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  1. 23 minutes ago, DON said:

    Anyways, glad topic came up, other wise would just be crickets on here.:thumbs_up:

    I still don't think any big changes needed to Habs jersey, maybe a tweek or two for the home & away versions would be fine and will happen; but, can skip on any special occasion one.


    If gonna start early Jan, I imagine training camp will need to start by mid-Dec. or sooner eh?

    yeah, agreed. This topic spun into some cool info and ideas.

    Timeline you mention makes sense and hard to see them getting to that point in time.

    and after Xmas holidays, I fear the COVID situation will only be worse.
    I have been wrong plenty of times so for the sake of hockey and life in general I hope I am wrong again on that one.


  2. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    The barber pole looks awesome in person.   I love mine


    They look Terrible on TV though.

    Interesting point.

    Now that I think of that, a friend has that one and it did look cool in person. Def doesn’t translate to tv and not sure the old school brown gloves helped the look either.


  3. 6 hours ago, DON said:

    So did Mete..when alongside Weber. Was it a bit like the Markov-effect and weaker partner being carried somewhat.

    Mete didn’t look good next to Weber, supported by the fact it didn’t last and Mete now finds himself on the fringe of losing a roster spot. I’d say he looked like a passable NHLer with Weber, borderline without. Not good though. 
    Regarding Edmundson, it is pretty well documented that the habs d style is more conducive to his playing. Zone vs man coverage.

    this works well with elite goaltending. Maximize our best player (Price) with Dmen who box out, make em pay if they want to penetrate the slot/crease.  
    back to why Mete is on fringe:
    Mete cannot do that. Kulak, Fleury, Juulsen can do so better. Assuming Romanov sticks, I just don’t see a role for Mete.

    it’s been reported: Edmundson will get to go with Petry. So, Romanov and someone make up The third pairing.  I don’t see Mete having the coaches  trust to be playing with Romanov in that slot. Think they will want some sort of stabilizing partner who also protects the number one asset. Does that exist? Maybe that is Mete, but I’d go with Kulak or Juulssen .



  4. 30 minutes ago, tomh009 said:

    Working with a speedskating coach may have been a good idea.


    KK seems willing to put in work, although seems it may have been a little misguided in the past it is still a great trait to see in a young player.

    I say that As there were reports he put a little too much emphasis on muscle-building in the past at the sake of his agility, speed.

    He seems to be finding a balance, good on him.

    He’s got talent so having a work ethic to match gets me excited about his future in bleu,blanc et rouge.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Commandant said:

    Poehling should play 20 minutes a game in laval.  Not on the fourth line.


    Regardless of what he does in camp.


    Evans has done all he can in the AHL/NCaa. Poehling is younger, with a higher ceiling, and should be developed more.

    I agree he should play lots of minutes in all situations in Laval, I don’t think that should happen regardless of how he does in camp.
    As in, if he doesn’t prove he wants it by making it hard to not keep him in NHL then I don’t think he should be handed anything, even in AHL. 

    I like Evans, agree he is likely to step up and seems to be ready for the chance. If the wingers are indeed Lehks, Byron; whomever plays centre is better off than most fourth line centres would be. So, They may end up playing more than the typical fourth line which may not end up being a big impediment to Poehling’s development, again if he surprisingly makes it impossible to send him down whether at wing or centre (of which, Centre appears to be the most likely room for him).

  6. 10 hours ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

    I'd argue CJ starts with Armia on the Suzuki Drouin line to open camp and an untouched TDG line for some stability to start. Hopefully an inform KK centring Toff & Josh A coming off a dominant Finnish league stint gives us a good start. It will allows us to ice a very fast and  formidable 4th line as well, more so if Evans is able to progress from a successful introduction to NHL life. It will be interesting to see how Poehling shows up to camp?  Is he motivated?

    Interesting, KK, Toffolli, Anderson could be one dominant line indeed.

    All are pretty heavy players who can skate, could be terrors on opposing d.


    Poehling intrigues me too, he went from having a pretty clear path to the the big leagues to seeming redundant. From rumours it seems he has contributed to that himself with poor conditioning, so agreed that I am also curious how he shows up. I wonder if his first game success made him think he didn’t have to put in the mandatory effort off-season?

    kinda sucks as I had high hopes for him but seems we are better off without him in lineup given the recent level of depth at forward.

    With the Toffoli, Anderson additions I love the top 9, assuming TDG line continues to be reliable, productive. It is like having 1A,1B,1C lines and a scary Quick fourth to boot.

  7. This has turned into a interesting conversation that I have some experience/learned about from some semi-pros/university players.

    It seems largely dependent on the individual. Players with great balance, Independent hip/leg Strength, core strength and excellent edge work can constantly modify their personal position relative to the puck/play so it almost doesn’t matter where they are on the ice. This is a skill all elite players have but can vary greatly b/w players from adequate to excellent. It doesn’t matter if it means body positioning to box out/open yourself up, making/accepting passes in all three zones or unloading a vicious off-side one time a la Ovie the mechanics have to be second nature and strong.

    The other side is mental, all players I know and have spoken with mentioned the additional Micro-second of time that you are less aware of your surroundings when on your off-side, simply due to blind spots that exist at all times are now coming from even more dangerous ares of the ice relative  to you. Part of what makes some excel in these situations is a comfort with heightened risk/calculated risk. Some people are slightly quicker pulling in, processing the info around them that it minimizes this threat.

    wow sorry to rant but got excited as have had convos about this recently.

    I  was lead to believe it is a great example of a player who needs strong mechanics, physical skills (puck skills), and a mental fortitude with quick processing power. The elite do this in all three zones, snipers do it offensively.


    the little i know of toffolli lends it to see why he could do this well.


    That leads me to wonder about lines if: Danault/Tuna/Gally trio is to remain intact.

    And Drouin is given a chance to Reconnect with Suzuki since they showed chemistry and we need Drouin to produce, and if Indeed Toffoli is best option to play off side wing, he may be defaulted to playing on another line centred by KK.

    If that happens I see Anderson going RW With JoDro and Suzuk. Anderson pots 20g 20a and eliminates anyone who takes a run at his line. Suz hits 60 pts, Drouin 55-60.

    which leads to: Would Armia then play RW w/ KK, Toffoli on his off wing at LW to round out top 9? Tha could be a hard line to play against.


    4th of Lehks,Evans,Byro? Also hard to play against....

    I kinda like the looks of it, assuming the Danault line continues to be a strong line.

    Loving this Toffoli acquisition.



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  8. 5 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Never said no skill. But do guys that score 1 goal usually get $5.5m/7 year deals?


    how many guys are getting big bumps and term in the current environment?  Especially coming of a big injury and down year?

    This isn’t even the correct thread for this whiner opinion, gotta complain about something.

    As if you have near the breadth of knowledge or research as the management team that does this for a living.

    There is next to no concern about Anderson’s health and he provides exactly what Habs have been desperately missing.

    The guys has wheel and can straight up beat goalies off the rush or in close, get off the negative nelly hormones or at least use the right thread to spew your negative bs. All kinds of league professionals see Anderson signing as a good move, but let’s stop and listen to some schmo who wants to shit on anything apparently.

    Must suck to not even find joy in the Habs  moves this past month, feel bad for ya.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    Even if he doesn't go to Seattle, if Primeau is ready, then trading Allen at this cap hit shouldn't be too difficult. 


    10 minutes ago, Blazer said:

    A good move by Bergevin.  He could be picked up by Seattle, given that he would have 2 years left on his contract at the end this coming season. This secures our defense from losing a player.   If Seattle picks another player, he provides great backup to Price for a couple more years.  If Primeau is ready, Allen would be a good trade option with 2 years left on his agreement.  All good options for us.

    Good points, like this move more now.

  10. 23 minutes ago, Habsfan89 said:

    Yeah or should of used the word replaced. But it's the same as expandable. A few years ago you would have to give them what they wanted. But now I don't think that's the case. 


    7 minutes ago, tomh009 said:


    Not quite the same. "Expendable" would mean "of little signficance" whereas "replaceable" means that we can find another player to take his role.

    Indeed, semantics matter here.

    Expandable versus expendable are both very different than replaceable.

    Question is, if our current 30-35 goal scorer expects a certain dollar value that aligns with market value how do you expect to replace that Without paying a similar amount? 
    to answer the original question, no Gallagher and Danault have not been made expendable, but like 99.9% of people they are replaceable.

    But to replace a quality asset with an equally quality, yet cheaper asset is asking a lot of a manager.


  11. I can’t recall ever being impressed with Domi as a goal scoring threat, more of a playmaker imo. 
    meanwhile a review of Anderson’s goals show a legit snipe of shot (snap shot from both wings and strong backhand). Given that I think the Habs have more playmakers than goal-scorers, I think he has a strong chance to thrive and contribute more than Domi could have. Domi carrying the puck through the neutral zone or entering the o-zone reminded me of watching Gomez do the same, it would get exciting for a moment and then  generally fizzle. The lack of shooting strength and skill is similar, takes away options, makes defending easy once identified. 
    Anderson can beat  a goalie off the rush and in close.

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  12. 30 minutes ago, Chris said:

    Drouin makes 6 mill. 


    Enough said 

    Haha great point.

    while 5.5 aav looks high at first.

    if he ends up a real top 6 forward for many years this will look like a good value.

    Also, could blow up but I think he will be worth it.

    I have seen him drag his teammates into games single handed, plays Big like Gallagher but Is actually big, and pretty mobile to boot.

    Gally, Armia and Anderson are gonna wear défenses down.

  13. 1 hour ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    Congratulations to Noah for his resiliency to come back from injury and win this contract 

    Agreed, had high hopes and think he can still be a valuable piece.

    seems better than Mete, Fleury when he was healthy.

  14. 15 minutes ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    That’s where he was playing but that’s not where he stood in the lineup. You completely overlooked the extrenuating circumstances that surrounded this year’s playoffs. 

    Coronavirus. Having Diabeties. Having to be medically cleared to join teammates in practice. Living in a bubble.






    These are just two articles out of a zillion. He joined the team later and the Habs only had one practice left. 

    Domi should have started the play-in on the 4th line. With that being said, he would not have been our 4th line center in the future, under normal circumstances. Anyone who thinks that brainwashed themselves in a very short period of time.




    “It irks me.” :D

    He should have chosen to sit out then or been preparing on his own like a professional.

    he also should play where he is put and put in a consistent effort regardless of position/line mates. Like a pro, and an adult.

    good riddance.

  15. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    If my 


    If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.


    Maybe they go on an 8 game losing streak, maybe they go on an 8 game winning streak... you don't know and neither do i. 

    Fact is the record after 71 games is 500, so assuming a winning or losing streak is foolhardy. 

    Haha I love this line and agree.

    not sure if this poll is supposed to reflect this off-season or all of 2020 as a whole?

    Either way, that comment kicks ass and agree too that some of these opinions are cherry picking numbers that fit their argument rather than looking at the whole.


  16. 27 minutes ago, Habsfan89 said:

    They traded for Anderson not to be a bottom 6 but a top 6 player. Which means they will give him every opportunity to play on the 1st or 2nd line. If Drouin is going to play with Suzuki, they will need some size on that line which is why I put Anderson on their line. 

    Agreed and given Dadonov also RW I don’t see it.

    I think the line mentioned above has potential and will be given time to gel.

    Drouin-Suzuki-Anderson will be it.

    Lehks-KK-Armia have been great before and KK shows more potential as a two way centre anyways, Suzuki will drive the offensive line. KK eventually makes Danault expendable (2-3 years out) so if he resigns at decent price will be easy to move.  



  17. 1 hour ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    That's true. I would have loved to have the Wayne Simmons of 5 years ago but the Wayne Simmons today has a lot of miles on him. His style of play does not translate to a long career. 


    I don’t think he is a fit but 2008-2009 was his first year pro with 82 gp so he’s already had a long career so your point is incorrect regarding his style of play leading to short carrer.

    he is 11-12 years in already, that ship has sailed.
    again, I don’t want him on Habs but to use that generic phrasing is just incorrect.

    Hes actually got an impressive amount of GP/season so his style of play has not kept him out of action.  Years are gonna catch up to all players, him included.

  18. 1 hour ago, Neech said:

    Can't help but look at the guys we would have got at #9, Rossi or Perfetti, and think how excited Tony Maranaro sauce would have been.


    A defensive defenseman isn't the most exciting 1st round pick, but hopefully he was the BPA and becomes a solid NHLer.

    who cares? Why you dwelling on what ifs? Not enough to bitch about?

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