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  1. we have excellent d currently and solid d prospects coming up, so many we can’t make room for them all without moving someone. we don not want edmonton défense.
  2. That’s terrible idea. there are known assets currently in the NHL available. Can’t believe there is anyone interested in Pulijarvi at all. Shows why we aren’t in the business haha. There is obviously good cause for teamA that spend millions on pro scouting to have not touched the guy, and he isn’t that young. Say what you want about Edmonton being toxic but Mtl will chew that kid up with the microcosm of being a hab, especially one who would come in with a lot of debate, criticism and skepticism, and some optimism but his track record doesn’t scream out that he has risen to
  3. Agreed, There will be some coming off /ending entry Level deals that would have a more immediate impact, be a more es ta blushed commodity to evaluate as well. learning to play pro is a big deal. Not every player adjusts as well or at all. It’s a grind, have family and friends who couldn’t cut the lifestyle (semi-pro, AHL type that Had a shot at the show, but couldn’t bring it every night with the travel, skilled competition every shift, physical/mental tolls.) Prospects like mentioned have been through it and could make the step Up and contribute quicker.
  4. Habs need a consistent scoring threat, not Pulijarvi or whatever it is. Why open the door to another project when there are proven commodities available and we have the budget, cap flexibility to get a proven commodity. pulijarvi has had a shot, many shots and doesn’t even dominate in AHL, the last thing the Habs need is more middle 6 depth, we got that is spades. so many better options, not sure why anyone even thinks of this dud. a top set of wingers mentioned above of Gallagher (love but know his lifespan is dwindling quickly) Drouin ( no thanks, too inconsistente
  5. Don’t like. from what I’ve ready none of the scoring wingers in the draft will be impactful next season or the year after. That is too long for the Habs, whether admitted or not they have a 1-2 year window if they add immediate, consistent scoring. Both on PP and 5v5. I believe this means a trade or free agent target. other posters have mentioned many of the names. Plus, I think there will be more opportunity for this than usual given the economic downturn for the league. This is huge given they also have cap flexibility to do it and a kick ass wall of défe
  6. “meaningful pick”? was it not a fifth rounder in a draft year that we have a surplus of better picks? hardly seems meaningful. A chance to lock down Another dman who can protect Price is worth that, at least until we can see the results of the up and coming d in the system. people were bashing Chiarot pickup too, but he provided quality play and added Price protection capabilities we’d been sorely lacking.
  7. The fact that you mention fantasy hockey is ridiculous. And Domi’s 70 point season is an aberration from the mean, which is based on multiple years in the league. Perhaps he’d get more points than Danault of playing as 1C but guaranteed he’d be a defensive black hole when matched against the studs that Danault and co manage to hold at bay while winning the matchups. Danault is not perfect but far better suited than Domi.
  8. Yes, I love that comment! who cares about trade value if you’re leaving the team worse off. Danault is far away the better player and a core piece of the team. Can’t believe there is even debate about who to move. Danault needs to insulate Suzuki and KK for at least two more seasons.
  9. East Coaster who spent some years in BC and still follow the Nucks. youngsters are doing well but we wouldn’t even be talking about them if Demko hadn’t saved their asses, they really don’t deserve to still be alive so while the youngsters have stepped up and showed cause for optimism (like Suzuki, KK) there are some serious deficiencies that are easily overlooked by the results. similar with Habs minimal success, there is reason for hope but still a lot of roster Mgmt and development required before consistent success can be expected. Vancouver shouldn’t still be playing if not
  10. That’s a weak top 6 and why would we want Tanev at all, especially on bottom pairing. Our RHD is not an issue. D isn’t really at all. but Drouin on top line is a waste and to bank on Suzuki or KK being able to hold down top 6 centre responsibilities and production next year is a long shot. that top 6 looks soft and unproductive. i don’t see any really upgrades there given none of those acquisitions are sure fire producers so why bother blowing up the roster for Minimal net gain. not to mention taking our current top line players and demoting them to third line, particularl
  11. Wasn’t Galchenyuk at ppg pace for about 30 games as well and didn’t Domi do it for about 70 in his first season with the Habs? Not to knock Koivu but a small sample size makes it easy to see elite where it may not always be. Without looking up these stats it appears from comments above that Koivu was a ppg player for about 0.5% of his career. Regardless of why, that’s what history reflects. Cam Neely was a goal per game player In one season before knee issues and we aren’t talking about him being a ppg level player. Lots of examples of short term successes. But t
  12. I think previous post is correct that after this many seasons we know what Drouin is and is not. To expect some late blooming is unrealistic at this point, he is a veteran player now. Kind of funny to think management originally hoped he would fill the void at center seeing as he can’t even be relied upon on wing. I’ve no use for him as his “elite” passing is not much better than league average and he’s too pricey for his infrequent effort and too often lack of production. Hopefully some sucker team thinks there is more to be seen from him but he is exa
  13. Used to travel to Columbus regularly and Have seen quite a few games live. Their d looks better than they are because the entire team plays d-oriented hockey and forwards are rarely on the wrong side of the puck. any of our top 4 would look much better playing on that team And under Torts. Have seen the Habs play conservative hockey for years but watching Columbus play at home was textbook defensive first hockey, happy to play 0-0 into the third and hope to win 1-0. Their d are not all better puck movers and “modern NHL dmen” that are individually superior to the Habs top 4 (
  14. This thread does seem the perfect spot to discuss NHL'ers slated to become UFA’s in a very general sense. As pointed out, there is no specific rumour just identified players that may or may not be a good addition to the Habs. it sparked a discussion in the NHL discussion thread so seems to have been a winner. Can’t believe you get complaints over the forum content on a fan site. sorry to hear that, I appreciate having the ten minutes of pleasure reading each day, thanks for the efforts to all and Go Habs Go!!!
  15. Imagine Sergachev in top 4 and Kulak on bottom pairing and being able to roll three defensive pairings reliably with a mix of defensive and two way players on each. Could be solid. Sergachev - Weber Chiarot - Petry Meet/Kulak - Fleury/Juhlsen
  16. yes, never liked that deal. Thought Drouin was proving me wrong for a stretch there a while back, but it was short-lived and the rarity it seems.
  17. Hall is tempting. Dandanov is intriguing to me, has always been one of my sleeper fantasy Picks, seems to be impactful even when not on scoresheet as well. the rest are “meh” to me, not excited about the prospect of acquisition unless it’s under market value which isn’t happening. not that I know anything, but the rumours are fun to speculate on. I see Hall as being polarizing and either a fan fav or whipping boy.
  18. My seven year old and I both really enjoyed “Magic for Humans”... or as we call it magic for Susan’s.
  19. It had been so long I had to look up the name. Don’t meet many people Who know it. I’ve watched it twice many years ago and am curious if it stands up to time. Gonna have to find it online.
  20. Thanks, nice to have some backup haha. I def was not trying to slam Suzuki. Was just quickly looking for a name that has been uncommonly used that also flowed with KK (in the original sentence) so I went for alliteration with the triple K’s. Seems everyone knew who I was referring to so all good there, but didn’t anticipate the over analysis of it. Kind of funny, I wouldn’t even have thought of it as a slag. Proper names only from now on for me. Go Habs Go!!!
  21. “Nope. The Habs are in win-now mode, it is not training camp. Poehling can show where he is in December.“ Agreed 100% and also with comments that he would have had a chance by now if he had really impressed in practices. This is win time, not development camp. we have a lot of young players getting great playoff experience, so it’s not like we aren’t developing. Love Poehling, but he’s not ready and playing minimal minutes and probably underperforming due to rust, intensity of playoff hockey is not setting him up for success. It’s not in the team’s best interest
  22. Mete is frustrating to watch as he wheels incredibly well, can be very shifty and make a nice play to buy himself time in d zone but then primarily makes a dump or bad pass that results in opposition regaining zone access with a now tired Habs crew on the ice. He has not stood out as being anchored down by Ouellette, they are both AHL calibre.
  23. Paramount has a TV station apparently. Found a new, original show during free preview called "Yellowstone" that is quite good (about 8 episodes in). Other classics worth mentioning (not new): Shameless (US version), The Boondocks, Greg the Bunny as a few that may or may not be previously mentioned. Currently a show in Canada on History network called "Alone" that I dig as well.
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