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  1. 8 hours ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    Mathews landed many of his own cross checks. 

    Besides if you think you are gonna park your ass in front of our net without consequences your nuts. 


    Agreed, he also stuck out his knee to clip Anderson with a questionable play. I can’t wait to see how good a memory Anderson has for that. Same hit he attempted to go for the head too with a two arm elbow/punch but missed.


    He (Matthews) is very competitive, can get riled up and that could work in opponents advantage, or spur him onto a ten shot/four goal game.

    Take away his space, lay the body/lumber every chance you get without takin a penalty or getting out of position.

    Matthews is still the ignorant #### that sexually assaulted a security guard and tried to hide it so won’t take much to rattle his cage.  Got a kick out of the him being the primary face in the thank you to front line workers, seems obvious attempt to clean up his image after that fiasco. Screw him and his ugly dirt stache, damn that is ugly.


  2. 7 hours ago, Habsfan said:



    I thought it was a bad luck play on the tying goal. Had it not hit the ref, there wouldn't have been a goal. Also, Drouin did get two assists in this game...I wouldn't qualify that as a POS, but that's just me.


    Don't get me wrong, never been a huge fan of Drouin, but i thought he played a decent game yesterday, that's why i'm a little surprised by your assessment of his game last night!

    I agree with you.

    Drouin played well, was engaged, back checked, and fits well on that line.

    suzuki and Anderson can drive the play and he shines in finding gaps and making subtle plays such as his two assists. That bad bounce off of the ref was just a combo of bad luck, rust, rushing the play due to fatigue/rust.

    The Habs looked tired near end of game and OT.

    Drouin did what is expected and doesn’t deserve any criticism.

    Their line was dominant, he got two assists, was visibly engaged and people still shit on him, that’s BS.

    I too am not a huge fan of him, but give him credit for playing with intensity and good vision in game 1.

    If he keeps this up he will be the asset we hoped for.

  3. Love our lineup and line combos as is listed above.  Pretty much what I would choose if given opportunity.


    Leafs are one of the few teams that are also four lines deep so this will be a big test right out of the gates.


    Prediction: Leafs come out flying, Price stands tall. Habs weather the storm, gradually take over flow of play and win 4-2 with an empty netter.

    Tatar opens scoring for habs.

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  4. 2 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    That’s a good point. Everyone likes chippiness until their guys start getting penalized for it. As I suggested earlier, the true value of Perry - if he has any - will show itself in the playoffs, when the idiot refs shove the whistles up their buttholes, and where washed-up vets will often find an extra gear, knowing that they only have to play at that level for a limited period of time.  (A similar principle holds for many veterans - look at Shea Weber, who played with a level of intensity in his own zone during in the play-in which we haven’t really seen him bring on a day-in day-out basis since his arrival. It’s just more obvious when a guy is on his last legs).

    I disagree about Weber.

    he has been a beast all along (especially factoring that he was playing injured), but had to check his aggression because he was carrying a poor partner in Mete for most of season.

    Give him a partner he can count on and see the extra aggression thrive.

    He does not hold back until it matters as you elude to. The guy is a workhorse and captain for a reason, def not because he holds back until playoffs. That’s baseless and casts him in a light that is unfair.

  5. 11 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    It’s not that I don’t like Byron. I just don’t like his salary and the term he’s got left. Our depth had pushed him down the lineup.  It doesn’t make sense to spend that much on a 4th liner - especially for a team that is paying $15m (full year amount) for goaltending. I’d rather use that for a deadline deal, if the team actually plays like a team that can do damage.



    While I recognize the point and unpleasant appearance of that much salary on 4th line, I think it works for Mtl roster.

    Prior to last season he had three consecutive 20+ goal seasons (per 82 gp) with very limited top 6 usage.    Dude is worth his contract just for that and then add in that the players, management, coaches love him (he's an "A").  So, I disagree that he is overpaid for what he brings to the table. 

    This team  is without single player offensive star power, we need 3rd/4th liners who can play 12-15 min/night and get 20 goals.   

    He causes no turmoil regardless of role he is given, is adaptable, kills penalties like a beast.     CHaracter player, he just needs to not drop the gloves imo.

  6. 5 hours ago, Neech said:

    I can get why this didn't get much traction, we're excited for the seasona and rightfully so!  The window is NOW.  Nevertheless, I'm still worried that our cap will be an absolute mess in 2-3 years.

    Didn’t get much traction because of your negative attitude.

    Anderson has already started making you look foolish and will continue to do so.


  7. 22 minutes ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

    So it’s likely the taxi squad will be Lingren,Weal and one of Frolik/Byron 


    So Perry is going to have a regular spot most likely. We have some really great depth 


    Tatar - Danault - Gallagher

    Drouin - Suzuki - Anderson 

    Perry -Kotkaniemi - Toffoli

    Lehkonen - Evans - Armia


    Roll four lines and plan the parade 

    Perry would be a drain on that third line.

    either bump up Lehks or shift Toffoli to left and bring up Armia.

  8. 10 hours ago, Habsfan89 said:

    I wouldn't mind bring back Thompson.

    Lehkonen  / Thompson  / Perry would make a great 4th line 

    ugh, no thx.

    let’s not rehash no-offense-old-guys.  With frolik and Perry already we don’t need another veteran 13th forward. This team needs offense not “face off specialists”.


    Is this the Same forum that makes fun of leafs for having Spezza, Thornton and Simmonds?  Habs are getting close to that with Frolik and Perry. Let’s shut the door on reclaim projects.


  9. 10 hours ago, tomh009 said:


    I really doubt Bergevin and Julien would get rid of Lehkonen.


    Byron would be an easy one to trade but he will not command much trade value.

    Why do you say Byron would be an easy trade?

    Did you mean simply because we’d have to give up assets and/or money to convince someone to take him? I don’t think that is easy, not does his career speak to an easy trade at his contract.

    Lots of bargain bottom six players to be had atm as well so that plays against it being an easy trade. 


  10. Anderson will be in the top 6, he is a cornerstone piece moving forward.

    The dude is huge, plays big, is no slouch speed-wise and has very good hands. He is a more natural scorer than BG11, and like him goes to the dirty areas. I have seen him live and is very impressive, deadly wrist/snap shot off the rush. 

    In interviews he comes across very hungry to get back in form from a couple seasons ago and in one interview was asked about the nay sayers who think he is over paid and his response was along the lines:  “big money always generates talk, but Mtl is going to love me.” He also referenced that the only positive from missing so much time was the perspective he gained watching games, realizing how much more effective he can be with his time/space and efficiently get on he forecheck.

    I’m super excited to have him in Mtl.

    someone noted a line of Toff-Suzuki-Anderson and that was very intriguing.

    only problem is that may push Drouin down the lineup where he disappears usually, I see Drouin as the limiting factor in forward group.  As previously mentioned, he needs good line mates to succeed and we kinda need him to.  
    the other variable: Will Tuna-Danault-Gally be split up? I doubt it, so that’s why I see Drouin as the lynchpin to where Anderson and subsequently Toffoli play.
    If one ends up on the third, I don’t see the production level matching. KK is good but I see him a whole level below Suzuki’s offensive upside, so whomever plays with 14 is going to have the better opportunity to produce imo.



  11. 3 minutes ago, GHT120 said:

    Exactly ... think top 6 and 1st/2nd/3rd lines will all be largely arbitrary designations this season.

    I agree as far as ice time goes but as far as getting a chance to produce I see a drop off b/w 2nd and 3rd lines.

    Suzuki (assuming he is 2C) should provide more opportunities for his wingers to produce. Combined with having Drouin on the 2LW is a big boost over having either Lehks or Byro as your 3LW and KK as 3C.


    so if you want to place your new shiny acquisition (based on $ that is Anderson) in a place to succeed offensively you put them with Suzuki and Drouin.

    ice time may not vary much between line 2/3 but quality of offensive line mates is markedly different.


    so I think Anderson will be given chance to produce on second unit at least to start. Will be up to him to lock it down with production.

    Given that Id put Toffoli as 3LW with KK and Armia.

    fourth line Lehks-Evans-Byro

    if you’re up for having wingers on their off sides.

  12. 8 hours ago, GHT120 said:



    I agree about Toffoli on the left side but would but Armia with Drouin and Suzuki and let the two newbies play with KK ... that gives two lines with at least some familiarity and gives KK the best pair of wingers he has ever had ... would (IMO) have the potential to be the Habs top offensive line and be great for KK's development.


    I also predict that Edmondson will start on the third pairing with Romanov as his mentor ... have read that both have also played on the right-side so I expect them to see where Romanov is most comfortable and let him play that side ... that leaves Kulak with Petry, with whom he has success in 18/19 and after a somewhat disappointing 19/20 Brett rekindled his game in the tournament beside Jeff.

    I see the logic but they didn’t bring Anderson in at that money to play bottom 6.

    same for Edmundson, he will be given every chance to play top 4 given the contract and that he was told he’d be playing with Petry.

    so I guess the lines I posted are what I’d like to see given what has been released/contract size.

    I do like the ideas mentioned though.

  13. 6 hours ago, DON said:

    I assume will play limited role this year and play bigger role next year.

    Thomas Harley & Bowen Byram both LH and i think will get bulk of key icetime.

    Guhle maybe will get PK time?

    Appears I was misinformed.

    although Sportsnet is saying Guhle may be on second pairing.


  14. 2 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    I'd take our bottom 6 over Toronto.... Spezza, Thornton and Simmonds all in the same group.  They are gonna need to sit one, or have a line that gets destroyed by speed. 

    yeah, I may have gotten a little nostalgic looking at those names.

    Seems support for idea that of those three, only two play per game. They do have some forward depth in the bottom six.

    Mtl is a deep FW group for sure.

  15. 14 hours ago, zumpano21 said:

    Random thought popped in my head today.


    Is Josh Anderson the first true power forward we’ve had since Leclair?

    I think you’re right, as is mentioned prior, assuming this means physical and productive.

    Armia has a better Puck protection, cycle, board game but Anderson is a whole other level of offensive skill set when it comes to ability to beat a goalie off the rush, as well as in close.
    Having both on rw along with Gallagher and potentially Toffoli is a deep and balanced lineup.  Considering Dale Weisse was playing rw a couple months ago....



  16. Interesting comments from Burke. I personally agree, am confident for this team, and am pumped to see them play.

    but... they haven’t proven anything yet, so skepticism is warranted.

    The core is still very similar to last year, so perhaps we shouldn’t be expecting big improvements after all; however, every team is starting with a clean slate.
    Again, my personal view is that they’ve improved in the appropriate areas and the core will be able to flourish accordingly. So yeah, Go Habs Go! First in all CDN division.



  17. 20 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    With all the recent trades and signings the Habs have made, I am at a point where the way I thought of trades (how ever imperfect) to improve the team are to be thrown in the garbage.


    Question to the forum: how do you improve a "play-off team" to make it a "cup contending team"?

    1. Habs have prospect depth but no elite prospects

    2. Habs have NHL roster depth but no elite forwards

    3. Habs have no cap room

    4. Habs have solid top 3 D but aging

    5. Habs have a narrow "Stanley cup window"


    My old tendency was to go for gradual improvements and to hope for progression from prospects. Now. trades may include core players and should improve the teams chances of winning a cup.


    I look forward to reading your comments


    Your use of “elite” skews the entire convo. There are not enough truly “elite” players or prospects in the league for every team to have one.
    1) But by using “elite” to mean in the top 10% of the class then I’d say the Habs do have elite forwards in Gallagher, Tatar and Danault (goal production from first two, selke skills for the last and overall dominant line 5v5 has to be considered “elite”)

    Suzuki is on verge of being “elite” and also borderline still a prospect. 

    2) Again, being generous with “elite” Caulfield appears to have that potential (25-30g/80gp). Romanov looks like an impactful player with “elite” potential. Compared to many teams, Habs are lucky to have two to consider at least.

    3) I’d rather have no cap room atm, particularly given the economic impacts of COVID than to have the option to complain about unused cap space again.
     All in poker, because as you said the window is narrow, but still have a few good years.

    4) The top 4 is very strong.

    aging? Yes, but Petry/Chiarot are just blossoming. Weber shows zero signs of reduced efficacy.

    Add the improved Kulak, potential for Edmundson to thrive in a zone d enviro.   Add Romanov, improveD Kulak, hungry Mete, Fleury, Juulsen, etc.

    Lots of things to be happy about, and the aginG part is also irrelevant because
    5) the Habs are a cup contender now and for the coming 2-4 seasons unless key injuries take over.
    I think this team is gonna make some noise right away.



  18. 1 hour ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    My advice on this is always the same: go with a retired player. (I have Harvey and Morenz jerseys at home, LOL, but that might be a bit extreme; although the Morenz one is a nice way to separate the real fans from the lightweights).


    Picking a retired guy removes any danger of the guy getting traded, having scandals or battles with coach/management, suffering a career-compromising injury, etc. DO NOT go with any young player - too much risk of ending up with a jersey that just seems silly in retrospect. Who is really proud of their KOMISAREK or DOMI jersey today?


    The only one from the current group that, to my mind, is absolutely risk-free is #31. No matter what happens with him going forward, he will always be a legend and a guaranteed Hall of Famer. That jersey will never lose its appeal.

    Well said.

  19. 1 hour ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    Yeah, the jersey I was praising as one of the all-time best hockey jerseys is the white jersey from 1944-47. http://hockeybydesign.com/2020/06/worst-to-first-jerseys-montreal-canadiens/




    I would get rid of the Habs' current white jerseys and go with that as our full-time white road jersey. It's simply magnificent.

    That’s a cool read, thanks for linking.

    I do like that jersey as well, a lot more than the similar one with the white “C” in the logo (seems to wash it out).

    That red, green one is kind of cool too, in that it is so different than the usual.  Could be a cool jersey for a St. Patrick’s day game, maybe paired with green pants and helmets or something.

    could be sacrilegious to mess with the colours like that tho haha.


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