there. If he’d let Price gave Tavares and taken away the pass I would bet on Price to make the save.
  3. Anderson played like Anderson, def early but he played as expected.
  4. Don’t know why foolish given how early on and many people saying Domi will thrive with CBJ?
  5. So far so good with Anderson. That size and speed is going to be exciting. I see Domi played fourth line minutes for CBJ last night, early returns seems to favour les Habs on this one.
  6. Agreed, he also stuck out his knee to clip Anderson with a questionable play. I can’t wait to see how good a memory Anderson has for that. Same hit he attempted to go for the head too with a two arm elbow/punch but missed. He (Matthews) is very competitive, can get riled up and that could work in opponents advantage, or spur him onto a ten shot/four goal game. Take away his space, lay the body/lumber every chance you get without takin a penalty or getting out of position. Matthews is still the ignorant #### that sexually assaulted a security guard and tried to hide it so
  7. I agree with you. Drouin played well, was engaged, back checked, and fits well on that line. suzuki and Anderson can drive the play and he shines in finding gaps and making subtle plays such as his two assists. That bad bounce off of the ref was just a combo of bad luck, rust, rushing the play due to fatigue/rust. The Habs looked tired near end of game and OT. Drouin did what is expected and doesn’t deserve any criticism. Their line was dominant, he got two assists, was visibly engaged and people still shit on him, that’s BS. I too am not a huge fan of him, but gi
  8. Love our lineup and line combos as is listed above. Pretty much what I would choose if given opportunity. Leafs are one of the few teams that are also four lines deep so this will be a big test right out of the gates. Prediction: Leafs come out flying, Price stands tall. Habs weather the storm, gradually take over flow of play and win 4-2 with an empty netter. Tatar opens scoring for habs.
  9. I disagree about Weber. he has been a beast all along (especially factoring that he was playing injured), but had to check his aggression because he was carrying a poor partner in Mete for most of season. Give him a partner he can count on and see the extra aggression thrive. He does not hold back until it matters as you elude to. The guy is a workhorse and captain for a reason, def not because he holds back until playoffs. That’s baseless and casts him in a light that is unfair.
  10. While I recognize the point and unpleasant appearance of that much salary on 4th line, I think it works for Mtl roster. Prior to last season he had three consecutive 20+ goal seasons (per 82 gp) with very limited top 6 usage. Dude is worth his contract just for that and then add in that the players, management, coaches love him (he's an "A"). So, I disagree that he is overpaid for what he brings to the table. This team is without single player offensive star power, we need 3rd/4th liners who can play 12-15 min/night and get 20 goals. He causes no turmoil regardless of r
  11. He is a beast and going to do well with Suzuki. they will be leaving Drouin behind some nights.
  12. Didn’t get much traction because of your negative attitude. Anderson has already started making you look foolish and will continue to do so.
  13. Perry would be a drain on that third line. either bump up Lehks or shift Toffoli to left and bring up Armia.
  14. ugh, no thx. let’s not rehash no-offense-old-guys. With frolik and Perry already we don’t need another veteran 13th forward. This team needs offense not “face off specialists”. Is this the Same forum that makes fun of leafs for having Spezza, Thornton and Simmonds? Habs are getting close to that with Frolik and Perry. Let’s shut the door on reclaim projects.
  15. Why do you say Byron would be an easy trade? Did you mean simply because we’d have to give up assets and/or money to convince someone to take him? I don’t think that is easy, not does his career speak to an easy trade at his contract. Lots of bargain bottom six players to be had atm as well so that plays against it being an easy trade.
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