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  1. 16 hours ago, DON said:

    What are you in high school, such a childish reaction? Skill and speed is more key to winning, than taking an instigator penalty, especially when your PK isnt very good.


    An idiot with seemingly low IQ  by name of Lucic used to try exactly that tactic and it helped Habs beat Bruins often. Julien doesnt need to deal with a player like that again.

    The PK is fantastic, what are you in high school statistics?

    I didn’t say they should run around and goon it up. I said they retaliate with pain instead of hugging and threats since the refs and league are not doing their jobs.

    Damn, you like to make broad assumptions and put words into people’s mouths.  
    I specifically said they should enact that nastiness when other teams take liberties, which has already started and will continue as habs dominate against same teams over and over and rivalries, bitterness sink in.

    nowhere’s did I say they should get a one-dimensional goon like Louch (who seems quite loved by his teammates, has won some metal) so obviously isn’t the one dimensional troll you liken him to.  But again, that is not what I said so stop insinuating you know my intentions when my words are clearly written so any high schooler could understand.

    You are a bully on this site with your posts as though you know my intent better than I do and you’re holier than thou attitude of superiority. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:



    Who does he think he is?

    Haha he is a victim of bad past rosters. He played way more games than he should have by this point in his career. 
    But I dislike any player coming out in public asking for trade or whining in general.

    If as he says, it was his agent acting solely, fire his ass and make a statement as such.


    so, I don’t think that was the truth and I believe Mete just doesn’t have the balls to own up to it now. 

    if he had value he’d be playing or gone. Write this off to a bad investment, gonna be hard to bury the hatchet on this one. The rest of team is clicking, playing some of best hockey In years, and now guys are sitting b/c he has to get reps? This could be breeding ground for locker room issues. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  3. I mean nasty as in..

    Dube gets plowed over,

    mounted and pummelled as soon

     as he hits KK.


    if it had been CP31 instead of Jack Campbell that was jumped on by Tkchachuk I would gladly accept the 3 game suspension for Chiarot or Eddy to destroy his face. No warnings, no pushing, just blows to the head.


    that’s what I mean by nasty.

    no warning, no three strikes, no waiting on refs/league, only a 

    disproportionate amount of pain is what the offender gets.


    Habs will just score on PK anyways and opponents know the price to take liberties.


  4. 38 minutes ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    Don I disagree about Kulak 


    He has great positioning 

    he has great breakout passing

    he has great positional communication with his partner 

    he pinches appropriately 

    he carries the puck really well 

    he recognizes when his partner is out of position and covers the hole


    He does a whole lot really well 


    Mete has tons of speed and a good first pass. That should translate to many assists but it does not because he doesn’t use it well and is in a constant state of catch-up 

    I agree with this description of Kulak.

    and that of Mete.

    Can’t say I recall many times cursing Kulak in past 40 games or so, I curse Mete every time he plays.

  5. 21 hours ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    I agree that things are up to Mete now. He has his shot and not making mistakes is not good enough. 

    If Mete wants to be a regular player then he needs to be good at something. With his speed, he should work on offensive production. He does not have tools to be a good stay at home Dman.  

    He has great speed and a good pass so he should get more involved in offensive play. 

    Think he listened to you and appeared to be trying to jump the play, carry puck out of d zone, but didn’t have a ton a success.


    and then was noticeable on a couple D zone breakdowns and well... hard to argue he deserves a spot over any of the other 6.

  6. 21 hours ago, TurdBurglar said:

    If he’s slotting in tonight, this is his chance to keep himself in the lineup.  I can’t stress that enough, he needs to play well enough that it’s a downgrade to have him sit.  His playing future this year starts with tonight’s game.

    Agreed. Don’t think he did that last night. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, GHT120 said:


    Not a Mete fan but IMO it is fair enough to give him another game ... but unless he is Bobby Orr tonight, or someone else needs (or is due to be given) a night off, I expect Kulak is back in Thursday night ... other possibility is that MB has a GOOD offer on the table from some GM and they want to see VM one more time.

    Agreed 100 

  8. 3 minutes ago, GHT120 said:


    He always can fly ... just he rarely accomplishes much offensively with that speed ... expect at some point this season he will be traded, but only once MB is fully satisfied with the return

    Noticed his patented wrister didn’t even make Byron flinch when it hit him haha.

  9. 1 minute ago, GHT120 said:


    He always can fly ... just he rarely accomplishes much offensively with that speed ... expect at some point this season he will be traded, but only once MB is fully satisfied with the return

    Just noticed him jumping up more last night, seemed to be pushing to be noticed more than usual.

  10. Personally, yes I think they are a capable, cup-winning quality d corps.


    Edmundson has been settling in nicely lately.

    Chairot, Weber, Petry continue to be reliable and productive.

    Romanov has come as advertised, can’t even consider him a rookie he is so solid (Kulak has been great partner for him IMO). Kulak continues to be a solid, value depth dman.

    Mete is great 7th man who can add speed dynamic depending on matchups, but he doesn’t fit the style, mild of the rest of d corps so will always be odd man out.   He needs to be sheltered by a Weber or Petry and that mitigates the advantages of those two studs, so why bother.

    This d corps is awesome when looking at the team being built around goal, protect and exploit your biggest asset: CP31.  Keep it simple, and when they do... we are seeing the damage they cause.

    I’d like to see them play nastier, in that instead of hugging someone or putting gloves in their faces when they crash crease or run a Hab I’d accept the suspension to see Chiarot or Eddy just clobber some dumb fool who runs Price or KK.

  11. 26 minutes ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    Mete again?


    Kulak is miles above Mete. 

    What aspect of Mete’s game is great? What area of the ice is Mete great in?



     While I agree, I don’t think it would be fair to not give Mete some more game time. Can’t let your players wither on the vine, if only to showcase him for trade or keep him sharp for when injuries occur.

    He was flying, but was trying to force the play too much. 
    Agreed, Kulak is better suited to third pairing role and as support for Romanov than Mete is.

    And also think Kulak has more value overall, not a fan of Mete but do see his value in a sheltered role, partnered with a strong, steady partner.  No room for that on this years habs tho.


  12. 1 hour ago, TurdBurglar said:

    Mete let the pass through on both of those goals.  He if he’s going to the back of the net to play the man, he better be on the man when he gets the puck, or be ready to cut off the pass when he didn’t make it.  He did neither.  Yes, on both cases there was a player open in the slot, but Mete has the responsibility to cut the pass off to the slot.  

    I agree.

    He was in a tough spot, but Vancouver wasn’t scoring from behind Habs net so Mete shouldn’t have abandoned the crease when Van had possession and Mete had no net-front support.

    He made a bad call to abandon net front. He should have identified that he had no support and the threat from behind the net is not worth chasing.

    That said, his speed was noticeable and effective at pushing back Vancouver d when he joined the rush, but he was forcing it trying to be a difference maker and he is not a difference maker.

    having had such a long stretch between games for him, you kinda gotta let him play again before making judgements though.

    hard to ask someone else to sit though as the d corps has been relatively strong. 

  13. On 1/23/2021 at 6:53 PM, Commandant said:

    Not being in game shape isn't going to be fixed in four games....


    Being unable to practice and train cause of diabetes, is also not on him....


    Sorry bud, but I disagree strongly with all of that. 


    The entire league is not in game shape for first four games this season so that is a level playing field and invalid defence of his poor play.

    what was different for him due to his illness this offseason? Almost all players were unable to train on-ice at any normal level and majority of players were not able to access the usual team gyms, local gyms, etc anyways due to pandemic.

    so, again seems a pretty level playing field all around and does not defend his poor play.

    he’s been playing with this illness his whole life and while I know he has to be extra cautious, he wasn’t held out of opportunity to train independently anymore than all other players.




    And also love the trade as was mentioned.


  14. 7 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    Well, it has been a great start to the season and the current line-up has helped the team get moe points than anyone expected.

    I am wondering if the long break and extra practice time will bring some changes to the line-up.

    If I am not mistaken, Toffoli and Armia had swapped sides before Armia got injured. And Toffoli just caught fire

    I am wondering if we may see Anderson sheltered a bit by moving him down. Toffoli is outplaying him and I believe he has earned a promotion:






    On D, Edmundson and Petry are playing great, better than Chiarot-Weber at the moment. I wonder how much it has to do with who they are playing against (best adversary line) and who their playing behind (Danault's line). I would swap the D pairings, to see if they improve the overall results; if that doen;t work in the next 6 games (after the Ottawa games), then I would swap Romanov  and Chiarot:






    Toffoli is not out playing Anderson by any means. They are both playing well and to their respective strengths.

    Edmundson/Petry are not out playing first pairing.

    what have you been watching?

    Perry has zero experience on left wing and is barely up to speed as is.

    your lines and analysis suck.

  15. 6 hours ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    I’ve seen one website show that Perry played on the left wing, and another that he played on the right wing. I don’t specifically remember seeing where Perry lined up during a faceoff, but remember plenty of action of his in the offensive zone on the right wing.


    I have also come across an article stating that he was going to line up to the right of Kotkaniemi and Toffoli in Armia’s spot.


    Even though I watched the match, is there any confirmation as to where he was playing? Because I would have assumed he was playing right wing. 

    he played right wing all game 

  16. 7 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    I think ownership, for sure is part of it.  Although, Davidson was supposedly the ideal team president- even though he had some pretty harsh comments about RFA rights and contract negotiations, that would probably rub players the wrong way.  I just see Columbus as a town that too many young players would be attracted to. I think as players get closer to the end of their careers, they may appreciate it more, but for me personally, that part of the USA puke gold zero appeal to me, ditto, with Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Maratimes in Canada.  

    I think Minnesota is a different case.  Again, I would have zero interest in going there, but a lot of USA players are from there, so they’ve been successful in signing guys like Suter and Parise who wanted to go home.  It’s also probably in the top two hockey hotbed markers along with Boston.

    I think McDavid signing the long-term contract probably had more to do with security, and uncertainty over the next CBA. He gave up 3 UFA years to become the highest paid player in the league and his contract was before the Marner huge deal that takes him into free agency sooner.  Wit Draisaitl also signed a much better contract than MacKinnon and Tavares did, so I think it was more about the amount of money being offered than the city itself.  On the flip side, Edmonton is not really a big UFA destination unless they really overpay for one hit wonders (Souray), or guys clearly entering the downside (Lucic).


     Calgary has not really been a UFA target city either.  They finally got a goalie this year, but it was a depressed market, and it’s not like markstrom took a big discount in selecting Calgary.



    You sound like a complete douche.

  17. 1 hour ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    Myers is 6'7. While the Habs have some bruising dudes, I seriously doubt that any of them are going to be physically capable of exacting revenge even if they have a mind to.


    Best thing to do is go out there and just whup the Canucks' asses.


    I disagree that Myers had no intent. He thrust his shoulder upward into Armia's face at the last moment and that is why he made contact with the head. It was a pure, 100%, bona fide dirty hit, borne of frustration with the scoreboard and his own execrable suckage all night long.


  18. On 1/15/2021 at 4:54 PM, Commandant said:


    Domi had to miss a bit of practice time and training camp with the covid outbreak in columbus.  As a type-1 he has to be extra careful not to contract it. Hes not as in game shape as others on the team.


    Lets consider the circumstances before we say Max isnt doing well.

    he is barely playing average minutes (15/game max) getting all zeroes across the stat sheet most nights (1a, -5) and was promptly demoted down the lineup within first four games. 
    If he isn’t is game shape compared the short camp all players had, then that is on him.


    Even if, neither him nor Anderson score again, the Habs won the deal just by adding the physicality, speed and truculence that Anderson brings, things the Habs needed/need.



    what is garbage is this article of pure speculation and garbage research. Completely ignores anything that has happened since the trade, this is the worst writing I’ve seen on the main page and should be a forum post as it is so poorly put together and obviously just an opinion piece by nobody:

    Canadiens Overpaid for Josh Anderson

    By Dave Woodward  



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